me to carrie most of this season


I’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me x

I thought that the lyrics to Shelter matched really well to Keith and Shiro in regards to the season 2 trailer…… but then I got carried away and made a wholeass AU out of it kinda??

flor4life  asked:

Watching old episodes I wonder when was The exact moment Q fell in love with C. To me it was in 3x05 while talking before her yoga class. You can almost feel it through the screen. When was it for you?

I don’t think there’s one moment, since falling in love happens gradually. Definitely, towards the end of the 2nd season, Quinn was already demonstrating a lot of symptoms of love - most notably his protectiveness of Carrie. But he was attracted to her almost from the start, I think. 

Nero’s SU S3 Rewrite

Hello! I got bored and procrastinated this yesterday. I was watching a few AMVs and it struck me how S3, narratively, is worse than S2. If you consider the S1 structure, with the Birthday arc as the mid-season finale, Malachite/the Cluster as the hype for the second half of the season, it should really be filler in the middle and then all the high-impact eps at the end. So I rejigged it a little. Details under the cut since it’s quite long (I got carried away)

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If you have an Asian store near you, or a big grocery store with an Asian section, this is a great way to make instant noodles less boring without taking the time to prepare add-ins that need to be chopped or cooked.

What you need:

  • instant noodles (pre-packaged instant ramen, udon, etc.)
  • one serving of instant miso soup (miso paste packet + seasoning packet)
  • utensils (spoon, fork, chopsticks, whatever you usually eat instant noodles with) and possibly a microwavable bowl (if whatever you’re making doesn’t come with its own disposable bowl)

What you do:

  1. prepare the instant noodles according to the package (use the broth flavoring packet if you want - I do, because I like a stronger flavored broth - or omit it)
  2. dump the miso paste and seasonings in and stir

Personally I find this is a great way to prepare those packaged udon noodles that most grocery stores carry. Normally instant udon is a little bland for me if I don’t add anything to it, but the miso paste takes it from “meh” to something I can happily eat an entire package of. You can buy miso paste in a tub if you’re going to eat a lot of it, and it probably comes out cheaper per serving that way, but I like to have the instant stuff on hand because it’s pre-measured and keeps forever. If you have access to an Asian store you can also find a lot of variety in types of instant miso soup. You can also look for other types of instant soup packets and try those with your noodles.

If you want to make this vegetarian or vegan, make sure you look at the ingredients for the flavoring packets! Miso paste itself is meat-free, but the dried dashi stock in most miso soup seasoning is usually made with fish.

I finished Iron Fist, a few hours ago I don’t really know how I feel about it.

-Colleen Wing is extremely cool.  We say that about all the secondary heroes, but this time it feels a bit more like, “This should’ve been her show.”

-I defintately don’t want an Iron Fist season 2, but I do want more Iron Fist.  Join Luke Cage season 2 or just combine both shows into a Heroes for Hire/Daughters of the Dragon show.

-Meet the Meachums: How they lost everything, but really didn’t.

-Finn Jones is fine-ish.  But definitely the weakest performance.  He had chemistry with Jessica Henwick, she carried most of it though.

-It actually took me seven attempts to spell chemistry, and I didn’t get it right until auto-correct saved the day, unlike Iron Fist who relied on Meachum Jr.

-The show is a solid 5/10 or 2.4 stars.  If i had to go thumbs up or thumbs down?  Up I guess.

-I’m still wildly excited for the Defenders, and the other heroes getting their next season, with the exception of the Punisher, being a mass shooter is not a super power, and I don’t care.

-The Netflix Marvel Universe needs to borrow a page from the MCU and pull a hero or two in, Clare Temple is a given each season, but Daredevil popping up for an episode could’ve been fantastic.


Phoenix: I guess I never thought I’d see him drink anything other than tea. We do go out for coffee once in a while- he let me pick his drink today, and I just couldn’t resist the beginning of pumpkin spice latte season.

Miles: I’m surprised that he still considers this “coffee”.

Phoenix: I’m sorry the coffee place doesn’t carry your “premium hand-picked Venezuelan dark roast”.

Miles: I’m sorry too. Maybe then they wouldn’t have to sell this drink.

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What is the most surprising thing you’ve found about each other?

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Name: kate

Nickname: sometimes katie but eh, my fam calls me kitty/ kitty kat

Zodiac Sign: sagittarius

Height: 5′7

Orientation: bi babe

Ethnicity: white

Fave Season: summer

Fave Books: aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe. poetic, beautiful, best.

the secret garden. the most precious magical book.

the fire within. dragons.

carry on. it’s gay and fun.

Fave Scents: coconut. old books. new books. spring. peaches.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: coffee, preferably lots. also camomile tea with honey and acv

Average Sleep Hours: like 7 or 8. I need like 10 tho

Cats or Dogs: both r Excellent but i would do anything to get a cat of my own

Number of Blankets: in summer: one Doona even when it makes me die. in winter: one doona + two blankets

Number of Followers: so ma(N)y (I) ca(N)’t b(E)lieve

i tag….everyone….except…You


“Carry On My Wayward Son…” - On the Importance of Mary Winchester During Carver Era (with a Sidedish of Spec on the Season Finale)

“Our names are Dean and Sam Winchester. We’re named after your parents. When I would get sick, you would make me tomato-rice soup, because that’s what your mom made you. And instead of a lullaby, you would sing “Hey Jude”, ‘cause that’s your favorite Beatles song.” 

5x13 “The Song Remains the Same”

Dean and his relationship to his mother has imo always been one of the most beautiful things about the show, therefore I loved how often during the Carver Era attention was drawn to Mary and especially in relation to Dean. After having seen the spoilery set pics and having read this post about Mary Winchester being listed on the season finale’s character sheet, I just had to make this set and write something down, because while this spoiler may turn out being false, I personlly would not be surprised if Mary Winchester was to make an appearance as imo she has been tied to Dean’s coming of age arc and hero’s journey quite heavily as the past seasons have shown.

I have been writing in the beginning of the season about the importance of mother figures and with that Mary Winchester here and also had posted a S10 scenario focusing on Mary Winchester’s love to be what would save Dean and bring him back since I thought that would have made sense for the show to do and well… We kind of got it in 10x03 “Soul Survivor” and 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”, but I think the true pay off for such a scenario may happen this season finale in S11.

So let’s take a look back at all the little and big nods and shoutouts to Mary Winchester over the past three seasons (the ones above are actually just 12 instances, I had to narrow down to these from more than 20 instances) and what her emphasis may mean and in the end offer some theories on how she may factor in on the finale and why that may have everything to do with Dean.

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Lena Dunham discusses the Marnie-Desi proposal

Marnie is so obsessed with the traditional markers of a great life (cute boyfriend, nice apartment, marriage), that I think when he asks her, she’s just carried away by the moment.

Desi’s a hopeless romantic. He hurls himself into things and I think he thinks the most romantic way to make up from a fight is obviously to get engaged.

I think Marnie is obsessed with Desi. I think that she loves making music with Desi, and I think that she wants. to. win.

After Intensive Therapy and Many Weepings...

I am proud, and slightly shocked, and very emotional to announce that I have finished watching Bones.😭😭😭😭 I started my journey at the Jeffersonian a month and a half ago, and it has been the craziest roller coaster I have ever had the privilege to ride. From the “Pilot” all the way to “The 200th in the 10th” this show has made me laugh until I cried, cry until I laughed, scream and jump around like a wild woman, and most importantly, it has given me the gift of a new favorite show. Every episode was just as amazing as the others, and each season and story arc carried me deeper and deeper into the lives of these wonderful and amazing characters!!! So thank you to the whole cast and crew. Hart and Stephen for writing and creating the most amazing show ever, and most importantly the INCREDIBLE cast!!! Emily, David, Tamara, T.J., Michaela, and all the squinterns and guest starts for bringing to life the most amazing show on the planet!!!! Now I have to get my emotions under control and try to hold it together until March 26th!!!!😳This is gonna be fun!😏 I look forward to many more years with Booth&Brennen and the rest of Jeffersonian team!!!! Ok enough formal thank you stuff….I AM DEAD BECAUSE OF THESE PRECIOUS BABIES!!!! THIS WHOLE FREAKING SHOW WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!! SO MANY FEELS IN ONE PERSON CANNOT BE HEALTHY!!!!! AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😖😩😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

One of the most remarkable things about Carol Peletier is, for me, the fact that she considers herself to be damned and somehow manages to not only to keep going, but to keep doing, to keep being. To remain the protector she has always been. (I say that this is ONE of the most remarkable things because as you all know, there are too many to count.) 

She carried a great deal of guilt around with her even before she considered herself condemned to hell or something like it (her religious views are deeply shaken by all that’s happened to her, as she mentions obliquely in “Consumed.”) We see the full measure of her self-imposed guilt in season 2 when she asks God to punish her if that will protect Sophia. But she sloughs off some of this guilt and hardens the rest to a cutting edge at the prison. She finally builds up some of her self-worth, only to destroy it when she goes against her own humanistic tendencies in order to do what she thinks must be done for the good of all. Was it right? Was it wrong? It wasn’t really either, but it wasn’t something that was easy for her to live with no matter the practical implications. No death ever has been. But she keeps going, keeps cutting down those who would threaten the very people who cast her out. Even after they are reconciled and it is clear they consider Carol’s presence a privilege bestowed on THEM and not the other way around, she can’t handle it. She can’t handle the things she’s done, even in the presence of others who have done or would do the same. She can’t reconcile results with the mark that each death has left on her soul.

But still, she fights, even though it gives her no joy, no respite. Even though she doesn’t believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for her other than that cast by hellfire. Because caring for those she loves is all she has ever wanted to do, and regardless of her circumstances, she will continue to do it.

And that is the stuff of heroes. 

  • Radio New Zealand: Tell me about Lowell. He was the man that your mother went on to marry after she left your family and he sounds a pretty extraordinary man.
  • Sufjan Stevens: Well, he really is. When she remarried and they lived in Eugene, Oregon for about five years, it was probably the most healthy and stable season in her life. And I think a lot of that had to do with Lowell, because he was a really solid, stable person. That was the most time that we'd ever gotten to see her because we could spend summers in Eugene with them, the entire summer. Which was, you know, a real indulgence for us 'cause I'd only really spent like, sporadic weekends with her. And so Lowell facilitated that and was a real sort of cornerstone. He, you know, was a sort of nerdy music lover and he would play records for us and he really sort of cultivated a really fun, creative space for us. And even after they divorced, not having any children of his own, he continued to stay friends with our family and would make effort to come visit us and keep in touch. He was sort of a father figure to me. He would like, loan me instruments to play and make mix tapes and write letters. So he was sort of a mentor growing up.

Being a surrogate for someone, carrying a child around for 9 months that isn’t even yours - without getting paid - has to be one of the most selfless things ever! This isn’t just “one little favor”. It’s a huge, 9-months-lasting thing that gives her best friends a baby. So tell me again Rachel Berry only cares about herself and doesn’t deserve their friendship. Go ahead and try.


I remember playing in college especially, I cried almost every game that I played. I felt so much stress and pressure that I was letting down my teammates, and I was letting down my family, and the fans and my friends at the school. If I didn’t score it wasn’t good enough if we won, if we didn’t win I would be letting down everyone, so I just carried that weight with me every game. And then when I started playing in Sweden, everything was different. There was nobody watching, nobody knew what I was doing, and so I was just playing for the love of the game. And after my first season, my coach came up to me and he said, “of all the players that I ever coached, you’re the one who smiles the most on the field.

jemma’s behaviour in season 2 has just echoed may’s so so much, i can’t get over it.

the decision to leave fitz, at great cost to herself, after realising that her presence only made him worse?? that was may at the end of season 1. that was may leaving providence, recognising that she can look after coulson better by leaving. she can help more from a distance.

and just look at this most recent episode!!! 

‘you want me to leave, don’t you jemma?’ ‘if we work for shield, we have a duty to carry out our responsibilities. so perhaps it’s best if you do.’ 

was literally jemma’s version of: 

‘agent may, your professional opinion: will this girl be of any use to us on this plane?’ ‘no.’

and the way jemma was telling bobbi that it was a lab problem rather than a tech problem?? that made jemma the valuable one and put fitz in the clear. that made it infinitely easier for them to allow fitz to leave. she threw herself under the bus so that fitz could get out cleanly, which is exactly what we saw may do only last week, getting coulson out at the expense of her own freedom.

maybe may hasn’t been guiding jemma directly, not in the way she’s been guiding skye, but jemma simmons still sees. jemma simmons still learns.

MFMM - Netflix - Hot off the Press

After Live Chatting with Netflix today, it can be 99.999% confirmed that the Season 3 will be aired on September 15th with the change hopefully taking place at midnight PST. 

A customer service representative at Netflix has now told me that the show is still not on the master list for most in demand show due for September streaming. However, once a release date is up on Roku/Netlifx it should be ready to stream on that date. That will be true across all platforms! 

Yes, I will still be waiting up til midnight to check where we stand tomorrow. Once again, I stressed that the show had a large and diverse fanbase, that PBS does not carry the show in some states because of it’s social content and asked that he tell Netflix’s content buyers that further seasons and specials would be terrific. 

A fancy donut, a specially handcrafted cappuccino, and mints.

The opening for tonight’s Sleepy Hollow seemed like a butt-load of foreplay, and reminiscent of Rick giving Michonne mints.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Crane’s attentiveness to Abbie’s needs, but the writers seem hellbent on making it go to Nowheresville.  Which makes me wonder…

There’s a lightness to Sleepy Hollow that The Walking Dead will never, ever have (and I am anticipating some light to medium therapy after the season finale this Sunday), so giving us the perfection of Richonne [not only because it makes sense] is that ray of sunlight in such such a fucked up universe where anyone who bites the bullet will inevitably bite it in a most ugly, gruesome, horrendous way.  

Note: This is further proof in my mind of a Richonne baby on the horizon.

But Sleepy Hollow doesn’t carry this grief, so maybe the writers don’t feel like giving the ultimate ray of sunshine.  But it’s also completely stupid, as love between Abbie and Crane is staring everyone in the damn face.  Ignoring that chemistry is just…ugh.  They need to borrow Scott Gimple for like a day.

Not quitting on the show, but, the Richonne tag is my official happy place.  Until the Sleepy writers get their shit together, I can’t even see really participating in this fandom.  I want to, but they are killing my vibe, man.

Also, Richonne takes up a good chunk of time.  I have to be up at 7:30AM and it’s now five to three, and I am still stalking the Richonne tag and scheduling posts on the FB page for them, like wtf.


8. Chuck and Blair “Chair” (Gossip Girl): Oh, Chair… I sigh with heart eyes every time I think of them. They had me on a rollercoaster ride all 6 seasons but their moments made it all worth it. They had the most satisfying to watch connection and, oh my God, their chemistry was off the charts. The love they felt for each other was undeniable and the fact that they were so adorably endgame still makes me smile. 

Cece’s Top 46 Ships

I think what annoys me the absolute most about the Olicity fandom, is that they think their word is law. They believe their opinions carry more weight than they do.

They refuse to accept that most of their ‘arguments’ are not factual, but bias. They refuse to acknowledge that most of their main ‘arguments’ like shipping and chemistry are entirely subjective and that their perception does not negate somebody else’s opposing view.

Personally, the best chemistry in the show for me was between Stephen and Willa (Oliver and Thea were making me laugh from the first Season and I really felt Ollie’s love for his sister and Thea’s bitterness over being abandoned). I also loved the chemistry between Katie and Paul. Their scenes were always poignant and though Captain Lance frustrated me to no end in the earlier seasons, I totally bought every line and every motivation. Laurel’s indulgence to some of his behaviour and her anger at others, were particularly well done and balanced. I believed the father-daughter dynamic there.

People ship different things, people perceive different things. I never shipped Laurel/Tommy, I felt it was just there for the sake of being there and didn’t add or detract from either character. But it was okay because it felt very temporary to me, like it was another hurdle for Laurel and Oliver to get over.

But there are a lot of Laurel/Tommy shippers who love them and saw something that I didn’t. So, I wouldn’t and could never use my shipping bias as an argumentative point. Yet Olicity fans are notorious for putting ships against each other and treating it like Laurel and Lauriver failed because they don’t like them. That’s not how it works?

People keep saying “Katie lacked chemistry”. No, she didn’t. She did to you. That’s not a fact, that’s an opinion.

Olicity fans seriously can’t seem to fathom that their word isn’t law. And because they’ve gotten everything they’ve ever asked for, they believe they’re the be all and end all of the fandom, and they ask for more, and tear down those who want differently.

But the ratings have tanked. It’s a fact. And I’m sure there are a plethora of reasons why people stopped watching. I can only be sure of my own: The ableism, the disrespect of source material, the habitual fridging, the over-exaggerated drama, the forced romance, the pointless flashbacks, the underwhelming villain, the toxic fanbase, the storylines that never develop only to be dropped, the storylines that go on forever only to end up anticlimactic, the fact that Oliver doesn’t have a purpose for himself anymore, the action is subpar and sparse, there’s very little actual archery happening.

And that is all only my own opinions, not a fact. But none of those opinions are motivated by a shipping preference. So why is it that the majority of Olicity fans try and make everything about shipping, just so they can say their ship “won”.

They act like they speak for and represent everyone who ever watched the show and they’re so entitled and even sometimes cruel about it.