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So this is a silly little thing I wrote for my lovely friend @anuecc. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 💙 I am still intent on dragging your cute, yoga toned ass down to drarry hell ;)

Harry should have known this was a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. But to be fair, who in Merlin’s name would have expected Draco Malfoy showing up here, looking… like this?

“Malfoy,” Harry spluttered, his voice sounding embarrassingly raspy. “Are you… Is that a crop top?”

Malfoy raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest, seeming unconcerned.

“Is that what this is called?”

Harry swallowed around the lump that was building in his throat. Dear Merlin! Malfoy’s stomach looked simply delicious! And the way his trousers hugged his hips!

“Um… aren’t those trousers little tight?”

Malfoy narrowed his eyes.

“I was told this is what Muggles wear when they do…” He waved a hand around in the air, clearly searching for the right word. “Whatever this is called.”

“It’s called Yoga,” Harry sighed, “and we’re going to be late. Come on.”

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38 Ereri

#38: “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know if you wanted my attention so much, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

When Eren wakes up, the lights are dim and the bed is as stiff as a board. He groans quietly, his head is pounding and vision still a bit blurry. It comes in and out of focus as do the voices that seem too distant for him to hear.

He tries to sit up and instantly regrets the action. He’s sent into a dizzy spell and falls back with a rather hard and loud oomph and another groan.

That causes the voices to stop and he hears a couple footsteps before the curtain that he didn’t notice is surrounding him opens. Nurse Hange pops her head in with a smile, stepping closer to the bed.

“How you feelin’?” she asks and Eren simply blinks at her, confused. 

“Uh,” he stampers, “my head hurts and lights are blinding. What happened?” He tries to sit up again and he’s thankful that Hange is there to help him with it, propping him against the wall as she does so.

She doesn’t say anything and he watches as she pushes the curtain open some more. He knows that his face burns a bright pink at the sight of who is standing there, leaning against the counter with his perfect, muscly arms crossed over his chest. He looks up, eyes flickering at Hange before landing on Eren. 

The phone began ringing and Hange sighed. “I’ll have Levi explain while I answer the phone.” She smiles and leaves them alone in the room together. 

Eren has to avert his eyes from staring too much. Hot Levi Ackerman is standing in the same room as him, within ten feet of him and Eren’s mind was whirling. How many years had Eren admired the older boy from afar, telling his friends that he ‘would do anything for a piece of that ass’ only for his friends to laugh in face. Of course, most of the times, he deserved it but a boy could dream.

“You and your friends were practicing your throwing with a baseball during free period,” Levi states simply, examining his nails casually. “I was making up some laps for extra credit and you were watching me instead of your horse-face friend and he through the ball and hit you in the head.”

Eren’s heart is pounding in his chest with each word that leaves Levi’s perfect mouth and he wishes that the bed could swallow him up to make him disappear. He had been caught staring. 

“So,” Levi continues and this time he pushes off the counter where he’s leaning and walks over to sit on the edge of the bed on the closer side to Eren. “I jog over because I want to make sure you’re alright and you wave it off, you have a spot on your head where you’re bleeding — hence the wrap around your head.” Eren reaches up and sure enough, Levi is right. “But before I can say anything else, you just…” He stops and he’s chuckling to himself.

Eren swallows thickly, nervousness wracking his body. “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know,” his head turns to Eren’s with a grin. A smug one at that and he leans closer so that their faces are inches apart, “if you wanted my attention so much, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

This time, Eren gulps. Audibly gulps and he lets out a shaky breath. “Uh-I-I-I…”

“Relax, kid.” Levi grins and leans forward the rest of the way to place a chase kiss on Eren’s cheek. “I’m flattered. And maybe when you don’t have a concussion or a bleeding head, we can have a proper conversation where you can properly ask me out.”

Eren is melting and all he can do is nod and smile. “Okay. Okay, cool. I’d like that.”

“Me too,” is all Levi says before closing the distance between their lips.

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