twd positivity project week one: how I started watching

To the surprise of many, I was actually very stubborn about watching TWD. My family and friends were all watching and obsessing over it when the beginning of season 3 was airing. They all kept pushing me to watch too but I just wouldn’t give in. Especially since it was a zombie show. I kept saying “I don’t like stuff like that” …which I didn’t actually hate zombie stuff, I just hated getting scared and I assumed the show was all about being scary. Then one day I went to visit my grandparent’s. When I walked in, they’d paused the TV and I just knew they were watching TWD. I rolled my eyes…then looked at the screen to see that it said “Chupacabra” …which had me thinking, wtf even is this show? My grandparents told me they HAD to finish this episode so I was gonna have to go in the other room. My grandma then offered to let me log in to their Netflix on my laptop and watch the pilot in the meantime. I finally gave in… And as I was watching I wasn’t quite hooked but it kept me interested. Then at the very end of the episode, when Glenn went over that walkie talkie with the iconic “hey dumbass” line…and the pan out shot of the herd of walkers with that song playing… I was a goner. I couldn’t believe how good it was. The comedic effect in the midst of such a terrifying situation. I loved it. I walked out of the room to my grandparents like… dammit, I’ve gotta continue. My life hasn’t been the same since.

Mostly putting this here for reference later, but I actually really love this chapter starter page. I want to do a redraw of this, or attempt to. Believe it or not I’ve only done one mangacap redraw since I’ve been in the fandom. Still hard to believe that I’ve only been involved for a year…

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Hey, I love the colours you use in your art, and I was wondering how do you usually make palettes?

thank you very much!!!!!

and mmmm thats the 3rd time someone has asked that question and the answer is: I BULLSHIT IT!!! I DONT KNOW OKAY!!!! I JUST DO MY BEST!!!

compromise: ask me my thought process behind a specific drawing i did and i will do my best to answer


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lock screens!!!! first one is rocky from astro bc I love him omg… can u believe they had a concert today i died.. and suga is the next one!! i love him w white hair oh my god sndnfjkd,, and u can see all my apps n stuff owo

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Annnyyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays again happy sweet birthday my friend ! <i hope you will like my little gift ^v^’ thank you for being a good friend for me and for many people , you are sweet , you are kind and you are a hard worker , i wish you all the best in your life ^^ 



?¿ bc i got my nosed pierced and i was like bLESs & it was an okay time so im going to leave this here & try nOt to delete it bc i always delete selfies and i want to keep one uP goddamnit @ me >:(

honestly im always gonna be a little bit sad that ‘fraywood’ wasnt claimed by clary/izzy shippers bc its so pretty and nice and would’ve been a great ship name for them if it hadnt ended up as another clary & alec one