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This is a… I’m back in Ohio, finally, and I got to dye my hair back its original blue photoset. Plus a Mimi, who’s judging me for not taking down the tree yet. I need a new bookshelf for the corner first gdi

Also, while I was away, the book wrap for Shades of Magic came in! :D Actually think I’m gonna frame and hang it up, because it goes with the overall color theme of my living room.

So, my new Xbox One Elite controller came in today (hooray for Amazon Prime!) and I will say I’m actually quite pleased with it - the buttons are new (yay no more mushy A and B buttons, lol) and changing out d-pad so it’s just the 4 directions has made my Seraphim swapping so much more accurate it’s amazing.  I’ve had issues with the 360 d-pad and accidentally swapping in Lailah or Edna when I actually wanted Mikleo or Dezel/Zaveid instead, and having that precision when I use the d-pad has made me so much happier.  Also:

But that’s not why you’re reading this post.  Because obviously, if I got a new controller, I continued The Grand Adventure of Edgelord Puppy and Fanservice Kitty, and you’re here for screenshot gems like these:

Oops.  Maybe telling the assassin-popstar that the Seraphim are ghosts was a bad idea.  But no?  Not your flavor?  Or maybe something like these might be (behind a cut because this post is getting long):

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I’m imagining that Lukas has a major
Come to Mila moment about his repression when after a battle Alm is so ecstatic they won he hugs his nearest comrade, which happens to be Lukas, and his body feels so touched starved that he hugs back and just. Hugs Alm for a little bit longer than necessary. I know based on DLC Lukas was courting a girl, but based on his support with Python and influence of @markoftheasphodel ’s reading of him as Ace and homoromantic I don’t see it getting very physical, plus Clive’s views as him being a “cool observer” he doesn’t really get physical touch while in the Deliverance, which multiple months of not being touched positively is probably. Not. The best.

Alm eventually taps his shoulder because everyone is starting to stare and it hits home for Lukas that some of his physical needs are also not being met, and he lets go, going back to how he usually acts, but inwardly a little shaken. but he doesn’t bring it up to the others because he thinks it will make them feel uncomfortable, or confused, until he starts to notice after battles or during tactics meetings, whenever Alm wants his attention he pats his shoulder or touches his arm. Lukas is Surprised but doesn’t comment. Then it goes from Alm to Python slinging an arm over his shoulders after practice, Forsyth patting him on the back after a sparring match, and soon enough nearly everyone in the army has found ways to show Lukas tiny bits of physical affection. Lukas doesn’t comment on it, but he’s grateful.