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ladybug and chat noir: representation matters
  • It starts with a stupid photographer who is desperate for the latest scoop. He doesn’t care what happens or who he hurts, he just needs a juicy bit of news to sell to the highest buyer. In the end, the idea practically drops in his lap: expose Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • He knows Paris’s famed duo are like celebrities, and everyone is scrambling to figure who they are or more about them. Since no one knows anything about the heroes, it’s not like he’ll need to collaborate his story. So he picks up a camera and goes to work.
  • He follows Ladybug and Chat Noir around for months. Stalking them from rooftops, once he even scales the Eiffel Tower, and hides behind buildings to get a right shot. It’s weeks before his patience finally pays off. One time he catches sight of Ladybug jumping off the balcony of a bakery in the heart of the city, and snaps a shot of Chat Noir sitting on the window sill of Adrien Agreste’s bedroom.
  • When the story hits the papers, it’s official. Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating civilians. Ladybug is dating Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and Chat Noir is dating Adrien Agreste. Chaos ensues.
  • Flustered and panicked, Marinette and Adrien are freaking out. Even though they already know each other’s secret identities, it’s not like they can set the record straight without revealing them to others. So they’re forced to go along with it.
  • Classmates won’t stop asking questions, parents are shocked, and the media won’t stop camping out on their street corners. The whole thing really blows on the secret identity front too as they can’t sneak out of their houses like they normally do. Adrien and Marinette spend days dodging paparazzi and try to figure out how they can fix this.
  • Marinette designs a plan to break up have their superhero selves break up with their civilian selves. It involves lots of arguments, tears, and maybe a smoke screen or two. Ready to initiate Operation: Break-Up, Marinette and Adrien are stopped when they realized just what the fictional relationship has done.
  • With Ladybug dating Marinette, and Chat Noir dating Adrien, they have become the epitome of gay representation in the media and everything else that matters. Knowing that the same superheroes that protect them and their city support them and find their sexuality valid, girls and boys have role models to look up to. Marinette and Adrien have a dilemma: if they saying anything about it or correct the misassumptions, so many people will be disappointed.
  • They decide to roll with it. If their superhero selves dating their civilian selves helps so many people, who are they to stop it?
  • Their parents are startled by the news but go along with it anyway. Sabine and Tom keep telling Marinette to invite her girlfriend, Ladybug, over for dinner. Adrien has to deal with a two-hour sex talk with Gabriel complete with diagrams.
  • Girls love girls, and boys love boys. Everyone’s in high spirits. The media and general public want to hear and see so much more about Marinette and Ladybug’s relationship and Adrien and Chat Noir’s relationship. So Adrien helps Marinette photoshop Ladybug into date pictures, and Marinette runs Adrien’s fake Instagram account where she gushes about Chat Noir daily.
  • Thousands of blogs are popping up, and the amount of MariBug and Adrinoir shippers skyrockets. Marinette and Adrien just laugh about it.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are welcomed into the LGBT+ community with open arms and embrace it. Their presence is helping a lot of people, so why not reach out more? They become involved in outreach, sign petitions, and speak at LGBT+ organizations and events. Chat Noir is even seen marching in the Pride Parade through the Paris streets while Ladybug zips overhead with her yo-yo and a rainbow flag tied around her neck as a cape.
  • Everyone’s happy, their heroes are in love, and things couldn’t be more perfect.
  • Except then Hawkmoth gets an idea that he needs to simply get his hands on Adrien and Marinette in order to beat Ladybug and Chat Noir. This complicates things. Suddenly transforming to fight the akumas is increasingly more difficult since the akuma is always after them. Eventually, things reach a point where Marientte and Adrien really do need to interrupt their fictional relationships.
  • They end up breaking up anyway. Ladybug and Chat Noir mumble something about “keeping their loved ones safe from harm”, and the media and public buys it. No one wants anyone to get hurt, and they certainly don’t want these kids to have to deal with any more shit than they already do.
  • Marinette and Adrien pretend to be upset and inconsolable. Sabine and Tom are very concerned and treat Marinette to chocolate and cuddles because it’s their baby girl’s first heartbreak; she pretends to cry and feels sort of bad about it. Gabriel Agreste hugs his son for the first time in a long while; Adrien is suitably terrified.
  • For the next few weeks, the akumas are all suddenly gunning for Chat Noir especially. Ladybug and Chat Noir can’t figure out why.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are still involved in the LGBT+ community. Just because their relationships aren’t at the front of the public eye anymore, they’re still role models for many people who need them, and who are they to argue? This stuff matters. 
  • Besides they were both hella bi to begin with, so honestly it’s nothing new.

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any new sterek highschool au?

Well, our absolute favs are under our High School AU tag but, because we don’t want you to lack anything, here is a rec of doom (there’s more than 30 fics here) with all the other fics I’ve read in the last few months/years! - C


Just Pretend by dragon_temeraire

Stiles tells his dad he has a boyfriend. The problem is, he doesn’t actually have one.

Something New Is Going to Happen by dragon_temeraire

Stiles accidentally discovers that their school mascot is super cute.

All the broken hearts in the world still beat by dragon_temeraire

Stiles totally needs to make Lydia Martin jealous. Yeah. And his best chance is to convince star lacrosse player Derek Hale to (fake) date him.

Smile On The Sidelines by clotpolesonly

Derek was not pining.

Not to say that he didn’t miss Stiles, didn’t want to be with him at that moment (or literally any moment, to be quite honest), but he wasn’t one of those obnoxious clingy people who lost track of the world as soon his boyfriend was out of his sight.

It was just a basketball game anyway.

“Five Days in Detention” (A Future Song by Stiles Stilinski) by alisvolatpropiis

It’s still preseason, sure, but he needs to be practicing. He led the team to the State semifinals last year, and he’s determined to not only make it to the finals this year, but to win the title. He should be on the field right now, practicing his play calls and prepping for next week’s season opener against Saint Pius.

And he can’t do that if he’s wasting his time in detention with these losers. There are a couple of burnouts lazing over some seats by the window, one kid with his face on a desk, hood over his head, and a few Goth kids are sitting in the back corner, looking surly and morose. Maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable if you didn’t listen to such shitty music, he thinks, turning towards his usual seat in the back of the room.

He pauses for the briefest of moments when he sees who’s already sitting there, in the second-to-last row, black-clad limbs spread out, acoustic guitar in his lap, long fingers casually plucking at the strings.

Stiles Stilinski.

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Thor: Ragnarok Movie Clip - Get Help (2017) | Movieclips Coming Soon
Thor: Ragnarok Movie Clip - Get Help (2017): Check out the new clip starring Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston! Be the first to watch, comment, and share cl...

I’m gonna deconstruct this scene because I’ve been thinking about it ALL DAY and what the hell, I’ve got time. This clip demonstrates what I love most about Taika Waititi’s filmmaking and it shows off Chris and Tom’s chemistry in the fiercest way. It’s hilarious, sweet, bittersweet, surprising, and poignant.

1) “Loki, I thought the world of you.” 

Even though there was an instinctive part of me that screamed, “OK, WELL, YOUR ACTIONS TOLD A DIFFERENT STORY, THOR” due to residual bitterness over what a dickbag Thor was in the first film, I’m 1,000% here for this line. I’m proud of how much Thor has matured, thrilled that these two are actually talking to each other, and happy that Loki’s hearing something he’s probably always wanted/needed to hear even though it’s bittersweet because Thor’s using the past tense.

Tom’s reaction here is SO GOOD. Just the tiniest shift in his eyebrows to indicate that Thor has Loki’s attention and he’s fucking locked in and hanging on to every word.

2) “I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever, but at the end of the day you’re you and I’m me.”

I know there was a minor (?) uproar over Chris’ comments that Thor will be “indifferent” to Loki in Ragnarok, but this scene seems to suggest a kind of acceptance rather than indifference. Maybe for the first time, Thor truly seems to have accepted that he and Loki are fundamentally different beings–and by extension, he’s accepting Loki’s nature. Yes, part of that acceptance means letting go and moving on (note: I did not say giving up) and that’s sad, but realistic I think. How many fakeout deaths and stabbings can a person be expected to withstand? “You’re you” is a significant break in pattern for Thor and Loki appears genuinely taken aback by it.

“You’re you” is a huge deal because to me, the brothers’ central conflict has always boiled down to the fact that Loki isn’t Thor (thanks, Odin, for exacerbating this tension). For Loki, that fact is a source of self-loathing and resentment, something that he can act out against and, as Tom has often said, define himself in opposition to.

By the same token I think it’s become clearer that what Loki thinks of Thor matters to Thor. For an older sibling, having a younger sibling who looks up to you and wants to be like you is perhaps one of the biggest indicators that you’re a good–dare I say worthy–person. Ever since Loki let go of Gungnir Thor has struggled to make sense of Loki’s rejection, to define himself without the security of having his brother by his side. With that in mind I’ve always seen Thor’s past attempts to bring Loki back to the “good” side as heartfelt and genuine, but also somewhat ego-driven and shortsighted because it came at the expense of Loki’s autonomy and self-identification.

Cut to now. By acknowledging that he and Loki are each their own person, Thor’s relieving Loki of the pressure and expectation to be anyone other than himself. In a way that’s a gift, but it’s also terribly sad because it’s accompanied by loss for both of them. Which brings me to:

3) “I dunno, maybe there’s still good in you but let’s be honest: our paths diverged a long time ago.”

It’s in this moment that Loki really seems to realize where this conversation is headed. And he doesn’t like it.

We know Loki lives to test Thor. It’s his (super dysfunctional and unhealthy) way of making sure Thor still cares about him. In The Dark World, Loki tests Thor’s assertions that he doesn’t trust him and has lost hope for him by … getting himself impaled. Yeah, “dying” was also his “get out of jail free, usurp the throne” card, but it’s not insignificant that he calls Thor’s bluff in the process. 

4) “Yeah. It’s probably for the best that we never see each other again.”

Speaking of calling Thor’s bluff, I think Loki–because he’s a smart little fucker–says this in order to get ahead of the conversation. He knows what’s coming, so he pulls the classic “I’ll reject you before you reject me” move. But I don’t think he means it. It’s more likely that he’s trying to balance the scales so he’s not on the utter losing side of this conversation. And honestly? Deep down I doubt he can bear to hear Thor say it and by proactively agreeing with him he’s holding out hope that Thor will pull a “JK!” and change his mind.

5) “That’s what you always wanted.”

OMG THOR HAS GOTTEN SO SMART. I mean, I guess it’s within the realm of possibility that Thor is still really dumb about Loki’s feelings/motivations, but personally it’s more fun and satisfying to think he sees Loki’s test and raises him an even bigger one.

Loki’s face is so sad-funny. His plan backfired, he’s panicking a little, but he’s got to save face and play it cool, and he’s also legit sad because he knows this outcome is the culmination of his past actions and he did his part in paving this road for both of them. And at the end of the day he’s still the younger brother who doesn’t want to appear weak, so he’s doing his best to match Thor’s tone and attitude.

The moment when Loki lifts his chin and gives a little nod is a dead giveaway; never seeing Thor again is the opposite of what he wants, but he’s prepared to accept that it’s too late for anything else. It’s SO far from an apology, but for Loki it’s about the most mature thing we’ve seen him do.

The fact that for once they’re not arguing with each other is what made me tear up. It’s like they both know they should’ve had this conversation years ago, when it could have made all the difference, but at the same time they know that moment has passed. THIS IS FUCKING TRAGIC.

(If I wrote this movie, this would be the moment where they both dissolve into tears, fall on the floor, and cry-hug it out, which is why I write poetry and not screenplays.)

6) “Hey, let’s do Get Help.”

This was the beginning of the death of me, I will never be the same. I laughed so hard. On the surface this whole exchange may seem like just a gag–and it IS funny as hell–but I feel like it’s working on so many levels and reveals something deeper about Thor and Loki’s bond.

First of all, if you’re me, everything that preceded this moment was really uncomfortable and sad and almost unbearable to witness so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that Thor and Loki were feeling some of that too.

What I love about this transition is that Thor immediately cuts through the tension, probably to put both of them at ease and bring them back into the more familiar territory of their rapid-fire banter. Loki seems a bit surprised but relieved.

IMO, this brief exchange of dialogue does more to convey Loki and Thor’s bond and establish their history than anything we’ve been shown in the previous films (not counting that deleted scene from the first movie). I thought it was really poignant to see them revert to/rely upon something from their distant past. You can tell this is an argument they’ve had a zillion times before. You can tell from the stunt itself that it’s something they’ve had many opportunities to perfect. 

Even though Loki is reluctant to participate, he does, because he still craves inclusion and acceptance. Even though Thor is no longer quite as overbearing and arrogant as he once was, he regresses into that role so that he can get his younger brother back for just a moment. It’s like they’re consoling themselves without admitting that they want to be consoled. And yeah, on a practical note they also need to find a way off of Sakaar.

In conclusion, they’ve both just conceded that their relationship has reached an impasse with no real way forward, yet in the immediate aftermath of this supposed acceptance they choose to revert to an older dynamic that reflects presumably happier times. They don’t want to quit each other. This is fine. It’s fine. I’m not crying. I love them. The end.

I’m deep in my feels right now and probably projecting a lot (HI, HELLO, I HAVE A TROUBLED YOUNGER BROTHER, I’VE NEVER USED HIM AS A PROJECTILE BUT I UNDERSTAND THE IMPULSE), but even without having seen this scene in the full context of the film, it’s my favorite Thor/Loki moment to date. It’s what I’ve always wanted. It actually brings “We were raised together, we played together, we fought together” to life in a meaningful way, whereas in The Avengers I felt like those were just words.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

my one and only

Summary: a bad day means lots and lots of cuddles with Bucky. || modern AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1610

A/N: Here’s my entry for my lovely Erin’s [ @theassetseyeliner ] writing challenge! I combined my prompt with a request I received, so I hope you all enjoy! | masterlist

Originally posted by bucha-nan

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A Whole Year of Sanders Sides

Description: It’s been a whole year since Sanders Sides started, but Virgil hadn’t yet been introduced. Here’s how he feels about that, and how the others make him feel more included. 

Genre: hurt/comfort

Word Count: 1,329

Ship: platonic/familial LAMP

Warnings: very brief and not at all serious mention of m*rder. just in case

A/N: i suck at formatting dialogue and i wrote this super fast so it’s not my best work. hope ya’ll enjoy it anyway

“Can you believe today is the day we were introduced to Thomas’ fans? It’s been a whole year!” Roman exclaimed causing the other three to look up at him.

Logan merely hummed in response; a thoughtful look on his face. Virgil pulled up his hood, and shrunk into his hoodie. Today was not his day. They tried their best to avoid introducing him to the fanders because he wasn’t wanted back then. He had to force his way in, and that really hurt. His day wouldn’t be until December. Not like the others will care very much.

“That’s awesome, kiddo! We should celebrate! Ooh I’ll make cookies!” Patton yelled as he scurried into the kitchen.

Roman chuckled as he watched him go then plopped himself down in between Logan, and Virgil. Virgil turned away, and prayed to god that he wouldn’t talk to him. Virgil’s prayers never really get answered unfortunately.

“What’s up with you, edge lord?”

Virgil sighed, and shrugged hoping that would suffice as an answer, but Roman was never that easy to fool.

“Something’s clearly wrong. Come on talk to me.”

“It’s stupid,” Virgil mumbled, and shrunk further into his hoodie. “Just forget about it.”

Roman scoffed, and placed a hand over his heart as if he was offended.

“Please, Virgil. You should know by now that we’re not going to forget about something if it’s troubling you.”

“Really? You forgot that today’s not my day so why wouldn’t you?” Virgil mumbled under his breath. Roman raised his eyebrows at the younger side as he turned to fully face him.

“Virgil you have to speak up. I can’t hear you.”

Virgil abruptly stood up startling the two sides. He took a deep breath, 4 7 8, before turning to face them.

“I said you forgot that today’s not my day! My day’s in December because you guys wouldn’t let me be apart of the videos! I had to sneak away, and force myself in! I wasn’t..I wasn’t wanted so today’s just a grim reminder of that for me. But whatever. Have your fun. I won’t be a bother.”

Virgil’s yelling brought Patton out of the kitchen to see what was going on, but it was too late. Virgil had sunk down to his room. Patton turned to look at the two shocked sides on the couch, and frowned.

“We’re.. awful!” Patton cried. Logan immediately stood up, and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“No, Patton. Roman, and I are the awful ones-”


Logan gave Roman a quick glare before continuing, “You always tried to include him in things. We were the ones keeping him away at first. Just.. let us talk to him, okay?”

Patton sniffled, and nodded as he sat down on the couch where Logan once was. Roman gave him a small smile before standing up, and facing Logan.

“To Anxiety’s room?” Roman asked.

“To Anxiety’s room.” Logan confirmed.

And with that they sunk down together.

Once they popped up in Virgil’s room they took a moment to collect themselves then started to call out for the anxious side.

“Virgil, please come here. We wish to speak with you.” Logan tried.

Just as Roman was about to try Virgil popped up on the stairs, and startled the both of them.

“Didn’t you idiots learn anything about coming into my room?”

Logan cleared his throat, and adjusted his tie as he spoke, “Yes, well we don’t plan to stay very long. We’ve only come to retrieve you so we may all talk in the common room.”

“Yeah, not happening. Just go celebrate, or whatever you’re doing. I’m fine.”

“Ugh, Virgil. Come on. Stop being so stubborn, and just talk to us. We’re sorry we forgot, and we’re especially sorry we even put you through all of that in the first place! Truly. What we did was awful, and we deeply regret it. You’re a good friend, nay, you’re family! Please just believe that, and let us explain ourselves before I lose it! I’m not feeling very glittery right now, and I don’t like it!” Roman ranted, and frantically looked between the two sides.

“Roman is correct. We are family, and sometimes family messes up. Sometimes family shun each other for being different, or even kill each other! Wow, okay, sorry, but my point still stands. Ehh, sort of. Look, everyone makes mistakes, and we’re trying to fix those mistakes!” Logan added on. Virgil looked at them as if they had three heads, and noticed the darkening eyeshadow underneath their eyes. Yep, time to leave.

“God, you morons. Come on. Deep breaths. We’re getting out of here.”

“Four seconds..”

“Seven seconds..”

“Eight seconds..”

Virgil slowly sunk down as the other two did, and popped back up in the common room with them. Patton immediately stood up, and tackled Virgil into a hug so forcefully that they toppled over.

“I’m so sorry, kiddo!” Patton cried into Virgil’s shoulder. Virgil chuckled, and patted him on the back.

“It’s fine, dad. You were always there for me.” Virgil replied, but still felt tears forming in his eyes. Logan, and Roman exchanged a guilty look.

They both walked over to the pair to help them up. Roman pried Patton off, and Logan offered a hand to Virgil who reluctantly took it.

An awkward silence filled the air once they were all standing. Roman decided to be the brave one to break it.

“We truly are sorry, Virgil.”

Virgil shrugged, and pulled his hood down so he could look at all of them better.

“Yeah, whatever. It’s fine.”

“We will make it up to you.”

Virgil turned to look at Logan incredulously, but smiled nonetheless.

Before they knew it December 19th rolled around. The day Virgil first appeared in a video.

“Virgil! It’s your day!” Roman yelled as he practically dragged the younger out of his room, and sunk down to the commons.

“Geez, Princey. Give a guy some warning before you go dragging him around.” Virgil grumbled with an amused smile on his face to show he wasn’t actually annoyed. No, in fact he was thoroughly enjoying this.

Once in the common room Virgil had to bite back a gasp at what he saw.

“Impressed?” Roman teased, “It was all my work. You’re welcome.”

Before them was a huge blanket fort, one big enough for four people to be exact, and a ton of snacks. The tv played the menu for Virgil’s favorite Disney movie: The Black Cauldron. He’s seen it about a million times, but it’s the thought that counts. They thought of him. Today was his day, and they actually cared.

Before Virgil could stop himself he tackled Roman into a hug, and almost allowed himself to cry. Roman merely chuckled, and held Virgil as close as he could. They only broke apart when the other two came into the room, but Virgil was nowhere near done with his hugs. He tackled Patton next as he whispered, “Thank you dad.”

“Aw it was mostly Logan, and Roman, but I’d do anything for you kiddo! I’m glad you like it.”

With that Virgil pulled away, and turned to look at Logan. Logan smiled, and opened his arms. Virgil gratefully fell into his arms, and this time he let himself cry. This time he let the hug go on for much longer. Not that either of them minded. Logan, and Virgil rarely ever hugged each other, or anyone really, so this was nice.

Once they finally pulled apart Patton pulled Virgil down into the pillow fort, and wrapped his arm around him. Roman played the movie, and sat on the other side of him. Logan sat down next to Roman.

Patton turned to Virgil, and asked, “This isn’t too overwhelming is it, kiddo?”

“No. It’s perfect.”

And everything really was perfect. It had been a whole year of self discovery, love, and acceptance. A whole year of Virgil, and his family.

A whole year of Sanders Sides.

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I was talking about it on my twitter the other night but the reply on this post helps put into perspective of the point I was trying to get at, so i’m going to reiterate it here now that I have a clearer understanding of what i was trying to say:

I know a lot of SP fans have been anticipating when we get to see stuff like Craig and Tweek kiss or have more expressions of physical affection for each other to validate to the audience their love for each other, and don’t get me wrong, while I’d be more than thrilled to see that in canon too, I was thinking about the fact that I personally don’t feel a need to see it nor do I expect it?
I’m not watching South Park episodes banking on “when are they going to have an episode where Craig and Tweek kiss” and I don’t really get torn up when I see them not sitting next to each other in the background of new episodes and so forth, and think there’s a couple of reasons for that. 

One being I feel like it doesn’t really match up with the storytelling style of the show. The way South Park tends to portray relationships between the kids was never really built on seeing tons of physical puppy love affection from them unless there is a specific reason to (In the case with Heidi and Cartman it was to contrast how out of character that feels for him, and that relationship went to shit pretty fast anyways), and honestly, the show has already given us way more than I would have ever dreamed possible for a ship like Creek to get. I mean, they get a whole episode about learning how to communicate and a huge focus in the new game. 

Then the other reason is because Craig and Tweek’s relationship is written so explicitly in showing that they are together, you don’t really, need to see that to validate the fact that they love and care about each other? I think a lot of fans are waiting for them to have some magical kiss or whatever to prove they are in love, but what’s interesting about the show is like the comment in the post I linked above stated, Matt and Trey did completely skip the puppy love part of a relationship in writing Craig and Tweek and jump right into the parts that really show how much you love someone in the more subtle but powerful ways. Not only that but it seems that they use idea of people wanting to see the two be affectionate as the specific thing they parody, via the yaoi art, etc. which matches up because most of the fans create their own content to indulge in that aspect of their relationship. 

Due to that I feel like a lot of that side of their relationship is going to be kept framed in that yaoi art parody context. HOWEVER, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because if you are someone who isn’t familiar with this aspect of a relationship, it might go over one’s head, but the way Craig and Tweek’s relationship is written is with a huge focus on healthy communication and learning to work through problems and just being there for each other and supporting each other. This is all the stuff that comes into a relationship that will literally make or break it once you get past all the initial hand holding and kissing and cuddling fun part of it. It’s the part that requires all the actual work and really says how much do you care about this person and whether or not you are compatible in a healthy way. People are individuals and there will always be times where you will argue or fight with someone no matter how much you love them, and what matters is how those issues are handled.

The fact that this is the part of the relationship between Craig and Tweek that is focused on, especially from the standpoint of them actually working through their differences and wanting to be together says 1000x more about how much they really love each other than any on-screen kiss will. You don’t need to see them physically show how much they love each other because it’s literally all right there in how they interact with each other by creating a solid foundation that will allow them to stay together as a couple in the long run.

I find it super interesting that this is what the focus became for their canon relationship because not only is it just validating how GOOD of a relationship Craig and Tweek have, it’s also saying that people will always argue and have disagreements no matter what and this is what a real relationship takes, this is how two people learn to work through their differences to be together in a healthy way. It’s teaching a beautifully mature lesson about loving someone else (intentional or not, I’m at a loss) and it is a million times more validating in why I find Craig and Tweek’s relationship so satisfying as is and just a WONDERFUL portrayal of relationships on a bigger scale, not just in giving LGBT representation. 

Not to compare to SU, but I find Craig and Tweek’s relationship to be more powerful for relationship representation as a whole than say even Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship because even though they DO have on-screen kissing and cuddling, you don’t really get to see the characters exist outside of each other or work through relationship issues in a way that really shows who they are as individuals and what it is that builds their love for each other because they weren’t written to exist outside of each other. Ruby and Sapphire were written to be a relationship and in a way that flattens them as characters and makes it hard to see them beyond that. Meanwhile, Craig and Tweek were already solidly defined characters on their own so you know that they could easily break up and go off on their own narrative-wise because that’s how they were before, so the fact that they do work through their issues and stay together is so much more powerful and teaches so much more. 

The TLDR point: Craig and Tweek have such a wonderfully written relationship that you don’t really need to see puppy love or kissing from them to prove what is obviously already there, and that’s why I’m perfectly content just indulging in that part of their relationship in fandom instead of seeing it in canon because canon already gave us the most important and best part of a good relationship.  

title:   crinkles and dimples
rating: t
word count: 1k
summary: in honour of dnp’s 8th friendiversary, here’s my shamelessly soft, fluffy version of their first kiss

[read on ao3]

Phil’s mouth tastes like caramel and coffee and his heart is racing–has been since the moment he spotted Dan at the train station, tall and lean and shaggy-haired and beautiful. Has been since they locked eyes and walked a little faster and threw their arms around each other carelessly and squeezed.

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The One With All the Kissing

(I promised this for @lgbtrashmouth, @sighlil, and @toziertrashmouth so I hope it’s okay. It’s not incredibly long, it’s really just the scene from Friends where Chandler kisses everyone because he kisses Monica in front of everyone on accident. But it’s Reddie. So yeah. They’re all young adults here, too.Thanks!)(Also I know I said I’d do this tomorrow but APRIL FOOLS I MADE IT TODAY)


“Hey, dude! C-come on, gimme back my pretzel!”

“No way, you set it down, it’s mine now!”

“Guys, can you not? I’m trying to get this remote working again and I need concentration!”

“Stan, shut up. You know you’re just taking the batteries out and putting them back in again. It’s hardly rocket science.”

The familiar bickering made Bill smile, despite the fact that Richie swiped his hot pretzel, and was tormenting Stan, and getting salt everywhere. Eddie was complaining- something about telling Richie to shut up and chew with his mouth closed. Beverly was laughing and resting a hand on Ben’s shoulder, who would occasionally smile at her between talking about Mike’s day as they caught up all together. They were sitting around his dining room table, talking over one another, having individual conversations, interjecting and making a group conversation, and yet everyone was still in sync. It was beautiful, in its own, chaotic, noisy way. 

They had spent the day drinking tea, watching movies, and just horsing around Bill’s apartment. Earlier they’d gone out for ice cream and visited the quarry like they had when they were little. Nowadays, nothing much had changed. Not habitually, anyways. Ben and Beverly had finally gotten together. Stand and Bill had as well. Mike was seeing a pretty girl who’d gone off to college in Japan, but he didn’t mind, and everyone loved how loving he was and dedicated they were to each other despite the distance. Richie and Eddie had also begun seeing each other, as well- however, that relationship was still in the closet

While the boys knew the group would accept them, just as they had Bill and Stan, Eddie was still hesitant to announce it to anyone in the group because of the big deal he knew it’d be. He’d spent MUCH of his life denying his love for Richie, most vehemently to Richie himself, who always threw himself at Eddie all that time, playfully, then seriously. Eddie caved one day and kissed the other in the middle of one of his “your mom” jokes, and Richie hadn’t been the same since. Bill thought he was somehow softer towards Eddie, cracking less jokes about his mom, and holding doors for him. Stan just thought he was even more insufferable with all the near perverse flirting. 

Mike was suspicious of the two, as was Beverly. But if it was one thing they were good at, it was being patient and letting people speak on their own time. The dynamic of the group within itself may have shifted, but they all still remained incredibly close- living within half an hour of each other, hanging out almost every day, crashing at each other’s places just because. It really was a dream come true. Mike was working as a coach’s assistant at their old high school, Beverly taught self-defense at the local gym. Ben was an official published writer, working for the local news paper where he covered the art section, of which Bill was proudly in numerous times for his paintings. Stan worked at the community college, the resident ornithologist on-hand for advice and lectures. Richie worked at the local radio station, his voices having improved over the years, though his comedy… hadn’t. Eddie had surprisingly taken up a job outside of the pharmacy, owning and operating his own bakery with the help of fresh produce from the Hanlon Farm. 

Ughhhhhh. I don’t want to goooo….” Despite their lives having turned out well, work was still work, and Richie was still Richie.

“Do you always have to complain about everything?” Eddie sighed, exasperated and rolling his eyes. 

“Give him a break, Eddie,” Stan said uncharacteristically. “He only has a limited amount of brain cells. Maybe he’s used them all today.” Ah, that sounded more like him. 

Beverly laughed, standing up and clearing away the remote pieces. “Okay Stan, you’re just breaking it more, so don’t go on about brain cells.”

OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!” came a chorus from Ben and Richie. 

“Hey Rich, why don’t you act like an adult and get to work?” Eddie snickered, “As your roommate, I’d like to eat better this month, thank you!” Richie just rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah yeah, I’m going.” As he walked towards the door, he went over to Eddie, still seated at the table. 

He leaned down and put a hand to his cheek, tilted his face up delicately, and kissed him fully, tilting his own head to the side and closing his eyes. It was a touching, soft thing. 

WHAT THE F-F-FUCK, RICHARD?” Bill spit his tea out, and the table erupted in short-lived squeals and demanding questions. 

Richie was a peculiar mix of green, red, and white, and Eddie was sweating up a storm, frozen in place. Suddenly, Richie shook his head sharply, walking over to Beverly and grabbing her face. He leaned in and kissed her hard and messy until she shoved him back, laughing. Ben looked ready to protest until Richie landed lips on him, too, shutting him up altogether. Mike was hooting and hollering in his chair, and only laughed harder when Richie kissed him, chuckling at how interesting of a story it would be to tell his girlfriend on their Skype call. Bill only stared in amusement as Richie faced him, a determined and embarrassed look in his eye as he kissed him quickly. He then turned to Stan, who was red and wide eyed. 

When Richie leaned in, Stan leaned back, comically toppling out of his chair. “Don’t you put those chapped ass lips on me, you freak!”

“B-But it’s how they kiss in Europe! It’s not funny or anything!” Richie half heartedly protested while the group laughed. 

“Well this is Bill’s apartment, you nut. Y’know? In MAINE? Go to work already.”

Richie simply complied, scurrying out the front door, followed quickly by Eddie, which did not escape anyone’s eye. 

“I’m gonna have to quote Bill on this one, Trashmouth,” He grabbed Richie’s arm as he shut the door to the hallway, “‘What the fuck, Richard?’“

“I’m sorry, you just looked so cute and happy curled up in his little chair, like a doll! I spaced and forgot. I’m sorry you’re so kissable.” Richie pouted, looking down at his feet. 

Eddie instantly softened. “I’m sorry, too. Go to work Richie, I’ll be here when you get back- we’re all staying over since it’s Friday. I’ll take care of this. You owe me.”

Richie grinned wolfishly, “I love it when you get demanding, Eds. Anything you want and you got it.”

Eddie shoved him, “Don’t call me Eds, now go get paid you doofus, we need the money.”

Eddie walked back inside to five sets of curious, demanding eyes. “Alright, alright. Yeah, no, we’re… more than roommates.”


That was the most synchronized they had ever been.  

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do you think ned loved catelyn? that was the impression i very much got from the books and the show. my friend disagrees though and says while cat clearly loves ned, ned doesn't love her as much as she does him in the books.

Ned loves Catelyn very much. He’s a family man through and through (well beyond the point of political utility), and his relationship with Catelyn is absolutely essential to that.

Cut for length.

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Interruptions || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,274 words

Request:  Heyo! I was wondering if I could get an Steve rogers dad! X Peter Parker x reader. Where the reader and Peter Parker are dating and Steve finds them making out and he kinda gets angry. He then awkwardly gives them the talk and it’s just weird and awkward between all of them?

A/N- poorly edited, whoops 


Originally posted by tbholland

Being the daughter of a ninety something year old super soldier wasn’t exactly easy for Y/N. She was born long after Steve had received the serum from Howard Stark, that gave him his abilities. Since the chemicals made an impact on his body’s natural chemistry, those same chemical alterations were passed on to his child. Y/N Rogers was raised on the outskirts of Queens, right by the border of Brooklyn. She grew up primarily raised by her mother, with her ‘aunts and uncles’ all being superheroes. Her father was very present in her live, but at times, he had missions that would last months. During her childhood, she moved closer and closer into the city, closer towards the Stark (eventually renamed for the Avengers) Tower.

Y/N knew Peter for a long time, since middle school in fact. He was on the floor, curled up into a small ball as a couple of upperclassmen stood above him, kicking and punching the living daylights out of him. No one deserved to be treated this way. Her father taught her better than that.

“Hey!” The small girl shouted, making the older boys turn towards her. “You have absolutely no right to treat that boy like this.” She was angry. One of the boys straightened his posture, letting out a breathless laugh, bumping his friend in the shoulder. “Yeah, what are you gonna do about it, huh?” The other boy teased, crossing his arms.

Pre-teen Y/N marched up to them, kneeing one of them in the groin. He leaned against the lockers, groaning in pain. She smirked, looking at the other boy with a raised brow, “You want some too?” He hurriedly shook his head, going to grab his friend before running down the hallway.

She walked up to the boy on the floor, picking up his glasses and going to sit on the floor next to him. He slowly sat up, wincing as he did so. He looked at her with his mouth opened slightly and wide eyes. Y/N smiled, handing the pair of dark glasses back to him. “T-thank you.” He mumbled, pulling his knees to his chest, avoiding eye contact. “No problem, kid.”

“Why….why did you help me?” He asked, looking into her eyes more confidently. Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from.” It was silent for a second before she giggled.

“Sorry. I got that from my dad. I’m Y/N by the way.” She said as she stood up, holding her hand out for him to grab. He took her hand, pulling himself up, “I’m Peter.”

Y/N laughed, now four years later, as her boyfriend took a bite of his takeout Chinese food. “Would you rather be invisible for a day, or be able to fly for a day?” She asked, taking a bite of her own food.

Y/N and Peter have both changed since that one day in sixth grade. He was now more confident in himself, due to his recently obtained abilities. And Y/N was still his guardian angel, helping him get through every day as Peter. She was also a hero, taking after her father.

Peter contemplated that thought for a second, placing the now empty takeout container onto the table from his spot on the floor. “Well, if I were invisible, you wouldn’t be able to see my hot bod.” He said, making a gesture towards his body. She giggled, “Well, you’re not wrong.”

Y/N then mimicked his previous movements, placing the cardboard takeout box onto the table. “Okay, would you rather…kiss me, or…” he placed his hand on his chin, pretending to be in deep thought, “kiss me?” She smiled at the smirk on his face.

“That’s a very difficult decision Peter Parker. What do you think I should do?” She smirked back. Peter leaned in closer to her, beginning to whisper seductively, “I have a few ideas.”

He placed his lips on hers, leaning over her form. She smiled into the kiss, wrapping her hands around his neck, while he kept his hands on her hips. His forehead was pressed against hers as he moved himself to rest between her legs. The air around them was getting hotter by each second, their skin heating up and forming sweat. Pulling away for air, Y/N kept her eyes clothed for a second. When they opened, she looked up into his warm chocolate eyes.

“You have no idea how much I love you, Peter Parker.” She breathlessly said, holding onto his cheeks. Peter chuckled, “And I love you Y/N. More than anything.” He engulfed her lips with his once again. Despite the fact that they both just ate Chinese food, her lips still tasted like cotton candy. Her hands brushed into his hair, the soft curls feeling like clouds.

A set of keys jingled and jammed into the front door, but went unnoticed by the two love struck teens. The blonde haired man, clad in a black baseball cap, a dark pair of sunglasses and a beard, was carrying a brown paper bag filled with groceries. Steve looked over at the couch, and saw a brown haired boy on top of….. on top of his daughter.

Steve placed the bag onto the counter before taking a couple of strides to loudly slam the door. Peter jumped off of his girlfriend, moving as far away from her as he could. “M-Mr. Rogers…. I-I was just, I was.” He was a stuttering mess as the super solider stepped closer and closer to the boy with an unpleasant look on his face.

“You were just doing what exactly?” Steve was now towering over Peter with crossed arms. The teen gulped, visually terrified. Y/N stood up from the floor, walking over to the pair. “Dad,” she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder gently, “you’re scaring him.”

His demeanor softened. He had a soft spot for his daughter. Steve sighed, grabbing both of the kids by their arms and sitting them on opposite ends of the couch, while he sat between them.

Steve cleared his throat, “Y/N, since you’re getting older, and your body is changin-”. Before he could complete his statement, Y/N interrupted, “Dad, please don-”.

“Trust me, I know what it’s like for that to happen.” He nervously chuckled while folding his hands together, as he ignored Y/N’s statement. “You are going to have these umm, these feelings…” He paused, looking at the kids on either side of him and seeing their beet red faces. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel embarrassed either.

“Jesus,” he shook his head and stood up from the couch, “I… this is as awkward for me as it is for you.”

“I highly doubt that sir.” Peter mumbled, not looking anywhere but at his lap. Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. “Just don’t do anything stupid alright? I don’t want a super-spidey running around.” He walked, more like ran, to get out of the uncomfortable airspace.  

The room was silent for a moment, Y/N and Peter not making eye contact. “So,” Peter said, clearing his throat, breaking the silence, and scooting closer towards her, “do you still want to make out?”

Y/N opened her mouth in shock, sharply turning her head to the side. “Seriously Peter? ” She couldn’t help but let out a laugh, making her boyfriend smile.

gray areas and expectations

Title is from ‘TALK ME DOWN’ by Troye Sivan, and the fic is based off of the song.

Summary: Richie loves Eddie and Eddie doesn’t want to love him back.

Word Count: 922

Warning(s): internalized homophobia (?), angst, implied suicide attempt, just,,, generally sad stuff.

Please don’t read this if you’re sensitive to these topics!!

Originally posted by wyattswolfs

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I would just like fluff. Them chasing each other around the loft & him catching her and them laughing and it ending is smutty goodness of course. Just chasing and laughter and smut. Maybe he has something she wants or vice versa and that prompts the chasing? Tickling in there too, would be awesome. :D Thank you! :)--Gretchen

Stupid Damn Duvet Cover (Olicity, Early Season 6ish)

(A little domestic!Olicity fluff set in the domestic-af Season 6 I see in my head before tonight’s episode. 

Does include some spoilers based on recent photos from the set.)

Soft curses greeted him when he opened the front door.

Oliver chuckled.

“I can’t believe how bad these directions are. This is YouTube voodoo.”

Balancing the last box in one arm, he closed the door behind him with his other hand, quietly, not wanting to disturb her. More cursing drifted from the far corner of the loft. Their loft, now. His heart warmed, just like every other damn time he’d walked into their house today.

Their home, for their family.

Setting the box on the ground with the others, Oliver went to find his wife.

“Why. Aren’t. You. Working?”

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bichie soulmate au, maybe?

My favorite of the soulmate AU’s is where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmates. However, a friend and I expanded on this a long time ago and included bruises and scars are shared as well, so GUESS WHAT I’M DOING


Warnings: Hickies, mentions of sexual actions, jealousy

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Reflecting on Grief

Forwards or Backwards? Earth, or an alien planet? Or somewhere entirely outside of time and space as we know it?

That’s part of the thrill of watching Doctor Who. Step inside that blue box, and you could be taken anywhere. And every fan has wondered, at some point, where they would go if they were given that chance.

Peter Capaldi was asked where he would want to go at Calgary Expo earlier this year. He gave a few lighthearted answers about seeing the Beatles or the pyramids, before eventually saying: "I think I’d go see my folks, who aren’t here anymore.”

I used to have wild dreams about where I might go too, but since my I lost my dad, grandpa, and uncle this year, my heart has been right with Peter. 

Hand on the lever, with all of time and space before me, all I would want to do is go home.

Doctor Who has always been comfort food for me. No matter how confused or messed up this world could be, it gave me hope that there was something I could do to get through it. Evil could be defeated, justice could be found, and loss – while painful – could be overcome.

But after everything that happened, I was reluctant to come backWith my own pain so fresh, even Doctor Who could be too much. There are too many painful losses. There’s too much to dwell on. There are too many girls with dead and dying fathers. 

I did come back to watch Series 10, thinking I might be safe from those painful feelings. And then along came Bill Potts, who lost her mother when she was a baby and had almost no photographs of her to keep her memory alive.

At the time “The Pilot” premiered my family was preparing for my father’s funeral, and I was in charge of collecting photographs from family and friends. It was a heartbreaking task. I marked out the whole path of his life, from childhood to adulthood, documenting the things he loved to do and his relationships with the family and friends he left behind. There were official photographs with his sarcastic smiles, and candid pictures capturing small tics of his personality that we’d never see again.

Bill asked the Doctor if pictures could really help after someone’s gone, and my immediate, bitter thought was that they don’t help nearly as much as you want them to. 

But then the Doctor traveled back in time to capture new photos of Bill’s mother for her. The dam burst and I cried through that scene as Bill did. Pictures aren’t nearly good enough, but when they’re all you have, they help more than you could imagine.

It was little moments like this that brought me back to Doctor Who while I grieved each of my losses. So much of grief is wrapped up in time – time borrowed and lost, regretted and re-lived, stolen and reclaimed. You spend far too much time reliving each terrible moment of your loss, pulling it apart piece by piece to figure out where everything went wrong. You regret the moments you didn’t take advantage of – the conversations you never had, the questions you never got answered. And you’re haunted by the future you were supposed to have with that person in your life. 

Friends and family and a good therapist will tell you that you have to accept that there’s nothing you can do to change what happened. That’s true and good advice, but not always advice we’re ready to act on when our pain is fresh. Doctor Who gives you space to say to hell with that. Every impossible scenario ever dreamed up in grief is possible in a show where time and space aren’t boundaries any more. We’re free to imagine the impossible and indulge in denial and bargaining for just a little while longer. We can imagine going back in time to see the people we loved one last time. We might even imagine going back in time to save their life.

When my dad was in the hospital, I kept going back again and again to “Father’s Day,” the story from Series 1 where Rose goes back in time and tries to save her dad from being killed in a car accident. I’d only ever seen it once, and it shook me so much that I never wanted to watch it again. It wasn’t just the thought that one day I would also lose my dad – that just seemed like an inevitable fact of life. I was terrified by the thought that maybe I’d know his death was coming, and still be powerless to stop it. That I could only sit there and watch it happen. 

The moment where Rose finally says goodbye to her dad tormented me while my dad was dying. All I wanted to do was go back in time and just fix it. I knew exactly what I would say and do, but instead I was stuck waiting for the inevitable to happen. But when all I wanted to do was run away and hide from it all, I reminded myself that I wouldn’t get any do-overs. 

I stayed, and I held his hand.

Grief, like time, doesn’t move in a straight line. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance don’t pass one after the other in a neat, predictable order. You swing back and forth between each emotion, sometimes going around and around in circles. 

If you want to know what grief looks like, watch “Heaven Sent.” Grief is our own bespoke torture chamber, a hell of our own making. It has a way of bringing out all of our deepest regrets and fears. And every time you think you’ve found a way out, you’re dumped back in again.

Until one day, you’re free.

I finally went back to watch “Father’s Day” a few months ago. It was painful, but unexpectedly easier to watch this time around. After all, my worst fear had already been realized. There was nothing it could scare me with anymore. Yet strangely, I felt comforted afterwards too. It felt like exorcising a bad dream. 

After a loss, it’s normal to obsess over what you or anyone else could’ve done differently. It’s not entirely rational – even if you did think of something that could’ve been done differently, you can’t change what happened – but that doesn’t stop the thoughts of “if only…” from keeping you up at night. 

Knowing you can’t change anything is very different from accepting it. And somehow it was easier to get that message from a science-fiction show where everything might be possible. Doctor Who doesn’t answer phrases like “If only I could have done this differently" with “You can’t.” It says, “Let’s try.” There’s space to release every grief-driven fantasy that’s trapped and clawing at your chest and tormenting you in nightmares.

But Doctor Who rarely provides pure wish fulfillment. The Doctor and his companions can’t always save everyone. Rose doesn’t get to save her dad. He was always going to die. And as awful as it sounds, it was comforting to see the Doctor and his companions fail. Even with hindsight and a time machine, they can’t change everything. 

It took all the power out of thoughts of “if only…” Somehow I needed to go to the most absurd, impossible scenario to accept that there was really, truly, nothing I could change that would bring my loved ones back. Because no matter what I could go back and change, it still might not have been enough. Seeing the Doctor and Rose and Bill and Clara and so many others discover the limits to their own abilities helped me accept how limited my own actions were. 

The thoughts of “if only…” won’t go away, not entirely. But they can’t hurt me anymore.

Life moves on, and I get a little closer to acceptance and something almost like being okay. It doesn’t help that this year manages to exceptionally suck even beyond my own family’s grief.

After Deborah Watling passed away in July, I went back and watched “The Tomb of the Cybermen” again. It’s one of my favorite stories, but I’d been avoiding it this year. At the start of this story, Victoria has just lost her father, but the poor girl doesn’t get much time to grieve. Instead, she’s rushed in and out of the TARDIS with barely enough time to change into a short dress before she’s thrown back into another terrifying adventure. 

But midway through the story, we pause for one of the most heartfelt scenes in the whole history of the show. As the rest of their companions sleep, the Doctor and Victoria sit together and talk about their families. Victoria confesses that although she enjoys being with the Doctor and Jamie, she still misses her father. She’s convinced that her memories of him will always be sad, tainted by the memory of his death. When the Doctor tries to convince her they won’t, she says that he probably can’t even remember his family, considering how old he must be.

The Doctor responds:

Oh yes, I can when I want to. And that’s the point, really. I have to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they sleep in my mind, and I forget. And so will you. Oh yes, you will. You’ll find there’s so much else to think about. 

The first time I watched this story, the Doctor’s comment felt unnecessarily cruel. After all, Victoria’s still coping with her father’s death. The last thing she wants to be told is that one day she’ll forget him.

But now I realize that’s not what the Doctor is saying at all. Victoria will always carry her memories of her father. But at that moment, they’re looming over everything else in her life. She can’t enjoy her time with the Doctor and Jamie without thinking about how her father isn’t there to enjoy it with her. But in time, they won’t overwhelm her. That grief and pain and sadness will fade. And Victoria will eventually be able to move forward with her life.

This, I think, is the hardest part of grief. Building a life without your loved one is a way of acknowledging that they are gone. It feels like we are leaving them behind. It feels wrong to imagine a future where my grandfather and uncle won’t get to tease my partner, where my father won’t walk me down the aisle, where none of them will meet or help me raise my children. 

But as another dearly missed companion once said, everything has its time. I wish we had more together, but I’ll treasure every moment that I had. 

Breathe into my hands, I’ll cup them like a glass to drink from 6/15

Eddie Kaspbrak is not gay. He doesn’t care what his mother, his girlfriend, or those assholes at school say. Just because he has Elton John posters doesn’t mean he wants to hold hands with boys. And just because he doesn’t like to kiss his girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s gay. He just doesn’t like germs.

He couldn’t believe his mother was sending him to True Directions. He doesn’t need to learn how to be straight. He just wants to have a fun summer before going off to college.

He definitely isn’t prepared for Richie Tozier to come into his life like a whirlwind and blow all of these pre conceived notions out of his mind and turn his whole life upside down.

But I’m a Cheerleader AU <3 Title is from the most iconic scene in lesbian cinematic history imo

Read on Ao3

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

cw: homophobia, transphobia, slurs

Thank you so much @losvcr for beta-ing and making everything flow so much better! You are the best!

Chapter 6: Step Three: Family Therapy

Eddie was standing uncomfortably still with his back against the wall on their third weekend at True Directions. The time had come for Family Therapy and he was honestly terrified of seeing his mother. Correction - he was terrified of his new friends meeting his mother.

Mary had them all lined up in a neat little line in the hall by the door to wait for their families to arrive, alternating them by gender with their perfectly ironed pastel uniforms making a pattern of pink, blue, pink, blue, pink, blue… Eddie fidgeted nervously, looking at his shoes and trying not to make eye contact with either Stan or Audra on either side of him.

No one was talking - there seemed to be an understanding amongst them that no one was really looking forward to this and that no one wanted to talk about it. Mary was the only one standing tall and smiling at the head of the line as the first family arrived. Mary led them to Patricia (Eddie could only assume that they were her mother and father), and instructed Patricia to bring them to the parlor where the rest would join them as their families arrived.

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When I Reach For You (Come Home To My Heart)

Happy Arrow day, friends! This is a fluff-filled sequel to We’ll Figure It Out (One Step At A Time) , but you by no means need to read one to enjoy the other. Also, it somehow turned into almost 5,000 words, and I don’t know how that happened… Enjoy!

Oliver doesn’t know why he’s so nervous. It’s not like Felicity and William haven’t met before and yet, as he waits for the tiny blonde to show up at his apartment door, he paces through the living room with sweaty palms like a goddamned teenager who is about to have a girl in his room for the first time. Then suddenly, there’s a knock from the hallway, and he has to take a quick breath to collect himself. Finally, he moves to open the door, but his smile falls instantly when he realizes it’s just the college-aged delivery boy who works for the pizzeria down the street. 

“Oh, hey Mateo,” Oliver says slightly deflated as he pats his pockets for his wallet.

“Mayor Queen,” The young man nods in acknowledgment. 

“How are you doing, are your classes off to a good start this semester?” Oliver inquires, thinking back to their conversation from two weeks ago when the man had just started his sophomore year.

“Can’t say there’s too much to complain about, sir, although advanced calculus is a real bi-… pain in the butt,” The young man corrects himself with red cheeks under a head of curly brown hair, and Oliver can’t help but smile.

“Yeah, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of math myself these days,” Oliver replies with a laugh, handing Mateo a generous tip in exchange for a large pepperoni pizza.

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Light Sleeper

Rating: T
Chapter(s): 1/1
Relationship(s): Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison
Warnings: Disgusting Fluff (N/A)
Words: 1,670
Additional Tags: Soft Old Men, Naps, Snoring, Cuddles (Platonic and Romantic), THE USUAL APOSTAPAL FARE

Summary: Jack Morrison snores. Loudly. And no one’s sure how Gabriel Reyes, otherwise known as the grouchiest person ever woken up from a nap, puts up with it like he does. Not even him.

A/N: Taking a break from sucking at games to write the sleepy old men stuff I keep thinking about when I go into work in the mornings. See full title HERE.


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