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“Okay, here’s the plan: We go in, start hitting people, and see where it takes us. “ 

Welcome to the new Maes Hughes rp blog!

  • Independent roleplayer
  • semiselective
  • multiverse and multiship
  • etc

and heres a link to some rules and helpful tidbits!

And with that this blog is ready for rping!

I prefer rping with what you would call bad or ‘low quality’ rpers. It’s not because I have some sort of superiority complex or makes me feel better about my writing, but because I legitimately enjoy writing with them. I don’t feel so pressured, they’re not demanding, and they don’t make it out to be a job. They’re actually fun to rp with because many of these newer or 'bad’ rpers still treat rping like a hobby. Plus, they remind me of myself back when I first started writing.

anonymous asked:

god i just get a huge wave of comfort whenever i rp as myself bc then i get to be what i never was able to become back in canon and i know that even rping as myself i get feelings of nostalgia and it just makes me so happy?? ?? - a happy veneziano.

i want a kin-pack where we have a group chat on discord/kik and validate each other, draw each other, and talk all night about dumb stuff , especially on the wolf-therian level because 

“To all of you shit heads who’d happily tell me to kill myself for RPing as someone who’s real; news flash: he’s given me written permission. I can fucking link you to it. Maybe stop to consider that one specifically choose people who’ve stated they find it novel when people write them. So all of you bastards can suck my nonexistent DICK“

pinkiepiebones  asked:

((Hey Mun, just wanted to extend a thank you for letting me interact with Paps. I'm just kinda RPing myself, what with this being my personal and all... thanks for putting up with me💖👍))

[ !!! aaaa no need to thank me at all! back when i first created this blog, plenty of people basically wrote as themselves also before going on to make their own original characters. 

plus you’ve been totally respectful with II and that’s 10/10 in my book
so actually thank you for being so kind and sending this in, it really means so much! 💚✌ ]

anonymous asked:

Hey TT, I love your blog and you inspired me to do rping myself. I wanted to upload my first gif set, but whenever I do the gifs stop moving after uploading... I've been using an app for my gifs since I find the tumblr gifs to be too juddery. Any advice?

(( OOC: Here’s my GIF tutorial. :) )) 


Setting the table out on his back porch, the young man itches at his chin. Something isn’t right about the table. Maybe this fork shouldn’t be here, or that spoon should be on the left? He small sigh escapes him as he rearranges the table. There, good, no better than good—perfect. He goes back into the house to retrieve the plate of finger sandwiches, as he hums a small tune. Today isn’t the perfect day for a tea, outside, but the breeze is quite refreshing, since he has been cooped up inside for the past couple of days. 

Taking a seat, he waits patiently for his guest. This was his intent anyway, to spend some time with this guest of his.

So I started this blog 3 months ago - my first post was on January 9th of 2014 and yet I’ve had this character since I was a little kid.

Most of you people have never heard the story - I grew up in an okay life but still ; a kids gonna have their imaginary friends; right? when I was around 6 years old I thought up this girl ; this beautiful, independent female with long black hair and bright emerald green eyes and she was everything I never was. She was the one to beat up bullies on the playground - not literally but in my little stories she was and as I got older she was always there for me. She was the one I talked to in the loneliness of my room when I felt sad; call me crazy but she was my comfort. And when I hit 12 I was drawing her, making little comics [which were lost in one of our various moves] and writing stories about her.

Her story has changed so much over the years, and so has mine - and I find that knowing she is my muse and having her presence always there - I’m more confident, more sure of myself just like her. She brings me out of the shell I’ve always had around myself and it’s so rare to find yourself having a muse who inspires you to be better at everything you do and inspires you to take chances you would normally never take.

Isa is that muse for me.

And this is to thank all of you; I never expected to get more than 20 followers here, much less 160+ and I love you all. I’ve never broken 100 on an OC before and I hope you guys will always stick around and be there for me as I break milestones as I’m confident hoping I- we; Isa and I will.

  • If you’re not here, don’t feel bad; though mostly the people not on here are a few personals that follow me, or those people I couldn’t see myself rping with. And there’s some people on here that aren’t mutually following me but I love, love, love their writing and characterization of their muses.
  • Bolded = I rp with you and love you
  • Italicized = I love your writing and stalk from afar.
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