me too patrick

the writing process for The Last of The Real Ones (x)


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

requested by @musainrules <3

Bowers Gang As Aesthetic Posts

Henry Bowers: Bloody cigarettes/knuckles, knives, shattered glass, white text on pastel backgrounds proclaiming hope but ultimately showing a lack of it, leather jackets, sticks of gum, dark photos of forests with intense fog, lots of recipes

Victor Criss: Camo, dogs smiling, blue hued everything, monochromatic sunsets, Whisper confessions about being in love with your best friend, Let Boys Wear Makeup/Dresses, Thick wool sweaters, glittery bloody cigarettes, bruises, vague kink posting

Patrick Hockstetter: DEAD DEAD DEAD, blood, black leather, bugs/mounting bugs, lighters, fire tricks, disjointed manic ramblings, foggy mornings with brightly lit cottages on lakes, Silent Hill 2 memes, road kill, not-vague kink posting

Belch Huggins: Body positivity, professionally prepared meals, cats, lakes and ocean shots, Friends Are Family You Choose, Car stuff, movie gifs he relates to, procrastinators unite tomorrow