snippets of my second performance at Double Stubble Gramps Wynwood. 🖤, ANDRO GIN

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Tarot For When You’re Laying On Your Bed Wondering Where The Fuck You’re Going In Life

Card one - Where the fuck am I going in life? No but really, it’s okay to feel lost or stagnate sometimes but a prolonged sense of it can really make you lose your sense of self. Are you on the right path? Are you even on a path? Where are you? Only the cards can tell.

Card two - How do I get back on the right path? Feel free to adjust this question based on whatever you got for question one. Even if you’re on the right path you need to know how to get moving again. This is our card of movement, how to start making that change.

Cards three and four - What can I do to stay moving in the right direction? It can be hard sometimes to continue on the right path after you’ve found it. Life, mental and physical illnesses, work, etc. can get you down. That’s okay, feelings are meant to be embraced but you should have some tips to help you stay a bit more grounded in those situation.

 Card five - What’s something great about myself(or life if you prefer)? Chances are you aren’t feeling too hot about being you or your life. Why else would you also be laying in bed thinking this? You deserve a little love, embrace your good qualities. You are still valued and wonderful even if you are feeling lost.

Holy crap, just wow. 400+ of you lovely people (and like 50 porn bots) following me. Thank you and just man… I really wanted to do something special to show how I feel so ta-da! Let me know if you like this and I’ll do more! Enjoy and don’t be a stranger. 😙