me trying to sing out of nowhere


FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVEN’T SEEN THE BEAUTY THAT IS THE BOOTLEG, HERE ARE SOME CUTE MOMENTS also I don’t mention every song because some of them are still amazing songs but not any different on stage

Anybody Have a Map?: Evan tells this whole story before the song starts about how he had the perfect chance to talk to Zoe but he was worried his hands were sweaty so he tried to dry them under a bathroom hand dryer and now they were warm AND sweaty and it’s really funny and cute. Also, when you meet Connor and his dad and Zoe go “He’s probably high / he’s definatley high” Connor yells “FUCK YOU” and lays his head on the table and his mom says “Oh he isn’t high” and he just slowly looks up and theres a really awkward silence before she yells “I DON’T WANT YOU GOING TO SCHOOL HIGH, CONNOR”

Waving Through A Window: Before this song Connor shoves Evan down because Jared called Connor a freak and Evan laughed about it. That’s about it for this song, the rest was just as it was on the soundtrack. There is a part, though, when Connor signs his cast, where he asks how Evan broke his arm and when Evan tells him he fell out of a tree Connor laughs and says “Well that’s just about the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”

For Forever: When he says “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, and I say, me too!” He points at nobody like he’s talking to Connor

Sincerely Me: When Connor says “I rub my nipples and start moaning in delight” he starts VICIOUSLY rubbing the front of his jacket and he throws his head back and keeps his mouth open the whole time Jared and Evan talk. And then before Evans part he’s freaking out and Jared is trying to calm him down and Evan goes “I’M NOT HYPERVENTALATINGDear Connor Murphy, yes I also miss our talks” and then later when Connor sings “Dear Evan Hansen, thanks for every note you send!” He’s play punching Evan and then Evan sings “Dear Connor Murphy, I’m just glad to be your friend!” But he’s anxiously trying not to touch Connor and is just squatting and looking so anxious

If I Could Tell Her: Evan doesn’t know what to do with his hands and he keeps trying to rub the sweat off on his pants and I relate

Sincerely Me, Reprise: THIS A SONG NOT ON THE SOUNDTRACK SO I’LL EXPLAIN it’s a song where Jared is trying to write more emails and he tries to make it look like he was also friends with Connor but Evan interrupts him like “Um, no no no” and is really rude to him about it but there’s lines like “You know that guy at school, Jared Kleinman? THAT TOTALLY COOL JARED KLEINMAN”

To Break In a Glove: Connors dad says “You’re dad must be proud of you” and Evan says “Yeah, he is” before saying “I don’t know why I said that, my dad left when I was seven, I’m not his priority.” And Connors dad looks so heartbroken for him

The other songs are really good and they do so well on stage (it’s broadway so duh) but they’re more intense than cute and they don’t have moments not in the soundtrack that much. Hey, message me for the link so you can see the moments I didn’t mention

Got7 Reaction to their gf crying while Skyping because she misses him

Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll be home soon, so there’s no need for those tears.”

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He would freeze and awkwardly try to comfort you, but wouldn’t exactly be sure how to do that.

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He would start crying too, and then the call would go nowhere because neither of you could understand each other

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“Well, if you’re just gonna cry the whole time, I might as well hang up.”

*Lowkey because he knows he’ll cry too if he continues to watch you cry*

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He would start singing to calm you down, then when you had stopped crying, would assure you that he would be home soon, and that if you really couldn’t wait, he would try to fly you out to see him.

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“Awww, I would miss me too.” He would crack as many jokes as possible to try to cheer you up.

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He would be like Jaebum at first, but once he started to comfort you, it would come out naturally. He would tell you how much he loves you and how he also missed you and couldn’t wait to be home.

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my friend watched Haikyuu!! for the first time

what an exciting title

my friend watched some of haikyuu!! for the first time (she doesn’t like anime) and well here’s some iconic quotes that she said during it,,,, yeah

“I thought the subtitles said “kagehina will develop quickly”


“this is such a dramatic hair flip”

“this is such a dramatic show for volleyball”


“why are their faces like this”

“oi boi”

“can you explain the compromise we made so I’d watch this”

“yes they’re perfect for each other, they already have matching internal dialogues” (referring to kagehina)

“awww now they’re speaking at the same time with each other (also referring to kagehina)

me: it’s the second season now, they’re friends now
her: don’t you mean boyfriends

*laughs at just the title screen*

“oh look another girl”

*asahi is on screen* “why is hamilton here?”

*asahi shows up again* *singing* “MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON”


“who’s the other smol bean?!”

“shirahtoruwoozawooza (trying to pronounce shiratorizawa)

“noooo, no smol bean (hinata) don’t hurt hamilton (asahi)”

“he looks like a fish”

Operation: Xanadu (Jonathan Byers x reader)

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50shadesofwhut:  #10 w/ jonathan byers? 😊😊

Prompt #10 : “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

Word Count: 1,519

Extra: So you guessed it another story with music. I have a problem…honestly I’m trying to work on it!!! Here is the song Xanadu by Electric Light Orchestra

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BTS reaction: you are a make up artist/stylist of Big Hit that looks cold, but actually is nice and kind hearted so they fall for you:

There is your request @leellajk 

I’m sorry, it didn’t went well, but hope you won’t be dissatisfied


You were Namjoon’s personal stylist who get him ready for a photoshoot. Ever since he tried to talk to you the conversation was cold and tence. He thought that you will never get along as your characters are too different, but his mind on you has changed. He was drinking a coffee on a break and spilled it accidentally on his shirt so you had to fix this.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to spoil everything”

“Hey, Namjoon listen. Everything is okay. I have been working in this industry for long time so you are not the first and not the least.”

You gave him a warm and calming smile. The idea “wow, she can be soft as well” appeared in his mind. Since that day he is your friend who has head over heels for you.

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You were BTS’s new hair stylist who set Jin’s hair for a performance. You two were working in silence as Jin had heard that you are not so talkative. He just stared at you in the mirror thinking whether to begin conversation or not. But, you ended styling him and Jin had to go on stage. He decided to talk to you after the performance.

“Y/N….ehm. Can I ask you something?”

“Go for it.”

“You don’t like me, right?”

“Who told you that?”

“I mean, you are always so quiet when I’m around. So..”

“The matter is that it’s difficult for me to meet new people. I’m scared of what they would think about me”

“Aww, you are so awkward. I didn’t expect you to be so. Would you mind going out with me for a cup of tea and tell me some more about youself?”

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Here y/n would be not a stylist, but photographer. Hope, it’s nothing

Min Suga was about to realise a new hit of Agust D so he was doing a promo photoshoot. You were the best photographer of Seoul who worked with the best out of best such as CL, GD, Hyuna, EXO, WINNER and many others. There was no doubt that Suga’s photoshoot gonna be made by such a professional. When you started working, only thing you talked about was how Yoongi should pose or turn his face. He is the type who likes non-talkative ones, but not when it comes to the girl that he began to like.

“Are you always so silent?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard that. Are you always not talking much or is it just because of me.”

“I should not speak with you about stuff that doesn’t concern to work.  You manager gave me clear instructions on how to act.”

“Hm, such a good girl. Never break rules, yeah? Okay, let’s meet somewhere out of that “professional” shit and enjoy ourselves”

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Hoseok’s hair stylist who he had been working with for 3 years had left the company so J-Hope wasn’t keen on the idea to start working with a new one, who doesn’t know anything about which hairstyles suites him and which don’t. He was sitting with dissatisfied facial impression when you came in. You thought it would be better not to talk to him in order not to make him feel more displeased. At the same time, Hope was regreting his behaviour as he thought that you are pretty cute and good-looking.

“Y/N, I’m sorry”

“For what?”

“I didn’t want to make you think that i’m a spoilt celebrity. I was just sad that my previous hairstylist had left. I know you felt bad since we didn’t talked much”

“Oh, thanks God. I felt like you hated me.”

“ No way. You are too cute to be hated”

He gave you a sincere smile and after that you knew you are going to make friends and Hoseok already had plans on you

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BTS were about to perform Blood, sweat & tears during their American Wings tour. You had to help Jimin to dress his costume and add some suitable accessories. That was your fisrt time working with BTS so you didn’t know what should you do. When you came to Jimin he asked you whether you was new to Big Hit.

“Hi, I’m Jimin. Nice to meet you. Are you new?”

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I just joined the company”

After that the dialogue didn’t take shape. Both of you were keeping silince. Jimin was only looking down on the floor and not in your eyes. You thought that he disliked you. After a concert Namjoon came to you.

“Y/N, you look upset. What happend?”

“Oh, I think Jimin isn’t happy that I’m here”

“He had asked me advice on how to get closer to you. Do you still think he isn’t happy that you are here.”

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When you began working for Big Hit, your boss told you to do make up for BTS. You were on cloud nine as they are your faves and became even happier when they told you to work with Taehyung. He was your main bias so you was extra excited. You were worried about saying something wrong so you decided not to talk a lot. 

“Y/N, how are you doing everything so perfect?”

“I have been learning for 5 years.”

“Wow, you should teach me how to be so diligent or something”

“Maybe one day I will”

“Do you feel uncomfotable around me?”

“I’m sorry,  I’m just worried about the first working day with you”

“So let’s meet somewhere and get to know each other better”

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It was your first working day. BTS were prepairing to sing their new comeback song on stage of M Countdown. You had to try hard and make Jungkook’s makeup look perfect. You were drawing his waterline when a question came out of nowhere.

“Y/N, you can refuse of working with me and choose another member. It would be ok with me”

“Why would I want to?”

“You are so cold to me, I must be annoying you”

“Jungkook, you are not annoying me. I’m just trying to make you look even more perfect”

“Y/N, you are the only perfect one in here”

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Shy Hearts (1/2)

Genre: Fluff and Light Angst  
Pairing: Lisa x Female Reader
Word Count: 1.2k

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“(Y/N), come on. You’ve been on that phone all day. Come and hang out with me.” Lisa whined. 

“We’re hanging out right now.” you blankly stated. Lisa pouted. She was always on the needy side. She wanted your attention. Lisa got up and marched to your side of the room. 

“Get up. It’s a beautiful day outside. I won’t let you waste it talking to sleazy guys on tinder.” She grabbed your phone.

At this point, there was no use in arguing. You groaned lifting yourself off the mattress. Lisa had a wide grin. She patiently waited for you to come out of the shower. The blonde scrambled through the dresser. She had to dress to impress. Maybe today you would notice her feelings. You were her roommate. Junior year dorming together for college. Lisa didn’t expect to be her third year of college falling for someone. Especially, not a girl.

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I Think I Missed a Step ('Cause I'm Fallin' For You) 1/8 - mokuyoubi - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Spideypool slow build friends to lovers, based on the prompt:

For some reason, Peter thinks Deadpool knows his secret identity so he thinks it’s not a big deal to chat with the merc in his civilian identity whenever he bumps into him in various locations. Wade, meanwhile, is confused on why a cute but grouchy nerd keeps talking to him like they know each other but hey, it’s New York! Eccentrics are everywhere and this guy is really cute and doesn’t seem to mind hanging out with him! Also somehow they ended up maybe-or-maybe-not on a date???

Also on AO3


So, it’s not unheard of for someone to know his name, but more often than not they tend to call him Deadpool when he’s wearing the suit. He likes to think it’s a sign of respect.

[Or pant-shitting terror]

Wade looks up from the screen of his phone where he’s been destroying the shit out of the Imperius, and turns to find the source of his name. “Hey,” the guy says, giving a friendly wave, and puts on a little speed to catch up with him.

“Hey,” Wade says back cautiously.

The guy is really rocking the hot nerd look. Fitted t-shirt with a cartoonish representation of the periodic table under a blue hoodie proclaiming something about the element of surprise. Wavy brown hair that looks incredibly soft to the touch flops across his forehead with a little curl. He’s got a perfectly even and white smile, and brown eyes a guy could get lost in, behind round-rimmed glasses.

He neatly cuts his way through the crowd on the path with his skateboard and skids to a stop when he reaches Wade. Taps his toe against the tail and neatly snaps the board up to his waiting hand, not missing a beat falling in stride with Wade’s gait.

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Hi Taylor! (And Anyone Else Who May Read This Along The Way)

It’s yo girl Nikkie! I used to write you these… update type things once a month on the day you followed me to celebrate the monthiversary of when it happened (so every month on the 18th) but a few months into your hiatus I stopped. I figure since you’re back, and you may have been lurking my blog (probably not, but there’s still a slight chance right, especially because I’ve felt your presence here multiple times since January 2017 😂), I should directly update you about my life.

First of all, the past year has been a whirlwind. Somehow I’ve managed to keep a boyfriend through it all. He bought me the merch I’m wearing (the UNDERRATED AF LWYMMD SHIRT and this amazing necklace from Story Line Jewelry) for our anniversary. While I’ve been able to keep him through it all, a lot of other things have changed.

For example, my choir experience in the past year. Back in January I was picked as the Vice President of the choir. I was super excited for the position, helped when I could, yet some of my best friends in the program were jealous of me getting the position. And claimed I was having authority issues, and instead of coming to me directly about it, sat in a group of girls talking smack about me. The president had left the choir in March so I became acting president. One day after a performance right before Spring Break, my director talked to my boyfriend and I about how the program was shrinking exponentially. In my time in the program, Freshman to Senior, we went from having 3 choirs that were decently sized (50, 25, 20) to 2 choirs and a club (30, 15,25) to finally this year, one big choir of 39. The show, however, went on, and I was in SIX numbers in the final spring show last year. Of the six, I had solos in two and one was just MY solo (I had a solo in Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton, Seasons of Love from Rent, and my solo was Hit Me With Your Best Shot, which was in Rock of Ages 😉)

In June, the director called me to tell me that she had decided to resign from my school. It was a hard decision but she had to do what was best for her and her daughter. Weirdly enough, I get a Snapchat from the…former president I referenced telling me to “praise the lord, [director] isn’t going to be there next year”. I had just gotten off the phone with her, she wanted it on the DL. How did he know? Turns out, his mom got her job.

Now, I don’t want to be negative, because she is giving me a few opportunities I’ll discuss at the end of this post that I’m extremely thankful for, but dealing with her at first was difficult. I wanted to enjoy my last year of choir, being one of the THREE seniors who have been in the program since their freshman year. This woman, second day of school, said something that was extremely ignorant to vocal music. Even my FATHER, one of the sleaziest sleazes to ever sleaze, said he didn’t like her based off of open house. I recorded a video so I could tell my mom word-for-word verbatim of what he said. Some of those included “Caviler, like she’s there to work nine to five and not a minute more”. There was a point where I got PHYSICALLY sick because of this woman.

Some good things came out of that too. First, when I was sick, I just said “eff it” and went off the grid. Besides tumblr and Amino, I didn’t go on any other type of social media. When I came back, I unfollowed anyone and everyone who was toxic, who didn’t deserve me following them. It cut my following down by a 3rd to one half, depending on the social media.

Secondly, the day I went back to school after being sick, I marched my booty up to the counseling office. I wanted to know what my options were since I had actually gotten PHYSICALLY SICK because of the anxiety this woman gave me. The councilor spent twenty minutes of my meeting with her trying to find everything wrong with my story, and why I wanted to switch out (or to see what my options were). After she was done attempting to belittle me, we called up my mom to discuss my options. I had always known I could graduate early, but on September 18th 2017, I decided to put that option into motion. I enrolled in a semester long Mythology course, which as to date I am over 50% done with. The hardest part is still deciding if I wanna move to Nashville (well, not Nashville but Murfreesboro lol) and attend MTSU for music business next fall, or if I can manage to get an album recorded and I can start touring instead. (Any insight you may have would be absolutely amazing! Just btw). You liked a post of mine back in August about me “dropping out of school and writing killer songs and feasting on the blood of my enemies at award shows” with you. Well instead of dropping out, I’ll be graduating early instead! Isn’t that great?!

Finally, the last thing I want to say that happened because of me getting sick was that I’m getting to play an original song for a crowd! The week after I got back, the new director had “performance day” we could bring our guitars or sing to track and basically it was a karaoke day. Since the variety show auditions were the next week, I used that to try the waters with a song I wrote in February about those jealous girls called “Nowhere”. Apparently I had made the director cry with it. This brash, cold exterior has shed a tear over something I wrote. I auditioned with it, AND I GOT INTO THE SHOW! The dress rehearsal is today, but the show itself is tomorrow night. Remember how you played “Our Song” for your school talent show? This is my “Our Song” moment and I’m super excited for that.

Well, I’ve hopefully caught you up to speed as much as I can (without going into too much detail and making this even longer than it already is). I’m super excited for Reputation! Your aesthetic for this album is actually my aesthetic for life and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album in November (and then tell you about why I obsessed over every song in my next update) I promise you the next one won’t be as long, but I mean, I had to update you on life since JANUARY. Even though it hasn’t felt like much, when you need to update someone, IT TURNS INTO A LOT!

I love you so so so much,

Love love love,

~Nikkie I.

Rae Spoon “Armour” Lyrics Meme


  • We feel it before we wake up.
  • You know every stone I placed was to build a life for you.
  • There’s no amount of damage that we can’t withstand. 
  • We are not made to be broken, even by our own hands.
  • But there’s no place we can begin.
  • On our bodies we wear armour.

I Hear Them Calling

  • I want to live like this all the time.
  • The beasts of wanting say “let me out”.
  • I could stay underground, but I want to sing.
  • Let’s take a chance and scream at the wind.

Written Across the Sky

  • There will be no miracles.
  • There’s nothing spiritual about holding our empty cups.
  • We’re hungry.
  • Our screams will split lightening and bring on the flood.
  • There is no glory in a forest of doubt.

Can’t Go Right

  • There is nothing left to mend.
  • Somethings happen you can’t take back.
  • Some things can’t go right again.
  • We are fighting a battle that no one can win.
  • I have told you over and over that I know who I am.
  • If you don’t believe me we are way past the last stand.

Wrestles With Death

  • I asked the stars to pull away time.
  • They said no, no, no.
  • I asked the sky to blow out my light.
  • I asked the sea to swallow me.
  • I wrote my way away the edge.

Stolen Song

  • I can see what made you so hungry to be someone new in the big city.
  • You can try it on, but you can take it off.
  • That’s why it doesn’t belong to you.
  • That’s what made me so hungry to stick up, to stand out.
  • I could try it on, but I could take it off.
  • That’s why it doesn’t belong to me.
  • It’s a stolen song.

The Beast is Me

  • Blue is the colour and the sound when I chase myself around.
  • I I can’t sit still and I can’t stay down.
  • When I hear them call from the deep, I know that the beast is me.
  • Orange is the sky in the morning when I wonder if I’ll ever sing again.
  • Gray is sound of the quiet.


  • You come out of nowhere and bring on the flood. 
  • I will swim for you if that’s what you want. 
  • What is between us if you aren’t out for blood? 
  • I will bleed for you if that’s what you want.
  • Sing for all that has been stolen. 
  • Bodies broken are still perfect.
  • Break the dam and make a new world.

Go for the Kill

  • It’s not enough to reach for a touch. 
  • You have become what you’re longing.
  • Where do you go when you’re wounded?
  • I live so you can chase me.

Try Again at Everything

  • I do not trust the ground, but I float above it when you’re around.
  • I will wear your grandmother’s ring and try again at everything.
  • We both want to stay free.
  • If it’s true to you then it’s true to me.
  • I would not have believed that I could find a family.
  • I failed life and it failed me.
  • I thought it was so out of reach.

198cm-of-vetra-nyx  asked:

Here you go I will send you a proper ask: you should write their proposal *cough* (unless you're saving that for something else because in that case you should imagine them reading terrible poetry to each other or something) Basically I love your headcanons and they need to be fics :)

aaaa THANK U!!!!!! i’m gonna do their proposal cause…….. i’m gay

disclaimer: there is no way to save macen in canon. this is an au.

Avitus couldn’t take his eyes off Macen as he ate. He’d gotten stronger quickly, even in just the few short weeks since he’d woken up. His arms no longer quaked as he picked up his food, and the snaps of his jaws as he choked it down were just as powerful as ever. There was a light back in his eyes, a jovial tilt back to his mandibles.

This was the man Avitus had fallen in love with. The weak, rasping shell he’d been those first few days had broken his heart to see, and he’d sworn to himself right there Macen would never be so injured again. A former Spectre could ensure that much, surely.

Not only a former Spectre, whispered a niggling thought in the back of his brain. Any old Spectre can protect a civilian. But his mate should be the one to protect Macen Barro.

He swallowed. It had been bothering him since long before the Natanus had set off. The other Spectres had teased him for it. Saren, Nihlus, Ezekian, Vasir, Isalienus, they all knew. “Did you ask Barro yet?” had been Saren’s perennial greeting for him. But he simply couldn’t. Macen Barro was perfect. He deserved someone better than Avitus Rix.

But still, Macen had stayed, for fourteen long, blissful years. And when they’d been packing their things to travel to Andromeda, Avitus had made up his mind that he’d ask in Andromeda. A new beginning for them both.

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2p italy

They had no idea what had gotten into her boyfriend yes he had always had a quick temper but he would never hurt them, but right now they were trapping in his room banging on the door, the doorbell rang and luciano  went to see who it was and for the first time they saw him panic, and before they could even walk over he grabbed them, throwing them into his room told to shut up for a bit and then slammed it locking it, the walls were thick, only muffled could heard when they screamed

“LUCIANO THIS ISN’T FUNNY LET ME OUT NOW!” there arms kept banging on the door.

“What was that luci~” flavio asked his brother, Luciano gulped

“The attic i think is acting up…” he said kept hearing the banging, flavio took a long sip of his tea

“OH is that so? Well you could always move back in with me you know you kinda disappeared out of nowhere hahah!” luciano backed up in his seat he hated him with every fiber in his being. He took away his life any chance to be normal he took away with blood and violence taking over most of his childhood.

“If i didn’t know any better i would say that you were trying to get away from me.” he said Flavio sing songy voice was gone he looked at Luciano

“What of course not just better for business if we artn so close together.”
“I suppose but if something happened to us, could get ugly.” he said leaning back in chair and crossing his legs thumping his leg.
“And what you implying brother?” luciano said

“OH like if you tried to get out of the ‘family business’.” he said getting straight to the point, luci gulped

“You know better then anyone i can’t do that.” Luciano said

“Yeah, i mean if i found out you tried to escape and tried to go off the grid, only to find that you had a partner who could figure out your dark past get you arrested then everything could be unstiched…you know.”

“Yes i know.” Luciano said

“What is the rule~”

“Ahem i said, what is the rule!”

“The only people we need are in the business and anyone outside the business will be killed on sight.” a hand patted his head he swiped it off

“Luciano it seem unfair doesn’t it…but you always have your big brother and now that i know where you are again we will,never have any problems…right?”

“Yes.” Luciano said looking down, he has dealt with murderers other members, countless deaths, but his brother was the only one who could make him scared

“Good boy, anyway i better be off got all that work to do you know can’t wait to see you with us again.”

“Right…” he said looking up at the staircase that lead to his room, Flavio grabbed his purse and walked out the door

“OH! One more tiny thing.”
“What is it?” Luciano said

“If i ever found out that you did have partner…i will kill them bye bye luci!” and with that he walked off, luci closed the door then ran up stairs

“Fuck fuck fuck he knows!!!” he said running to the room and opening there they were his light, his love the only thing right about this world sitting on his bed looking pissed at him

“What was that about!”
“Shut up for a second.” he said rubbing his eyes

“What did you just tell me to do, what is going on!”
“I SAID SHUT UP!!!” he said

“…unbelievable ugh i am taking a walk.” they said, luciano  looked at them, no if they did that there is chance that Flavio would be outside waiting for them, and then


“YOU DON’T GET TO DECIDE WHAT I DO!” they yelled at him, he grabbed them by the wrist




“STOP IT NOW LUCIANO!” His eyes snapped open and threw them on the ground, they landed with a loud thud, they let out a whimper as they tried getting up but he pinned them down

“​"you don’t get to decide anything, understand? i make the rules and you obey them if you want to remain unharmed.“

emilynightshade89  asked:

Dirk Gently fluff AU where Dirk is out doing god knows what, and Todd is at home trying to take a shower, but the water is colder than hell so he decides, "fuck it, Dirk won't be home in a few hours." and sneaks into his flat to shower bc the water is warmer, and out of nowhere starts to sing "Take Me To Church" by Hozier. Completely unaware that Dirk gets home a few seconds after he starts singing, and just politely sits outside the bathroom door amazed bc he's never heard Todd sing before. :3

“You changed the words.”

With the pure adrenalin hit of a voice sounding where a voice had not been expected, three things happen, almost simultaneously; Todd’s life flashes before his eyes, his breath leaves his body and his towel leaves his waist.

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just some 'how they met' AU's I want to see written one day

• ‘my dad invited me to go on a fishing trip with him and his buddies and I hate water and can’t swim but I don’t wanna crush my dad’s feelings and he said his friend’s son was coming too, so I’m kind of hoping he’s cool’ and 'I fell into the water and you were the only sober one who was able to save me’

• 'our class when on a 'survival skill learning’ camping trip and left a group of students out in the middle of nowhere and oh my god it’s three AM and I’m trying to sleep but you’re over here cursing at the wind for knocking your tent over again jUST SLEEP IN HERE WITH ME BRO’

• 'you were singing some dumb musical duet all by yourself and didn’t notice I was walking behind you until I started singing part 2 and you got embarrassed because you thought you were alone and you didn’t know anyone else liked that musical’

• 'we were waiting in line for the FerrisWheel and your friend decided last minuet he didn’t want to ride and backed out, so we got jammed into the same kart together AND THEN the ride got stuck while we were at the top, but you aren’t so bad to be around for two hours…lets go ride more shit together’

• 'I accidentally might’ve burst your eardrum from screaming so loud on the roller coaster, now I owe you ice cream and cotton candy…’

• 'your dumb cat keeps coming to the wrong house at 4 AM and meows for a long time because I won’t let it in, pLEASE KEEP IT LOCKED UP AT NIGHT, IM TIRED OF CALLING YOU EVERY MORNING TO COME GET IT.’

• 'your little brother said he fucked my mom on Xbox so I said I would find him and whoop his lil ass, and you took the mic and told me not to shit talk your brother and that if you ever caught me doing it again, you would find me and kick MY ass. And lo and behold your brother and I fought again five minuets later and then you really did find me and im scared as to how you got my address but w O W you’re hot AF’

• 'I lost my mom in the grocery store and I was looking for her and trying not to panic and I bumped into you who happened to be doing the same thing and pLEASE just help me find my mom im scared’ and then, a week later 'hey didn’t I see you at the store? We helped each other find our moms!’

• 'I was sitting on the slide at the park and you came over to confront me because the kid you were babysitting wants to use the slide but I’m saving this spot for the kid I’M babysitting, tough luck.’

• 'the cops showed up to a party we were at and chased everyone away. You and I happened to run in the opposite direction of all our friends and got lost in some dark and creepy street.’

• 'excuse you, that is MY goldfish, I saw it first! Go to a different petstore!’

• 'I fell off my skateboard after trying to do a cool trick to impress you, new friend, and you laughed for ten minutes before helping me out of the bowl and calling an ambulance because my legs aren’t suppose to bend like that’

• 'my frisbee is stuck in a tree and I climbed up here to get it out but I got stuck…and my phone fell out of my pocket. Can you get it and call my mom for me? Tell her I’m stuck in a tree!’

• 'I was jogging and you accidentally hit me with a baseball…wHo the hell plays baseball at 6 AM in the park by themselves!?’

Doctor Nye,“ Clarabelle said.
The spider like being turned to them. "Zombies,” it said, mildly surprised. “And a blue haired girl.”
“My name is Clarabelle. I’m here looking for a job.”
“A job?”
“Yes. I have no medical or scientific training to speak of, and no inclination to learn, and I pick things up fairly slowly because of my short attention span.”
Nye blinked its yellow eyes. “But…?”
“But what?”
“I’m waiting for you to list your good qualities now.”
Clarabelle blinked back at it. “Those were my good qualities.”
“Clarabelle… Clarabelle… You worked as Kenspeckle Grouse’s assistant, did you not?”
“One of them. He fired all the others.”
“But not you?”
“He fired me on the second day, but I kept coming in. I had nowhere else to go.”
“And then you killed him.”
“A Remnant squirmed inside you, and you killed Kenspeckle Grouse.”
Nye grinned. “You’re hired. But I have to warn you, if you try to kill me, I will dissect you and sing along to your screams.”
“Can I have Mondays off?”
“You may.
—  Skulduggery Pleasant; Death Bringer.
This is for all the Nye fans and the Clarabelle fans. Bask in the wonderful weirdness.

cohmgc  asked:

can i have a ship? (ps i love your blog so much your my new favorite)

omg dont say that im actually so lame (thank u tho ily u)  

  • ship: cal / ash / luke / mike (yo, you’re the first person i’ve shipped with cal so far be proud)
  • bff: cal / ash / luke / mike
  • frenemy: cal / ash / luke / mike
  • compliment: you are slaying the short hair like its so cute and i love it 
  • blurb:

Why your parents insisted on a babysitter was beyond you. Yeah, your siblings were still in primary school but you weren’t. You were about to graduate and head off to college, they didn’t need to bring someone else into the house while they were gone for the night doing God knows what, Lord knows where. Especially not Calum Hood, the annoying younger brother of your older friend, Mali. Your families were friends, sure, but you were closer to Mali than you ever were to Calum despite the age gap. Calum was cocky and annoying and never had anything better to do other than to than poke fun at you and trash talk your FIFA skills. 

So you sat on the arm-chair in the living room, pretending to read while scowling at him while he annihilated your little brother on the digital sport. It wasn’t until your brother suddenly (and unsurprisingly) decided he’d had enough and stalked off outside to soak up the last of the sun and get some real soccer in, that you finally said something considering just Calum’s presence was setting you off. 

“Do you get off on not letting kids win or something?” You snapped at him, unable to contain yourself anymore. Obviously, though, it just got him a little more excited. 

“Do you get off on thinking about me getting off?” he seemed to just sing back to you, the same cocky grin plastered across his shit-eating face. You glared at him, some sort of growl rising from the pit of your stomach to your throat. 

“You wish, pretty boy.” You snarled, turning back to your book to try and forget about him once and for all. 

Except, that was kind of impossible because out of nowhere you could feel his breath on your neck, one hand snaking underneath your arm to reach down and grip your thigh, not too tight but firm enough to give you a fright and make you jump - unfortunately, right back into his touch which only egged him on a little more. 

“You think I’m pretty?” he whispered seductively into you ear, and you didn’t miss the way his teeth grazed your earlobe. But before you could bite back or hit him or even think about changing your thoughts about him, he’d disappeared and your little sister was marching down the stairs with her favourite stuffed dog - conveniently, one that he’d given her - complaining that she was hungry. 


[ howdy y’all it’s me coming back from the dead for all of two seconds ]

[ i realized i never like. actually said anything when i outied over on this end of the world!! sorry about that ]
[ just wanted to slide on in here and thank you guys for giving me a real good run while i was here?? you took this random-ass singed out of nowhere, and with all the stuff i got to write ‘cause you gave me the time of day, went and made him one of my faves. you folks made writing my muses 10/10 and i think about coming back here a lot ‘cause. hell, it was a lot of fun, and i miss it. B’v maybe i’ll try dunking this dickbag back in once irl things chill out some. or graves again b/c we all know he’s my favorite he’s also fun to write ]

[ so Uhhhhh take this as a…….Maybe stirring on the horizon. Maybe. ]
[ chase your bliss, live your dreams ]

SHINee Gif Reaction- You Follow Your Boyfriend On Tumblr

Thank You For Requesting! Love a bit of SHINee!~ Admin A


I think that Onew would not be very frequent on tumblr and visits his blog only once in a while. His blog would not have a lot of content, perhaps a few pictures of the places he has visited, some pictures of chicken and recipes with it and a few recordings of him singing song that has been in his head recently. 

He would think to himself ‘What does this mean?’ ‘Is she trying to tell me something?’ ‘Does this change our relationship?’. He’d be surprised as out of nowhere you had started to follow him. He didn’t even know you had tumblr so he wouldn’t really know what to do from there. I think he would not mention it as it wasn’t a massive deal but every time he went on his blog, he would be more aware about what he posts on it. He would find himself having a habit of re-blogging mushy, romantic song lyrics to impress you when it came up on your dash.


I think Jonghyun’s blog would contain a few pictures of him shirtless and he would re-blog anything really from art, landscapes, tattoo’s and song lyrics. 

He would notice the small notification that tells him ‘your blog name’ has followed him. He would think it was quite amusing that you are dating for a while and you have only just followed him on tumblr. He would be giggly and snoop your blog to see if you have said anything about him on it. He would definitely tell the other members about it, kind of bragging that you re-blog his shirtless pics. I see you eventually becoming a tumblr couple.


Key would get quite sassy with you, his diva side coming out. Not only did you not follow him until now but you have the courage to say that you “weren’t driven to follow him on a blog that literally just reviews skin care products and re-blogs Beyoncé pictures and performances”. He would probably end up not following you back and say that until you take it back, you were at ‘social networking war’. But this does not affect your real life relationship, it’s just on social network as a bit of fun. However, that don’t mean he won’t take it seriously.


Minho would end up dedicating his blog to sports by re-blogging pictures and clips of athletes and footballers. He would also post selca’s of you two on it quite a lot. There may also be a tutorial or two. 

If you followed him, he would not make a big deal of it. It would just pop up in one of your conversations like “By the way, since when did you have tumblr?” and that would be the end of it. Although, after you have followed him, he will add little messages on the selca’s he posts like ‘I love you’ or ‘Why do you have to be so cute?’ for you to see on your dash. I see you guys being a tumblr couple too because of all the selca’s you take together, people will think they are cute and like them.


Now I think our maknae would have a blog dedicated to dance and choreograph. He would be re-blogging pop songs that he likes to dance to, post some clips of a dance he has choreographed and you’ll see some stuff on their about Kai too. Some nice messages aimed at him and some pictures of them together.

He would think you following him is cute and he would admit that it surprised him at first seeing as it was out of the blue after you had been dating for a while without mentioning tumblr. But then after that he would end up always checking your blog and take notice of all the stuff you post and re-blog. He would end up finding some very old pictures of him in his bowl haircut days and a few nice pictures of you two together that someone else took. 

Idk. Just more of the Newest Directions being a weird, silly little family.


           Jane loved both of her boys equally,but differently.

           With Roderick, it was easy. He was the friend she’d grown up with- figuratively, at least, if unfortunately not literally. Roderick was the shoulder to lean on, her favourite pillow, a steady, comforting presence that was always just there. Roderick was phone calls at weird hours of the night about performance jitters and math homework and the meaning of the universe and “What if turkeys know when Thanksgiving’s coming?”

           Mason was different. Mason was shy smiles and brushing hands accidentally and those stupid butterflies in the base of her stomach. Mason was glancing at each other from opposite sides of the choir room- she had learned never to look at him when she was singing, because sometimes he’d have this awestruck look on his face that had once thrown her off her game so much that Kitty had sent her outside to calm down.

           Ultimately, she wholeheartedly considered both of them her soulmates, and she couldn’t remember what she had done before she met them and she didn’t know what she would do next year when Roderick graduated. Both of them had become part of what she associated with the word home, as surely as Kitty and Madison had become what her mind flashed to when she heard the word sister, as much as the word happiness had always led her to an image of spotlights in her eyes and her favourite song on her lips, but was also starting to share its space with the regular booth at Breadstix and Mason’s warmth pressed against her side.

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The significant life of a goldfish.

To most people, a goldfish doesn’t hold much value. They’re often first pets that last a week, a spur of the moment regret. They’re the bottom feeders of the food chain and aren’t worth the trouble with how filthy they are. My goldfish, Professor Swimmy, was definitely filthy. But he lived through my worst, and turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me.

I got him as a gift from my ex boyfriend during probably the most difficult time of my life, after the termination of my first pregnancy. I was a mother stricken with grief and sadness, craving to love and cherish a life that I would never get to meet. Full of guilt and remorse, I welcomed any new life, in any shape or form with open arms and a heavy heart.

Professor Swimmy got sick early on, turns out you need more than just a fish bowl and fish flakes to properly take care of a fish. I spent hours researching, and finally came to the conclusion that he had ammonia poisoning, jobless, and determined not to give up on this new life that had presented to me after I had lost the most precious one, I went to the store and risked stealing a 10gal. tank and spent my last $15 on ammonia tablets which I don’t regret because as soon as I dropped that tablet in, he bounced right back to life, it took weeks for him to heal, but he was saved, little did I know that he would be the one saving me.

As I curled up around the womb where my baby should have been growing, crying with no will to go on, no motivation, overwhelmed with guilt and loss, I would think about all the ways I would end my life, and the only other thought roaming around in my head was, “Who is going to take care of my fish after I’m gone” Because I had no one. I had no friends. I had no family. I pushed away my boyfriend, my fish was all I had and I had to remind myself that, I was all he had as well. I told myself daily that I adopted this fish, he is mine, he didn’t choose me as an owner, I chose him, I asked for him. I have to take care of him. And so over the course of the next year, that’s exactly what I did. He was what I woke up to every morning, and he was what I saw every night while I was weeping into my pillow.

It seemed like the more effort I put into him, the more time I spent hopelessly trying to train him, and singing to him so he would swim to the top of the tank to greet me, the happier I became and eventually life got better. I found a good job, I paid for a new car in full, I started going out with my friends, I even bought him a fish mate, Fishyslayer, to keep him company while I was out.

Then, about 6 months later, out of nowhere, he got sick again. This time it wasn’t ammonia. I’m still not even sure to this day, what it was. As soon as I realized that it wasn’t just a scratch and it was progressively getting worse, I made a late night run to the store to buy anything and everything that would help him.  I did a water change, I added in some medication to heal and soothe his wounds, I stayed up with him all night but it progressed so quick and so rapidly that there wasn’t much that would help him. I called my vet at 4am in tears but he said there was nothing he could do, that fish just get old and die and that Professor Swimmy was a fighter because with the state he was in, he should have been dead hours ago.

I called out of work that morning. Professor Swimmy calmed me through every breakdown, even though he was a goldfish and his life meant so little, his life meant everything to me, he gave me life. So it was only right I was there with him when his ended.

I didn’t know why he suddenly decided to die. I was sad again, my vet had no answers all he could say to me was “I’ve never seen someone value life so much” And afterwards I realized that, that was an answer in it’s own. My goldfish taught me a very important lesson, to value life no matter how big or small, that every life matters, every life can impact a person, or the world. Looking at the bigger picture, I think this was a lesson I had to learn because about a week later, after having been crying for days and feeling a bit off for awhile, I found out that there was a reason I was so hormonal and tired all the time… because I’m pregnant.

So, I say you to, Professor Swimmy, your life is significant. Thank you for dropping ammonia tablets in my tank. Your legacy and memory will live on. I treasured your life just as I will treasure this baby’s life. You filled a spot in my heart with bubbles and taught me how to love. So I thank you, my dear friend. And I hope wherever you are, you’re swimming in open seas, I hope you have all the fish flakes you can eat, and I hope you can still hear my voice every night as I sing lullabies to the baby fish swimming around in my womb.

Rest in Peace Professor Swimmy.
May 7, 2014 - July 31, 2015

Cake-drabble : Beard Destiny

Anon request: Can you please write a small dabble about calum complaining when luke kisses him now that he has a beard please!

I got this request & then 5soscake-bakery tagged me in another post about the beard so I had to write it.

“Luke don’t!” Calum whined, fingers pressed against Luke’s mouth to push the younger man away.

Blue eyes smirked at him. “What? Am I not allowed to kiss you anymore?”

“No.” Calum pouted, still feeling the uncomfortable burn of Luke’s six-day old stubble against his cheek. This jerk’s beard had come in particularly full this time around and Luke had been crowing about it for days, refusing to shave no matter how many times Calum hinted he wanted it gone.


Luke’s expression was entirely too amused for Calum’s liking, especially combined with how those large knuckles grazed over the delicate smoothness of his own cheek. He had the distinct impression this big blond bimbo knew exactly what he was doing. And he’d be damned before he played into Luke’s hand by becoming all flustered and nervous.

“Why would anyone want to kiss you, Lucas?” He countered, brows furrowed. “It’s like kissing a cactus!”

Luke’s mouth stretched into a wry smile as he nodded agreeably. “Can’t say I blame you. I’d rather kiss someone soft and sweet myself.” Appreciative blue eyes followed his thumb as he traced it over the curve of Calum’s defiant pout.

Ordinarily, Calum might’ve blushed and tried to look away, as he often did when Luke flirted with him. But right now, he bristled. So what if he couldn’t grow a full-beard like goddamn Luke Hemmings? Or even grow a few hairs… That didn’t make him ‘soft’ or ‘sweet’!

Bringing two hands up to Luke’s chest, he shoved hard, and gloated as he managed to send the big jerk careening into the opposite wall. Hah! He’d like to see Luke try to call him ‘soft’ now!

“You’re not kissing me, cactus-boy,” he sing-songed, sauntering off towards the kitchen.


Calum absentmindedly headed back towards his bedroom, too caught up scrolling through some porn-star’s breast pictures to notice when an arm materialized out of nowhere, wrapped itself around his waist, and pulled him tight against that all-too-familiar, hard chest.

“Luca-,” he started to whine, then stopped as he raised his face up and got a clear view of Luke’s clean face. This jerk had shaved?! But he’d been so proud of his beard…

Luke smile was teasing. “So… am I allowed to kiss you now?” He asked flirtatiously, lifting one of Calum’s hand to his own cheek.

Calum trailed blunt fingers over the smooth skin, feeling tiny knicks and grooves the razor had left behind. He bit into his bottom lip and stared up at the younger man through dark lashes.

“Yeah, okay.” He answered softly, then smirked at Luke. “But only until your 5 o’clock shadow comes in. So you better make it fast, cactus-boy.”

Luke didn’t waste anymore time.