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someday i’d like to break into jj abram’s house and beat him over the head with a box. then when he asks me who i am and why i’m doing this, i’ll tell him it’s a fucking mystery and then beat him over the head again for the next two years or so


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we’re in this together now


…. ಠ_ಠ I suddenly drew this guy… Can’t help it, He’s so Handsome 😛

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Beth Greene's Mental Age as Guessed by Non-viewers

After seeing multiple posts from many different viewers and shippers from The Walking Dead fandom speak of Beth’s chronological age affecting her cognitive ability, I decided to do an experiment. I selected eight different quotes that I felt embodied both her attitude and view on life.  I then proceeded to go the best website I could think of to connect me to random strangers to ask about this topic, Omegle. I gave each of the 60 complete, non-watching, strangers these eight quotes:

“When you care about people, hurt is part of the package”

“We have all these widows and orphans, but what do you call someone that has lost a child?”

“They remembered these things were people before all this. They didn’t let it change them in the end. Don’t you think that’s beautiful?”

“It wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith”

“Stay who you are, not who you were.”

“We have all got jobs to do”

“We don’t get to be upset”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you feel anything? Yeah! You think everything’s screwed. I guess that’s a feeling. Screw that! We might as well do something.”

I provided these strangers with no background information, except first asking if they consented to giving an honest answer for the survey. I told them that I wanted them to guess the age of the speaker of these eight quotes. I did not tell them the name of the character, the gender, or the show the that the character was featured on. These were the results:

The graph shows that about 95% of the people I asked thought she was older than she was. Keep in mind that they had no idea of the context of these quotes. The strangers had no idea of the mental and emotional stability that was required of the psychi (Beth’s) to be able to develop and communicate these feelings and ideas in such a dark and utterly hopeless setting. For all the guessers knew, the speaker could have been a church pastor in the 1950’s or a single mother in a modern-day sitcom. People may believe that because I am in fact a supporter of bethyl that this study was biased, but if anything I gave this experiment a better chance of being turned in the other direction by not providing any background information in support of Beth’s character. I did not tell the strangers that she was living in the zombie apocalypse, or that her mother, step-brother, boyfriends, father, and friends had all been killed in the span of two years, most of which happened right before her eyes. What I am trying to convey is the idea that the people I surveyed had not even the smallest idea of the courage and strength it took to be able to say such things; they knew of the content, but not the context. Even without knowing her story, a complete stranger is able to see her ability to think and behave as a consenting adult. Most of the people who I interviewed were shocked to learn that her age was in fact 18 and when I asked them if they thought she was capable of handling herself and making responsible decisions about her own life the answer was almost always a very strong yes. So my point in conclusion is, if 60 random people are able to see Beth as a capable, responsible, mentally stable adult that is able to make her own decisions both in love and life, why are some viewers disagreeing? Viewers that have seen her struggle and overcome her challenges. Viewers that have heard many other quotes and seen many actions to prove of her intelligence and multivalent talents. Viewers that have seen her take care of not only herself, but others. Why now that a popular male character is thrown into the mix is she suddenly unable to think for herself? I am going to wrap this up, I hope you were able to see my point. If you have any questions with the way the data was collected or just want to ask me something about it feel free.

Reblog if you're a Hobbit/LotR fan and I can add your url to my Hobbit Collection.

It will be in my note pad, written with my Hobbit pen <3
There is lots of paper for lots of names.

One book to rule them all.

(Note pad and pen are both from herlitz. German company making supplies for school and office. Amazon has all the stuff.)

You What?!

Ondina had been sitting outside the Ocean Cafe, a strawberry smoothie in front of her, when she noticed Chris sit down across from her.  She looked around, then back to him.  “I thought you and Mimmi had a date or something?  What?  Did she blow you off to go check out the reef or something and you want me to collect her?”

The truth was, Ondina was rather skeptical about Chris, even though she had given Mimmi the go ahead to date him.  She just couldn’t help it.  Her best friend instincts went into over drive any time he was near Mimmi.  And not in a good way.  In the one step away from attacking him if he ever did anything to hurt her type of way.

Something Like This (Mikey Way)

Shoving everything in your locker before break was always satisfying.

“Um, y/n?” You turned to see Mikey Way the shy (and slightly awkward) kid in your grade standing with awkward knees and a look that was mostly poker face but had a sense of nervousness to it.

“What’s up?” You asked a little nervous yourself, you couldn’t deny he was cute, and talking to you, which was odd as he didn’t really talk to much of anyone.

“I was just uh, wondering if you maybe wanted to do something over break.. With me?” His face was collected but the added colour in his cheeks paired with his voice gave his nerves away.

“That sounds lovely.” You smiled causing him to do the same.

“Great!” He grinned and pulled out his phone.

“Could I-?” His nervousness returned making you giggle.

“That might help.” You pulled out your phone and exchanged numbers, down the hall you saw Mikey’s older brother Gerard spinning his keys around his finger grinning when he saw his brother.

“Aw look at my brother, finally getting his girl, it’s about time.” Gerard cheered walking up behind Mikey causing him to turn bright red.

“I guess I’ll see you then..” He muttered quickly ducking out of the conversation.

“He gets less shy I promise, plus he’s already in love with you, just treat him well.” Gerard grinned patting you on the head and taking off after his brother.

You turned back to your locker grinning to yourself.
Mikey had texted you and you guys had discovered you both had a love of films and comics, deciding to go to a bookstore of sorts in town that had books, comics, films etc.

You’d decided where to go and Mikey was waiting on Gerard to let him use his car to give you a time. Eventually your phone lit up with a text from Mikey.

‘How does 4 sound?’ You glanced at the clock, it was 2:30.

'Great, see you then!’ You debated adding an emoji but decided the exclamation point was enough.

Almost too soon but also not soon enough four o'clock rolled around and Mikey was at your door.

“Hey..” He greeted hesitantly a smile threatening to show through.

“Hey, come in, I just have to tell my mom I’m leaving and I’ll be good to go.” You found out your mom and Ms. Way we’re good friends when you’d asked to go meaning your mom didn’t care too much about your date.

“Mom I’m heading out!” You called your mother appearing out of nowhere.

“You two have fun, Mikey, take care of my daughter.” She grinned Mikey nodding and mumbling a promise to do so.

“Sorry, she’s just-” he laughed quietly nodding.

“I know, I’ve met her before.” I tried not to turn pink, kind of embarrassed, I knew that.

“You’re cute when you blush, but maybe I’m just glad it’s not me this time.” He grinned reaching the car.

The car ride was spent talking about music taste. You discovered you had similar music taste as well, a major requirement if a relationship was to occur.

“Here we are.” Mikey announced parking the car and hopping out.

“I love the smell of this store.” You exclaimed breathing in the heavenly smell of printed paper.

“It is pretty good.” He agreed very hesitantly taking your hand with a little encouragement from you.

“So, who’s your favorite comic book hero?” You heard him answer, you know you did but you also knew you loved how he smiled all the way to his eyes when he talked about something that interested him. He no longer looked like the shy, mute boy you went to school with and instead was a lively, talkative boy you were lucky enough to get a date with.

“What about you?” He returned the question aimlessly flipping through a comic.

“Hm, *y/favorite*” you shrugged picking up a book of your own.

You both shopped around sharing jokes and opinions holding hands when you could getting to know each other through comics. Mikey had opened up a lot, telling you a bit about himself, about Gerard but mostly asking about you.

“Ready to go?” Mikey asked handing you your bag of items.

“Yeah.” You smiled taking it and returning to the car.

Once in the car he turned on some music, allowing a comfortable silence to fall between you while he drive you home.

“Hey y/n, would you want to do this again maybe, well maybe not this but like something like this?” He asked the shy boy from school returning once again.

“Yeah, I’d love to.” You smiled getting out of the car to see that Mikey was also getting out.

“You don’t have to walk me to the door.” You protested, to which he just nodded his head.

“It’s not a problem.” He smiled, a smile that could convince you that you could definitely fall hard for this boy.

“Since we agreed to do 'something like this again’ can I try something?” He raised an eyebrow but nodded awaiting your trial.

Hesitantly and then all at once you walked over and kissed him waiting for his response before making another move, he tensed up at first but then relaxed and kissed you back, sweet and simple, traits you could learn to love about life.

A smile braced both your faces when you pulled back.

“Did it work?” Mikey asked breaking your silence.

“Yeah, I think it did.” You grinned taking his hand again.

MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection First Impression + Swatches!

This collection finally was released online Thursday & so far I’ve only purchased 4 things from this collection because everything else sold out so fast. I do plan to go back to my MAC counter thursday to look at everything else and get the other items I have had my eyes on.

Now, I got one of the extra dimension blushes in “Sea Me, Hear Me” & I also purchased 3 of the extra dimension eyeshadows in the shades: Fathoms Deep, Soul Serenade, and Lorelei.

Now lets state the obvious, the packaging for this collection is gorgeous and unique. The water drops look so real and matched with the teal coloring it looks just stunning. I usually don’t get too much into MAC collections, but the packaging along made me want to purchase something from the line.

Now for the blush when I first swatched it on my hand I got a little nervous, because the blush barely showed up on me. I noticed though that the color was very buildable, and gave a beautiful healthy sheen to my cheeks. This blush is a beautiful warm toned coral shade. The texture of this blush was so smooth it literally felt like butter.This blush was the item I was most excited about trying so I was glad that it ended up working for me.

Now, I was not planning on purchasing any eyeshadows from the collection, because I wasn’t sure if I need them. When I began to look up swatches online, I then became sold and told myself I needed to try them. I have never worn any extra dimension eyeshadows from MAC before, so I was excited to see the formula of these and how they applied.

Fathoms Deep: is a gorgeous smokey purple eyeshadow with just the perfect amount of shimmer. This is seriously so pretty, this is the perfect eyeshadow to create a dramatic or simple smokey eye.

Soul Serenade: is another gorgeous shade, at first I thought that this eyeshadow and fathoms deep looked pretty similar to each other but it is not. This shade is similar but has more hints of gray to it, as opposed to fathoms deep that has more hints of purple to it. This will be great for creating a smokey eye as well.

Lorelei: This was probably my favorite eyeshadow of the three, this shade is absolutely stunning. At first when I saw this eyeshadow I was like “I have several eyeshadows like this” and then when I was going through my eye drawer I realized I did not. This is such a unique shade, and looks beautiful on my eyelids. This is a universal shade for sure, that would look great as a all over the lid eyeshadow.

I really like the fact that these three eyeshadows are so unique and give such great color payoff. The texture of these eyeshadows were very creamy and smooth as well just as the blush was. I know most people shy away from eyeshadows in MAC collections most of the time, but I really recommend that you try these because they’re amazing. 

I am pretty impressed with the items I have so far, I really do recommend that you all go out to your counters May 22nd and get your hands on some of these items from the collection because it is amazeballs.