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My little honey bunny! (❍ᴥ❍) I hope to turn this into a sticker soon when I get my scanner working. Maybe then I can finally get my butt in gear to sell stuff.

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Uh,, hhh my depended lives across the country from me, and i cant be with them in person for at least 2 years because of shitty family situations, and they cant be online as much as i need them to be and they know i have dpd so i know they are trying their best to be there, but its so hard. It literally hurts so bad that i have to wait to be with them.. idk what to do about it?? Idk if this is okay to send here but,,? Idk its really lonely here...

Of course it’s okay to send here, and I wish I could say more to help. Is it possible to send packages and letters to eachother? My friend from across the country would send me stickers and care bears and beads he made, so maybe if you have something solid to carry with you to help missing them it could help, or even just holding their handwriting could help. 

mini messengers.


can we have ‘classicists against white supremacy’// ‘classicists against patriarchy’ // ‘classicists against eurocentrism’ // patches

because we’re actually at the ground of what the hate groups and right parties are trying to claim as their own and use as a weapon against others - so it’s time to take back that narrative. 


There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

@jesstarts @p-kom @hollydrawsthings @mayachwan


I was finally able to draw the TAZ boys !!!!! It started out as a warmup that got a little out of hand ;u; 

Kim Namjoon Profile

Kim Namjoon | 09121994 | Seoul, Korea | 90% Leg 100% Disaster

  • Major: Undeclared
  • Job: Jungkook’s English tutor, Creative Writing Instructor (at the art center Jimin works for), IG Fashion Blogger (Ask_Kimdaily)
  • Extracurricular: Gardening Club (Hoseok’s club)
  • Social Media: IG- Ask_KimDaily, Tumblr- Ask-Kimdaily, Snapchat- Joon1e, BTS Chat Handle- Joonmanji
  • Relationships: Taehyung’s older brother, Yoongi’s childhood best friend+roommate, Hoseok and Jungkook’s apartment mate, Jimin and Jin’s recent friend & coworker, Jackson’s First Love
  • Most Used Chat Stickers:

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