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I’d like to think this is John around the age he left NASA and IR was formed; there are lots of big dreams in that little ginger head

                            THE ONLY RULE? KEEP IT HUSH

With PROHIBITION in full swing, Ted Davis, a man who thrives off SHADY BUSINESS, sought to open up a joint for those who still wanted to have a good time without getting themselves CAUGHT. It’s with that thought that he opened up THE BACKROOM. Off the beaten path on the LOWER EAST SIDE of Manhattan, it’s quite literally the BACK ROOM of what used to simply be a restaurant. Now, the restaurant is a FRONT for the revelry that goes on behind the curtains. So, come one, come all to the COOLEST hang in town, where the liquor flows freely & the fun never stops. 


1) this verse is open to mutuals. it is not first come first serve. i will be placing a 20 MEMBER CAP on the verse, so it doesn’t get out of hand. 
2) ic drama is encouraged – but ooc drama is NOT.
3) no duplicate fcs/twins unless discussed beforehand
4) this verse is going to be relaxed, so i won’t be super strict on activity or anything. just, please give me a heads up if you’re going to be absent for a prolonged period of time. i may check in on activity once in a while, but i do understand that people are busy !! 
5) send all applications to ME ( @brookesmxrt ) & include your muse’s age, career ( they can work at the speakeasy ( bartender or a performer of some kind or … anything else you can think of that works !! ) , or be a patron – it doesn’t matter !!  ), & fc. 
6) there will be an ooc skype chat for plotting purposes. if you’re interested in joining, just send me your username !!
7) please track the tag: V: THE BACKROOM

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when would you maroon sara and leonard?

Imagine– Sara and Leonard end up marooned in a time period instead of Ray and Kendra (and Sara being a third wheel egh).  What time would you like to see them stuck? I ask for no reason… and definitely not for the fic Help me.

I’m going to sleep now but I just wanna say I’m not yet over the face Tsukishima made and how smug he is that he was right and Hinata DID fool them and tire them out. AND JUST!!! Sensei made the conscious decision to put that on the same page, under that panel of Hinata fooling Koganegawa (two of the Freshie Camp bbys!!!)!!!! He didn’t put a group reaction, nope, it was Tsukishima alone. Kageyama was confused in the next panels. But Tsukishima was like “A-HA ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU”. He knew. He’s so proud of himself for knowing this and he’s so satisfied that Hinata pulled that trick!!!!

I’m so 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you, sensei. You’re so giving and gracious to me.

2 a.m. and I’m screaming in my room because at the end of the newest BdB Vetto was like “We should definitely do an episode with Max, he plays in acoustic…”

And for goodness sake I don’t think I could handle all the three of them - especially Max talking in Italian - for more than 10 mins bc I would be dead.

“no i dont know how computers work” says carrie while working in the console and absolutely dispassionately coding some shit on c++, but then she sees kinzie and throws the laptop in the window “i dont know how computers work, like, how i was supposed to know that they cant fucking fly”