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Thank you so much for your response from my ask from yesterday! I love your blog and your happy positive vibe! Keep doing what you're doing! I'm so excited to see your new gifs. FYI - I'm still mourning that there is no more Longmire; Walt & Vic. I'll just keep going to your blog for comfort. (No pressure to you at all - ha!).

Happy & positive is not something I’m frequently accused of, but this show managed to hit several sweet spots in rapid succession, and I’m really glad the euphoria carries over to you as well. tbh I have yet to feel any kind of sadness that it is over, which is another unusual thing for me. Maybe it’s bc this season somehow did not feel final to me at all? It didn’t feel like most final seasons I’ve seen where it is so evident that they are winding down and tying up loose ends and giving closure, putting the “toys” back in their boxes, sealing them and stamping every plot thread and character interaction w/ a “goodbye”. Despite the last episode being literally named “Goodbye Is Always Implied”, it felt like a new beginning to me, not an end. It left me feeling happy and eager to go back to the beginning, and also to finally invest in the books, which will be a whole new adventure. And I think there’s talk about a movie as well, but I’m not sure how legit it is. So there is still a lot to play with in this universe - it still feels very much “open” to me -, and I intend to do just that: keep (re-)exploring. ;)

That glint though

Would you like to hear my disgusting fangirl wish?

Consider that YOI really likes to mirror themes and story lines. So for Otayuri to become a thing my brain dreams of the following scenario:

Otabek and Yuri did the WTTM skate. It was wild and exhilarating. Both of them are buzzing. They stand on the ice and take a bow, the crowd is going wild. Then they look at each other and Otabek smiles.

And all Yuri can do is stare back, as he feels his stomach drop and his chest constrict and his eyes become wide. Then it happens. He gets that glint. That same fucking glint Victor got while looking at Yuuri at the banquet. That look that says: “Shit, I’m gone. Carry me away because this boy is the most beautiful thing in creation and I’m in love.”

Cut to black screen while the crowd is still screaming, along with you, the viewer, after two minutes of madness. SEE YOU NEXT LEVEL, BYE. 

How’s that for a set-up for next season? You, the viewer, are crying. 

Their point of no return and what it could mean

I want to talk about this moment a little bit, because I  believe this is the most important scene in their relationship so far.

For me their entire dynamic changed after this moment.

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Jon have been trying to act as a brother to Sansa, trying to protect her since they’ve reunited. He tried to fight a war without her, tried to make plans without her opinion, tried to rule without her because for him this is a burden and he tries to protect her from carry it. Since season 6 he’s trying to do things by himself to allow Sansa to live her life with no worries. He does even small things like “have the Lord’s chambers prepared for her”, I mean, that’s  housekeeping duty, the lords don’t worry about this, the ladies of the castles do (we see Catelyn doing this kind of thing at season 1 when Robert’s party arrives), so Sansa should be doing this, not him. Jon sees Sansa as a sister he has to protect and take care of, so for him, to do everything by himself is a way of protecting her. It’s his way to show he cares for her.

At this moment however she confronts him and he faces the reality of what she really is: an independent and intelligent woman, capable of take care of herself and deal with politics. Maybe this is the very first time he realizes that keeping her away from command actually hurts her, although he does it to protect her, she sees it as lack of faith in her. 

During an interview Kit said something about it:

“ I think Jon is oblivious. He hasn’t actually learned his lesson from actually trying to pay attention to what she’s feeling. He says he has, but he’s asking her to trust him. He’s not listening and watching and observing her. “

After this moment he decides to take a shot and do things with her. Not without her. And once he does that, there’s no turning back anymore for them. Episode  7x2 is pure bliss in this. He receives a raven from Tyrion and she is the first person he shows it. For the very first time he asks her opinion. Even before Davos who is very much the “Hand of the King in North”. When she’s telling her opinion about it, the camera shows how he’s reacting to her words. To show he’s really taking her opinion in consideration. He puts aside a sister he has to protect and begins to see a woman he can really trust.

After receiving Sam’s raven, Jon declares he’s leaving for Dragonstone and this scene is pure gold too. When he’s talking to the Lords about Daenerys, Sansa reaction is a “yassss, you’re doing great Jon” to show she really supports him. And when he states he’s leaving, he actually turns around to tell HER, and his voice is sad. When he says “It has to be me”, his voice is like an apology. Of all people he’s needs HER to understand why he’s leaving. It’s an entirely different dynamics from when he told Daenerys he was leaving Dragonstone. He didn’t impose his authority over her, saying “I’m the king and I’m leaving, your opinion doesn’t matter”. It’s way more like a “I know you don’t agree but I NEED to do this. I need you to understand and support me on this”. And that’s what she does when she agrees to take care of the North for him.

To give Sansa the North is huge, HUGE. Jon has stated several times this season everything he does, he does for the North. The North and its people is something he would die to protect. He risks his life more than once for the sake of the North, and he decides Sansa is capable enough of take care of it in his absence. He gives her his kingdom and there’s not a single scene of him doubting his choice of left her in charge. I don’t think this whole narrative would work if it was Arya in Sansa’s place. Jon trusts Sansa, because he understands now that she’s someone he can trust, that they are partners, he can rely on her and that she wouldn’t turn him down or disappoint him. He understands that she’s capable of ruling in his place and protect what it most precious to him. He sees her now as an equal.

Before he leaves, he turns to take a last look of her and wave a goodbye. This is such a powerful moment. In many ways we see Jon isn’t leaving because he wants to, but because he has to. He cares for her and he’s going to miss her, but he believes she’s going to take care of herself and that  she’s gonna be there when he returns. And that’s what she’s doing: getting everything done and waiting for him to return home. 

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At the end of season 6 Jon asks Sansa to trust him. At season 7, Sansa asks him to trust her. At season 8 they finally trust each other deeply. If you put Jon and Sansa relationship side by side to Jon and Daenerys relationship you see how they work differently. Sansa trusts him, and when he gives her a chance to prove herself, she helps him and they work as a team. They build a relationship where they know they will never turn each other down because they both care for the same things and for each other. But with Daenerys, every time Jon gives her a chance to do something good, she demands something in return. She doesn’t believe him, she minimize him and asks for his kingdom. Even after he gave her that, she states that she will only fight in the North IF Cersei agrees with a truce, even after the WW killed one of her dragons.  They build a relationship where he gives her everything and she gives him almost nothing. Daenerys only gave him the dragonglass bc she had no use for it. She only went North saving him bc she was already in love with him. But she doesn’t care about what it’s important to him, so he doesn’t care about what matters to her. This is not a beautiful or healthy relationship.

At this moment in 7x1 Sansa told him to trust her and listen to her and Jon did that. He takes her advices to heart. And maybe that’s when Jon’s character changed for good.

Kit said: “He’s going to listen to her more this season”. I don’t think he’s referring only about her opinion about Tyrion. I think he’s referring to everything she told him this season, and she gave him solid advices about:

Being smarter.

Not trusting Cersei.

Not making Robb’s mistakes.

Not making Ned’s mistakes.

This is the last season, if Jon’s gonna survive he needs to learn how to play the game. Sansa knows how the game is played and tells Jon to start playing. When she told him to be smarter, to learn from Robb’s mistakes, even the “they respect you, they really do BUT” she was telling him to play the game. She was warning him that to follow Ned and Robb’s way of life and choices would give him the same fate they had: get murdered for not playing the game as they should have.

Maybe Jon really is listening to her and taking her advice to heart the entire season. Sansa would tell Jon not to trust Cersei, she would say Cersei’s words are meaningless, that she lies and probably would not send a fucking soldier to help them, hoping the WW would kill them all. Sansa would know that. Maybe Jon knows that too, because Sansa told him what kind of person Cersei is. Maybe the Political/Undercover Jon theory is not  so wrong and Jon had decided to take a more aggressive and desperate measure to get Daenerys’s help because he knows Cersei would not keep her word, the dragons are their only chance against the WW’s and he knows Daenerys will not help them if Cersei’s forces are not stand-down.

Most people say Sansa would never stand a Jon who uses Daenerys to save his people. I believe she would. Of all people Sansa would know sometimes we need to do terrible things to survive. She married two enemies of her House, she deceived and killed a man that loved her (“in his own horrible way”) to protect her family and the North.

We talk about how “undercover Jon is too smart and too terrible to happen” but a kinda of “undercover Sansa” actually happened this season. The game of thrones is terrible. The best players are always hated. Cersei, Varys, Littlefinger, Sansa…the audience always sees them as traitors and untrustworthy. Tyrion’s plans began to fail and people are already making theories of how he’s stabbing Daenerys in the back. The audience likes honorable and good hearted people like Ned and the show!Jon. A Jon who plays would make the audience uncomfortable just like the book!Jon would too. Maybe that’s the reason they decided to make all the characters only show their true intentions in the last season. And maybe they want to make a whole drama to reveal this scheme like they did to “Undercover Sansa and Arya” this season.

I know D&D destroy a lot of characters to fit in the show, but I don’t think they would do it to Jon’s character just to make Jon3rys happen in the poorly way they they did it. I mean, they could have developed their romance in a better way, but they chose not to. There’s must be a reason for it. Jon’s grey sides are already in the show, with Ygritte, with Mance, with Jon hanging Olly and almost beating Ramsay to death at season 6. A Jon who plays the game for the sake of the North is just the next step. Season 8 is the last one and everything that is going to happen there had the seeds planted in season 7: Sansa ruling, Daenerys burning people alive, Cersei stabbing people in the back, maybe Jon playing the game is just another one.

Maybe there’s more in northerners fools than meets the eye.

And I’m looking forward to that.

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I've read about vld showrunners saying they might add LGBT content in the show, do you think this means that Sheith relationship in first 3 seasons is supposed to be percieved as platonic (that might as well turn into romantic if they decide to go down that road), since it was something they've considered only after making these seasons? I ship Sheith with all my heart, but sometimes i'm afraid of getting my hopes up.

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what you mean by “since it was something they’ve considered only after making these seasons”?? Because lgbt representation is a conversation they have been having since the start. In fact, if we get any lgbt rep at all, it’s been implied that that’s been planned since season 1. 

My understanding is that the writers were unsure for a little while if Netflix would renew Voltron or not (which is why the ending for season 1 feels really abrupt and cut off, because they suddenly realized they would get a season 2 and didn’t have to give 1 a “softer ending”) but anYWAY, for a bit it seems they were unsure. And after they got the green light, they had to wait a bit before they could publicly confirm it. So, with that in mind:

In an interview right around when Voltron first started airing, Lauren and Joaquim mentioned how they both loved the korrasami ending and were happy to be part of it. When asked if Voltron would ever “take that step,” Lauren said, “we have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope” which to me says that if there was any representation they planned to carry through with, then they’ve already started building the groundwork for that from the very beginning. (source here)

Again, to me that says the most viable candidate for a gay relationship is Shiro and Keith, given how intimately close they’re portrayed as from the very beginning. Not to mention how the season starts with Keith running in to save Shiro like his knight in shining armor and ends with Shiro returning the favor. Plus all those other times they comfort each other and trust in one another and just–ya. If sheith was going to happen, they knew what they were doing and 100% planned it from the beginning. 

And the thing is, the more questions like this I get the more I’m kind of curious if most people just aren’t aware of how animation works because?? Major plot points won’t get changed out of nowhere, an entire character arc for next season won’t just be rewritten. All the content for the rest of the series is probably well written out and a good portion of it already animated; animation takes lots of time, you have to do so much work in advance. If they were going to put lgbt representation in, it’s already been planned and written a long time ago. 

When asked about ships, the show runners themselves actually talked about this. Because someone wanted to know if Lance and Keith would be “teased” because of how many people ship it, but that’s simply not the case. Lauren said “We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything. We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.” And Joaquim followed with, “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.” 

Lauren goes on to say, “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that, even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story! And be like–and now they’re in love.” (source here)

In short–if we get lgbt representation, it’s because it’s what the writers originally intended and was probably drafted out when they first pitched the TV Bible. Not because they suddenly decided halfway through season 3 that adding it in would please fans. And honestly, I feel a lot more comfortable about that. Because you know it’s not something that just got shoehorned in and was an intentional part of the narrative that the writers are invested in. 

Which is again why, if anything, sheith makes the most sense to me, as that’s the dynamic that’s been by far the most fleshed out and well developed. It just feels like if any relationship was built up as something romantic, sheith already has all the groundwork in place there

What we learned in Miraculous season 2 episode 4:

  • Tikki can make jewelry out of cosmic spit.
  • Tom and Sabine are the most ionic duo.
  • I want to be Gina Dupain when I grow up.
  • Marinette is part Italian.
  • Hawkmoth can akumatize people who are angry or sad for themselves, not just people who are mad at other people.
  • Marinette is 14.
  • Tom Dupain has cake flipping abilities.
  • Tom and Sabine created the first bump.
  • Everyone in the class ( except for Chloe) would defend Marinette with their lives.
  • Chat noir can make the most adorable faces.
  • Adrien has a crush on Marinette and I refuse to believe otherwise.
  • Hawkmoth can get owned.
  • Adrien still has Marinette’s lucky charm.
  • Now there’s 4 objects (correct me if I am wrong) : the umbrella, Marinette’s lucky charm, the scarf, and Adriens gift.
  • Chat has a thing for carrying Marinette.
  • Tikki’s gift may be a part of the yin and yang.

Ok. So ok. This is so random but I was watching season 2 again and I wanted to get a good look at Kenma’s bedroom (because I want to get to know my pudding haired son better ok?) and I zoomed into the books and saw this. Now I could TOTALLY be off on this, this could already be ‘debunked’ or something, but I swear it looks like it says 'STEGOSAURUS’ and the illustration next to it looks strangely like a dinosaur. And like obviously Tsukishima is a Dino lover but wait. What if Kenma is too? What if he has the same love for dinosaurs and knows he most random trivia about them and has a deep held fascination with them??

Imagine Tsukki and Kenma getting into a deep conversation on their favorite dinosaur types and their theories on the dinosaurs extinction and everyone, especially the rest of their teams are like, wtf?? Kenma is voluntarily talking to someone he barely knows? Tsukishima is doing the same??? And not acting sarcastic or condescending??!?

This is my new favorite headcanon just try to take it from me I will carry it to my grave.

Just look at this and tell me it’s not the most cuuuuute and adorable thing you’ve ever seen 😍😍❤️👑

A-Level Survival Guide, by @Shannonsstudy

If you are unfamiliar with A-levels, they are a 2 year course typically for 16-18 year olds carried out after high school. In most cases you will study 4 subjects at AS level in year 1, and drop to 3 subjects at A2 level, unless you are me, in which case you would have carried on all 4 subjects and become way too stressed by exam season, because you didn’t have THIS survival guide.

·         Be prepared. You will need a binder/folder for each subject; none of this multi-subject notebook nonsense, there won’t be enough room for your notes and you’ll become unorganised. Make sure you have the basics- pens, pencils, ruler blah blah blah you know the drill.

·         Make an effort with your tutor. Your tutor will be writing your reference for university/job applications at the beginning of year 2, so make a good impression and stick to it. A simple “Hi, how are you?” as you walk in to registration and a “Have a good day” as you leave is all it takes, it will make the world of difference when it comes to them writing a reference. Similarly, make friends with your teachers, I’m not saying you need to be BFFs, just make it clear that you’re interested in their subject and them as a person.

·         DO THE HOMEWORK WHEN YOU GET IT. In a free period or when you get home, sit down and do the homework set that day. If you can get it done and out of the way asap it won’t build up and become stressful, it also gives you time to go to your teachers for help if you need it (also showing them that you take their class seriously and want to do well).

·         Use your free periods. I’m not saying you need to spend every single free doing hardcore study, because that’s not going to happen. But utilise the free time and get work done, you can relax at home and not have to worry about homework then.

·         Read. The. Textbook. You can have the best teacher in the world, and they may still miss out some details. Every day go through the relevant sections of the book for the day’s lessons, add anything missed out to your notes. I did NOT do this at AS, which was a huge mistake as I then had to do it all in the months/weeks leading up to my A2 exams, when I could have been revising content rather than learning it for the first time.

·         Similarly, make your revision resources ASAP. Again, do this after every lesson to avoid panic and stress in exam season. It’ll be much easier to write out 5 flashcards every day than it will be to write out hundreds 3 weeks before the exam, plus you’ll actually have time to study them.

·         Choose your subjects carefully. But also don’t stress if you start and discover you hate the class, you’ll have around a month to swap. Choose subjects that you enjoy and find interesting, there’s nothing worse than writing an essay on a subject you despise.

·         THE NEW A-LEVEL SYSTEM SUCKS. Yes, you now have to memorise everything you’ve learned in the entire 2 years and will be examined on it all at the end. Revising the month before may have worked in the past, but not this time. Revise year-round.

·         When it comes to revision (which again, you should be doing all year) use past papers. Although the system has changed, for the most part the questions have not. Once you’ve done one question on ‘differences in achievement and subject choice between genders’ you’ve done them all. You can still use old papers and mark schemes, just ignore the questions that are no longer relevant

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if anyone has anything to add, go ahead. Any further questions feel free to message/send an ask. For anyone who’s curious I studied Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology. At AS I achieved AAAB (B in chem), and am currently awaiting my A2 results.

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Here's a two-word writing request, make of it what you will: garden lesbians

It was a quiet day at the community center’s vegetable garden. The holiday season was almost upon us, so most people were out of town. The only four who came this morning were Mr. Gregson, Violet and Tulip, and myself.

I was tending to some of the tomato plants when Mr. Gregson approached me. He was a nice guy, but he was sometimes a bit clueless about things. He looked like there’s something on his mind. His eyes twitched back and forth, and he carried his weight weirdly. He crouched down next to me and spoke.

“So…” he whispered. Or at least as close to a whisper as his gruff voice allowed. “Violet and Tulip…”

“Yeah, what about them?” I looked behind my tomatoes to the other side of the garden, where the two women were working together on a plot.

“Do they…” Mr. Gregson continued. “Do they, like dig with their fingers?”

I raised an eyebrow at the strange question. “No, they use a trowel like the rest of us.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean… do you think they… prefer their watermelons seedless?”

“I don’t know anybody who doesn’t.”

“Yeah yeah…” a slight blush appeared on Mr. Gregson’s face. “But that’s not it… You know? I’m asking you… do they like the lettuce over the carrot?”

“Why, are you preparing a salad for us later? Because that would be lovely.” I smiled at him. I was starting to get where he is going.

“I might… but… I’m asking you a question.” Mr. Gregson cleared his throat. “Are they… you know… together?”

I smiled at Mr. Gregson. It was a wide and knowing smile. “Are you asking if they’re gay?”

Mr. Gregson leaned back, a bit surprised by the directness. After a second of awkward silent, he leaned back in. “Are they?”

“No.” I answered simply.

“O-okay.” Mr. Gregson got back up and was about to go back to his station.

“Violet is pansexual, but yeah, they are a couple.”

Mr. Gregson stopped mid-step and looked back at me. His blush expanded to the rest of his face. He glanced once again at Violet and Tulip, who were very visibly kissing now.

“I’m- I’m gonna look that up in the community center’s computer.” he said.

“That’s a good idea.” I smiled at him, giving him a thumb up.



littlespoonman  Me and my sister-queen @adelaidekane. It’s an intimidating thing for an actor, showing up partway through a well-established series. You don’t know how you’ll fit in to the cast dynamic; you don’t know how well you’ll work with your new colleagues; you’re about to spend a whole lot of time collaborating with total strangers and you don’t know if they’ll be jerks, or divas, or just boring people. Luckily for me, the person I worked with the most on Reign was none of those things. Adelaide was welcoming & kind & smart & funny. Also luckily for me (and for everyone else who worked on Reign, and for everyone who watched it), she is a pro, a talented & charismatic actor who carried this show for four seasons, and she was a pleasure to work with. I like to think we made some good actings together. (And, okay, the one or two times she WAS a diva, it was pretty funny to see 😸) Thanks for being awesome, sister.
#Reign #BTS #stuartsiblings #reignfinale

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So many thng to process about the premiere! Della making her technical first canon appearance. Scrooge being voice by Tenant, the excellent first ep! oh i can't wait for september.

Her first ANIMATED appearance, and with a cliffhanger this early on😄. She’s appeared in the comics but very rarely, where she’s the pilot to Donald’s sailor.

I’ve read a couple speculations and theories by people that she’ll be missing in space in this series as well, and that’s totally possible. However, I think her mystery won’t be (completely) solved in Season 1. Maybe that’s why Season 2 was greenlit even before the first aired.

I have zero nostalgia and attachment to any work by David Tenant, Doctor Who or otherwise, but yes, he does a great job as Scrooge.
Apart from the visuals (scene composition, color choices, etc.), I was paying the MOST attention to the writing. That for me carries more weight than the style or animation fluidity, escpecially when you’re rebooting a very popular series and characters. Things like 1)how the characters speak, 2)what comes out of their mouths and 3)does it make sense in context, 4)does it make sense given WHO THEY ARE, 5)is there anything considered as fodder/pointless/overly-long gag just to make scenes last, 6)is it sensible when certain scenes are fast and then slow down and vice versa, 7)are there any overused tropes and do they work, etc.

The premiere was lovely. I even noticed that in some places (like the ongoing gag of launchpad wanting to pilot already!) the - I don’t know the right jargon for this - the STRUCTURE of how these sections of the episode were written were reminiscent of the structure of one of the original episodes. So old fans get some neat references both visually, storytelling-wise, AND writing-style wise.

There’s a lot of love and talent in this project and that’s what people wanted 👍.

Get to Know My Love for Bones

Top 5 favorite characters: Temperance Brennan, Angela Montenegro, Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins and Lance Sweets

Other characters you like: Wendell Bray, Camille Saroyan, James Aubrey, Caroline Julian, Max Keenan, Arastoo Vaziri , Gordon Gordon , and Finn Abernathy.

Least favorite characters: Hannah Burley, Christopher Pelant, Oliver Wells
Heather Taffett

Otps: B&B , Hodgela , Camstoo

Notps: Booth x Hannah and Brennan x Sully

Favorite friendships: Brennan x Angela , Angela x Cam, Cam x Brennan , Brennan x Hodgins, Booth x Cam, Sweets x Booth/Brennan, Aubrey x Brennan/Booth

Favorite family: Booth family but I really like the Hodgins family as well. Let’s just say the whole gang together.

Favorite episodes: Pilot , The Woman in the Sand , Aliens in a Spaceship , The Cowboy in the Contest , The Woman in White, The Skull in the Desert, The Mummy in the Maze, The End in the Beginning, The Proof in the Pudding, The Hole in the Heart, The change in the game, The shot in the dark, The Prisoner in the Pipe, The Movie in the Making , The End in the End . There’s more just can’t think of them atm.

Favorite season/book/movie: Probably season 11, season 9 , season 5 and season 3, Season 7, Season 2

Favorite quotes: “You’re the woman I love. You’re the woman who kissed me outside the pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot Tommy guns on Valentine’s Day. That’s who you are. You’re the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in your hand, even though you’re a vegetarian. You’re the Roxy to my Tony and the Wanda to my Buck. Who else is gonna sing Hot Blooded with me? And besides we are way better than Mulder and Scully.“ , “Everything happens eventually” , “I don’t know what that means” , “King of the lab!” , “People assume that when you’re alone, you must be lonely. Like most assumptions, it’s erroneous.”

Best musical moment: First time Booth and Brennan sang Hot Blooded together. Also When Brennan sings “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper in “The Checker Box” restaurant.

Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: Probably when B&B got together in the end of season 6, or there wedding.

When it really disappointed you: Booth starts Gambling again. Booth lying to Brennan’s face about it.

Saddest moment:
When Sweets Died

Most well done character death: I think Max Keenan’s

Favorite guest star: Stephen Fry

Favorite cast member: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz I can’t pick 1.

Character you wish was still alive: Definitely Sweets

One thing you hope really happens: Everything I wanted to happen has already come true :)
I did wish we got more episodes but I know it won’t happen :(

Most shocking twist: The whole FBI Conspiracy

When did you start watching/reading?: When it premiered in 2005

Best animal/creature: hum… Ripley…

Favorite location: The Jeffersonian of course

Trope you wish they would stop using: second person they interrogate was generally the killer

One thing this show/book/film does better than others: It’s realistic about stuff in real life, I mean they knew that Hodgins being able to walk again was very unlikely so they did what would probably happen if his situation was real, they kept him in a wheelchair, even though he didn’t deserve that it was probably the most realistic thing to happen.

Funniest moments: Hodgins’ experiments, Brennan clueless about pop culture

Couple you would like to see: Aubrey x Karen

Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: cast is perfect the way it is.

Favorite outfit: every single Angela Montenegro outfit. Brennan’s chunky Necklaces.

Favorite item: angelatron

Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: not really, but I’m planning on doing it !

What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?:  part of the Booth Family

Most boring plotline: Hannah bored and annoyed me

Most laughably bad moment: When Booth and Brennan carry the dead man’s body to the car during his funeral while Hodgins is making the speech. That was literally the best moment ever. (this was in season 4 - The Double Death of the Dearly Departed)

Best flashback/flashfoward if any: When B&B first met

Most layered character: Temperance Brennan

Most one dimensional character: Dr. Goodman

Scariest moment: When the whole Jeffersonian blow up. I mean I knew they weren’t going to die or anything but … also in the Nightmare in the Nightmare all of Brennans dreams made me jump a bit

Grossest moment: I can’t think of one. the show literally doesn’t bother me with the gore anymore is that sad?

Best looking male: Seeley Booth

Best looking female: Temperance Brennan

Who you’re crushing on (if any): I mean, Seeley Booth duh. Hell in the Cowboy in the Contest I was crushing on Brennan.

Favorite cast moment: The bloopers are the best moments ever, or the Comic Con interviews

Favorite transportation: Booth’s car

Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise):
Booth and Brennan’s House (season 10 on)

Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: What was Pelant’s final Message???

Best promo: The End in the End showing how far the show has came.

At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: From the Beginning.

Why to give a chance to Ultimate Spider-Man

Since the last season of Ultimate Spider-Man ended, I’ve seen people saying rude stuff about it, but I honestly don’t think like them. It’s by far one of the best Spider-Man cartoons I’ve ever watched.

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I’ll list the reasons here, and why should you give it a try.

* Drake Bell is a great voice actor for Spidey, and can be funny and feel-y in many situations. The character itself’s pretty loyal to its beliefs and yet keeps its teenage posture, with puns and life dilemmas

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* There are several apparances of many Marvel heroes, some perhaps only barely known or only seen in comic books. Spidey’s team has White Tiger, Power Man, Nova and Iron Fist!

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Squirrel Girl’s one of his friends also. But I honestly just love her in the show.

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* Deadpool. Just DEADPOOL in Season 2.

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* Multiversal episode. Really, wait till season 3.

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* Time stopping Spidey, in a Saved by the Bell and Emperor’s New Groove way. Spidey speaks to the audience!

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* Anime feels, with chibi cuteness included!

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* It DOESN’T END IN AN UPSETTING CLIFFHANGER! The ending itself is pretty satisfactory if you ask me.

* FEELS (during all seasons they appear, but the fourth carry the most of them)

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So really, WATCH the four seasons Ultimate Spider-Man! It’s a great Spider-Man show, it’s feels-y and funny!

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Tell me about Leverage? I know the premise of the show and I'm slowly being sucked into an ot3 but I wanna know more? Is it a good show altogether?


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It is not just a good show. It is an absolutely AMAZING show. Do you like sharp, well written plots with tight action sequences and funny banter and fantastic dialogue? Do you like heist-type films? Do you like stories about the underdog sticking it to the MAN? Do you like found families stories, about people coming together and finding home in one another? Do you like amazing character development, seeing characters learn to people and learn to trust one another? 

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Not to mention the most beautiful OT3 I’ve ever seen on television. This relationship starts out the three as strangers– slightly antagonistic, rivals, judging of one another’s personality quirks and abilities. Over the course of the show they get so incredibly close, risking their lives for one another, falling in love– and the ending! THE ENDING. I will say no more so you can have that amazing moment unspoiled.

Also I love Parker. There’s just so much incredible character development from her– it’s so beautiful watching her develop this empathy and love and aaah.

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Can’t forget the parents.

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Slow burn. Wonderful. I think the show does an amazing job at making the audience root for them, and pull them in different directions– they have honest fights, learn to communicate, date other people, fall back in love, it’s fantastic.

And what’s an amazing story without a scheming antagonist?

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The five seasons of this show are so wonderful, and they knew it was ending, they planned the last season to tie up all the loose ends and gave it the most amazing send off and perfect conclusion for all the characters. I just… ah. Highly recommended. Will tear your heart into pieces and put it back together, but still. 


that Penelope is still dating Sam since season 9 and that it’s “impossible” for Luke and Penelope to happen - I’m just wondering, where has he been?

aside the fact that he was last mentioned on 12x01, I would’ve expect he would appear more this season. maybe even during 12x17 or 12x21 where Penelope has hit rock bottom emotionally. you would think she will confine to her boyfriend about her emotions. yet he has been nowhere to be seen or even mentioned at least since the very first episode.

Penelope has mentioned that this year has been the hardest for her. She feels as if every single time something happens, a part of her is chipping away. she’s exhausted and really unable to carry on with the heavy emotions she is clenching into and we have to remember that she isn’t trained like the others.

Penelope Garcia is the heart and soul of the BAU. To me, I view her as the glue to the team. She always lifting people’s moods and always making sure she is there for the people she loves and cares about. So it was deeply heartbreaking to watch her at her most emotional breaking point in 12x21.

With how heavy and centric the season has been going on with Spencer, I get it if the writers choose to not show too much of the other member’s personal lives. Maybe that’s why we haven’t really seen Penelope lose it emotionally a lot after experiencing so much changes in one year. Remember, she isn’t a fan of changes. Maybe that’s also the reasoning behind the absence of Sam.

It’s just the fact at how OUT OF NOWHERE the whole resignation scene was, it literally threw me off. Are the writers leading that scene to somewhere? Penelope is always there for people and she wouldn’t hand in a resignation knowing that everybody else in the team is still trying so hard to help. It would’ve been nice to see where or how this decision of hers was made or maybe even a scene where she had a discussion about it with Sam (assuming they’re still dating) BUT WHERE IS HE?

Then here is where the shipper part of me comes into logic and say, “why would the writers continuously tease us about the growing friendship and obvious chemistry between Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia?” Why was it Luke that found Penelope, crying by herself in her little office. Why not JJ? Emily? Rossi? I understand if Penelope didn’t want to confine to others in the team because they’re already going through too much as it is. Why exactly did it have to be Luke? Especially with the ending of that episode where he went out his way and bought her that dang adorable little cat stress thingy? (STILL WAITING FOR HER TO USE IT!)

And maybe it’s just me (probably is) but the way she looked and talked to him after receiving the sweet gift, it made think that she wouldn’t be like that unless she didn’t have a boyfriend. okay, maybe she was looking at him like that bc she’s still feeling shy after getting caught crying but still??????????

I have so many questions for the writers honestly. I understand that they want showcase a different dynamic for the show since Morgan left but please don’t play with us. Luke and Penelope stole my heart immediately as soon as that elevator door opened and she started to awkwardly talk about “fingering techniques” and that smirk on his face, OMG ADORBS.

Why did Luke have to be the one that found Penelope crying? Why did he have to use those beautiful words of “if I ever happen to be the someone…”? Why did he give her that cat thingy? Why are they always playfully teasing each other? Why is Luke always looking at her like that (when he told the remote and when he took the file folder from her) ? Why is it we only see Luke smile that beautifully when he’s around Roxy or Penelope?

It’ll break my heart if the writers are just playing with us. Penelope and Luke may never become a thing, I can take that. Maybe it’s the friendship that the writers are aiming for and sure, I get it. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see more of their scenes together on my screen because it brings me so much happiness to see them like that. (WHICH WHY I AM WONDERING WHY HAS IT BEEN 4 EPISODES SINCE WE GOT ANYTHING GARVEZ RELATED?!

Regardless, I’m tired and now realize that this post might not even make sense since I am rambling on.

Conclusion: It will be a damn shame if Luke and Penelope never become a couple and we’ve been played. Just like the last 11 years.

BTW, I swear if a girlfriend comes out of nowhere again (like what they did with Morgan) for Luke - I am never trusting anything that the writers throws at us. Wouldn’t you want to watch a friendship to grow beautifully into a romance that’s undeniable? *coughs* garvez *coughs*