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very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far

This is the first piece of art for @awesomenessagenda‘s amazing RvB Big Bang Fic How to delete yourself. Do yourself a favor and check it out, if you enjoy Agent Washington and angst this story will clear your skin, water your crops and improve your general enjoyment of life by about 52%. 

Go read it, it’s genuinely captivating and amazing, do it!


Cartimandua was a 1st-century queen of the Brigantes, a Celtic people living in what is now northern England. She came to power around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and formed a large tribal agglomeration that became loyal to Rome. She appears to have been widely influential in early Roman Britain.

Our only knowledge of Cartimandua is through the writings of Roman author Tacitus, who presents her in a negative light. He writes of her treacherous role in the capture of Caratacus, who had sought her protection, her “self-indulgence, her sexual impropriety in rejecting her husband in favour of a common soldier, and her "cunning strategems” during her rule. However, he also consistently names her as a queen, the only one such known in early Roman Britain.

Boudica was ruler of the Iceni people, a Celtic tribe, who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. In AD 60 or 61, while the Roman governor Gaius Paulinus was leading a campaign on the island of Anglesey off the northwest coast of Wales, Boudica led the Iceni as well as the Trinovantes and others in revolt.

Boudica led 100,000 Iceni, Trinovantes and others to fight the Roman Legio IX Hispana and burned and destroyed several settlements in Britannia. An estimated 70,000–80,000 Romans and British were killed in the three cities by those led by Boudica. The crisis caused the Emperor Nero to consider withdrawing all Roman forces from Britain, but Suetonius’s eventual victory over Boudica confirmed Roman control of the province. Boudica’s fate is not known.

The two women are the only known female Celtic rulers of the age.

When You Reach Me

Author: @writterings

Artists: @lil-miss-epic @tropicoola 

Betas: @umlsonoda

Rating: T

Warning: Character Injury

Ships: Klunk


Soulmate AU where whatever you write on your skin, it appears on your soulmate’s. Lance and Hunk knew they were each other’s soulmates since they were kids. Keith, on the other hand, believed he had no soulmate. A twist of fate, however, changes all of their worlds when they find out that it’s possible for a person to have more than one soulmate. Only one problem; Keith is a complete stranger to Lance and Hunk, and he lives on the other side of the country.


As Keith got older, he found it was not unheard of for a person to not to have a soulmate. Sure, that didn’t make him feel like any less of a freak, but he learned to accept it. Not having a soulmate didn’t mean he couldn’t have friends, or even fall in love. In retrospect, the whole concept of having a soulmate was pretty restricting and outdated.

Or, at least that’s what he told himself in the long hours of the night when he sat up and wondered why, why, why, oh god, why didn’t he have a soulmate? Romantic or platonic, he hardly cared. Just why didn’t he have one?

He stopped writing on his arm by the time he hit middle school, hopes long crushed and spirit long dead. He knew now that he would never get anything back. And while he wasn’t happy about that, he could live with it.

There was one final thing he did write on his arm, though. As a last chance for his soulmate to magically appear and reveal themself.

Hey, it’s me again, he had wrote, after one long night of bitterness and tears. I’m not sure if you’re my soulmate. I’m not sure if I care. I’m not going to write to you again. I know you won’t write back. But if you somehow do, get back to me if you reach me. When you reach me. I hope you reach me. See ya. - Keith

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Jung Joonyoung’s karaoke version of Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang”

Me looking at Joon's hairstyle today
  • Me: Hey Namjoon.
  • Namjoon: Yeah?
  • Me: Did it hurt?
  • Namjoon: ... What?
  • Me: When your bangs keep poking at your eyes?