me too stephen me too

  • BILL:
  • •the mum friend
  • •probably a socialist
  • •scared of nothing
  • •depressed but in denial about it
  • •gets all the romantic attention
  • •into vintage stuff
  • •makes u cry all the time
  • •a cutie
  • •likes dogs
  • •fuck this shit i'm out
  • •has nice hair
  • •always late or never turns up
  • •would actually kill himself
  • •wears expensive shirts
  • •the Obscure Friend™
  • •behaves like a virgo but isn't a virgo
  • •scared of cats
  • •takes the nicest photos
  • MIKE:
  • •broke out of a conservative family
  • •has an anime backstory
  • •nearly been killed about 8 times
  • •smells of books
  • •doesn't fight back bc he doesn't want to seem rude
  • •the quiet one with all the ideas
  • •lets you copy his homework
  • •too cool for the squad but was adopted in anyway
  • •a bit unstable but still lovely
  • •stands for shit from no one
  • •hates boys but isn't gay
  • •could make a binbag look nice
  • •ur mum doesn't like her
  • •has 1 friend
  • •probably writes poetry in the bath
  • •secretly taught herself karate in year 9
  • EDDIE:
  • •so far in the closet he's seen Narnia
  • •biggest mummy's boy since Norman Bates
  • •uses big words to make up for his height
  • •carries hand sanitiser and would probably drink it tbh
  • •trying his best
  • •prepares for his death if he catches a cold
  • •always injures himself on group outings
  • •buys kids' tickets and gets away with it
  • BEN:
  • •got hot eventually
  • •knows everything bc he lives on wikipedia
  • •will win every game of jenga
  • •definition of a nerd
  • •listens to awful mum rock
  • •terrible at flirting
  • •just happy to be here
  • •can't get a girlfriend
  • •terrible handwriting
  • •probs writes conspiracy theories in his spare time
  • •the BIGGEST GAY
  • •works 72 hour shifts so he can afford nice watches
  • •looks good in leather
  • •can blag the whole squad into any party
  • •wears cuban heels and carries a zippo
  • •literally everyone likes him
  • •somehow has gossip about everyone
  • •likes obscure indie music and adidas
  • •would rather die than go to the circus
  • •has fucked your mother

NEVER ask a taylor swift fan what their favorite song is unless you want to see them have a mental breakdown in front of you as they try to explain to you that they simply cannot choose one song

Punk Richie & Pastel Eddie

~ Eddie has a hot pink fanny pack JUST TO START THIS LIST OFF

~ Richie got his first tattoo at 15, because his parents didn’t care nor would they noticed. His first tattoo is on his forearm, its ‘los(v)ers’

~ Eddie doesn’t like needles but he gets a tongue piercing at 16 (Richie likes it very much if you catch my drift)

~ Richie wears black tank tops and t-shirt, he’s ditched his iconic Hawaiian shirts

~ he also has this heavy, warm leather jacket that Eddie first wore on a date night

~ they went out stargazing in some remote part of town and despite his long sleeve Eddie got cold, so
Richie put his leather jacket over eddies shoulders
- he squealed on the inside

~ Richie got Eddie flowers one day but Eddie was blushing HEAVILY because he knows the many meanings of flowers and he’s like ‘t-these mean s-sex R-Richie’

~ so Richie got him different flowers that mean love and trust and honesty and Eddie just loves him

~ at 18, they both get stick and pokes of each other’s first initial

~ Eddie likes to make flower crowns so he makes one for Richie when they had a picnic date but Richie is like ‘that’s not badass’

~ Richie wears it anyway cause he’s Whipped™

Add on if y’all want!!~

i’m usually the person who laughs during horror movies, because of how ridiculous and not scary they are, but “it” legitimately had some parts that scared the shit out of me. i mean i only laughed at the humorous parts of the movie (as should happen), and at my friend who was cursing next to me (also should happen). the majority of the time i’m left super disappointed with horror movies, but i left happy with this one…and paranoid like legit saw 3 or 4 red balloons tied up to random places on the way home i hate all of you.


A/N: This is set in modern day so don’t be confused when it says something about them talking out their phones.

Pairing: Richie x Eddie

Description: Richie is jealous because some guy is flirting with Eddie.

Warning: None really just some cursing, and making out. They are aged up so don’t flip out.

Word count: 1509

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Reblog and Tag yourself, IT edition

  • What would trick you into reaching towards Pennywise in the sewer?
  • What Pennywise would turn into if you met It?
  • Which Loser member you would want backing you up when fighting It?
  • And which Loser you’d probably be friends with IRL?