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found out by accident that @tyranttortoise and i are apparently birthday twins? because the world is just really beautifully weird like that sometimes. and what with that uf sans jacket she posted herself in, i decided to indulge in my own love of this edgy skeleton for my own birthday break time i gave myself and to wish her a happy birthday at the same time.

so happy birthday, ty! what a good day to have a birthday - i say, totally unbiased. <3

Mettaton EX sprite for the dating sim: Dancing with a Killer Beautiful Robot!

So, for all the Undertale fans that always wanted to date the robot, here’s your chance. The game will probably be up by the end of the month (it depends on how long I take to draw backgrounds. Help.)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Can I ask you a bit of a random question? I was going through your tumblr checking out your awesome art and I noticed that you had ordered stuff from Fangamer. Being a fellow Australian wanting to buy all of the things from their store, I was wondering which shipping option you picked and if it was the cheaper one, did you have any dramas? I realise it was a while ago, so sorry if I'm bugging you. Have a good one!

I’ve ordered from Fangamer abooout… 5 times…. and each time i picked the cheapest option :)) No dramas, can’t remember EXACTLY but took around 3 weeks, you know, the average time it takes for anything internatonal to arrive at our doorsteps. i would never pay $70 for shipping that takes 2-5 business days, thats crazy. please dont do that. wait for your order, it’s fun when you forget about it then when it arrives and youre like OM Y GAAWWD ゚(ʘoʘ’) ノノ


this game is really underrated 


Funeral for TheJudge

Hi everyone, I just received word from Felix’s mom that they are having a funeral.  I checked with his mom, and it is an open funeral, so anyone can come.

It will be on March 12th, from 5-7pm.  It will be held at Argo Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Home, 100 S. Miami Ave., Cleves, Ohio 45003.

Cleves is on the Ohio river near Cinci to give you an idea of the area.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to pm me.