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Is this an unpopular opinion?

Honestly I kind of hate it when people are like wow I don’t think Chloe deserves a miraculous because she’s a spoiled brat or w/e like mate. Have you heard of this new thing. This amazing concept. It’s called, you ready for it? Character Development. Yep. It’s a thing. A thing that happens. A lot actually. Most people eat that shit up (see: Prince Zuko) I mean all we know is that she becomes Queen Bee in season 2. They didn’t say she’s getting the miraculous episode one. I think a good chunk of s2 will be developing Chloe into a more complex character who will both deserve and benefit from holding a miraculous. If that doesn’t happen, if Chloe doesn’t develop, then you can whine about how she doesn’t deserve the miraculous. But for now, at least give Hawkdaddy the benefit of the doubt with his character.

  • *thing about Sokka and Zuko dueling*
  • Me, internally: haha that's cool but I wonder if we're taking into account the concerning fact that Sokka's Space Sword has on multiple occasions displayed the ability slice solid metal over several inches thick without inconveniencing him. Are we operating under the assumption that Zuko's dao are made of some other "stronger than iron and/or steel material" despite that they don't have the appearance of damascus steel either. Wouldn't it be sensible for Sokka to have acquired a practice blade for this so he wouldn't cut Zuko's blades or hurt him accidentally? Is this simply a plothole of sorts that I'm just looking too deeply into?
  • Me: haha, cool :)

BK: The idea for Zuko’s disguise and the plot for “The Blue Spirit” came to us very quickly, but initially in the writers’ room we thought of him as the Red Spirit. I researched scores of masks from various Asian cultures and filled up a sketchbook with concepts for what he could look like. He needed to seem creepy and a little supernatural. Unfortunately, with the red mask he as looking a bit like an ancient Korean version of Spider-Man. Anthony Lioi, one of our directors at the time, thought the red mask would seem to be associated with the Fire Nation, thereby giving away Zuko’s identity to the audience too easily. We changed him to the Blue Spirit and that was the shift I needed to finalize the design. I found a mask of the character Dragon King Nuo from Chinese drama. He was definitely spooky and his smile added a menacing playfulness that seemed to be the missing ingredient. The decorative paint on the mask was far too elaborate to work for TV animation, so I streamlined the shapes while trying to retain the graphic power of the visage. Zuko was already my favorite character, and the Blue Spirit added a whole new level to his appeal. The disguise evolved into something of an alter ego for Zuko, one that seemed to be free of the burden of his fall from grace. 

Designs by Bryan Konietzko. Color by Hye Jung Kim.


Contact Names

People you know: you’re BAE with two hearts by it in my contacts!

Friends: yeah, in my phone you’re hoe number six


It is essential to have a flaming boi in a modern day medium! I am not talking such nonsense!

For every flaming boi, they must have a dark past we must feel bad for it, as viewers! We love flaming bois! Especially when we ship them with blue people!

Please do not ridicule me! Don't blame me for having many of them have HORRIBLE parents!

markhamillz  asked:

Azula getting a Thor style redemption arc is a great idea

I know, right? It’d be a great development arc for her character: block her powers, cast her away from everything she believed was rightfully hers, all because she’s become unworthy (likely due to arrogance, maybe even selfishness?). The quest to prove herself worthy again would be very, very interesting, even if likely heartbreaking at times…

Of course, it makes me wonder how she’d land herself in such a situation in the first place. Unless someone like Iroh plays Odin’s role, it’d be difficult for Azula to end up cast away from the potential Asgard over unworthiness… even Iroh doesn’t really suit Odin’s role entirely, but well, it’s a thought xD

… Huh. Or maybe Ursa is the one to do it? Hmmmmmm… *strokes chin* 

Still, I think Thor’s situation is very suitable example for what Azula’s ideal redemption should look like. Canon-wise, she’s basically in the same position Thor was: she’s the favored child with every possible advantage laid down before her. There are obvious differences, such as that her mind is more tactical than Thor’s, always has been, but anyways! I would enjoy a story where she falls from her pedestal and needs to find her way in the world without the benefits of her position or powers to help her.

… I don’t really want it as a post-canon banishment after Aang takes away her powers, though. Thor’s quest is largely about regaining what he’d lost, Aang’s ‘bending removal’ seems like something very final that I don’t think Azula can come back from. Also, with Zuko on the throne, Azula loses her chances at regaining her position in society for obvious reasons…

Oh well. A proper Marvel AU would be much better for a story like this xD

Toph and Katara don’t count as actual girls as far as Zuko is concerned, mostly because like Azula, he thinks of them in a sisterly way. In that they have both tried to very seriously kill him before.
—  Boys’ Night (an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic)

But seriously, if you think about it, you’ll realize, that Kylo and Rey were meant to meet from the very beginning of TFA.
From the moment Kylo hears about ‘the girl’ for the first time, to Rey’s future visions of him (and probably Kylo’s of Rey), to the point they meet in the wicked forest of Takodana and Rey’s ‘abudction'of Ren and the first moment Rey finds the Force through Kylo and sharing ‘something’ unique, mysterious together, leading finally to their epic lightsaber duel, while looking intensely through each other–every single event was leading for these two to meet and collide.
These two were destined to meet, and their lives to be interwined and not in the way we see in these cheesy romantic films, where the use it to such exhausting and shallow point, that make me roll my eyes.
This was the first thing I thought and felt after watching TFA. So seriously, you can’t tell me that Kylo’s and Rey’s feelings will not change stay the same, you can’t tell they will not develop through each other (although Kylo’s feelings for Rey were never hostile to begin with), you can’t tell me they will not be tempted from each other and won’t have the most epic, fascinating ‘relationship’ through the trilogy. These two are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame.