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So the final Agni Kai...

Obviously this has been said time and time again, but, like… the music. This is my absolute favorite bit from the soundtrack. What I like best about it is that they were smart enough to let the score evolve. It didn’t stick to a single tempo or melody. It’s incredibly clever because it allows the music to express all the emotion and themes that are involved in this scene. They could have used an overt, grandiose, high-energy score but what they chose to do ended up being so much more expressive. A constant high-energy score would have drawn more attention to the physical action and fight sequence (which is amazing and brilliantly animated, don’t get me wrong), but the music they chose drew more attention to the actual emotion and tragedy of it all. A brother and sister fighting to the death, one fighting to do the right thing and the other rapidly losing her sanity. And that’s just the first part of the track! The song evolves. The music starts as a sweeping, slow, epic, tragic melody that builds and falls and builds and falls, stops, then returns with a high-paced and frenetic tempo as Azula prepares the lightning. It increases the intensity of the moment within seconds, indicates the presence of danger and unpredictability while signaling the arrival of the climax of the scene. Then, in the second Azula releases the lightning at Katara, the music returns with the same somber, sorrowful melody and once again, pulls the attention away from the action, away from the presence of a dangerous, imminent threat, and redirects it back to the actual emotion of the scene, to the realization and fear that Zuko is about to lose someone about whom he truly cares, the shift from the defense of oneself to the protection of another, to the display of loyalty and love shown through heart-breaking self-sacrifice. Conclusion: everything about the music in the scene was stunningly well-done. The melody rises and falls, the tempo shifts multiple times, and overall, the music exists and evolves to place focus on each and every moment of significance and emotion and pain during this scene. I want filmmakers and musicians and artists and writers to just take as many lessons as they possibly can from this, because it truly falls under the category of “most powerful scores of all time”. This music was perfectly constructed to express the significance of this scene, has left an unbelievably deep impact on me, and continues to have the same heartwrenching effect every… single… time I listen to it and every… single… time I watch the scene.


I can build a million castles-
I can wish upon all the lucky stars
Nothing compares to my life with you.

[Sam’s version] [Sam and Dean’s version]


Dear Aunt Muriel, 

Ron mentioned me recently that you’ve always wanted a House Elf. Since I have connections in that department at the Ministry, I thought I could help you out with your conundrum. 

I have an elf looking for employment. Her name is Tuney, and she’s actually charmed not to ask questions, and never to talk about her past or her identity. I thought those qualities might interest you particularly. Ron also mentioned a coat cupboard underneath your staircase? I think it would make an excellent bedroom for her. 

Please write and let me know. Since I am connected at the Ministry, please keep this offer a little bit quiet. 


Hermione Granger-Weasley 

PS - thank you for your last card, by the way. The money was greatly appreciated. 





Everything is so askew இ﹏இ’’’

Considering making a personal art blog and keeping this one stashed with reblogs/inspiration/only completed art things.  I realize that people may follow me for the things I reblog and not my personal headworld stuff-which may not be everyone’s thing.  Which is fine.  Though it kinda bums me out when I loose nearly 30 followers in two days, yikes!  Follower numbers usually don’t bother me much, but I had no idea posting my dog people/OC stuff would warrant an unfollow from so many peeps.  In any case, thanks to the folks that stick around and give me a lil’ leeway on the shit I post, but I might keep headworld stuff (esp sketchier things) on a diff account and this one be sketchy OC shit free.  

Everything, is what you mean to me🌍

No word seems big enough to describe how you make me feel or how much I love you.
It is such a unique feeling and a feeling so strong I cant imagine living without you.

I adore you with my entire heart and am so passionate about you. I love everything about you, especially the things you hate I love more.
I can deal with every side of you and I know you better than I know myself. I love you just for you.

I know you prefer to be the little spoon and I know you love falling asleep on my chest, which I do to because I can hold you and I feel like im keeping you safe.
I know just how you like you toast, coffee or tea. I know which type of soup you like. I know what you mean when you use your unique phrases or sayings like A TURN.
Or I know exactly when youve truly HAD ENOUGH
I know how you hate it when I beat you on PlayStation but I know how much you love winding me up when I loose.
I know you like your showers extra hot and I know you have huffy times when youre eyebrows arent on fleek.
I know exactly what you need when you’re ill or what you want after work. I know how to talk to you and reassure you if your feeling negative. I know how to deal with you when you’re in your moods because after all you are human and nobody is happy 24/7 365days a year. I know just what stupid jokes to tell when you need cheering up and I know just how tight to hug you.
I know I cant go a day without you
I know I want to spend my life with you and I know just how much I love you.

The only thing I dont know is what “shan thing” you’re going to say next😉

I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!