me to the patriarchy

thats it. i found it i found the one screencap from any movie that will ever accurately describe my reaction to fuckboys telling me guys dont like it when i do a thing. i have found my gosh diddly darn life mantra in the form of one line in the last unicorn. in that moment i was one with the unicorn and the good lord in heaven nodded in agreement with my realization. put this on my fckng gravestone when i go to meet my flipping maker. goodnight.


Feminist embroidery
“Feminine” arts were traditionally undervalued and now they have a feminist spin.

[image descriptions:
1:Embroidery on white linen in an embroidery hoop with a pink and green floral border to the left and right and the words “fuck gender roles” in sky blue thread
Made by Moonrise Whims on Etsy
There’s a pair of gold stork scissors off to the lower right side and a white doily off to the top left of the hoop and a pink linen backdrop.

2: Embroidery on white linen with a lower floral border with tiny pink buds on crisscrossing green stems and the words “you don’t owe prettiness to anyone” in light pink and darker pink thread.
Made by RubyAndJack On Etsy

3: Embroidery on white linen with a lower floral border with burgundy, purple, yellow, and coral flowers and dark green vines and the words “Smash the patriarchy” in dark coral thread
Made by Moonrise Whims on Etsy

4: Embroidery in an embroidery hoop on white linen and a lower floral border with 3 pink pansies surrounded by green grass and the words “don’t tell me to smile” in golden yellow thread
Made by RubyAndJack on Etsy]

Yuri On Ice and Toxic Masculinity (or Lack Thereof)

fancyass title but I just feel that it’s so obvious yuri on ice was written and directed by two brilliant, brilliant women?? like I was not surprised AT ALL to learn that kubo was a woman even though she used to produce work under a male pseudonym, because the content was so clearly NOT the kind of toxic, objectifying material that’s produced when men think they know what the audience wants to see but is actually just projecting their own stereotypes and fantasies

there’s fanservice in yuri on ice, no shit (ep 1 victor in the onsen is a screaming hint already) but it’s never gratituous or objectifying. the director and writer know what the audience would like to see but don’t put their own fantasies over artistic integrity. and there’s no toxicity in victuuri’s relationship, even though it would have been SO EASY to fall back on usual yaoi tropes of seme/uke, and there’s already a clear power imbalance at the start where victor is presented as being in control while yuuri doesn’t have his shit together. What I love about YOI is that instead of taking that easy way out and running with it, stretching the power imbalance even further, they made the effort to go the EXACT OPPOSITE WAY and subvert those tropes so that victuuri evolves to become a healthy and loving relationship between equals. There’s no sense of who’s ‘the man’ in the relationship, or who’s wearing the pants (lbr, neither of them). yuuri becomes a seductive power on ice and gradually more assertive and open off ice, and victor nikiforov isn’t some mysterious, unreachable idol, he’s a fool in love and happier than he’s ever been in his life.

idk, just seeing this is so amazing when it’s so rare to see pairings or even general stories in both eastern and western entertainment that are healthy and good and pure and still tell a fantastic story, and on top of this it’s a QUEER relationship which comes with even more trappings and stereotypes

so I really applaud kubo and yamamoto for everything they achieved, for the vision they had, and for the love that they poured into this project, for never taking the easy way out

and this is something women creators seem to have more in hand. I know it’s not always the case but I’ve noticed that the 'male gaze’ camera and its literary/comic equivalent happens less with women creators because surprise surprise no one wants to be objectified like that, especially women!!! and something specific to yoi but also a more of a trend among women creators than male creators is that the relationship is…deeper? it’s not just about the sexual tension but also all the other moments in between, not necessarily romantic but always emphasising respect and communication and trust, and learning to live with each other’s flaws, which is a much more realistic depiction of actual relationships

tl; dr basically women creators do amazing things and we should put them in charge more often

I’m still in love with Peggy Carter and if she traveled through time and dimensions and told me to come with her to fight nazis and the patriarchy I’d do it in a heartbeat.

choice feminism is dangerous because it repackages complacency under patriarchy (and other institutional power structures) as empowering. like the 35 year-old woman who shares Girl Power memes on facebook but “doesn’t like to get political” about shit like the refugee crisis or the rise of white nationalism in Western countries is still a “good feminist” under choice feminism. it’s an ideology that allows the privileged to disregard their social capital in favor of feel-good platitudes, and it repackages the idea of empowerment to mean the same thing as “safely remaining uncritical of my actions and the ways of the world”

  • radfems: The whole of feminism can be broken down into two basic camps - 1) wicked awesome radfems, and 2) weak minded libfems. We clearly know SO MUCH MORE about womyn and feminism than other womyn and feminists.
  • radfems: We need to overthrow the notion of Gender, but you have have HAVE to have a V at birth to be a womyn. Obvs!
  • radfems: No Muslim womyn ever could EVER choose for herself to wear Hijab because Islam is a nasty Patriarchal religion that takes all of womyn's rights and agency away. Nevermind that we come from Patriarchies too - We should still get to choose FOR them!
  • radfems: Our ideas are so gosh darn RADICAL, why can't you libfems keep up already?!?!!?

i saved this url at 4AM almost a month ago and i’ve had sleepless nights ever since. in my dreams, ana comes to me, descending from the sky and raining the broken shards of the smashed patriarchy, and she says to me, in her softest voice,

“i am proud of you…”