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i don’t understand why i’m so surprised that so many people on this site don’t know how to fucking read.

(Sorry this took me for fucking ever. I’ve been working on this for literal weeks now, so I’d love for people to actually read it ha… I think I’ve improved with the dialogue and shit so uh)

“That shack, it… I couldn’t keep my mind off of it.”

There was some sort of burning feeling, in the cavity of Shiro’s chest. He ran a hand over it briefly, trying to rub away the guilty feeling of my fault, all of it mine-

No. He was being irrational.

“So I left,” Keith said, simply, before amending, “I… retreated. It wasn’t home.”

And Shiro thought Keith’s eyes had flickered to him on the last word.

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As the day begins to draw to a close, we see that the rag has moved up two spots, signifying the hopefulness that this panic-stricken fandom displays.