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Dylan in the shower makes me wanna such hickeys into his neck and shoulders 😭😭😭😭😭

Dylan in the shower makes me want to push him back against the wall and drop down to my knees and…well. You know.

Also what you said.

Also I want to wash his hair for him cause head massages are the best thing.

I love how I started out filthy af and then said I wanted to give him a head massage I am a fucking mess of a human being.

  • Kylo Ren: Do you want to take a shower with me, sexy?
  • General Hux: We're on the bridge!
  • Kylo Ren: ---------
  • General Hux: I'm on duty!!
  • Kylo Ren: ---------
  • General Hux: The Finalizer is actually under attack, this very moment, from the loathsome Resistance!!!
  • Kylo Ren: that a yes?
  • General Hux: Oh my stars, yes!!!!

Liam half naked in a outdoor shower inspired me, oops.

Liam was excited as he stepped on the lift, even though it was half past two in the morning and he just flew for close to nine hours. Paddy was falling asleep standing up, poor sod, some security he was. All he kept mumbling on the car ride from the airport was how he just wanted to crash, didn’t matter where, any place cushioned was he only preference. Checking in was a semi hassle, the lights on the balcony had gone out the day before so there was a mad dash to fix and replace them before Liam’s stay. He didn’t care, the longer he stood on his feet the more tired he was actually feeling. Maybe Paddy did have the right idea. He was in Buffalo on Sunday, flew to Milan that night, and left the same day to come back to New York. He hadn’t felt that jet lagged since he first flew to America almost six years ago. It was old age settling in, or so that’s what Paddy told him.

From what Liam could see the suite was well, sweet. Spacious and homey, the air conditioner was blaring, making the room feel like he just stepped in to the middle of Antarctica, perfect sleep temperature. He tossed his backpack on the sofa near the front door, hearing Paddy grunt behind him when he did. Guess that’s where he wanted to throw himself down to sleep. After rolling his eyes at his security’s exasperation, he removed his bag from the sofa and gave the cushions a quick pat.

“Go pass out old man,” Liam jokingly instructed. “I’ll ring you in the morning when I wake up.”

“Go,” Paddy ordered, sighing in content as he laid on the sofa. “Don’t wake me until the sun is at least out, okay?”

“Got it old man,” he agreed, saluting and nodding before heading to the master bedroom.

The sun was out when Liam woke up the next day, well, it was barely out by the time he awoke. Checking his phone he was it was a little past seven, meaning he almost got close to five hours of sleep, which for him felt like a decade of sleep. He knew not to bother Paddy, at least not yet. He was feeling courteous, letting him sleep a little longer before their long day officially started. Liam on the other hand wanted to start his day, he hadn’t had a chance to properly explore his room the night before. What better time than now? He got out of bed and headed directly to the balcony attached to his bedroom, seeing the New York City skyline immediately as he walked outside. Seeing the high rise buildings, the new and improved World Trade Center. It was breath taking and awe inspiring actually.

He did a little more exploring, testing out the cushions on the chairs that lined up on the opposite side of the balcony door, swiping his fingers across the glass table that was between the chairs, taking everything around him in. Most New York City apartments could probably fit perfectly into this balcony.  It was huge and glamourous and a great place to stay while in New York. He turned to walk back into the bedroom when he noticed it, the showerhead right next to the door. There was an outdoor shower! Now he was in the lap of luxury, he’d been to some amazing places and saw so many amazing things, but this, this was the cream of the crop. His morning was now decided for him, he was going to take a shower outside to start his day in New York. He rushed inside the room to retrieve his phone and toiletries from his backpack before heading back outside. His outdoor shower was probably the best he’d ever had. It was the most private he had felt but wildly public at the same time. He was on the top floor of the hotel but someone, somehow, could probably see him, especially with all the tall apartment buildings surrounding him.  

He was feeling the music he was playing, placing his phone on the balcony ledge. Dancing a little as he lathered up, feeling all kinds of silly and childish but loving every second of it. It wasn’t often that he got to just enjoy a shower, always feeling he was in as rush to get it done to move on to the next thing he needed to do. This morning he could take his time, actually enjoy the concept of a shower, as mundane as it sounded a long shower was a luxury nowadays. Singing along to whatever playlist that was playing from his phone, knowing not to be too loud so he wouldn’t accidently draw attention to himself. Then he’d probably receive the wrong kind of attention. He turned off the shower once he was done, wrapping a towel around his waist, planning to drip dry in the New York hot summer sun. It was the perfect opportunity to take a picture, him half naked with New York behind him. He snapped the photo and instantly put it up on Instagram, sharing his caring. He walked over to the lounge chairs to properly dry off, his phone buzzing immediately.

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so i was taking a shower and it started storming outside (thunder, lightning, the whole shebang)

now my pup hates storms, and he usually goes and curls up under my dad’s desk whenever he gets scared

BUT my dad’s working, and he has the door shut, so dyson ant get in





You Know What You Need?...
  • Me: You know what you need?
  • Daddy: To pound your little pussy?
  • Me: know what else you need?
  • Daddy: To leave marks on your neck?
  • Me: ...You know what else you need?
  • Daddy: To leave marks on your butt?
  • Me: ...You know what else you need?
  • Daddy: To help you take a shower after pounding you?
  • Me: ...You know what else you need?
  • Daddy: To pound you in the shower?
  • Me: ...You know what else you need?
  • Daddy: To pound you till you pass out?
  • Me: .......You know what ELSE you need?
  • Daddy: To tuck you in after you pass out?
  • Me: know what else you need?
  • Daddy: To hold you after tucking you in?
  • Me: You know what elllssee you need?
  • Daddy: to pound you when you wake up?
  • Me: Daddy! I'm trying to say you need me beside you!
  • Daddy: Oh, and to pound your little pussy

Ok, so something sad that happenes but it gets better.

Flug, while mixing chemicals together one day for an invisibility serum, manages to somehow grab the wrong chemical to mix with the one hes currently holding, because he was busy shouting at Demencia to “PUT THAT DOWN BEFORE IT SHATTERS!”, and the mixutre ends up exploding in his eyes. The rest of his face is fine, but his eyes become damaged. He becomes black and white colorblind. Hes only able to see in monochrome. His visions slightly blurry too, but aside from that and now being colorblind, he’s ok.

This wouldnt be such a problem, except that he needs to be able to see the colors of certain wires to make certain inventions work correctly, and he needs to be able to see the colors of different chemicals so that he doesnt cause a wider scale explosion in the lab.

For a while he makes things work. He has to work a bit slower on some inventions, and he often needs Demencia’s help in differentiating colors of liquids and machine parts and such, but other than the slower pace, which agravates Black Hat a good bit, all is the same as it was before the incident.

One day however, Flug comes into the lab to find a suprise on table: a pair of goggles that will fit over the bag he wears. (Prior to this he didnt wear goggles over the bag. He just had eyeholes cut out of it.)

He goes to put them on, and almost screams when he does because EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT AGAIN!!

The goggles turn out to have lenses in them that can correct colorblindness and “Holy shit I CAN SEE THE COLORS AGAIN!! THIS IS AMAZING!!”

Demencia walks in the lab with 5.0.5 in tow, and notices Flug walking around, looking at everything, clearly happy about something. And then she notices the goggles.

“Neat goggles you got there! Where’d they come from?”

“I don’t know but Demencia, they allow me to see colors again!!!!”

And shes kinda suprised because “Wait they make goggles like that?!”

And Flugs just so happy because he can finally do his work again without depending on someone else to help him, and this will speed up his work process againc and Black Hat won’t be so upset with his work time and -

“Wait, Demencia, you didn’t get these for me?”

“Nope, no idea where they came from.”

He’s a bit puzzeled, because these goggles obviously didnt just show up out of nowhere. Someone got them for him. Someone who knew he was colorblind.

Someone who wasn’t Demencia, and certainly not 5.0.5.

That left one person. Well, demon more like it.

Flug walks to Black Hats office, and opens the door just slightly to see that his boss is busy filling out that years tax forms, because “We may be a team of villains, but we still live in a house and own a business, and as such we owe taxes to the idiotic government that runs this country, and I will NOT have my company run to the ground because of tax evasion!!”
Flug waits until he finishes writing up the page he’s on, and then steps into the office the whole way.

“What is it that you require Dr. I’m very busy at the moment and you have orders to fill.”

“Well um, Sir I just..just wanted to let you know that those orders you gave me yesterday? They’ll uh..they’ll be done by tomorrow. Tomorrow morning actually.”

Black Hat looks up at that because “Flugs work has taken longer than two days since the incident that doesn’t add up” and then he notices the goggles.

“What’s with the new headwear Flug?”

“Oh the goggles? They appeared on my um. My desk this morning. They actually..they correct my vision?”


“I can..i can see colors again Sir.”

Black Hat sits back for a minute, taking in the information.

“Is that why you’ll have those orders done so quickly compared to your normal time?”

“Yes Sir.”

“…fair enough. Make sure they’re as good quality wise as the ones you’ve been producing. We don’t want to sell rushed work to our clients and ruin our reputation now do we?”

“No Sir, of course not. I’ll um..i’ll have them ready and done well by tomorrow morning for you.”

“Good. Now go back to working on them, I need to finish these forms, least my company go down the drain from failing to comply with thw government’s asinine rules.”

Flug turns to leave, and gets halfway out the door, before turning back to Black Hat.

“You wouldn’t happen to have been the one who got the goggles for me, were you Sir?”

Black Hat looks up, small scowl on his face.

“Of course not Dr. Why would I ever do such a thing like that? I have no idea who gave them to you. Just be greatful that you have them now and get back to work.”

“Yes Sir, will do.”

And with that Flug leaves.

He doesn’t see the small smile on Black Hats face after he leavws because “he liked the goggles I got for him.”

Another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Ten: “If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to god! You’re on the couch for a month!!”

Stiles needed to take a good long look at his life, he decided as he dug the emergency plastic seat covers out of the trunk of the Camaro.

Reason number one: he and all of his friends kept emergency plastic seat covers in their trunks so in the event of a big bad monster exploding all over them, they wouldn’t have to explain massive blood stains to the guy at the auto detailing shop.


They only made that mistake once, and Lydia spent the night in jail three counties over.

Stiles shook out the plastic with a spiteful flourish at the universe, and laid it out over the leather passenger seat, while Derek did the same for the driver’s before sliding in.

Stiles hesitated, bracing himself.

Reason number two: Stiles was far too young to always be this sore.

He groaned as he lowered himself into the car and the plastic crinkled underneath him. His knee was messed up, he knew that much without professional opinion, but he was going to hold off on an official diagnosis unless it got to the point where he couldn’t walk on it. And he was pretty sure that none of the blood soaking his khakis was actually his, so compared to the last few big faceoffs, he was doing pretty well.

But it was the soreness, the constant aches when he got up in the morning—his shoulder actually ached with the weather. His grandfather had that problem, and even his dad didn’t have as many back problems.

Stiles was twenty-eight and there were days when a bad enough thunderstorm rolled through, and all he could do was lie on the couch and pop Tylenol like candy.

At this rate he’d be using a cane at thirty.

He yawned as Derek put the car in gear and drove towards home, letting himself drift off.

Reason number three: he was always, always exhausted.

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  • You: time to shower
  • Me, an intellectual: Time to Spend 35 Minutes In My Ceramic Opera House Singing Waving Through A Window Twelve Consecutive Times As Well As Many Other Featured Tracks From Tony Award Winner for Best Musical Dear Evan Hansen. You Can Buy The Original Broadway Cast Recording on iTunes and the Google Play Stor-