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anonymous asked:

Do you have any writers that have inspired your creative writing and with how you write your fanfics?

Great question! I do, in fact, have several authors on here that give me maaaad inspiration. @inunanna @mustardyellowsunshine @keichanz and most of all @artistefish I can read something of theirs and it just lights a fire in me that makes me want to create and spread that feeling. Ya know?

And my inspiration for writing is 99% songs. I am an audiophile and adore music (1400 songs on my phone..oops) and when a song gives me feelings I run with it. My girls ( nanna, @kuddle-cakes @kags09 @inukag-4ever and @adorableears7 ) get to hear me gush over music constantly. “GUYS. GO LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT NOW. ISN’T IT INUKIK?!” Or “so I’m listening to (x) and I’m crying because if that isn’t inukag then my life is a lie” just. Music music music. My WIP “your voice” is 175% musically inspired and can be directly corrolated to songs.

It really makes me happy that you asked 😊 I hope this satisfied your curiosity!