me too snape. me too

excuses ive heard from people who did not want to watch the get down
  • idk, the plot looks boring –> it’s about ambitious young people who try to find a place in the society they were thrown into and i think anyone can relate to it
  • i watch too many shows! –> bruh, the first part of the season is only 6 episodes. i’m sure you can plan it in you schedule
  • i don’t know about hip hop or disco! –> me neither and it did not stop me from understanding the plot!
  • i don’t like musicals! –> it’s not Les Misérables, there is only like 4 major scenes where the characters sing/rap and it’s not corny in any way - it makes sense and the songs are hella catchy and amazing

so time to wake up y’all! part 2 is dropping on April 7th! just give it a try, i swear you’re gonna love it 

“… Lily Evans married James Potter under a bespelled blue sky. Petunia did not attend, and neither did Severus. Lily’s father walked her down no aisles, but Hagrid brought giant, beautiful squash blossoms from his garden for her bouquet. Alice (now Longbottom) painted up her eyelashes while Remus worked patiently on her nails. Sirius, Peter, and James passed around a flask of whiskey Sirius had stolen from his father’s best stores.

While Severus distracted Karkaroff with talk of Quidditch prospects and tugged and tweaked and amplified and cloaked the guard spells on a Gringotts vault, the girl down the street became Lily Evans Potter. She kissed James to the sound of cheers and catcalls. Almost everybody she loved was watching her laugh, watching James pick her up and swing her around and crush her into a hug that involved only happy crying.

James asked McGonagall how she could manage to look disapproving even on his wedding day, grinning ear to ear. Albus wiped his tears with his long white beard. Alice romped around the dance floor with Lily, both of them smiling furiously, almost flying, impossible to catch. Mad-Eye Moody gave a speech, only stopping twice during it to throw friendly hexes at any of his cadets he didn’t think were being vigilant enough. He called Lily “a reckless hellion child,” and he called James “damn lucky.”

Severus collapsed into bed at four the next morning, the tips of his hair singed with dragon flame and his throat sore with unspoken spells. If Lily had pinged his radio for a congratulations or a hello or a good-bye, he hadn’t been around to hear it.”

a life of smoke and silvered glass, an AU in which Severus Snape is a double agent from the very beginning of the war – full fic here


What if Snape was more tolerant of Slytherin students because he knew that they came from not so nice households. That they came from a family that expected only the best. Maybe he wasn’t playing favorites because he was a Slytherin , maybe he was trying to be kind to the students. Receiving great marks in his class because he didn’t want fellow Slytherins to go home to angry parents like he did… Maybe I should stop and sleep before I let this consume my soul… Too late it already did.

i don’t understand why the chapter the prince’s tale has caused so many people to shed snape in a better light and paint him as this tragic character who was in love and had an awful life and deserves to be put on some kind of pitying, loving pedestal. if anything, that chapter only served to highlight his awful behavior, at least for me. 

so, the first part of his memory shows snape jumping out of the bushes to tell lily that she’s a wizard after she’s performed this feat that should be impossible, and that’s all well and good. then, he proceeds to insist that lily is a witch, and petunia responds rather hautily, “’wizard! i know who you are. you’re that snape boy!… why have you been spying on us?’” obviously petunia’s not being the nicest, and so snape responds “’haven’t been spying. wouldn’t spy on you, anyway, you’re a muggle’”. right off the bat, here’s proof of snape’s prejudice against muggles. this didn’t just magically appear in hogwarts as a result of the people he was forced to spend time around - the sentiment was already there. 

then, in another scene, lily and snape are underneath a tree, talking. it’s in this scene that we see the sort of weird obsession snape has with lily, when jk rowling writes “he watched her as greedily as he had watched her in the playground”. rowling wouldn’t have used this wording if she didn’t want to emphasize the way he was looking at her - how lily has become this kind of escape for him, maybe his only source of friendship and happiness. and i’m not denying him that, but treating her this way is obviously unhealthy and leads to problems. 

the next scene is on platform nine and three quarters, when lily is preparing to leave for her first year at hogwarts. it’s revealed that petunia sent a letter to dumbledore asking if she could come too, and that it was snape’s idea to read the letter when he saw it, full well knowing how tense petunia and lily’s relationship is and how this could affect it.

then, once on the train, snape’s prejudices are revealed once again. lily is crying because petunia called her a freak and the two aren’t on good terms, and snape says “’so what?’”. lily replies “’so she’s my sister!’” to which snape says “she’s only a -’” obviously about to imply that petunia is inferior because she’s a muggle.

then, a few years after, lily and snape are talking in the hallway. snape calls dark magic “’…a laugh, that’s all’” and when lily calls him on it, he immediately shifts the conversation to james potter, attempting to change the subject, to which lily replies (rightfully), “’what’s potter got to do with anything?’” obviously, despite knowing the ideals and actions of people like avery and mulciber, snape isn’t able to take responsibility for being friends with them. then, when lily she knows that james is awful, but then continues to chastise snape for the company he keeps, he doesn’t take note of anything but the fact that she doesn’t like james. he treats her like something that he needs to keep a hold onto.

in the next scene, set after the fifth year incident, snape doesn’t even deny that he wants to be/his friends are death eaters. he’s come to “apologize” to lily for calling her a slur, and he doesn’t even deny he is in a group that thinks that calls people the slur and who want to kill them. lily says it best: “’but you call everyone of my biirth mudblood, severus. why should i be any different?.”

then, snape is in dumbledore’s office. voldemort has just revealed that he thinks lily’s son is the son of the prophecy, and he wants to kill the whole family. dumbledore asks “’if she means so much to you, surely lord voldemort will spare her? could you not ask for mercy for the mother, in exchange for the son?’ ‘i have - i have asked him -’ ‘you disgust me. you do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? they can die, as long as you have what you want?’ snape said nothing, but merely looked up at dumbledore.” yeah, me too dumbledore. snape disgusts me too. the fact that he was willing to let a child die so that he could have lily is appalling. this is where his true character is revealed, because this is a grown man who claims to be in love with a woman, yet doesn’t realize that if you love someone you want them to be happy, not want to have them. 

the part of the chapter that has to do with lily does absolutely nothing to paint their relationship in any sort of healthy, positive light, and honestly serves to reveal snape’s true character of being a pretty awful person.

Deconstructing Snape's "Obsessive Love"

Usually, Snape’s love for Lily is discredited with the word “obsessive,” so I wanted to examine that a bit. See, I would probably describe his feelings as obsessive, but I hesitate to use that word at all because it has been thrown around as meaning “Snape never loved Lily; he was obsessed with her.”

However, if we can manage to separate the word obsessive from its context in the Snape debate–Severus is an obsessive person. It’s unlikely he ever cared about much of anything un-obsessively, whether it was potions, (Defence Against) the Dark Arts, or Lily. This is a guy who waxed poetic about “the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes” and a million other things. Snape is…really dramatic. 

The anti-Snape rhetoric tries to fit Snape’s story into a narrative that goes like this: A guy is obsessed with a girl, but he doesn’t love her. He thinks he loves her, but really, he loves the idea of her. He doesn’t actually see her as a person; he doesn’t even really know her.

And that narrative is pretty common in real life and in fiction. It’s the basis for understanding the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope. So it’s easy for a lot of people to say that’s all Snape’s story is. 

However, there’s no reason to believe that Severus did not see Lily as a person. They were best friends for about five years. I do not believe they could’ve been best friends without Severus truly knowing Lily–her likes, her dislikes, her dreams, her fears, her everything.

Yet simultaneously, Lily probably did represent an idea to him. To explain it very simplistically–the idea of someone who loved him and cared about him (and before that, the idea of a potential friend who could do magic). Eileen probably loved him, but she clearly neglected him, and his parents’ relationship was an unhealthy one, so Severus didn’t have much of a model of what healthy love would look like. If you’re starved for love and affection, you latch onto the first person who shows it to you. That could’ve been the basis of Snape’s feelings before he really got to know Lily. But he did get to know her.

He needed her more than she needed him, most likely–love was more freely available to her. He had no one else. His love was likely to be intense–maybe more intense than hers ever could’ve been. That’s what happens with an intense person like Severus. He was as fixated on his love of Lily as he was fixated on his hatred of James.

It’s unfortunate we have to spend so much time denying that Snape’s love was in any way obsessive in order to prove it was real. I really want to talk about Severus as an intense and obsessive person. Because he loved Lily as a friend, and it was genuine. And he also loved her obsessively, because that was his nature, and because his time as her friend was likely the only time he was happy. Because knowing her, appreciating her, valuing her only made that feeling more intense. It wasn’t an uncomplicated love, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love.

fetchalgernon (In response to your post about Harry’s wasted potions legacy)


And Harry James Potter, son of potions legacy James Potter and potions prodigy Lily Evans, gets to school and he realizes that his potions professor… is shite. (I’m american and i’ll say shite if i want to.)

Harry spends most of first year owling his parents with potions questions, and they’re like, yeahhh this is bogus, and why is he using this textbook?? Why isn’t he using this other textbook, which is loads better and actually tells you why you’re doing what you’re doing?? (Don’t tell me that the wizarding world doesn’t have a textbook conspiracies it SO DOES.) So harry takes studious notes, and maybe after Christmas he comes to school with the other two-way mirror, because in a universe where James and Lily are alive to answer their son’s homework questions, you’d better believe they’d want to answer them in a timely fashion.  (Sirius probably shuddered when James told him that the mirrors were being used for homework, but it’s to spite Snape so at least it’s better than nothing, and anyway Sirius takes full advantage to hijack the homework-conversations to chat with his godson and his friend Ron, who is also involved in the potions tutoring sessions, so there’s that.)  And when kids pick up on this, because if Hermione Granger is giving somebody the stink eye for not following the rules but getting it right anyway then something must be up, so they’re like, harry how do you do this? harry why is this wrong?

So Harry starts up a semi-underground potions tutoring ring because Snape is a bigot who can’t teach.  And Hermione eventually softens because yeah, this other textbook is loads better, really she should have purchased it ages ago, and maybe she and Lily become pen pals because Harry’s mom is sort of amazing, and who wouldn’t adore Hermione, and they totally bond over #justmugglethings, and it’s great.

Aaaand I got off topic, but basically: kids taking control of their education when their teachers are terrible, and they can’t get in trouble for it because they’re just trying to learn?

Bonus: Snape really, really wants to give Harry detention or something, but McGonagall shuts him down every time because honestly, Severus, Mr. Potter and his parents are not the problem here.

Bro realized yesterday that Snape hates Neville because Voldemort killed Lily instead of the Longbottoms.

Noticed in my reread of Prisoner of Azkaban that the DAtDA class where the 3rd year Gryffindors fight a boggart is the same day as the potions class where Snape tried to poison Trevor the toad (he didn’t believe Neville could fix the potion in time) like of course Neville’s worst nightmare is the professor that nearly killed his pet toad that very morning.

Also? The kids have potions, then lunch, and go off to their first DAtDA class. Lupin leads them to the staff room, and Snape is in there, says “I’d rather not witness this,” goes to leave, and fucking stops in the door to say “Possibly no one’s warned you Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss granger is hissing instructions in his hear.”

And because Lupin is a class act he just calmly says “I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he ill perform it admirably.”


Anyway I was relaying this information to my brother, and added “geez Snape what did Neville ever do to you?”

And Bro gets this lightbulb moment look, and points out…the prophecy. Snape got the Potters killed because he heard Trelawney’s first prophecy and told Voldemort, and then Pettigrew betrayed them. But until Voldemort chose, the prophecy could’ve applied to baby Harry or baby Neville.

Snape bullies Harry because of his undying hatred for James. Of course he fucking bullies Neville for not dying as a baby. He looks at Harry and sees James, he looks at Neville and sees the kid Voldemort could have attacked.

Snape thinks Lily would be alive if Neville were dead.


I said something to shynii about Neville Longbottom/Percy Weasley smut, and she said something [admittedly less nonsensical] about Marauders and then suddenly there was a Jeanmarco Marauders AU.

And then we both went radio silent at the same time because this obviously needed to be doodled.

So have some Marco as Lupin [tortured werewolf torn between wanting desperately to be close to his friends and keeping them at a distance so they can’t get hurt] and Jean as Sirius [The fullblood rebel first of his family not to be Slytherin. Also his animagus form is a cockroach].

Not pictured is Eren as James Potter, Mikasa as Lily Evans, and Armin as Peter Pettigrew [FIGHT ME, SY].

Bonus Professor Dumblesmith because Sy thought the idea was hilarious for some reason:

Remember when Snape gave Harry detention and made him look at the names of his dead parental guardians (James, Sirius) and the name of the man that betrayed them (Peter) knowing that this would hurt him because Sirius just died? Wanting to hurt him in exactly that way?

WhAT A HERo!.!.!

THE most irritating thing in fanfic to me is a Snape who has no sense of humour. Like, snark is a huge part of his character. Especially when he was younger. This is the guy who invented a spell based around a bad pun on his name (”sectumsempra” pretty much translates to “sever forever”). He is fully capable of REALLY TERRIBLE PUNS, not just biting sarcasm.

Harry compares his humour to his own or Ron’s, if a bit darker. Underneath all of that scowling bitterness Severus Snape is a sassy drama queen to the nth degree. He’s got the emotional maturity of a fifteen year old and you can bet your ass that he’d be joking around like one if he wasn’t laden down with so much stress and responsibility all the time.

Star Wars: At a magical school far, far away

In a galaxy far, far away, there is a school with four houses. (They say it used to be a magic school. But the line between technology, alien and magic has blurred centuries ago).

Attending this school are Gryffindor’s best flyer Poe Dameron, Kylo - temper issues - Ren (alright, so his real name is Ben Solo, but don’t call him that. Solos belong to Gryffindor. And Kylo’s not that sort. REALLY NOT!) and his best pal Hux.

Then there’s pressured-into-Slytherin-by-circumstances-even-though-the-sorting-hat-and-he-himself-both-wanted-Hufflepuff Finn. And Hufflepuff Rey. Who’d rather not have anything to do with ensuing mess (she just wants to complete her education and get a job, because she’s done with scavenging on Jakku).

Also, teacher Han Solo. Who’s not always there, brings in the most interesting assistance and creatures and regularly causes legal trouble for the school.

He also was married to vice principal Leia Organa  who secretly heads the Resistance. Incidentally, they are Kylo Ren’s parents. 

The student population understands why he has issues. They also (with a sense of slight disappointment) rather understand what Finn and Poe see in each other. Most of all, they second Rey’s “please leave me out of saving the galaxis and allow me to get my degree.”

@radioproxy: I blame you for this.

so i’ve tried to reblog the post like 500 fucking times but tumblr is being weird & won’t let me??? for some reason??? so here’s my response to that one post that’s floating around about how snape’s Big Romantic Gesture™ in the prince’s tale (aka the doe patronus) is actually NOT Romantic™ because snape only cares about harry as lily’s son and not because harry is a person who deserves to live - and therefore, snape is just a creep who’s still obsessed with a dead woman or w/e

a) there’s a difference between obsession and love. if snape was obsessed with lily, he would have ignored her wishes to not see each other and stalked her or something after their falling out - we have no indication that he does that. he respects her feelings and doesn’t try to force her to have a relationship with him (he is angry about her having one with james - but, to be fair, james treats snape like shit and that’s probably part of the reason he doesn’t want her to go out with him). there’s no indication that snape is ‘obsessed’ with lily - he clearly cares about her and loves her, but unless you read a different book then i did, there’s nothing creepy there.

b) is it…. really so bad…. that snape values harry because of lily….. ? pretty much everyone in harry’s life values him because of his parents or because of his status as a chosen one - remus and sirius definitely love harry because he’s james potter’s son. if snape protects harry and keeps him safe, does it matter that he’s doing it for lily’s sake instead of harry’s? does that really make him an evil person? i feel like that makes him a human, not some sort of grotesque monster.

c) yes, snape still clings to lily. but that’s because she was the only fucking person he cared about and the only fucking person who cared about him!!!! his best friend (and presumably the person he loved) DIED. horrifically. in part because of snape’s actions. and yet fandom thinks that snape thinking about her or doing things in her memory is ‘creepy’ and ‘obsessive’???? i’m so confused???? let me repeat; snape’s best friend and the only person to show him kindness in his terrible, loveless existence DIED. of course he’s going to continue thinking of her and doing things for her?

d) it’s almost how like sirius black and remus lupin try to kill pettigrew for murdering THEIR best friend - but wow, no one’s calling their grief and desire for vengeance unhealthy or obsessive. no one scolds them for doing shit for their dead best friend because, hey, maybe if snape isn’t included people actually recognize that when someone you love dies it leaves a fucking mark and you don’t just forget about them, especially if they die in such a traumatic way. especially if they’re the only person who ever gave a fuck about you.

e) there’s like this lowkey tone in this argument that snape doesn’t give a fuck about anyone who isn’t lily or related to lily which is just blatantly untrue. he protects the hogwarts students time and time again? he clearly cares about dumbledore? he even, gasp, cares enough about lupin and black who canonically treated him like shit, to make sure they don’t die. it’s like…. my buddy, my guy, snape is an asshole and he’s never kind but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t help people or save people who aren’t connected to lily in any way.

f) snape protects harry to honor lily’s memory. snape protects harry because of his own self-loathing and guilt for his part in lily’s death. snape protects harry because harry is the key to bringing down lily’s killer and snape wants revenge. snape protects harry because as much as he hates harry, he’s still a kid and snape protects kids even if he doesn’t treat them nicely. boiling down snape’s motivations to something as simple as ‘well he was obsessed with lily’ is so incredibly pedantic and does a disservice to his role in the novels and to rowling’s work to create a wonderfully complex character.

g) that scene is romantic regardless of how snape perceives harry. that scene is to prove that despite years of lily being dead, she will always be a person snape loves–that everything he’s doing - risking his life, doing dangerous shit,protecting her kid - is to honor lily. since we know that patroni reflect the heart of the person who wields them, snape’s matching lily’s reveals that she is still in his heart despite being dead, that he still loves her the most despite being dead, and that everything he does is for her. so yeah, people find it romantic. because it is. amazing.