me to carrie most of this season

That glint though

Would you like to hear my disgusting fangirl wish?

Consider that YOI really likes to mirror themes and story lines. So for Otayuri to become a thing my brain dreams of the following scenario:

Otabek and Yuri did the WTTM skate. It was wild and exhilarating. Both of them are buzzing. They stand on the ice and take a bow, the crowd is going wild. Then they look at each other and Otabek smiles.

And all Yuri can do is stare back, as he feels his stomach drop and his chest constrict and his eyes become wide. Then it happens. He gets that glint. That same fucking glint Victor got while looking at Yuuri at the banquet. That look that says: “Shit, I’m gone. Carry me away because this boy is the most beautiful thing in creation and I’m in love.”

Cut to black screen while the crowd is still screaming, along with you, the viewer, after two minutes of madness. SEE YOU NEXT LEVEL, BYE. 

How’s that for a set-up for next season? You, the viewer, are crying. 


Ok. So ok. This is so random but I was watching season 2 again and I wanted to get a good look at Kenma’s bedroom (because I want to get to know my pudding haired son better ok?) and I zoomed into the books and saw this. Now I could TOTALLY be off on this, this could already be ‘debunked’ or something, but I swear it looks like it says 'STEGOSAURUS’ and the illustration next to it looks strangely like a dinosaur. And like obviously Tsukishima is a Dino lover but wait. What if Kenma is too? What if he has the same love for dinosaurs and knows he most random trivia about them and has a deep held fascination with them??

Imagine Tsukki and Kenma getting into a deep conversation on their favorite dinosaur types and their theories on the dinosaurs extinction and everyone, especially the rest of their teams are like, wtf?? Kenma is voluntarily talking to someone he barely knows? Tsukishima is doing the same??? And not acting sarcastic or condescending??!?

This is my new favorite headcanon just try to take it from me I will carry it to my grave.

littlespoonman  Me and my sister-queen @adelaidekane. It’s an intimidating thing for an actor, showing up partway through a well-established series. You don’t know how you’ll fit in to the cast dynamic; you don’t know how well you’ll work with your new colleagues; you’re about to spend a whole lot of time collaborating with total strangers and you don’t know if they’ll be jerks, or divas, or just boring people. Luckily for me, the person I worked with the most on Reign was none of those things. Adelaide was welcoming & kind & smart & funny. Also luckily for me (and for everyone else who worked on Reign, and for everyone who watched it), she is a pro, a talented & charismatic actor who carried this show for four seasons, and she was a pleasure to work with. I like to think we made some good actings together. (And, okay, the one or two times she WAS a diva, it was pretty funny to see 😸) Thanks for being awesome, sister.
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reign's insistence on the frary ship was their demise, because they gave their relationship a lot of prominence and people got attached to them and watched the show because of them, the writers wrote themselves into a corner and had to prolonge his departure and when they finally had to kill him the fans didn't want to watch any longer and it all kind of fell apart from there. they should've focused more on mary alone who was the one that was going to carry the whole show till end anyways

THIS ^^^ 

Exactly how I feel! I don’t even dislike Frary. I’m not a hardcore shipper, but they’re sweet. I loved the end of the finale. It made me emotional. However, they happened way too fast for my taste and there was too much investment in them. Real Mary (again I’m not historically nit-picky, but cmon) wasn’t with Francis for that long. They definitely wrote themselves into a corner. Scotland is where most of Mary’s life and all the drama took place, yet it was all crammed into one season. 

I LOVED the finale, but… it was so rushed. They missed so many huge , dramatic, actual historical events. I don’t understand why they dragged out Darnley for so long either. He should’ve died at least two episodes ago. Bothwell and Mary never even got married! And if you don’t know anything about the history, then her execution doesn’t make much sense. You had to really be listening to James and Elizabeth’s convo to pick up on what she did (or didn’t do) to get beheaded. I absolutely love Reign, and I will always have a very emotional attachment to it. It’s a lovely show, but it frustrates me all the same.

Gintama anime ep 325/manga chaps 580, 581, 582, 583, and 584

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Having seen the return of our Shinsengumi boys for the Battle of Earth, I cannot thank you enough for answering my prayers and giving us at least one more season of the anime. You are, as usual, too too generous. Words cannot even fully express how truly grateful I am. So that I do not take up any more of your precious time, I will cut right to the chase this week. Please allow me to share with you what I most appreciate about this episode. 

I am very thankful for…

- little big brothers who carry tiny little baby sisters on their backs like a treasure,

- little boys who have not yet lost their wide and genuinely happy smile at the sight of their no-good Papi,

- tiny little baby Yato girls who are still fierce as F with great kicking power and perfect aim,

- so-cute-she-makes-me-want-to-cry-buckets-and-melt-into-a-pile-of-useless-goo Kagura-chan,

- self-sacrificing, loving mothers who deserve to live forever dammit,

- young, handsome Yato pirates who rescue little rabbits from bullies,

- simple page to screen changes that makes a difference and causes my heart to overflow with emotion,

- young, handsome Yato pirates who has a penchant for rescuing one particular bratty, little rabbit even when it means taking a brutal gut punch to himself,

- no-so-young-anymore-but-still-handsome Yato pirates who still continue to rescue the same bratty-but-not-so-little-anymore rabbit by trying to save what is precious to him (even if the brat still won’t admit it),

- Papis who really tried their best but lost their one remaining good arm for their efforts,

- families bound by love even if not by blood,

- lovable idiots who use their heads even though there was no real reason for it (and it didn’t even work),

- the poor straight man who realizes (though not for the first time) the leader he has been loyally following is a lovable total idiot,

- dialogue chock full of sexual innuendo when taken out of context,

- stupid big brothers,

and finally, my favorite manga to anime moment:

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


Get to Know My Love for Bones

Top 5 favorite characters: Temperance Brennan, Angela Montenegro, Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins and Lance Sweets

Other characters you like: Wendell Bray, Camille Saroyan, James Aubrey, Caroline Julian, Max Keenan, Arastoo Vaziri , Gordon Gordon , and Finn Abernathy.

Least favorite characters: Hannah Burley, Christopher Pelant, Oliver Wells
Heather Taffett

Otps: B&B , Hodgela , Camstoo

Notps: Booth x Hannah and Brennan x Sully

Favorite friendships: Brennan x Angela , Angela x Cam, Cam x Brennan , Brennan x Hodgins, Booth x Cam, Sweets x Booth/Brennan, Aubrey x Brennan/Booth

Favorite family: Booth family but I really like the Hodgins family as well. Let’s just say the whole gang together.

Favorite episodes: Pilot , The Woman in the Sand , Aliens in a Spaceship , The Cowboy in the Contest , The Woman in White, The Skull in the Desert, The Mummy in the Maze, The End in the Beginning, The Proof in the Pudding, The Hole in the Heart, The change in the game, The shot in the dark, The Prisoner in the Pipe, The Movie in the Making , The End in the End . There’s more just can’t think of them atm.

Favorite season/book/movie: Probably season 11, season 9 , season 5 and season 3, Season 7, Season 2

Favorite quotes: “You’re the woman I love. You’re the woman who kissed me outside the pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot Tommy guns on Valentine’s Day. That’s who you are. You’re the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in your hand, even though you’re a vegetarian. You’re the Roxy to my Tony and the Wanda to my Buck. Who else is gonna sing Hot Blooded with me? And besides we are way better than Mulder and Scully.“ , “Everything happens eventually” , “I don’t know what that means” , “King of the lab!” , “People assume that when you’re alone, you must be lonely. Like most assumptions, it’s erroneous.”

Best musical moment: First time Booth and Brennan sang Hot Blooded together. Also When Brennan sings “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper in “The Checker Box” restaurant.

Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: Probably when B&B got together in the end of season 6, or there wedding.

When it really disappointed you: Booth starts Gambling again. Booth lying to Brennan’s face about it.

Saddest moment:
When Sweets Died

Most well done character death: I think Max Keenan’s

Favorite guest star: Stephen Fry

Favorite cast member: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz I can’t pick 1.

Character you wish was still alive: Definitely Sweets

One thing you hope really happens: Everything I wanted to happen has already come true :)
I did wish we got more episodes but I know it won’t happen :(

Most shocking twist: The whole FBI Conspiracy

When did you start watching/reading?: When it premiered in 2005

Best animal/creature: hum… Ripley…

Favorite location: The Jeffersonian of course

Trope you wish they would stop using: second person they interrogate was generally the killer

One thing this show/book/film does better than others: It’s realistic about stuff in real life, I mean they knew that Hodgins being able to walk again was very unlikely so they did what would probably happen if his situation was real, they kept him in a wheelchair, even though he didn’t deserve that it was probably the most realistic thing to happen.

Funniest moments: Hodgins’ experiments, Brennan clueless about pop culture

Couple you would like to see: Aubrey x Karen

Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: cast is perfect the way it is.

Favorite outfit: every single Angela Montenegro outfit. Brennan’s chunky Necklaces.

Favorite item: angelatron

Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: not really, but I’m planning on doing it !

What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?:  part of the Booth Family

Most boring plotline: Hannah bored and annoyed me

Most laughably bad moment: When Booth and Brennan carry the dead man’s body to the car during his funeral while Hodgins is making the speech. That was literally the best moment ever. (this was in season 4 - The Double Death of the Dearly Departed)

Best flashback/flashfoward if any: When B&B first met

Most layered character: Temperance Brennan

Most one dimensional character: Dr. Goodman

Scariest moment: When the whole Jeffersonian blow up. I mean I knew they weren’t going to die or anything but … also in the Nightmare in the Nightmare all of Brennans dreams made me jump a bit

Grossest moment: I can’t think of one. the show literally doesn’t bother me with the gore anymore is that sad?

Best looking male: Seeley Booth

Best looking female: Temperance Brennan

Who you’re crushing on (if any): I mean, Seeley Booth duh. Hell in the Cowboy in the Contest I was crushing on Brennan.

Favorite cast moment: The bloopers are the best moments ever, or the Comic Con interviews

Favorite transportation: Booth’s car

Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise):
Booth and Brennan’s House (season 10 on)

Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: What was Pelant’s final Message???

Best promo: The End in the End showing how far the show has came.

At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: From the Beginning.

The expanse dump 2.07 *here be spoilers*

Looks like farming is a little more dangerous than Bobbie initially thought. But god damn, the entire sequence is filmed so beautifully.

Errinwright, you piece of shit. How pissed is he every time Avasarala is in a room with him. Ha! And that’s why. Shut the fuck down so the queen can speak.

But he got pretty blue eyes.

What the fuck is with this show and blue. I’m already cringing at the thought of making gifs.

“We all know who really did that.”

“And whom do I serve.” Fucking check!

Okay, I’m going to sound like a broke record, but I still can’t get over the fact that Avasarala is allowed these character traits as a woman. Especially considering she’s being proped and praises instead of vilified or being degraded into being a ‘bitch.’

Of course Alex is greeting the refugees and making children feel at ease. Of course. Like, can this dude be more pure?

Dawes, you charismatic fuck.

Season 2 is seriously about making Amos one of the most interesting characters. How that cry reverberates in the center of his chest, cutting through the walls he’s put around himself, cutting him in places he’s still vulnerable. But be doesn’t shy away from that, does he? Just carries it with him, even if it’s completely overwhelming at times.

I’m not ready for Bobbie tears. I’ll literally fight anyone who second guesses Frankie Adams as Bobbie. Jab-cross right to the throat.

“It made me remember when I was that boy.” STOP THIS RIGHT NOW.

Fred mentioning ‘Inaros.’

I couldn’t be more happy to have Dawes back. That voice. That shady af charisma with a silver tongue.

Ha! That 'excuse you’ look when johnson cuts him off.

Dawes, Fred, Errinwright, Avasarala, Holden - watching these powerhouses play off each other is amazing. Perfectly cast, each of them!

Listen, I get that Holden was on Eros, and his heart is in the right place, and I’m not trying to downplay the stress and ptsd he’s still under, but ugh, I’m having a hard time watching him trying to rationalize everything that’s happening with the Belters to a Belter? Like, I think Naomi understands what’s up.

Don’t patronize Bobbie ya pill popper.

I tried to stay away from spoilers, but a few posts slipped through the cracks. Bobbie being a little too warmongering was one of them. And I’m not seeing why people are being so harsh on her. She’s traumatized. She’s not thinking straight and she’s reaching for what she thinks makes more sense. Also, it’s easier to accept that reality than a fucking alien-demon-monster killed her squad and almost her.

Legitimate salvage! I’m gonna take that as a shout out to @when and her beautiful fics.

“You remind me of someone.” Ugggh.

She doesn’t want new armor.

Fuck, Dawes knows how to play people.

Holden with a gun is pretty fucking sexy.

Yep, Dawes knows how to play people, in deed.

littlespoonman: Me and my sister-queen @adelaidekane. It’s an intimidating thing for an actor, showing up partway through a well-established series. You don’t know how you’ll fit in to the cast dynamic; you don’t know how well you’ll work with your new colleagues; you’re about to spend a whole lot of time collaborating with total strangers and you don’t know if they’ll be jerks, or divas, or just boring people. Luckily for me, the person I worked with the most on Reign was none of those things. Adelaide was welcoming & kind & smart & funny. Also luckily for me (and for everyone else who worked on Reign, and for everyone who watched it), she is a pro, a talented & charismatic actor who carried this show for four seasons, and she was a pleasure to work with. I like to think we made some good actings together. (And, okay, the one or two times she WAS a diva, it was pretty funny to see 😸) Thanks for being awesome, sister. #Reign #BTS #stuartsiblings #reignfinale


that Penelope is still dating Sam since season 9 and that it’s “impossible” for Luke and Penelope to happen - I’m just wondering, where has he been?

aside the fact that he was last mentioned on 12x01, I would’ve expect he would appear more this season. maybe even during 12x17 or 12x21 where Penelope has hit rock bottom emotionally. you would think she will confine to her boyfriend about her emotions. yet he has been nowhere to be seen or even mentioned at least since the very first episode.

Penelope has mentioned that this year has been the hardest for her. She feels as if every single time something happens, a part of her is chipping away. she’s exhausted and really unable to carry on with the heavy emotions she is clenching into and we have to remember that she isn’t trained like the others.

Penelope Garcia is the heart and soul of the BAU. To me, I view her as the glue to the team. She always lifting people’s moods and always making sure she is there for the people she loves and cares about. So it was deeply heartbreaking to watch her at her most emotional breaking point in 12x21.

With how heavy and centric the season has been going on with Spencer, I get it if the writers choose to not show too much of the other member’s personal lives. Maybe that’s why we haven’t really seen Penelope lose it emotionally a lot after experiencing so much changes in one year. Remember, she isn’t a fan of changes. Maybe that’s also the reasoning behind the absence of Sam.

It’s just the fact at how OUT OF NOWHERE the whole resignation scene was, it literally threw me off. Are the writers leading that scene to somewhere? Penelope is always there for people and she wouldn’t hand in a resignation knowing that everybody else in the team is still trying so hard to help. It would’ve been nice to see where or how this decision of hers was made or maybe even a scene where she had a discussion about it with Sam (assuming they’re still dating) BUT WHERE IS HE?

Then here is where the shipper part of me comes into logic and say, “why would the writers continuously tease us about the growing friendship and obvious chemistry between Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia?” Why was it Luke that found Penelope, crying by herself in her little office. Why not JJ? Emily? Rossi? I understand if Penelope didn’t want to confine to others in the team because they’re already going through too much as it is. Why exactly did it have to be Luke? Especially with the ending of that episode where he went out his way and bought her that dang adorable little cat stress thingy? (STILL WAITING FOR HER TO USE IT!)

And maybe it’s just me (probably is) but the way she looked and talked to him after receiving the sweet gift, it made think that she wouldn’t be like that unless she didn’t have a boyfriend. okay, maybe she was looking at him like that bc she’s still feeling shy after getting caught crying but still??????????

I have so many questions for the writers honestly. I understand that they want showcase a different dynamic for the show since Morgan left but please don’t play with us. Luke and Penelope stole my heart immediately as soon as that elevator door opened and she started to awkwardly talk about “fingering techniques” and that smirk on his face, OMG ADORBS.

Why did Luke have to be the one that found Penelope crying? Why did he have to use those beautiful words of “if I ever happen to be the someone…”? Why did he give her that cat thingy? Why are they always playfully teasing each other? Why is Luke always looking at her like that (when he told the remote and when he took the file folder from her) ? Why is it we only see Luke smile that beautifully when he’s around Roxy or Penelope?

It’ll break my heart if the writers are just playing with us. Penelope and Luke may never become a thing, I can take that. Maybe it’s the friendship that the writers are aiming for and sure, I get it. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see more of their scenes together on my screen because it brings me so much happiness to see them like that. (WHICH WHY I AM WONDERING WHY HAS IT BEEN 4 EPISODES SINCE WE GOT ANYTHING GARVEZ RELATED?!

Regardless, I’m tired and now realize that this post might not even make sense since I am rambling on.

Conclusion: It will be a damn shame if Luke and Penelope never become a couple and we’ve been played. Just like the last 11 years.

BTW, I swear if a girlfriend comes out of nowhere again (like what they did with Morgan) for Luke - I am never trusting anything that the writers throws at us. Wouldn’t you want to watch a friendship to grow beautifully into a romance that’s undeniable? *coughs* garvez *coughs*

I’ve been trying to think of the right words to say ever since the wedding and finding out about Jen. This is gonna be a lot of cheese though so bare with me. 

OUAT has mean the world to me. For six years it’s been my hope and something I always had to look forward to. Emma Swan was everything I wanted in a character. She’s my hero. She went from being a lost little girl to a woman who knows “she was never nothing” and is surrounded by people who love her. She gives me hope every single day. 

This show/Emma helped me during some of the toughest times of my life. Nothing can ever take away what it’s given me. How it’s changed me. 

I’ve always known that one day this show would come to an end, but having a week to process losing my favorite female character of all time… is a lot to deal with. I went from being the happiest CS shipper to the saddest Ugly Duckling. 

But I want to remind everyone what I’ve been reminding myself these past couple days. Just because Emma won’t be on our screens anymore and maybe Once might not be on anymore doesn’t mean it’s over. It isn’t tied to just the 6 seasons, these characters and stories will  be with us forever. I will take the lessons I learned with me, and we can all carry on the legacy of Emma Swan. 

Let us remember the gifts this show has given us. We got the best hero we could ask for in Emma. We got years of pining with her TL. They went on every kind of adventure possible, from going to the past, to being Dark Ones together, from literally going to the underworld to save each other. Things most OTP’s could only dream of. They got engaged twice and they had the most beautiful wedding. 

How many people can say that their favorite character got a song exploring the journey their character has been through and then a song that your OTP is singing together at their wedding about “happy beginnings”? We’ve gotten everything we’ve ever asked for. 

So no matter what happens, this story is ours. We’ll always have Emma Swan, we’ll always have Captain Swan and we’ll always have OUAT. It’ll live on with fic and art and in the ways we treat ourselves and our lives. 

No matter what, Emma Swan got her happy ending. She got her true love. We can all get those things too. And that’s what this show taught us. So let’s try to be happy for the last week. Because it’s not an ending, it’s a beginning.


I’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me x

I thought that the lyrics to Shelter matched really well to Keith and Shiro in regards to the season 2 trailer…… but then I got carried away and made a wholeass AU out of it kinda??

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Jonas and mahdi are off backpacking in Belgium since they are probably dead anyway. Yousef is in love with Noora and that's the reason he talks to Sana. Isak gets the blame and gets expelled but the girl squad knows the truth and they kick sana out and adopt sara as their new leader. Evak break up because of the tension. Nobody knows who chris b and eva are. Everyone carries a giant poster of noora because we all love her. The season ends w vilde and magnus spitting coffee in each others mouths.

julie’s most dark dreams

send me your worst skam theories

How I Learned Trigedasleng:

After my last post, everyone has been asking how I learned Trigedasleng. So, here is my crazy process of learning the language over 2 and a half months.

Look at all of my stuff!!!! I actually used all of this too. I was dedicated.

I started with a pocket notebook, one that I could carry with me everywhere. The one on the left was my first one and has a small dictionary in it. The one on the right doesn’t have a dictionary in it, but I carry that one with me most because it is cleaner than the other. In these, I wrote down all of the rules from the Trigedasleng website from start to finish. This is how I learned the grammatical rules… most of them anyway.

In the first few pages I wrote the annunciation for each of the letters. Names came next, then pronouns, and so on and so forth.

The bane of my existence. I started 2 and a half months prior to this (before the start of season 3), so these are the ones that I used for the first month after a ton of words were added to the online dictionary. I started with regular flash cards but started cutting them in half after the first couple. This helped me learn the nouns, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, and prepositions. The verbs and phrases are trickier. The phrases were all for specific instances. “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” “Hello,” “Goodbye,” etc. were easy to learn as phrases when I used them in conversations. My sister was practice for this because she was the only one that tolerated it.

My dictionary started about a month and a half in. I needed one that could evolve with the language so I left space in between each word to add new ones. The sticky notes are markers of where a certain letter starts.

Lastly, I started this one from the beginning. When I was trying to learn the language I wrote out sentences for fics that I was writing, sentences that I saw every day, lines from the show, things people said to me, etc. Then I translated them. Some phrases don’t translate well. Others do. After I learned all of the words and rules, it was easier to feel out the sentence. If I screwed up, I knew something was wrong. I highly recommend doing this otherwise you will be saying things wrong a lot.

There are a few rules that you need to know before you start learning this language:

  • Trigedasleng is a spoken language, not written. The Grounders do not write. You can write it out as I have, which is easy.
  • Not everything translates exactly. There will be MANY instances where you either have to simplify the sentence in your own language or rearrange the way you say it in Trigedasleng.
  • There are a few words that are spelt and pronounced exactly the same. Use context clues to figure these out.
  • It may be derived from English but just about every letter is pronounced differently. I recommend that you learn the pronunciations before anything else because some words have dual meanings. Their meanings will vary depending on how you say/ pronounce the word.
  • There are A LOT of hidden rules in this language. Beware the hidden rules. The best example that I can think of off the top of my head is:
    • Yumi na teik won sonraun au
    • The literal translation is: “You and I will take one life (out)”
    • It actually translate to: “Will you take a life with me?”
      • Questions are the prime example of these hidden rules. I still mess them up a lot. 
  • If you are going to curse, be incredibly careful. Words like “shit” translate a little too closely.
    • Shit = Skrish

I wish you all good luck in learning the language. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I will try my best to answer them. I will even translate something if you want.

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Just recently discovered the wonderful world of CQ fanfic. It seems you all are fic writers too. Is that how you met? If I were going to read one fic from each of you - which ones should I choose? Will you keep writing? How often do you post new fics/chapters?

Julie doesn’t write fan fic. She’s a fellow spoiler spy with Cynthia and a behind the scenes (mostly) workhorse on HYH.

The rest of us met on LiveJournal and via fanfic writing. 

Sara: I really like “High Altitudes.” It took a long time for me to write (the idea came to me on a train from Paris to Florence after I graduated college) and was probably the most fun for me to think about. I write only when I feel inspired, which is not that often. I imagine I may write something during the hiatus but I make no promises. I tend to post everything all at once instead of in chapters. 

Ashley: Probably “the world turned upside down,” which I swear to god I’m going to finish. It was the first thing I posted for this fandom, and it spun completely and utterly out of control in a really wonderful way. The current chapter has proven very tricky, and the last few months of Homeland haven’t helped. I’ll keep writing. I have a lot of unfinished work. 

Sydney:  It has to be “It’s a Wonderful Fucking Life.” I’m really not a writer, but I had the idea to put Quinn and Carrie into Frank Capra’s world for the Advent Fic Calendar – it seemed the perfect fit. So with lots of help from Ashley and Cynthia, I wrote something that I was very proud of. Right now I’m working on a couple of stories that I may or may not post. It’s been difficult to write since season 6 started, but I’m trying.

Frangi: This is hard. Just one? It’s Second Chances then. Because it’s my version of season six, written before season 6 when the first set pics came out, and I tried to tell an honest story about PTSD with no romantic shortcuts. And still it is a love story. I’ll finish the last chapter soon. 

Cynthia: Before 6.12 I’d have said A Happy Ending but right now it’s A Homeland Christmas for the same reason Frangi mentioned. I managed to write this in one sitting on Christmas Eve 2016. For me it’s everything season 6 lacked wrt Carrie and Quinn. It will always be my head canon. I’m not sure I’ll keep writing but I will finish Wind of Change because I love writing with Ashley. 

Angela: To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with everything I write. But, because After the Curtains Have Closed was my first Homeland fic, I gotta go with it. Most of it poured out of me, and I think a few chapters are somewhere near the upper-range of my best writing. Plus, I love angsty angst. But, I have no plans to finish it, especially now, as I find it difficult to write for a ship where one half of it no longer exists. Ah well.

Zeffy: You know it’s hard to recommend one’s own fic, don’t you? Frangi suggested that the three of us (Laure’s the third) recommend each other’s fics instead. But Laure said - no way, it is a challenge;) So, here you go. I recommend What Happened Yesterday - I had fun writing it, season 4 setting was such a good place to be! To your other questions: I’m back to writing, working on two new stories and plan to post one of them soon. 

Laure: I guess the only story I’m really happy with is Frozen. I’m always disappointed with my fics somehow, I think they lack passion, or emotion, or that I botched the ending - yes, I realize what I’m saying here is not good publicity. I have a soft spot for Frozen though. The story is modern, but I wanted it to sound like a classic quest, Quinn searching for Carrie like a knight looking for his lady. Modern, but with a fairy-tale feel. 

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but listen!!! i absolutely love how skam not only recycles clothes (bc who has a never ending closet of new clothes srsly) but they have the characters share clothes with each other and i want to scream its like a common thing within skam like "oh thats not isak's hat its mine!!" and "oh i stole this shirt from eskild but you can wear it" and "oh here you go baby just wear my sweatshirt so you can think of me and dont feel lonely while im at school today" ijsfdgkf

stop i know.. and they even carry clothes across seasons like that’s the real Clincher for me on the wardrobe thing. like isak wearing his white sweater from when he lies to eva about liking her in s1 in o helga natt and like, he’s wearing an a$ap rocky tshirt in one of his ig posts from s1 and mahdi was wearing the same tshirt in the most recent clip. the CONTINUITY


This is fleet walker he was the first African American baseball player. Born in 1856, died 1924. He play 60 years before Jackie Robinson. His tale is alil darker than jackie’s. Him and his brother Weldy played for the blue stockings in 1884. Fleetwood played as a catcher, no glove, for most the season. He was released next season because broke his ribs and they never healed correctly. While on the team, he carried a pistol to the games because he was constantly harassed by racist so. After that he played for the Newark Little Giants where he and third African American player George Washington Stovey, came together to form the Spanish battery. He retired in 1889 however the constant harassment took its toll on Fleetwood and he became an alcoholic. One day while walking down the street at night two white me started to throw rocks at fleetwood and so a street fight started. Fleetwood stab one of them in the dick and he bleed to death. Fleetwood want to trial on a murder charge. Months later in packed courtroom Fleetwood was found not guilty the courtroom erupted in cheer for fleetwood. Fleetwood would go on to create a few inventions for movie projectors and eventually owned his own opera house. Here is pic of Fleetwood, Weldy, and entire team.