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*that moment when Bill Nye includes asexuality in his Bill Nye Saves the World sexuality episode and is even wearing an outfit made up of the asexual colors*

Like, this isn’t one of those funny posts with a gif at the end. I mean it sincerely. I got unexpectedly emotional when this happened. It’s nice to be acknowledged as existing for once.   

Keith: “I said I wouldn’t cry!”

So does this mean Keith cries whenever he’s faced with something personal? This implies that he cries regularly for some reason (or used to), though that reason is still speculation. But seeing how he has a temper (and realizes that), I’m betting that dealing with personal issues does, in fact, make Keith very upset, which is probably why he doesn’t do it. Some people in fandom think Keith isn’t very emotional, or has very strict control over his emotions, but I’ve always thought it was the opposite. I think Keith just removes himself from potentially emotional situations when he can so as to prevent himself showing emotion or getting upset (like how he never said a single word to Allura after she found out he was Galra. He just stayed quiet while she was angry and even after she later approached him, he didn’t say much because that, too, would likely have made him upset). Anger is harder to reel in on the spot, so him losing his temper is more expected, but I’m betting Keith knows that horrible, suffocating feeling that wells up through you when you’re upset and can’t stop the tears. And so he avoids it whenever possible, thus resulting in him avoiding talking about his personal issues. 

Unlike Lance, who is often portrayed in fanon as the emotional one, but that I think has considerable emotional control. Lance very rarely gets upset or loses his temper, despite his insecurities and how much he misses his family. He jokes around and whines, sure, but that’s a conscious kind of display that he uses, I think, as a defense mechanism. The only time in the show that I think Lance has gotten honestly angry (and I don’t mean simply annoyed like when the black lion rejected  him (although I think that did upset him to a certain extent) or desperate like when he was trying to pull Keith back in season 3) is when Shiro chose Keith over him to go into the Marmora Base. Lance gives off an aura of emotionalism as a way of hiding how he really feels, and even when he does get angry, he pulls back quite quickly and doesn’t usually end up yelling, like Keith does. 

Just some character thoughts I guess.    

One of my favorite “zero effort” spells is a mirror spell.

I carry a compact with me (mirrored on both sides) and whenever something happens that I need to reflect on or someone does something that I think THEY need to reflect on, I write my name (or the other persons name) on one side of scrap paper and a brief synopsis of what needs to be reflected on on the other side and I close it in the compact.
Then I just leave it closed up until I think it’s been long enough.

Random Writing Advice

If your story is character driven (which most are), don’t make a huge chunk of it plot driven. The plot should be character driven. Plot and character aren’t two separate entities. The character is the driver and the plot should be the annoying passenger that keeps trying to change the radio when the driver says not to. But in the end, they both exist in the same car.

It’s when you let the plot backseat drive that things become a total mess.   

Not gonna lie but that fact that Peppermint, a trans woman who participated in RuPaul’s drag race and came out in the final four (And came in second place) is a phenomenal achievement in her own right and the fact that her stretch goal for her documentary hasn’t been fully developed or supported makes me feel so???

Disappointed in a sense???

Like, yeah she didn’t win even though I personally would have wanted her to, but she’s doing some awesome work and honestly we got three days left and I’m surprised the indiegogo hasn’t been blown up???

Support your trans sisters today, support Peppermint in her time of need.

I repeat: Support your trans sisters today.

Why are people so irked with the lion switches?

Flying the red lion could be great for Lance’s self-esteem. 

Flying the black lion is going to teach Keith to open up, listen to, and communicate with the other paladins,  

Allura clearly wants to be part of the paladins and takes her position as a paladin very seriously, as well as personally. 

I realize y’all want Shiro back, but honestly? I think he’d be okay with giving up his position as black lion. Dude is tired, let him rest. He and Coran can man things from the castle.  


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