The Sun - 6 May 2015

Zayn Malik slams ex-1D pal Louis

Former One Direction bandmates in online spat

By DAN WOOTTON Head of Showbiz published 9 hours ago 

THEY were the Batman and Robin of ONE DIRECTION, getting into scrapes and always ending up side-by-side as best mates.

But yesterday the special relationship between LOUIS TOMLINSON and his ex- bandmate ZAYN MALIK came crashing down for the entire world to see.

The pair had been thick as thieves, especially after they were caught on video smoking a roll-up joint together on tour last May.

Trouble, however, has been brewing since Zayn quit the band in March and quickly entered the studio with his best mate, the super-producer NAUGHTY BOY.

And yesterday after a fair bit of provocation, Zayn, right, told Louis on Twitter: “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

His blasting of his once-close pal came after a row between Louis and Naughty Boy.

Louis decided to mock the La La La hitmaker — real name SHAHID KHAN — after he posted a selfie of himself and Zayn together in the studio.

Referring to the picture, Louis wrote: “Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool! Some people still do HA!”

Naughty Boy hit back: “and some people can’t even sing.”

Louis then typed: “How does it feel to be riding on the back of someone else’s career?”

Naughty Boy, who helped launch the careers of SAM SMITH and EMELI SANDE, responded: “Yeah how does it feel? You’ve been doing that for the last five years.”

Louis retaliated: “I think we’ve done all right in terms of sales and I’ve happened to write on most.”

Zayn was clearly fed up with the battle and intervened.

A source close to the producer said: “Naughty Boy feels very protective of Zayn because it’s been a hard time.

“Zayn knows it was unnecessary and bitchy of Louis to start all of this.”

Before the row, Louis had been at a Hollywood nightclub in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The singer left The Argyle with a group of female clubbers and made a rude hand gesture.

Maybe he’d had a few too many drinks when he turned keyboard warrior …

So here are my current thoughts:

Of course, it’s not cool that they killed off another female strong character. Especially as she didn’t even get a death scene or to say goodbye, and it seems as it was mainly for the sake of man pain.

But before I get political and angry about it, I want to take a minute to mourn.

Dear Charlie Bradbury,

or should I call you Queen of Moons?

From the minute I met you, I fell in love with you. You were everything I wanted to be.

You were goofy,


and a total nerd.

Then, as I got to see more of you, I developed more reasons why I loved you.

You were sexy,


and kind.

I saw myself in you every time you showed up on screen. Your quirkiness, your nerdiness, your intelligence and your bravery. You are everything I hope to someday be.

So Charlie,

I am so so sad to see you go.

But I am so glad that you were brought into the Supernatural Universe, and that I was able to see myself in you.

Wherever you are, I hope you are happy. With your parents, celebrating Christmas. You deserve that.

With much admiration and love,

Emily, and the Supernatural fandom

I just kinda fell apart when I saw her on my screen tonight. I actually started sobbing and couldn’t stop. So, I thought before I get angry or start focusing on poor writing, I would do something for my girl.

Rest in Peace, Charlie Bradbury.