me too aubrey

Honestly if you’re aware that Parks and Rec is at the beginning of its end, and you don’t have the emotional state of Ben Wyatt in a Batman suit, you need to re-adjust your priorities.

It’s been a long time

but have a mitchsen triplet minific!!!!

“Hey,” Aubrey said quietly. She’d finally located her wife after spending about ten minutes wondering where the hell she’d gotten to. Beca was sitting what had previously been the nursing chair in their triplets bedroom. The boys in question were still sleeping.

“Hey,” Beca replied. Aubrey made her way over and squished her frame into the chair too, Beca’s arms wrapping her arms around her. “I just can’t believe they’re one already Bree.”

“I know,” Aubrey agreed. “Is it weird that this entire year has gone insanely fast but also forever at the same time?”

They sat for a while longer before Aubrey got up, planted a kiss on her wife and told her not to wake the boys. Beca followed her out, knowing they had a lot to do before their friends started showing up for the triplets birthday party.

They hadn’t gone too crazy with presents for them - it was for the best, considering all of the Bellas plus Jesse and Benji were about to spoil them rotten. But they had gotten a playhouse and a slide and sandpit for the yard as well as a few other smaller things.

They had the backyard set up just as Bellas started arriving, the triplets already toddling around and playing in the sand in their not-matching-but-definitely-coordinated outfits. In the midst of the guests arriving, the food also arrived. Aubrey was adamant that she would not be cooking for dozens of people and they’d decided to have it catered. She directed the food to the tables over in the shaded area of the yard.

Leo, Bowie and Archer were swarmed by adults but were loving the attention. The pile of presents was worryingly huge, but the toddlers hadn’t even noticed it yet due to being hugged and kissed and tickled over and over. They were much more interested in all of their aunts and uncles playing with them, chasing them around the yard.

It was a crazy, hectic, happy few hours. The boys had worn themselves out and after demolishing pieces of cake in their high chairs, began slumping over right where they sat, eyes drooping.

“Looks like they’re about partied out,” Chloe said. “Ready for a nap.”

“Them and me too,” Aubrey said. People began departing, with a Chloe and Stacie hanging around to help clean up. Aubrey took the boys one at a time, stopping from a kiss from their Mom on the way up the stairs, where she cleaned faces, changed diapers and put them down for a nap.

After Archer had gone down, being the last, Aubrey shuffled back into the kitchen where Stacie and Beca were packing up leftover food.

“Why don’t you go sack out for a couple hours?” Beca said. “You did most of the organising and running around for today. And it was perfect.” Aubrey kissed her on the lips.

“Wake me for dinner?” she said. Beca nodded and Aubrey headed upstairs.

“You guys have such an awesome little family vibe,” Stacie said. “I can’t wait for that.”

“I’m pretty much living the dream, Stacie,” Beca said. “I mean sure it can get hectic with triplets but there’s no part of this I’d give up.” They finished tidying up and Stacie headed home, while Beca went back upstairs. She could hear Archer fussing and went in to pick him up. He seemed uncomfortable so Beca just rocked him for a while, patting his back. He still had issues with wind so Beca waited until she heard him burp, after which he fell back asleep almost immediately.

She settled down in the old feeding chair and watched her boys sleep for a while. One year old already. She couldn’t wait to see what happened over the next one. She eventually dozed off in the chair herself, surrounded by her boys.

So Aubrey has twitter, right? Can you imagine his tweets?

8:00 Starting my day off with nutritious breakfast.

9:30 Snack time!

10:45 More snacks!

11:20 Car’s got to have fuel.

13:30 Time for lunch.

14:45 Another day, another murder. #hungry

16:00 That’s the life *foodpic*

17:30 Is it dinner time yet?

18:00 We caught the killer!

18:01 Can’t wait for dinner

18:10 Whatever, I’m just gonna have dinner now.

19:43 Any ideas for a good breakfast for tomorrow?

19:45 I’m getting #hungry.

20:05 @drBrennan and Booth, your child is adorable. I gotta get myself one.

21:00 Agent Booth was right, these lava chips are heaven.

22:30 Just decided to have scrambled eggs with toast, oatmeal, and blueberry banana smoothie tomorrow morning. #cannotwait #goodnight

The following day

8:00 That’s the dream *foodpic*