me with other people's bunnies

So back when we first started dating, husband gave me the nickname “Bunny”. It stuck over the years to such a point where other people started calling me Bunny, though never with as much feeling. It ranges from amused indulgence (which is the only way to live with me) to straight up filthy ardent devotion that should be impossible to convey in just two syllables, and yet he’s been doing it for over a decade.

Anyway, I’ve been badgering him all night to take the Patronus test on Pottermore and he’s doing the options like a grumpy old man like “oh no think of a happy thought, I don’t have any” and “oh look how spooky, blood and bone, such darkness, such drama” and then it gets to the bit where your patronus is waiting to be generated and he’s like “all right lets see what shit this throws at me” and

[caption: an image of a bunny rabbit hopping over the screen with the words, ‘your patronus is a wild rabbit’.]



My husbands got me On A Date Bunny Blanc and Alistair Wonder yesterday so I took a break from working to dick around with dolls,,,,

Aren’t they cute????!


“cute, sexy, and handsome” main vocal

Impressions [college au]

Fandom: Zootopia 
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps 
WC: 1619

An original drabble of mine, no prompts or numbers or what not. Basically, Nick and Judy meet at a frat party, banter ensues. 

Part of the Impressions series!

Judy loved parties…usually. For her, there was nothing more fun than getting a group of friends together for a good ‘ol fashioned game of charades, or maybe even poker, if things were getting a little bawdy. But parties like this, parties where more than half of the attendees were drunk off their rockers, parties where she’d seen a leopard swinging off the chandelier, as well as several spin the bottle games, not to mention countless campus violations, were completely outlandish to her. She had no idea what she’d been getting herself into when the burly hare had approached her in the library, buttering her up with compliments before inviting her to the party he’d be throwing at his fraternity’s house tonight. She still hadn’t seen him yet, though she had to admit she wasn’t missing him too much - he’d had the air of the kinds of hares that only had mating on their minds.

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