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”You wanna hear a secret?”

[ Είσαι για μια βόλτα στο λιμανι;

Έλα, πάμε.

Θα αράξουμε αγκαλιά,

θα χαζεύουμε το φεγγάρι, τα αστέρια και τα φώτα της πόλης.

Δεν θα μας ενοχλεί κανένας.

Δεν θα μας νοιάζει κάνεις.

Θα υπάρχουμε μόνο εμείς.

Μόνο εσύ κι εγώ.]

Ρέθυμνο | 1:10 π.μ

Αυτές τις νύχτες περιμένουμε.

Goals ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ–คโœจ

I’m putting together a little list of goals I want to achieve this year: 

  • Sew myself a binder 
  • Come out to my parents 
  • Find more ways to tell my s/o I love them 
  • Keep my plants alive 
  • Read more 
  • Continue to develop my cooking skills 

I want to spread positivity so please add your goals! You don’t need to be tagged to do this; if you see it and you want to- go for it!

I’m gonna tag some people who I think I could rope into helping me spread this ( @keithislactoseintolerant @royallybaffled @razzledazzle-lanceylance @yamayamask) I love you all 🖤🖤

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hey so uhh roxy lalonde?? amazing, perfect, let me accept myself as trans. we stan.

adding to that bc roxy lalonde: perfect, wonderful, amazing character development, epic, appeared in my dream and therefore induced my sexuality crisis, we stan

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Correcting anon back again sksks: Nonononono i would have defended you lmao i just became a dandy stan in like April G/TWD fan earlier this year. All of this is brand new to me G I swear XD

So NOW whatchu sayin is… you became a Dandylion in this current economy? With this climate?? And BELIEVED my crazy theories, plus provided receipts?

Six Crushes tag

Gif six, tag six (basically)

I’m all about making new posts today bc I can’t find the old ones in my notes but I’ve been tagged by @kitkatwriting & @miller-benny (I think? I’m sorry if I get things confused, it’s late again). Let’s make your dashes a little more sexy, shall we?

(I know, I know, I’ve used this gif before but I just love the beanie, okay? :D)

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Ohhh, let’s go old school! 

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This is a … weird mix, but okay. Got some new crushes, some older crushes .. also, half the time there was no gif so I had to make do but look at those guys I hate them.

Let’s tag some ppl I haven’t tagged a gazillion times before @softforcal @cakesunflower @thefashionprofessor @irouman @housebaylor @andtheswordwentsnickersnack  Idk if all of you want to do this so if not, just ignore this k bye

Pepe: You’re missing out riding this guy!

You: Tell him to be careful and not fall from the horse!

Pepe: Ah! I see what you did there, you dirty minded 😏

You: Well, I haven’t seen you for two weeks now and I’m like an addict so I need my fix 🙈

Pepe: You better stop or this is going to be an awkward and uncomfortable ride for the horse 😂

You: I’m sorry! But in all seriousness, I’m not sure who am I more jealous of, the horse spending time with you or you spending time with the horse 🤔

Pepe: He says he’s jealous of me for having such a nice (and dirty) person waiting for me back home ❤️

You: Ahhhhhh 😊 I love you ❤️

Pepe: I love you ❤️