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WAIT YOUR ICON IS YOU AND SEVEN????? I thought it was redhead MC! Ugh I'm so jealous. Is your hair really that red?? 🤔

Haha yes, I commissioned the very talented @tarotealeaf to draw Saeyoung and me together, because I am extra as hell ( @serensama also encouraged said extraness. She’s an enabler, god bless her). 

My hair is pretty bright red, actually! It’s been through many stages, but I’m currently trying to make it as bright red as possible without also getting fired from work. This is a fine line that I push the limits on constantly (because apparently having fun hair means you lose all your nursing skills/knowledge, obviously).  

Here is a recent picture of my resting bitch face me that I sent my husband on Snapchat last weekend when he was taking 20 years inside a boot store & kept sending me snaps of $300 boots that “he needed”. My icon has my dream hair, honestly. ♡ 

when they arrive at victor’s apartment in st. petersburg, victor sees yuuri toeing off his shoes at the door and tells him, “no no, you can keep them on.”

yuuri stares at him. “keep them on?”

“yeah, it’s fine.”

“my shoes… keep them on?”


“bring my shoes… these outside shoes that i wear outside… you’re okay with bringing them inside?”

victor is a little confused. “is something wrong?”

yes, yuuri wants to say. he’s having a cultural breakdown. he’s having a crisis. what the actual hell, victor. has living in japan this past year taught you nothing. why are you doing this to me. we just landed like five seconds ago and there’s a crick in my neck and customs took forever and now you’re saying i can wear my shoes inside your house what the fuck

yuuri says instead, trying to keep his voice level, “we shouldn’t track dirt inside our house, vitya.”

oh. oh victor understands a little better now. he hears our house and suddenly his feet are bare and the bork vacuum cleaner has been taken out of the closet and there’s a shoe stand sitting below the key hook next to the welcome mat

Can we all agree dance practices where no one takes it seriously are the best dance practice videos