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Genos doesn’t realize how pure he can be sometimes.

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata

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jiwook - episodes 13+14

Alright, I have some thoughts about 403 and ‘suffering’ and Bellamy Blake.

Buckle up and cry with me.  

I’d like to point out three scenes in particular: 

1. Bellamy and Luna and vomiting black blood (which reminded me of 110 - still holding numero uno on the grossest episode of the 100 top 5 list) 

2. Jaha and Bellamy and that convo in the forest

Not the “she’s lucky to have you” one. The other one. This one:

Boy thinks he deserves to suffer. That he still hasn’t earned redemption for his sins.

3. Bellamy and Clarke and the list and Clarke crying

This scene is so heavy. I have watched it a few times (and still counting) and it affects me to the point of crying. A pretty amazing love confession without actually saying the words I LOVE YOU (if you ask me). But these two don’t need big words that we know they care a lot. 

Clarke breaks down, crying and Bellamy is doing the do and he cannot watch her suffer so he reaches out and puts his hand on her shoulder to give her comfort. To reassure her that she is not alone, he is with her in this until the end. 

No one deserves to suffer. Not Luna, not those slaves he freed from Azgeda, not Clarke. And there he is, Bellamy Blake, doing the best he can (every day) and he still doesn’t feel that he’s earned redemption. He thinks that he deserves to suffer. That he belongs to hell.

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Do you think it's possible for me to surf on my leaf? If so we could practice together!!!-@chikoritadaily

Uhm, I’d say. Negative… @chikoritadaily

Thanks to @artistefish I am LIVING for InuKag once more. Like, I always am, but it’s a burning fire right now. I’m really grateful, since I’ve been lacking the passion (but never the love!) lately. I am enthralled with her 90s High school AU SO MUCH I can’t even… ahhhhh! I’m getting nostalgic for all things pre-teen me used to love, and even made a playlist of old songs I used to listen to when I was younger and there was nothing but love for Inuyasha in my heart. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this, but I had to throw something together to express my adoration for this AU and this artist/writer that I’ve admired for so long now. 

Hobi: *says anything*