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What is #brbchasingdreams?

This is probably my favourite ask ever, and also one that’s quite hard to put to words. ‘#brbchasingdreams’ is this little mantra I made for myself two years ago now, during a time that I found quite pivotal to me. In ways, it was the beginning of my art journey. 

Two years ago I was still studying a different course. At the time, I had no intentions of doing art at all, with the idea that I’d just do it sometime later.  But I had this sudden urge to say to hell with it, I’m going to try my hardest to build a name as an artist, whilst studying towards this completely different career trajectory. I made a deal with myself – if I could commit each day and all my spare time towards drawing and practicing and if I can one day stand on my own two feet as an artist, then maybe I really did have something to prove of myself with my art. Maybe then, just maybe, I would give art my everything and really chase that dream. So I told my friend, ‘brb, chasing dreams’

#brbchasingdreams is a reminder.
It’s a reminder for me to draw, learn and challenge myself every single day and work towards my dream
It’s a reminder for me to pause the crap, and focus on what’s important to me.
It’s a reminder that every day I am still chasing my dreams, with no intention of stopping.

 A lot has changed since, but #brbchasingdreams still means exactly what it did to me two years ago. If anything, it means just as much.

I believed you. I believed in us. You decided what kind of relationship we would have. You have secrets, things you have done. Actions speak louder than words. I wanted you. All of you. But it was only a facade for you, for convenience or whatever. Even now I would jump at the chance of us, I fell so hard for you. But it would just be same thing again. Find your love. Be happy. I want that for you.

OP said that while Ksoo waited for his drink (at sum cafe), he looked at the signed cups of exo members at the side and said “카이가 없네…” which means “there’s no kai…”

(basically he was looking at those cups and then realised that kai’s signed cup wasn’t there. also he’s using the “네” [ne] suffix at the end, so the sentence is said as if asking/wanting someone’s reaction(?))



after watching this i kind of felt guilty for laughing at jaebum acting up super cute lately, all of the extra fan service he has been giving made sense to me. you can see he feels guilty for not being the “typical cute idol” type and afraid of hurting fans feelings since it puts a stand between them. i just don’t want him to feel sorry for who he is. he doesn’t have to act like every other idol, be cute, throw finger hearts at everyone and give fan service 24/7. i get that it’s a part of his job and i hate that the kpop industry is built around so much heavy fan service, but he literally doesn’t owe any of us shit and shouldn’t have to feel bad for being the way he is.

Follower forever

So, guess who has 121 followers already? I do! What the hell!? I did not expect it to happen so fast! Guys why are you so welcoming? Like, i didn’t even do anything on here really, i am as new as it gets, even thou this blog already exists for a few weeks. But. Anyway. I decided to use the opportunity and tell some of the mutuals how i love your guys. Like with most of you we did not even talk, not even once. I don’t know you personaly (a shame, really, i hope to correct that mistake), but it’s allways awesome to see every each one of you in my dash. Danganronpa characters. OC’s, just characters from other fandoms, multi-muses. All of you are awesome! And just know that, if your Url is in the list, you may write me anytime you want if you wish to plot, cause i want to! I am just a shy person some times. And busy. OOOOH i hate my work. Anyway. Here is is. List of mentions! I did not know what categories i can put it so i just dumped all mentions in one. Category of….ahem….OHMYGOSHILOVEYOU. Under the read more!

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