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So many amazing things happening in this chapter and all I come away with is that given Komi’s shoulder width I was right and he’s The Buff™

Starco IS NOT Dead

After today’s episode, I’ve been noticing a lot of people saying “Starco is dead.” Or “Jarko is going to be endgame.” Trust me, Starco is far from being dead. We still have a whole other season to go. (Maybe even a 4th) If you haven’t noticed, Daron likes fooling us. Starco is still going strong. It may seem dead, but it’s not. Just wait until Marco finds out about Star’s crush on him. Besides, us Starco shippers aren’t going down without a fight. :)

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hello there yes I still love this ship 

it doesn’t have enough art so i had to

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Will you do some comics to haikyuu again? Its so cute and awesome.... So gay ಥ⌣ಥ i miss them (♥ω♥*) pleeeeaaase (with lev would be cool....)

Uh, sure? I mean, I posted one just yesterday, I’m not sure what’s giving you the impression that I’ve stopped haha

Anon said:  I think I’m obsessed with the matsu.hana thing

Ohhhhh I’m glad you liked it!!!!! *O* 

Anon said: Aah matsu.hana.. that pair of memeing dweebs never let us down.. ♡

Haha I know right? Whenever I draw them I always feel better right after, they’re such a chill pair~

Anon said: Hi! I noticed you posted some tana.noya a little while back and honestly I almost died of happiness. So thanks. But I was wondering what your thoughts are on tana.hina.noya? Because honestly they are so cute and work so well together and I love them all so much.

Love it!!! Not my fave ot3 with Tanaka and Noya tbqh, but as I’ve mentioned before I’m weak to every and each Hinata ship, and Tana.Hina and Noya.Hina make me really super weak, like, top-5-Hinata-ships weak, so yeh! They’re adorable and I love them!

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What's the "no signal" drama about?

Oh boy bby. It’s a whole lot of stupid, really. 

At the Gaon Chart Awards, before BTS’ performance, they showed a short video , showing these images along with clips of the members:

(note: these are not the actual images from BTS’ or TOP’s stages. This is the product of a simple ‘no signal’ google search, to demonstrate how common these images are)

Immediately after, BB fans started complaining that BTS had “stolen” the concept from BB, as if one, BTS themselves had anything to do with the production of their performance, and two, as if the ‘no signal’ concept was an original concept BB and their producers had come up with.

They started a hashtag, as people like to do these days, demanding that BTS apologize for plagiarizing BB. This, while sad, is quite common and not really surprising, fans starting fan wars. However, then, YG staff, supposed professionals, had to fan the flames.

A YG tour producer posted this, and her comment “Hmmmmmm….Our hard work.”

BigHit has since responded, saying neither they nor BTS had anything to do with the production of that video.  

This kind of behavior, coming from fans, doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’ve even come to expect it (which is still sad). But for this kind of behavior to come from supposed professionals in the industry…that’s just pitiful. This ‘no signal’ concept has been used for years by TV shows, movies, and other musicians. It’s neither new nor original, and YG’s producers definitely didn’t create it.