Ocean Side Shenanigans

PS I can’t dance 💀

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ok when i was in sydney i met @blackhairedhobi and im 😢😢 ya’ll malaya is rly the cutest person on this planet….no joke im so lucky to have met her im rly 😣😣 im still not over it like…we were eating dinner and when i spotted her im like OMG a cute lil flower 😣 even tho me and my friends are fucking wild and malaya u were probably like…who are these ppl sdkjnjdn im so glad we met and got to hang out i miss u so much now 😢😣❤️🌹

nct127: 쟈니와 저는 가장 오래된 연습생 친구중 한명이죠 지금도 옆에서 인스타 처음하는 저를 도와주고 있어요 항상 고마워 쟈니야 때리지만 않으면 ㅎㅎ😋 #쟈니#친구야#고마워 #NCT127#Limitless#무한적아#쟈니#Johnny#태용#Taeyong

TRANS: Johnny and I, one of the longest trainee friends. Now too, by my side helping me, who is new to insta. Always thankful to you Johnny, if you don’t hit me ㅎㅎ😋 #Johnny #MyFriend #ThankYou

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