me warner


He pulls himself up onto the roof and walks over to me, so steadily. Calm, like there’s nothing in the world we’d planned to do today but to stand here, together, looking out over a field of dead bodies and happy children.

“Aaron,” I whisper.

He pulls me into his arms.

And I fall.

Every bone, every muscle, every nerve in my body comes undone at his touch and I cling to him, holding on for dear life.

“You know,” he whispers, his lips at my ear, “the whole world will be coming for us now.”

I lean back. Look into his eyes.

“I can’t wait to watch them try.”

From Tahereh’s Q&A on twitter:

  • Restore me has both Warner and Juliette POV
  • there will be some sneak peeks in the coming months
  • in the new books we will discover more of the Shatter me world/sectors/powers 
  • there is going to be so mUCH Kenji
  • we will get many Kenji x Warner scenes
  • we will get James x Warner scenes
  • we will get new POCs/LGBTQ characters
  • new scenes with Warner’s sassing/dragging moments
  • kenji may get a romantic interest 
  • we will learn what Warner did to become the leader of sector 45
  • we will discover new things we don’t know about Warner
  • Tahereh will tell us more about Kenji’s past
  • we will get a strong female friendship
things I'm looking forward to in the new Shatter Me books
  • ok well obviously Warner and Juliette fking these murder babies will literally be the death of me
  • more adorable Warner x James moments with James putting him on the spot in front of everybody
  • Kenji Kishimoto just in general
  • Seeing more of the Shatter Me world- we don’t really get to visit any of the Reestablishment out of our little sector. How are the other sectors run?? Are all the regents like Warner? Like his dad? Do they know what’s happening in 45??
  • Juliette kicking ass
  • Juliette and Warner kicking ass together #powercouple
  • Speaking of asses, Adam being less of one (hopefully)
  • Mayb eventually a Warner x Adam brotp??? I don’t rly mind if it happens or doesn’t happen but Adam needs to get over himself bc how cool would it be for Warner to have a family that doesn’t suck for once
  • I really would love a Kenji x Warner training fight the whole “I’ll gladly kick your ass if Juliette isn’t interested” thing needs to be canon
  • Juliette probably learning more about her powers and doing more awesome things (maybe she can fly who the fuck knows Juliette can do whatever she wants she can punch me in the face and I’d say thank you)
  • seriously we haven’t had a Warner pov since the beginning of unravel me so what we he thinking all throughout ignite me?? when all the craziest shit was happening? ? i need Answers
  • I m ean can u BeliEve we’ll be seei ng how mych he just lov s Julie tte??? from his acTUAL vIEWPOint
  • like
  • this is finee
  • i ll be fin e
  • (i won’t b ifne)

this is just what i thought of off the top of my head but yeah i guess u could say i’m Pumped

vvolchitsa replied to your post: “i honestly don’t understand why people are arguing…”

gotta love tumblr and its specific brand of “hating all men!! and everyone who can appreciate a male character!!” and i can’t believe I aM sayin tHat when I do in fact Hate Men™ myself

god i know, it’s literally the most toxic thing?? like, can’t people appreciate characters no matter their gender?? nope. you can only like females characters it’s the Rule 

I don’t even have just one “son” anymore. Now it’s more like “a medium sized army of jilted, underappreciated grown ass men that I need to wrap in blankets and shield from the world.”

my beautiful lover, he’s a complicated mess:
of hidden muscles and sinews that pull the world’s weight;
and a skin so smooth his tears roll off it like pearls over marble;
my quiet lover, he’s a self-made mystery:
of destroyed family portraits and broken glass,
i can hear the crunching sound everytime he clenches his gloved hands
my broken lover, he’s a system of failing organs and collapsing worlds:
of purple galaxies that look a lot like bruises, his father’s beliefs printed on his back like the rawest, reddest form of education
of heirlooms that must be kept in secret and eyes like polished serpentine

but my lover walks like a general and thinks like a king;
ambition shining in those bright green pools like jewels.
and i’ll admit: it only took me an eternity
to realize i was in love with a tragedy

—  boys like him are made of wounds and secrets / warner