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Ugh :( Just saw someone under a post you reblogged and one of their hashtags was something like "people who sympathize with theo are truly disgusting and tiring" like come on it's just a show... why be so upset about people liking a character you might not like?

Yeah, people can be rude. I mean, why would you feel like send hate under a post dedicated to a character? You don’t like him? Ignore the post. There’s not need to express your hateful opinion when no one asked.

Also, I noticed the comment: “probably gives a fuck now that he has nothing left and needs scott’s pack to survive”.

Let’s focus on this for a moment.

Theo could’ve run away and hide, try to save himself, but he didn’t. It would’ve been easier to do it if he hadn’t nothing left. Truth is, he does have something. And that’d be scott’s pack. He wants to be a part of the pack. He choose to stay. He choose to help, even if he could die trying. He knows it’s worth it. He knows what he has done, and wants redemption. He really does.

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Please, tell me why do you think he doesn’t care. No, seriously, tell me. Because only thing I can see is a boy who really wants to help and care, he just doesn’t know how to do it. Theo has never been taught how to love or care. He was manipulated since he was little. And now he wants to feel something. He wants to help people, he knows that it’s the right thing to do. He’s learning.

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Give him a fucking break.


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“I didn’t know you were taking in strays now [Y/N]” Raphael snickered. Derek let out a low growl and you immediately placed a hand on his chest to stop him from bouncing on your ex boyfriend.

“Raphael that’s enough!” You snapped. You couldn’t say you were surprised. Werewolves and vampires hated each other so you should have known the two men would have wanted to rip each other’s throats out. You had feeling you would be able to stop them for long either.

“So who is he anyway?” Raphael asked raising an eyebrow, speaking as if Derek wasn’t standing right beside you.

“His name is Derek and he’s my boyfriend” you explained through gritted teeth.

“Hmm so you went from dating a vampire to dating a dog. Interesting”.
Derek’s eyes changed colour dangerously. Did Raphael not notice how big Derek was? Did he have a death wish?!

“Derek don’t, he’s not worth it honestly”.



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Imagine Deucalion becoming very protective of you while you’re pregnant with his child.

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“You’re forbidding me?” you scoff incredulously.

“I am,” Deucalion begins, stepping towards you with a deep frown as he reiterates, “it’s too dangerous for you out there alone right now. I am in the middle of business that has made enemies, my love. You must stay with me.”

“I can’t go to the corner store because of your enemies?” rolling your eyes, you shoot him a glare, “Come with me, if you like, but either way I’m leaving because I am craving several things that we don’t have in this house right now. Don’t stand between me and food, Duke.”

You were certain he just growled before he strolls towards you as you turn on your heel to leave the house despite his ‘forbidding’ you, “Just, stay close, won’t you?”

Do any of you have that one tv show that is just so close to your heart? Like you could watch all these other shows; but when you go back to that one, you just feel like you’ve stumbled your way home after being lost for a little while. Maybe the show ended years ago, maybe the show is still airing or is on hiatus, but no matter what the same holds true; when you see it, or talk about it, it feels like home.

teen wolf most iconic moments through the years

teen wolf ends soon and I decided to gather most remembered moments so here they are:

  • scott’s first big concern was finding his inhaler
  • void!stiles the most iconic villain of them all tbh
  • scott giving allison the pen
  • allison stealing condom from kate
  • first line on the show was “stiles what the hell are you doing?!” and honestly i still can relate
  • lydia martin and her famous “someone tried to strangle me and i survived, i don’t need to hide that” quote
  • lydia martin in general
  • derek hale and his constant : / mood
  • “deer”
  • scott’s unsername AND password was allison
  • when XXL condom fell from stiles’ pocket and danny was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • scott turning from beta to the true alpha like wow what a glow up
  • derek never winning a fight
  • “my mom does all the grocery shopping”
  • when scott “found out” about stiles killing donovan and they recreated Gotta Go My Own Way song
  • “i fell in a hole”
  • “don’t be such a sour wolf”
  •  scott mccall is a hot girl
  • “have you beEN TIME TRAVELING???”
  • the lighting in season 3, R.I.P. you are missed
  • 10 year old plan that actually worked holy shit
  • mieczysław
  • scott always being switzerland while his friends arguing
  • isaac wearing a scarf while there’s 65 degrees out
  • allison moving to france after 3b ha ha :     )
  • the jeep being part of the pack
  • timeline?? what timeline??? what year is it anyway???
  • “you held your breath”
  • boyd’s last excuse to skip school was explosive diarrhea and then he died :(
  • the fidget spinner tattoo you know what i’m talking about
  • coach bobby finstock
  • malia’s character development
  • when they got trapped in a school for a night… i c o n i c
  • lacrosse scenes
  • scott being like “????????” most of the time
  • stiles + vending machines
  • matt and jackson basically being ash and pikachu cosplay
  • erica walking into a cafeteria
  • lydia’s banshee scream
  • deaton being gretchen weiners of the show, “knows everybody’s business, he knows everything about everyone”
  • scott’s tattoo
  • did i mention motel california episode
  • derek’s backstory :’(
  • “intense”
  • stiles’s bat
  • when derek gave m&m’s to children on halloween but then he scared them because he’s derek
  • “be a vixen kira” “ok” *falls down the stairs*
  • melissa mccall being mom of the year
  • scott mccall also being mom of the year
  • “dude it’s beacon hills”
  • every episode
  • every season
  • the whole show

feel free to add more

  • me: *realizes i don't live in america and it's only online the next day and to add to that i will have to avoid pretty much all social media bc of spoilers til then*
  • me:
  • me: this is fucking bullshit