me when

holy FUCK do you think a baby raised from birth in a vr headset playing a game of minecraft would eventually develop neural pathways associated with pain every time they took damage in game

#full offense but charles boyle is the purest and sweetest friend anyone could ask for #we don’t deserve him

I think Bakugou would be a good foster for stray cats… he keeps Daisy (well, she allows him to adopt her)

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Winter Victuuri walk with Makkachin? (A snowy walk with the doggo)

“baby it’s cold outside”

coincidentally, today was the first snowfall here! (and it stayed on the ground for once) <3 (I took the pictures then drew them on the picture!) so here you go anon <333 lots of doggos

//edit: i fORGOT the ring ;A; added it now!


more of the collab outfits  ✧˖°


This comics are getting worst and worst, shout out to @badficniverse for giving me the headcanon of connie being a sonic fan, go follow them #vorewarning