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Hamilton characters and things my friend's and I have said
  • Alexander: *writing a paper at 1 am, four cups of coffee down, and eye twitching slightly* I am the dictionary definition of health.
  • John: Guys, honestly. I'm straight and I wish you all would sto- ! *cute guy walks by* fuck.
  • Aaron: I want you dead. But I don't want you to die, ya feel me?
  • Lafayette: *while wearing an American flag muscle tank* America blows.
  • Hercules: I'm the youngest out of all you assholes, yet I still end up babysitting!
  • Eliza: *plays with a bunch of kittens* I'm a badass
  • Angelica: If I were you, I would get away from me before I start screaming about how much of a misogynistic fuck you are.
  • Peggy: My mom forgot to invite me to my own birthday party. I was two hours late because I literally had NO IDEA ABOUT IT
  • Madison: *drops purse and stares at it* this makes me wanna off myself.


its so interesting seeing how different the bts ship demographics are between twitter and tumblr like
taekook and yoonmin are at the pinnacle of popularity for both platforms but then when it comes to jimin and yoongi ships:
there’s a huge following for vmin and yoonjin on twitter
but on the contrary jikook and yoonseok reign over tumblr

Extra-Dramatic OTP Asks: Send me a ship and number and I’ll tell you...

1. Who would sell their soul to the devil to save the other.

2. Who would become a stalker, in the right (wrong) situation.

3. Who would pine away in silence their entire lives without confessing their love.

4. Who would leave their friends, family, and life to move overseas to be with the other one.

5. Who would be the most worried the other might cheat on them.

6. Who would run into a burning building to save a stranger while the other calls 911.

7. Who would haunt the other after death and chase away other suitors.

8. Who would stand up at the other’s wedding and say they object.

9. Who would write long, beautiful poems for the other.

10. Who would love the other no matter how evil the other became.

11. Who would be the most likely to become an addict (gambling/drugs/etc.).

12. Who would propose in a grand gesture of some kind.

13. Who would go berserk at harm or death befalling the other.

14. Who would spend too much money on expensive gifts for the other.

15. Who would fight an impossible battle to give the other time to escape.

16. Who would be able to spend centuries in misery waiting for the other to be reborn.

The One That Got Away (Part 1)

Part one

(Montgomery De La Cruz x fem!reader)
Requested by: @thegirlwiththestories
Y/F/N (Your friends name)

He didn’t understand it. He didn’t understand you. His face was scrunched tightly, filled with confusion and thought. What was your angle? How did you manage to do it? Break someone as unbreakable as himself. He had ‘dated’ dozens of girls and blown them off the next day or week and that seemed to be working, he had gained a reputation, girls knowing what they would be getting into and if they didn’t well then they very quickly picked up on his habits, but he never expected it from you, actually, he just never expected you, and that’s exactly what you had hoped.


“You’re telling me you did what?!” your best friend of nearly five years screeched loudly enough to turn heads. You jumped in your skin, not expecting her outburst “Y/F/N what the hell are you doing!” you scolded, tightly grasping her shoulders “You’re at a voice level 10 and I’m going to need you at a 2. Okay?”. She merely rolled her eyes in response “Tell me it’s a lie, tell me your joking, tell me anything to make me feel better??!” She pleaded, yet this time at your requested voice level, her eyes nearly bugging out of her head. You didn’t see the problem, in your mind you were just fixing a problem that needed to be solved. “Can’t do that” you stated with a shrug from your shoulders, closing your locker and moving on to walk throughout the crowded high school halls, Y/F/N trailing very closely behind you “What do you mean! Y/N why would you do something that…that” you let your friend rant, stopping and turning to her with raised eyebrows “That?” you questioned, waiting for a long overdue response which you only got a loud groan and her hands thrown into the air. You chuckled at her conclusion and once again began walking “What’s the problem Y/F/N? He used you, so I just went and did the same thing to him. Put him in his place” you explained with ease, gazing around at the kids around you. “Put him in his place?! It’s not like you yelled at him or threw a drink in his face you slept with him! That’s not exactly what vigilantes do when they want to put someone in their place Y/N” your friend retaliated, her voice level slowly raising again to a 10. “Hey, hey, calm down. Montgomery isn’t gonna stop what he’s doing by a random girl throwing a drink in his face or angrily yelling at him at some party! Someone had to show him that what he was doing was wrong so what better way to do that than do exactly what he does to girls, what he did to you, then to do it back to him” It was simple, you hadn’t just randomly slept with Monty, you had done it to prove a point, and it seemed that Y/F/N was beginning to understand that as she got quiet for a few minutes. The two of you stopped in front of your next class, her mouth gaped open as she began formulating her next sentence “But how do you know it worked?” she questioned with genuine interest. Your lips then curled into a smile “Because he hasn’t stopped calling and texting me since we did it at one of Bryce’s parties”. Her mouth fell open, the corners twisted up in a smirk “Oh my god Y/N! You might have actually done it! This might work”. Her response caused you to chuckle and nod your head “Yeah I know! So stop freaking out about it and let me do my work” you pleaded with a raised eyebrow ushering your friend inside. She laughed while entering the classroom, you behind her yet you didn’t quite make it into the classroom before you saw him make his way over to you. Your friend gave you a wink before finding her seat in the classroom “Montgomery” you stated before he could greet you first. He responded with toothy grin “Y/N” He responded, folding his arm across his chest, leaning his back against the wall behind the door “I’ve been thinking” he began, although you didn’t let him finish before you decided to respond with a sarcastic comment “You’ve been thinking?” you questioned, your eyebrows raised “That’s rare”. He tilted his head to the side his toothy grin turning into a smirk “You’re right, It’s a new thing I’m trying” he replied quickly actually gaining a light chuckle from you “Anyway” he continued “I was thinking about Rosie’s diner and how good their milkshakes are”. Your hand found your way to your hip, tilting your head to the side “And you’ve decided to tell me this why?”. His smile never wavered as he watched you “Well I was wondering if you would like to accompany me this Friday for said milkshakes and some fun” he answered with a wink and even you had to admit, you were tempted. His smile and his attitude was something new, but you knew his games and you weren’t going to fall into his trap, after all, you were the one in control. You pursed your lips and pretended to think “Interesting offer, and I’m flattered that you’re thinking and all for me but I think I’m gonna have to decline”. He didn’t seem to like your answer, as you expected and you couldn’t help but gain pleasure from two new creases that appeared on his forehead that was from him trying to think of why. Why you were doing this, and why you weren’t succumbing to his charm. “You know” he began after his creases disappeared “Your treatment towards me seems a bit unfair”. His comment caused you to scoff, hanging your head before you responded, “Life’s not fair Montgomery but if you ask me I think my actions are completely justified” you explained, your eyes squinting slightly while looking up at him. “Okay then, I’ll ask you this. How do you know that if you don’t know me?” his response was idiotic, almost as if he was completely unaware on why you were acting like this towards him, almost as if he had no clue of any of his wrong doings, and this only made you laugh harder inside “Oh but I do know you and I know what you do to girls and knowing just how badly I got to you is possibly the best justice and the best feeling I could ever feel.” And with that you headed into the open classroom, leaving a dumbfounded Monty outside and alone, sitting down next to your friend just as the class bell rang, you would say the plan was working perfectly and you hoped in no time he would know just how badly he messed up.

Part 2??

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What is moro's favourite meme?


Anonymous said:Does Morro enjoy bring pet?

yes but she likes meat more

Anonymous said:How is Moro intelligence? I’d hate to make a pun, but I’d assume she’s quite dense XD Please don’t eat me

passionate, but not really the brightest

Anonymous said:will moro ever ship with other dailies?

maybe?? they’d need really good chemistry!

Q: If you write Joshua’s manual book


Joshua have to take a walk for 3 hours
Riding bike for 2 hours
Eat food for an hour

cr: mildxwild

trans: Harujisoo

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How about... Zoro?

MORTAL ENEMY | WTF?! | No way | Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY | Yummy! | Date Material | SHIP!

Kaku: … comment.

MORTAL ENEMY | WTF?! | No way | Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY | Yummy! | Date Material | SHIP!


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You fool. Shlav is canon

If by Shlav is canon you mean Shiro and Slav are good friends that make tea together and Shiro teaches him how to make the tea and they talk about their anxieties and fears and Shiro wears Shlav like a scarf as they each sip their tea and talk then yes, Shlav is canon.

Im have trouble understanding why some shippers care about what others think of them shipping kaisoo? People are going to look down on you for it whether you ship them casually or “to the extreme” you’re still going to always be a “dirty gross kaisoo shipper” to them no matter what so why care? 🙄 Just ship them happily and let it be.

Like does anyone just sit back and think about the moment when Bellarke becomes canon? Like will the internet break? Will we hear distant screams scattered around the world? Will we see hundreds of videos uploaded of people recording themselves crying and falling to the floor in a disastrous mess? Will there be a billion edits and gif sets made that will be reblogged that many times? Will everyone suddenly have the same avatar pic of the moment? Will there be dozens of names added to the obituaries? Will I even be okay? Will I even be able to talk afterward or will my voice be gone from screeching so much? Will I even be able to see after crying so much? These are the things that keep me up at night.