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It's been a year but do you still find yourself wondering about Star Sapphire Cisco? 'Cuz I sure do. That's ripe for some angst (and happy resolution), that is.

you could say I’ve had a thought or two 

I just had the best encounter with a child at Kmart. I was in the aisle shopping, and this girl and her dad come around the corner. The girl sees me and excitedly exclaims “There’s a human here!!” to which the father replied “Yes, there’s humans everywhere.”

  • watching the Greatest Showman:
  • The Greatest Show: this is the best song
  • A Million Dreams: this is the best song
  • Come Alive: this is the best song
  • The Other Side: this is the best song
  • Never Enough: this is the best song
  • This is Me: This is the best song
  • Rewrite the Stars: this is the best song
  • Tightrope: this is the best song
  • From Now On: this is the best song

That trope in kids shows where one of the characters sells out to the soulless music industry and the industry is represented by a teen popstar Brittany knock off and a rapper named like lil doorknob and the moral is to be true to yourself and make “real music” that isn’t manufactured by a corporation but then the real music is just a generic poprock song with an acoustic guitar? I hate that