Me too

This morning on the metro I really wasn’t trying to snoop or spy, but the girl next to me had her phone right in my line of sight between me and the window. And I saw her open up her Facebook app and open up a new status and write: me too. And then delete it. And write it again. And post it.

She looked up and it was pretty clear she saw that I’d seen, and I really impulsively and I’m sure awkwardly just for a second put my hand on her arm. And she reached over and squeezed it with her hand. And that was it. I never even took out my earbuds. We didn’t even make eye contact.

If you think we are anomalies, you’re a fool.

Me too.

(feel free to delete this if you would like to reblog it without) I started writing my #MeToo post but ended up exiting out instead of posting it. It’s just not a story I want everyone to know and it still triggers my anxiety like crazy so I was not trying to get comments and messages and all that, its not something I want to talk about. So it was calming to read this soon after. You don’t owe your story to anyone! If you’re not comfortable, please don’t feel pressured. You are still valid, it still happened and you’re still a strong beautiful *person 💖 #YoureNotAlone