me while watching this show

In the early days Genji surely must have had a breakdown once in a while. And while Gabe is maybe not the hug-type can he at least provide some feel-good-movies. 


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dipper:</b> Is it weird that I love him so much it makes my ears sweat?<p/><b>Mabel:</b> No, no.<p/><b>Dipper:</b> Is it weird that I think about him all the time, even in the bathroom?<p/><b>Mabel:</b> *chuckles* No.<p/><b>Dipper:</b> Is it weird that I made him a deer teeth ring and I want to ask him to marry me?<p/><b>Mabel:</b> <p/><b>Mabel:</b> Well, yeah. That's— that's completely weird.<p/></p><p/></p>
37 little cute date ideas

• Share a coffee with me at a coffee shop
• Laugh with me at the movie theatre
• Hold my hand or hug me when I jump during a scary movie
• Go to a party with me
• Have fun eating with me at a cheesy diner, like Steak and Shake
• Take a drive around town with me, listening to music
• Cuddle in bed with me while we watch some show on Netflix
• Play a round of pool with me
• Swim with me
• Order take out with me
• Go bowling with me
• Make out with me while we listen to music
• Play a video game with me
• Go hiking with me
• Sit in a car and listen to music while just talking about our lives
• Lay a blanket out at night and watch the stars together
• Lay a blanket out at day and enjoy a picnic together
• Go jogging together
• Go ice skating together
• Go rollerblading together
• Just lay in bed and nap with me
• Let me lay on your lap while you play a sports game or a shooting game
• Go to dinner with our friends
• Or have a romantic dinner out with just me
• Make dinner with me!
• Brunch?
• Play some board games together
• Park by the lake and watch the sunset
• Watch the sunset and hang out with me so long that we get to watch the sunrise together too
• Make a list of every possible place to make out and then cross them all off as we go
• Snapchat each other our ugliest photos from right next to each other
• Go dancing in the rain with me
• Make each other breakfast in bed
• Go to the fair with me
• Browse the stores in the mall or any other stores nearby
• Take me to a library and watch me freak out over so many books
• Tell me your whole life story anywhere you want, as long as you want

test for a new coloring style 

i’m sorry for the lack of actual pieces bc of hand problems and family things

here’s a merlin to show u im still alive ™

also thank you @preshfinn for introducing me to the show <3


Supposedly the continuation of that wedding au pic I did last year.

It’s based from what a friend said that fem Ryou’s gown was so fluffy and long that Mariku has to carry her to the altar for her not to trip。 (´∀`)❤


‘We must be meant for each other.’

Frankly, I’m beyond annoyed with the evak stans who are complaining about this season of skam. I’ve seen people continuing to express disappointment that even isn’t the main and some have been whining about this season being “boring”.

I’d first like to point out that, so far, this season has been objectively good with drama already brewing within the girl gang and Sana and Yousef exchanging meaningful glances (god knows I’m already hooked!). The fact that some of you are complaining about how uninteresting the story is despite this is really telling. It’s clear that some of you came to skam for your fix of cute white boys kissing and now you’re unreasonably bitter that they are not the central story.

I’m not denying that isak’s story was important because it was! However, it’s really frustrating that some skam fans are disregarding how important and groundbreaking this new season is! How often do you see a Muslim girl as the face of a globally successful show, having her depicted as a regular teenager going through relatable teenage experiences?

Sana deserves this season and the millions of young Muslim women around the world like Sana deserve this season.

seriously i cant get over how good togashi is at creating these central organizing bodies like the spirit world and hunters association and at first glance youre like, hell yeah these are the Good Guys they are right and they have the best of intentions for everyone because thats what they do. but nope, nope we learn that the spirit world has this horribly toxic idea of black/white good and evil and they depend on these humans for governance and imbue them with power and they declare them enemies the moment they begin to question the preestablished narrative. same with the hunters association, we saw how they saction genocide and horrible treatment of radicals, how they have no intelligent governing body to prevent atrocities from happening, the hunters system is horribly flawed (seeing as illumi and hisoka were both able to get licenses when everyone KNEW they were fucked up), the entire chairmens arc itself was a lesson in how fuckin awful the governing system is.

honestly i just adore the way togashi weaves these webs of deception, nothin is what youd expect. he turns the typical archetypes on their heads and leaves you questioning literally everything. if you cant trust the people in charge then what is there to depend on? a government is more than any single hero can be so what does that mean to those trying to make a better world?