me when i see indian women

When I google "native films"

The first two films I see are “Dances with Wolves” and “The last of the Mohicans.” And that will not do it for me.

I’ve attended the American Indian film Festival for the past four years now and have enjoyed all those experiences very much. I’ve attended with women I work with, friends and classmates, and have seen familiar faces within the Bay Area. But the most common thing i think all of us that attend share is that we’re looking for a good story.

A story with humor and wit, truth and sadness, history and contemporary, love, romance and sex.

(yes, you can find films about native people without male protagonists that include all those elements if you just look)

I look for a good story that will take me somewhere and share something with me, a contemporary story, a modern one that talk about history and how it affects but also focuses on the now.

Films made by Native Directors and starring Native actors.

Here is a list of films I’ve seen over the years, not just over the past four but with family. Enjoy and please add to the list if you have any recommendations.

(Documentaries, Historical films, feature films)

Running Salmon Home
Rebel Music: Native American
Young Lakota
The Activist
The Cherokee Word for Water
Shouting Secrets
Whale Rider


Rhymes for young Ghouls

Road to Paloma

Smoke Signals

The Lesser Blessed

Winter in the Blood

Dance me Outside

Reel Injun(documentary)


I think we’re all used to the male ego and fragile masculinity.

My profile exists because of those things. We all have been shown “wrath” and strong words with racist, fat-shaming/age-shaming/slut-shaming and hostile lingo with rape and death threats when we reject some guys.

So this is nothing new to me.

What surprised and really disgusted me was that this clearly was a copy-paste message. The second I said I wasn’t interested, that message found its way to me within the next 7 seconds, without exaggeration.

This fragile dude (anonymous of course, without a picture) has typed up a vile message to send to women who reject them and blocks them immediately so he doesn’t have to hear back from them.

He doesn’t get to see us laugh at his fragility.

Bye felipe

anonymous asked:

hey there I'm an Indian lesbian and lately I've been coming to realise that in media I just can't relate to white lesbians? Like Indian girls are so rarely on tv or in movies that when they are there with good characterisation I literally always relate to them even tho they're always straight? Idk is it bad? When I see white lesbians on tv ofc it makes me happy bc wlw are poorly represented but I don't personally feel like I can relate to them at all :/

You aren’t a bad person at all! I completely feel the same way, and in fact most lbpq women of color would agree with you. 

Look, even if a white person is LGBT or a woman or both, they’re still white, and they still replicate and benefit from white supremacy. Media representation reflects that. A lot of white LGBT media is racist as hell, or poorly written, or both. And it’s hard to relate to someone who doesn’t have the same experience as you do in terms of race/ethnicity. LGBT narratives can be centered around whiteness just as much as cishet narratives can be. And materially speaking, there really isn’t much of a difference between white cishets and white LGBT people when it comes to nonwhite people’s daily lives. 

And it makes sense that you relate to straight Indian girls more than white lesbians. I relate to straight women of color more than white wlw too and I always will. I care more about straight women of color than white wlw. My immediate experience is closer to theirs than to white women. Because look, being LGBT is not necessarily a “visible” identity, whereas being racialized always is. I am immediately marked and targeted as nonwhite, whereas I’m not immediately marked and targeted as bisexual unless I make it clear that I’m bisexual. Thus, the way I navigate this world is different from how a white wlw navigates it, and that will always distance me from white wlw. 

So don’t berate yourself. You have every right to feel more represented than any Indian girl, even if she is straight, than by white wlw. The best thing for us is media centered around wlwoc, but that kind of media is severely lacking since both wlw and woc are misrepresented, and woc media is very cishet/wlw media is very white. That’s one of the many reasons why I began this blog in the first place! Hopefully me reblogging wlwoc characters gives you some semblance of media representation and something to relate to. 

An Indonesian Chinese Ally

Hello, so this is going to be a bit of a long rant, so please bear with me.
I’m Indonesian-Chinese. I live at the northern part of my country where it’s relatively close to Singapore, so I visit a lot.

First of all, I need to say a thing or two about racial/ethnic relations in Indonesia, since it’s a little complicated when compared to Singapore, where the Chinese obviously have the upper hand in most, if not all, aspects. Basically, the Chinese here have economic privilege, it’s pretty obvious. Meanwhile, native Indonesians (**side note: Indonesia is pretty diverse and even among its natives there is still discrimination, like how the people from the Nusa Tenggara and Papua islands are the butt of many jokes because of they’re supposed “backwardness” and black skin smh) have political privilege.

The divide between these roles that the races are supposed to stick to is real to the point where when I chose my major in uni, which is International Politics, people were legitimately surprised because I’m Chinese, and Chinese people aren’t supposed to be interested in politics.

So anyway, here in Indonesia, the community as a whole is still traumatized from the ethnic genocide of the 1960s and the 1990s where they hunt down people of Chinese descent and killed them. As a result of that fear, the Indonesian-Chinese community separated themselves even more, and one of the ways of coping with that fear was by teaching children and grandchildren that we are the “better” race, and it develops a warped view in Chinese children, so I guess in that aspect Chinese-Indonesians aren’t much better than Chinese-Singaporeans.

Knowing all this, you wouldn’t be surprised if my generation of Chinese-Indonesians would prefer to only be friends with other Chinese people, no matter where they come from. Usually this is the case, as many of us feel a sense of familiarity with the Chinese living in Malaysia and Singapore, and would side with fellow Chinese no matter what in a really misguided, stubborn way. It annoys me to no ends, especially every time my friends talked about how much better Singapore is compared to Indonesia in terms of racial relations (obviously because the Chinese there are free to do whatever they want to everyone else).

Ever since I became more aware of how the real world works (and not what my elderly Chinese relatives taught me), every time I visit Singapore I get a weird vibe off of the Chinese-Singaporeans that I couldn’t put my finger on. It wasn’t until I found this blog (which is wonderful btw kudos) that I realized what it was.
Not only are the Singaporean-Chinese racist towards other the minorities in Singapore, they also adopt the same hoity-toity, snobbish, holier-than-thou attitude towards foreigners, even if they’re, well, Chinese. I’ve eavesdropped on people’s conversations many times, and they’re usually middle-aged Chinese uncles making fun of me and the country I’m from, saying really insulting things in Mandarin or Hokkien because they assume I couldn’t understand what they were saying as Chinese-Indonesians are generally more assimilated into Indonesian culture. Everywhere I go, it’s like once they find out I’m not Singaporean, they would suddenly turn unfriendly and arrogant.

It’s a treatment that I don’t get from the minorities in Singapore, only the Chinese. In my own experience, I found the Malays and Indians are generally friendlier to me, from strangers I ask for directions on the street, to servers, to taxi drivers. Every time I get on a taxi, the Chinese drivers would ask where I’m from, and proceed to say demeaning things about my country and how far they are behind compared to Singapore, much like the submissions I’ve read on this blog where these racist drivers would make unsolicited comments about other races being lazy. I mean, I’m not one for nationalism-bordering-fascism myself, but COME ON, THAT IS SO UNCALLED FOR?? Meanwhile, the Malay minority drivers would be SO NICE and we would chat in Bahasa and it would be a wonderful and joyous taxi ride, I would feel like “Wow! Everyone is not so different after all! National borders, schmational schmorders”. I would get off the taxi saying “Terima kasih!” and the Malay drivers would respond in a really nice manner, wish me a fun trip and tell me to be careful, WHILE I CAN’T EVEN GET A SINGLE NOD FROM THE CHINESE DRIVERS WHEN I SAY “THANK YOU”.

Reading this blog, I realized something else about the Chinese-Singaporeans. Sometimes when we visit Singapore, my mom would go to one of the yoga studios and I would sit and wait while she does her thing. While I wait, I would see a lot of young and middle aged Chinese women, talking about how yoga has changed their lives and how great it is, all the while apparently they are holding their noses when they get in an elevator with an actual Indian?? The nerve they must have to pull off that kind of move OMG. I would also see the studio’s staffs explaining to new potential members the origins of yoga, the benefits of yoga, and why they should join the studio, and these staffs would usually be Chinese, while actual Indian staffs are relegated to cleaning up and/or being behind the desk. I find that very ironic and, sadly after reading this blog, unsurprising: a Chinese person acting as some sort of authority on a product of Indian culture while actual Indians don’t get to have a word in.

Anyway, I think I’ve experienced some more xenophobia/witnessed more racism, but I can’t really think of one at the moment, and I have to go. So all in all, this blog enabled me to connect the dots on why I feel so strangely about Chinese-Singaporeans. To some extent, I can relate to the confessions on this blog, because some of it I’ve experienced myself in my own country. Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t have at least some privilege when I visit Singapore. If I don’t open my mouth, I can pass as a Singaporean-Chinese after all, and I probably get treated a lot better by the Chinese than Singaporean minorities; a privilege I wouldn’t choose to have because I know what it’s like to be on the other side.

So to everyone reading this blog, know that you have an ally in your neighboring country. Please stay strong and stay united against bullshit, know that you deserve love and respect as much as the Chinese do.

Sending lots of hugs and kisses xoxo

Submitted by Cynthia Ongga

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Suho’s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Kim Joon Myun ($uho)

Age:  24

I bet: you didn’t expect me here! Well I did say once in an interview that skin color doesn’t matter, but no one believed me, they think I would only be into Korean women. But I saw pictures of Indian women and I was in awe of how beautiful they are! I couldn’t stop looking! I do seem to get a bit happy when I see that we have Black fangirls, but I try to act like it’s an every day thing.I’m always calm, so I’m hard to read, no one knows what I like…but I do. *wink, wink*

Because my dash is still 75% the Steven Universe/Brony drama...

I’m just going to put my two cents out, like anybody really demanded them in the first place tho…

When MLP:FIM first came out, I was in college.  I saw the animation, laughed at the Adobe Flash-y style, and didn’t think much of it.  Then I kept hearing about the writing quality and gave it a second chance.  The show turned out to be really good.  Not only that, but it was gaining the attention of guys as well as girls!  The controversy opened my eyes again to the debate of “boy-targeted media = everybody and must be top quality, while girl-targeted media = girls and therefore it can be done lazily”; and I started to get behind the fanbase.  Because fuck yeah, a show for little girls (and their families) can be of good quality, there is no reason for it to be lazily written, acted and animated.  Also fuck yeah at the idea of grown men liking a show aimed at little girls and not feeling like their precious testosterone would be destroyed when they looked at something with pink in it.

So yeah, I was a big brony supporter.  I debated in their favor multiple times online and offline.  Who the fuck says a boy can’t like a show like that?  It was great, gender roles were being discussed and it felt like girl’s media would be treated differently in the future.

But then things started to turn south.  Honestly, I started to notice it when the infamous “Derpy” scene popped out.  You don’t need me to give a backstory of this character, she’s a nod to the brony fanbase and was always treated like an easter egg.  This was the first time she was treated like a character, and it was pretty awesome to see the team behind the show acknowledging the more adult fanbase in a subtle yet cute way.  But then a certain someone voiced their opinion.  I didn’t agree with them 100% on the matter (at the time, my views have changed since) and thought they were being too sensitive, again, I was behind the bronies.

Then I noticed their Deviantart page.

Nothing but shouts on their page containing nothing but death threats, slurs, and attacking their gender.  Then more and more people cross the line, usually I am 100% behind brony music, but then THIS was brought up to my attention during the time of the controversy (warning for death threats, transphobic messages, homophobic messages and slurs).

That was the point when I started to drift from their favor.  Before, the phrase when met with hate was “Love and Tolerate”, aka “let them be angry at these folks liking a show, don’t mudsling, don’t attack back, be the better person”.

This was no longer the case.  I also started noticing stories of brony behavior at cons, then noticed how they did NOTHING to hide the more 18+ fanart/songs/fanfiction/etc.  Everything started piling up.

When the show brought Discord back, it was then that I started to notice just… how the team kept with the show’s target audience, little kids.  Soon, almost every plot point, every in-joke, it was all catering to bronies.  Wait a minute, WHO is this show made for again?

I dropped out of their support all together, yes, there DO exist bronies out there with their hearts in the right place.  I support the people behind “Safe Search Wrap-Up” and the people that are still genuine fans of the show while being respectful to the initial audience.  And yes, I still watch the show.

But the “Brony” label has soured over time.

It went from being a group of adults marching for the support of a genuine show that was actually well written DESPITE the fact that it could have been so EASILY botched… to a group of men that literally made anything relate-able to the show toxic.

I know mothers that don’t let their little girls watch My Little Pony because of the bronies.  I know mothers that don’t let their little girls search for My Little Pony related things online because of the bronies.

Let me repeat that so it can sink in.

I personally know mothers that don’t let their little girls watch My Little Pony because of the bronies.  I personally know mothers that don’t let their little girls search for My Little Pony related things online because of the bronies.

There are mothers that have to put a parental block on My Fucking Little Pony.

When little girls can’t safety look up a show about friendship pastel colored plastic horses online because of all the porn and the attitude of a community saying “this show was made for men”, then you have yourself a gigantic mondo problem.  And I’m not saying that drawing porn of a show is the problem.  That was inevitable, porn of MLP existed before FIM came around.  The problem is that the bronies treated it like MLP was an adult show that little kids wouldn’t be looking for online.

Little kids aren’t going to google “Bob’s Burgers” or “Cowboy Bebop”, and even then porn of those shows is pretty well hidden!  You have to go on an 18+ site in order to even FIND the shit!  My Little Pony on the other hand can be easily accessible on Deviantart, Tumblr, Google, and the various MLP sites without any filters (need I bring up the Molestia controversy?).  And that’s not to say that Steven Universe isn’t without porn either, I’ve personally had to report child porn three times on the SU tag because I find the very idea of CP disgusting whether the character is drawn or not.  But guess how many times I’ve had to report CP on an MLP blog.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than twice than what I’ve had to report on the SU tag.

If you’ve kept up with me through this, then do you see why the Steven Universe fanbase acted the way they did when it was announced that there might be an Equestria Daily equivalent to Steven Universe?

Nobody is saying that you’re not allowed to watch the show if you’re a man.  Nobody is saying that you can’t like the show or enjoy it.  But Steven Universe is an incredibly important show for so many, women, bigendered, chubby, skinny, black, hispanic, indian, LGBT, etc.  This is a show I plan to raise my future children on because of how perfect it is at showing the power of love, family, and representation.

When bronies grew too overpowered, they kicked little girls out of their own show.  We just don’t want that to happen to the Steven and his family.

If you want to watch the show and become a part of the community, then by fucking all means, watch the show.  It’s a beautiful show, it’s well written, has a gorgeous soundtrack, has fantastic messages, it’s just a good, good, GOOD show.  But for the love of god, don’t make it about YOU by trying to make a “gemtleman” label and grabbing for attention.  This isn’t a show strictly for you, it’s a show for everybody.  Just call yourself a fan of Steven Universe and leave it at that.  This is too important of a show to let that happen again.