me too selma

19th Century Nordic Queer Icons

HC Andersen: writing a novel about being alone while crying

Selma Lagerlöf: started to write a novel, but suddenly her two rivaling girlfriends Sofie Elkans and Valborg, show up and starts arguing about who of them both are the Best Girlfriend For Selma.

Getting bored of that they then start discoursing with Selma, who too enjoys some good writing discourse, about Selmas latest book. Is it well written etc? are the subjects respectful? Will they support the feminist cause etc? how is the intersectional application (but said in a 19th century way).

Then they all somehow ends up in bed togheter, were they enjoy some gay stuff, while at the same time keeping up the Discourse.

HC Andersen: Sending emotional “why did you reject me” letters to latest gay crush.


As long as I am unable to exercise my constitutional right to vote, I do not have command of my own life. I cannot determine my own destiny. It is determined for me by people who would rather see me suffer than succeed. Those that have gone before us say, no more! NO MORE!

- Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo)