i think i’m just not a big fan of ‘X is reincarnated / reborn as Y’ tropes, which i think i mentioned before with the ‘Skull as Harry’ ask. i like characters as they are individually and shoving X’s psyche into Y just feels tacky to me. i don’t really see the appeal of it……….

i’m a bigger fan of ‘X meets Y and hijinks happen’, so things like idk luffy kidnapping tsuna to be his nakama because he’s got cool fire powers, and then all of tsuna’s friends and even varia, because he wants his own nakama squad of cool fire powers. you’re all pirates now. Accept it. ships: destroyed. they are forcibly removed from the thousand sunny.

canon mashing / both canons happening concurrently is understandably difficult though so i get why there’s a lot of simpler crossovers being written.

but at the same time, priates and mafia trying to destroy the world government together. Anarchy For All.

i just LITERALLY saw someone aggressively attack anti-yurio x otabek because we’re saying the ship is wrong since yurio is underage like….what the fuck…..has the yoi fandom gone too far

In my Russian course there is this adorable guy from Tunisia, Muhammad, who came to Germany to study and he knows I’m fasting these days so every time we have classes he’s like “Today as well?” He was telling me how lucky I am for fasting in winter and how he spent Ramadan in Germany and when I said it must be so much more beautiful fasting in Tunisia he was like not only more beautiful but as well easier lmao. And yesterday after classes he was like “Come, I need to show you someone!” And he introduced me to this cute Hijabi from Kurdistan who’s studying with him and he’s just so freaking cute, I love what an uncomplicated person he is, I can’t lmao

41. top 10 favorite songs

i made this list ages ago but i.. stand by it….

  • When You Were Young - The Killers
  • When I’m Gone - Eminem
  • The Times They Are A Changin’ - Bob Dylan
  • Mr Brightside - The Killers
  • Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac
  • Monster - EXO 
  • I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
  • Lucky - Jason Mraz 
  • The Highwayman - Loreena McKennitt
  • Don’t Dream It’s Over - Crowded House

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