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It is agreed on all hands that he is handsome, his features are good, his eye is not only sprightly and expressive, but it is full of benignity. His attitude in sitting is by connoisseurs esteemed graceful and he has a method of waving his hand that announces the future orator. He stands however rather awkwardly and his legs have not all the delicate slimness of his father’s…If he has any fault in manners, he laughs too much.
—  Hamilton describing his 7-month-old baby
Live Every Day of Your Life, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
A collection of drabbles: moments in the lives of Ron and Hermione.

I was hesitant to post my OTP Day drabble on because it felt too short to be a standalone fic and posting a collection of drabbles would indicate more than one drabble, but if I waited to have multiple drabbles who knows how long that would be…

So! Anyway! I went ahead and did it, you can now read Otherwise Engaged as a part of Live Every Day of Your Life, a collection of RHr drabbles on (with no promises on when there might be additional updates).  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



You had been close to Carl since the prison, being the only two teenagers in the group, it was a matter of time before you had become very fond of one another. 

When you had arrived in Alexandria though, it had begun to change. 

Carl noticed it the first time you both were introduced to the other teenagers. Ron had taken a liking towards you, the others knew it too. He would always show kindness towards you, flirting with you even if you didn’t notice. 

One morning, Carl awoke to see you outside, conversing with Ron. You two were laughing and he saw you smack Ron playfully on the shoulder. Carl shot out of bed, furious. He knew exactly why he was upset, he liked y/n, they knew each other first. 

He waited for you to leave Ron, and slammed the front door to the house and began storming down the street.

“Carl hey wha-” The next few moments were a blur. Carl pushing Ron to the ground, the boys struggling to maintain their balance when finally Ron hit it hard. 

“Stay away from y/n.” Carl spat as he turned to walk away, making eye contact with you. 

“Carl! What the hell was that for?” You yelled from the house as you ran towards him. 

“y/n, he’s an asshole! Stay away from him.” He growled as you put your hand up to his chest, stopping him from walking and further. 

“No he’s not. He’s our friend.” You murmured softly while seeing Ron walking away, Carl looking down at your hand and then back at you. “Wait a second. Are you jealous?” You dropped your hand and glared into his eyes. He didn’t respond.

“Well you don’t have to be. I only love you.” You told him as you grasped his calloused hand in yours. “Only you.” 

Me too, Harry, Me too




Honestly if you’re aware that Parks and Rec is at the beginning of its end, and you don’t have the emotional state of Ben Wyatt in a Batman suit, you need to re-adjust your priorities.

Pregnant Hermione having cravings for her favorite muggle snacks and a poor, confused Ron having to scrounge up as much muggle money as he can find and try to figure out what exactly it is his wife wants because “IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOUR PICTURE IS ON THE CARD. CHOCOLATE FROGS ARE JUST NOT THE SAME, RONALD”

Ok so what can I say about this. (aside from the fact that its a crummy doodle from my work notebook that I colored briefly on my tablet)

I guess I’ll start by saying that askarkham Is such a freakin amazing blog. The character portrayals are great and the art is great and everything about it is great. Not to mention it introduced me to the beautiful bromance that is Crane and Tetch. I absolutely love these two and they keep popping up everywhere in my notebooks now. And honestly before following this blog I wasn’t much of a Hatter fan but oh how that has changed. Riddler and Scarecrow had always been tied for my favorite batman villains but I think I might soon be adding  another… Hence this lil doodle. 

Of course though I couldn’t not draw a jealous Eddie in the distance