me to all my favs

Time to fill your hope with more gaster x2 DRUGGSS of happiness

me: a bts blog,,, who is also a carat

also me: reblogs something seventeen related

aLSO me: feels obligated to immediately reblog about 5 things bts related out of fear of people unfollowing/ not liking my content

me, in my head: this blog is for the content i love and appreciate and want to see that i want to share with others who also happen to love and appreciate the same things. this blog and the people i blog about makes me happy. why should i modify my happy things to please others i just want to love them

anonymous asked:

what are ur favorite blogs?

ahhhh asks like these kind of scare me bc ALL of my mutuals r my fav!!!! but recently ive been rbing a lot from @na-rum @sixthchild @tayuya @blvckmilk @guncores @kozumek @tuofu @vicar-amelia @skyglowing @cyberjazz @mothcub @okumvras @ovrkill & a lot of other cool ppl !! & also i would take a million bullets for @eyespystye @pal-kia @rosiesakura


went to the beach & discovered my inner Lorde


favourite the vampire diaries characters: kai parker
I guess I liked my brother, Joey. We played Dr. Mario together and he’d always win. Actually, one of my favorite memories is when I finally beat him. Of course, my favorite memory is when I finally beat him to death. You don’t have to waste your energy trying to change me. If Ricki taught me anything, it’s that liking yourself is the most important thing. And I like me.


If I’m honest I know I would give it all back
For a chance to start over
And rewrite an ending or two 
For the girl that I knew

an ink luigi turned into a soft luigi