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(I saw this prompt whilst putzing about on Tumblr and thought it would be something fun to do on my day off. proooooobably put way too much thought into this, though)

rules: post a pic of yourself and 8 characters you relate to

1. Jess Day, “New Girl”: Quirky and clumsy, with a lot of love to give, almost to a fault. 

2. Hermann Gottlieb, “Pacific Rim”: Nerdy and neurotic, willing to see what the universe has to offer, even if it means working together with someone I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with. 

3. Ned the Piemaker, “Pushing Daisies”: Mild-mannered, may or may not be somewhere on the asexual spectrum, affectionate, and known to make the occasional pie. 

4. Finn, “Star Wars” series: Anxious, full of empathy (almost to a fault), braver than meets the eye, and loyal to the ones I love. 

5. Pearl, “Steven Universe”: A bit too literal-minded at times, socially awkward, and fiercely devoted to loved ones. Also: very salty. 

6. Usagi Tsukino, “Sailor Moon”: A bit of a crybaby who would trip over her own feet if given the chance, a total food lover, and would do anything to help her friends in need and lend a helping hand. 

7. Haru, “Tsuritama”: A bit of an oddball to say the very least. Not exactly the best at acting like a normal “human” and slightly annoying at times. Known to be a bit of a ball of energy who would do anything for their friends. 

8. Hermione Granger, “Harry Potter” series: This is perhaps the character that I most identify with on this list. From a young age, we were both very precocious and kind of known as being insufferable know-it-all’s, as well as kind of not exactly the most popular person around. We also try to fight for what’s right, as well as protect the ones we love. Also, not afraid to punch fuccbois in the face. 

and I tag (to do or not do, as they please): @smallautistichuman, @okinawasobas, @toris-fan-nest, @pptinfantry, @rhissy, @cordelias-vulcan-death-grip@togetherweliveforever, @ambiguoustether, @greensplatter, @pendejapotter, and @shestooninja

So Aubrey has twitter, right? Can you imagine his tweets?

8:00 Starting my day off with nutritious breakfast.

9:30 Snack time!

10:45 More snacks!

11:20 Car’s got to have fuel.

13:30 Time for lunch.

14:45 Another day, another murder. #hungry

16:00 That’s the life *foodpic*

17:30 Is it dinner time yet?

18:00 We caught the killer!

18:01 Can’t wait for dinner

18:10 Whatever, I’m just gonna have dinner now.

19:43 Any ideas for a good breakfast for tomorrow?

19:45 I’m getting #hungry.

20:05 @drBrennan and Booth, your child is adorable. I gotta get myself one.

21:00 Agent Booth was right, these lava chips are heaven.

22:30 Just decided to have scrambled eggs with toast, oatmeal, and blueberry banana smoothie tomorrow morning. #cannotwait #goodnight

The following day

8:00 That’s the dream *foodpic*



If you dance like this it’s too late 😂 🔥

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