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No im not young and naive lol i work in Contracts actually not in the media but we do contracts I know how you can get out of your contract easily you normally pay a fee and yes you can get sued but you can fix that with money too also my cousin its a lawyer too his job is exactly that people get out of contracts ALL THE TIME, only in the 1d fandom ive seen this weird beliefs that is impossible with money nothing its impossible and louis has tons

Uh huh. Louis individually has enough money to buy his way out of a contract for a billion dollar band. Louis may have a lot of money compared to you and me, but compared to Syco and Columbia and Sony, not to mention all the appurtenant contracts. You’ve got to be kidding me. I guess Michael Jackson and George Michael and Prince and Kesha all those other artists trapped in shitty contracts should have easily bought themselves out of it if it’s so simple.

“Yes, you can get sued” DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF THAT??!!!! I don’t know what you actually do, because you don’t sound like you know anything, actually, but even if you “work in Contracts” (WTF does that mean?), you’re working with piddly things like leases, which, yes, you can just buy yourself out of. You’re not dealing with multi-billion dollar industries. Fuck off with this nonsense.

George Harrison appearing, unannounced, on stage with Monty Python during “The Lumberjack Song” (the single was produced by George) in New York City, 20 April 1976 (Photo courtesy Mojo4Music, photographed by Steve Morley)

“[On 20 April 1976] George, wearing the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, appears unannounced with his friends the Monty Python comedy team at New York’s City Center, at West 55th Street, during their performance of ‘The Lumberjack Song’. He had, in fact, been watching the first half of the show from the audience and went backstage at the interval. The Python team, starting a three-week run at the venue, invited him to join the cast during the song. ‘George is a lumberjack freak. He used that song on his tour to introduce the show,’ says Nancy Lewis, Monty Python’s American manager. (Incidentally, the former Beatle is such a fan of the song that, when George and Olivia go on holiday during the late Seventies and early Eighties, he will use the name 'Jack Lumber’ as an alias.)” - The Beatles Diary - Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001

Monty Python also appeared at the Concert for George on 29 November 2002: here.

“I first met Michael Palin and Terry Jones in 1972, I think. I met Eric Idle in 1975, at the California premierè of the Holy Grail film. And although that was the first time I’d ever met him, I felt like I’d known them all for years, because I’d watched all the programs and had had them on videotape. So it only took ten minutes before we were the best of friends.
I think after the Beatles, Monty Python was my favorite thing. It bridged the years when there was nothing really doing, and they were the only ones who could see that everything was a big joke.” - George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 19 April 1979

“Monty Python. Eric (Idle) is incredible. Michael Palin too. He is very funny. They all are. They filled that empty space for me; after 1968, 1969, they really kept me going, you know.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine


[Suavarro Lives] // [Suavarro is Dead]

Side A and Side B to a playlist loosely inspired by the emo is alive//emo is dead(…ish) playlists. but mostly inspired by my procrastination of an extreme level, and love for helvetica neue thin and ultralight, final major?what final major!

i apologize for none of these songs suavarro was real

lives artwork, images found on google, dead art work from julian gilbert