me watching season 5

Damn Tartakovsky you weren't kidding when you meant it would be more adult

I know we are on a Teen Wolf break right now, but I think now is a really good time to remind everyone why we love this show and why they should watch it too! Personally I love Stiles and sure it’s because he is cute and funny and he now has this void stiles but honestly I love stiles because he isn’t the HERO… Stiles was never the hero of the show, even when he tried to be he wasn’t strong enough, and that’s okay…because in the real world sometimes we can’t be the hero either, and just like stiles who succumbs to the darkness, all of us have fallen into the darkness too, and some of us are still there now, and if stiles can still push through the craziness, the trust, the guilt I know that so can I, and if stiles can just get the girl even five seasons later than I know there is still hope for me too, but if he doesn’t, I know he will always be in love with her, even when he isn’t and that’s how I feel everyday.. What about you guys? What is it about Teen Wolf that make it more than just a TV series?


I have HAD IT with Natsume Yuujinchou


Listen y'all if you haven’t watched this anime YOU NEED TO NOW I meant to make a post about it a yr ago. I mean it’s great because of precious protag who can see spirits (some nice some not) and has been misunderstood and literally abused by awful relatives his whole life and finally has people who love him (AND A HILARIOUS BADASS CAT/YOUKAI GUARDIAN WHO IS A GIFT TO THIS WORLD) and friends and happiness and there’s so much healing to be done over the course of the show and like all of that in itself is great but let me tell you about all these Youkai he meets man their stories are so EMOTIONAL in the PUREST of ways you only know them for TWENTY MINUTES but by the end you’re A CRYING WRECK I have HAD IT AFTER THE EMOTIONAL NONSENSE OF THE NEWEST EP I AM LEFT CRYING LIKE A NEWBORN GOOSE BC A GIRL GOT A FRKING TOWEL JUST WHAT IS THIS??? THE FLAWLESS EMBODIMENT OF FLUFFY INNOCENCE?? SPARE ME FOR ONCE I AM DONE WITH THIS WRECK OF A PURE STORY AND ONE WEEK IS TOO LONG BETWEEN EPISODES


The West Wing 5x17 The Supremes

Oh my god, you’re putting my mother’s cats on the Supreme Court.

Girl Fucking Code

Watching AYTO Season 5 had me very distraught. Obviously Alicia did not care less about anyone in the house but herself. Becoming friends with Kam and then claiming you don’t want to overstep ones boundaries by taking her potential perfect match and then doing so when they are perfect matches….BITCH MOVE. Respect Girl Code or don’t stand in a person’s face each day knowing that you want the person that’s she’s been talking to since Day 1. A real woman would have came to her friend and told her how she felt but Alicia is not real. Kam did not deserve what happened to her. Eddie and Alicia are perfect for each other. Kam can find better.💁🏽

Uh Oh

Okay so I keep seeing things about how 4C will be rewarding for long-time fans and I am all about it! I’ve been watching since the first episode, and hanging around this website since the premiere of Season 2, and I would have all kinds of feelings about seeing people from the early days coming back for more. I mean, the Framework is the perfect opportunity for this and if we don’t even get a hint of the possible return of Tripp/Mike/Bobbie/Hunter/etc I will be bitterly disappointed