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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 4)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: Some swearing

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A/N: Wow! First of all, I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s liked this story, I just started writing it one day at work while I was bored and decided the other afternoon to post it, and never thought I’d get a response, let alone a positive one - so thank you!

I honestly had so much fun writing this chapter, it made me nostalgic for hockey practices with my teammates when we used to fool around and try and get each other in trouble. (I miss playing so much).

Hope you enjoy!


Practice gets off to a hectic start. Firstly, you can’t find your neck guard while getting dressed (it’s stuck to the inside of your jersey, which you didn’t notice until after you put it on and felt something weird touching your ribs). Because of this, you’re late getting on the ice, and miss your chance to warm up before the coach calls everybody over to explain the first drill. One of your favourite parts of practice is having a nice long warm up skate to stretch out and loosen your muscles from the day before.

You try not to let it frazzle you, but you can’t seem to focus properly. You keep losing the puck and making bad passes, and your entire body feels tight and uncomfortable. Steph notices, and skates over to you while you wait for your turn in a passing drill.

“Hey, everything alright?”

“Not really,” you confess. “My muscles are all super sore and I missed warm-up because I couldn’t find my neck guard in time.”

“Relax. Everyone has an off day. Plus, it’s only day two. They understand that we’re all still adjusting to how hard the camp is on our bodies.”

You nod, actually trying to take in what Steph is saying instead of denying it and having a negative attitude like you always do. “Thanks, Steph.”

The coach blows his whistle, and you grab a puck, racing around the circle. You take a wristshot, nailing the top left hand corner. It’s the first time you’ve scored all practice.

But there’s no time to celebrate - the drill isn’t over yet. You stop in front of the net, fighting for position with the defenseman and trying to block the goalie from seeing the puck. You manage to shift to just the right spot and create an effective screen, as you hear the puck fired by your defenseman hit the back of the net. Two for two.

You maintain your screen as your forward partner rounds the other circle and takes the shot. He snaps it quickly with his stick, sneaking it past the goalie’s outstretched pad and hitting the lower left corner of the net.

“Breakout, breakout!” The centre yells. He’s been waiting off to the side until the first part of the drill was over. He picks up another puck. You and the other winger switch lanes, and the centre sends the puck hurtling hard towards you.

But you’re ready.

You receive the pass with soft hands and look up to see a defender already on top of you. Normally, most people would panic, but you know you’re faster. You flick your head to the right, faking the defender out, and then chip the puck off the boards to the left, skating around her before picking up the puck.


With a quick look, you make a saucer pass over the other defender’s stick to your centre. He receives it and dekes the goalie out, neatly tucking it in the top right corner. Four for four.

“Nice one!” the centre skates over to you and gives you a high-five. You’re surprised by how youthful he looks. He must be around six feet tall, but his gangly build and pre-pubescent face make him look like an adorable oversized puppy.

“Thank-you,” you say, smiling at him. “Nice shot you’ve got there.”

“Thanks!” he replies brightly, his positive energy contagious. “You’ve got some great passing skills. I’m Mitch, by the way.”

“Y/N.” You nod your head by way of greeting.

Mitch opens his mouth to say something else, but is cut off by the coach blowing the whistle. “Two laps, then take a break for water!”

Everyone abandons the drill and begins to skate hard around the perimeter of the rink. You finish your two laps, among the leaders of the pack, and cruise over to the bench to grab some water.

You’re about to pick up your bottle when somebody nudges you.

“Hello again!”

You turn and look up to see Mitch’s smiling face.

“Oh hey! We meet once more.” You pour some water into your mouth, and Mitch does the same.

“Practice is real tough today, huh?”

“Yeah,” you agree, nodding. “And it’s only day two. Next thing you know, they’ll be making us bag skate.”

Mitch’s eyes widen, horrified. “Don’t say that too loudly, or they’ll get ideas.”

You laugh.

“I thought I was fit before I came here. My, did I have a rude awakening yesterday. The only person I know that isn’t dying right now is him.” Mitch points to a tall guy with his back turned to you. “Total hotshot,” he says sarcastically, and proceeds to poke the blade of his stick into the guy’s armpit.

“What the-!” the guy yelps, turning around. “Mitch, what the fuck, dude?”

Mitch laughs and you take a closer look at the guy. Of course.

“Oh, hey Y/N,” Auston says, his eyes lighting up. He smiles at you and your heart jumps a little.

“You two have met?”

“Yeah,” you explain quickly. “We’re acquainted.” You immediately want to slap yourself. Who even says ‘we’re acquainted’? You sound like a grandmother.

The coach blows his whistle sharply. “Auston, Mitch, and Y/N. Since you are all obviously more concerned with chatting than listening like everybody else, perhaps you three would like to demonstrate the next drill?”

“Sure coach!” Mitch says enthusiastically. You and Auston exchange a look.

The coach frowns. “Get yourselves in positions,” he barks. “I don’t care who’s normally centre or left wing or whatever. Decide fast. I want you guys to break out of the zone quick, weave at least twice before you hit the red line. Then you can worry about stickhandling around the defender. This drill is all about passing, positioning, and teamwork.” He turns back to the group of players kneeling on the ice. “If only two out of three forwards touches the puck in this drill, you can forget about shooting. There is no excuse for not being able to make at least three passes before you get to the offensive zone. Got it?”

Everyone else nods.

“I need an answer.”

“Yes!” the group responds.

“Alright.” The coach blows his whistle loudly. “Y/N, Auston, Mitch. Take it away.”

Since you and Auston both shoot left-handed and Mitch shoots right, Mitch moves over to right wing, while you take your regular left wing position, and Auston gets centre.

Without any hesitation, Auston picks up a puck, loops around the net, and fires it over to Mitch, who’s already picked up a considerable amount of speed. Shit, they’re really fast.

You hustle over towards the centre of the ice, and Mitch does the same. You get so close to each other, for a split second you think you’re going to crash, but then Mitch side-steps an inch to the left and makes a drop pass. You pick it up with ease, and in no more than a second, you’re on the right wing, ready to pass it to Auston. You fire the puck low and flat across the ice as hard as you can, but Auston receives it so softly, he makes your pass look weaker than it is.

He and Mitch weave in and out with each other, appearing completely at ease. The way they’re so aware of each other’s position on the ice without having to look makes it obvious that they have played together for a while.

You end up with the puck as you cross the blue line. You consider taking a shot, but the goalie’s far out in his crease, making for an easy save.

Then you get an idea.

You pick up speed, pretending like you’re going in to shoot. The goalie backs into his crease correspondingly, covering less of the net. You wind up but then stop halfway, quickly using your backhand to drop pass it back to Auston, who you know is directly behind you. You barely have a second to jump away before Auston wires a slapshot into the right side of the net.

“Yeah baby!” Mitch whoops, bringing you and Auston in for a celebratory group hug. His long arms wrap around both your shoulders. “Great job team.”

You smile widely and Auston rolls his eyes.

“Mitch, please stop touching me. Your gloves stink and the smell is gonna make me puke.”

Mitch feigns obliviousness. “What, my gloves?” He shoves both his hands in Auston’s face. “They smell like roses!”

Auston smacks Mitch’s hands away, but Mitch immediately tries to shove them in his face again. The two begin play-fighting, and much to your amusement, Mitch manages to get Auston in a headlock, trapping the taller and stronger boy under his birdlike arms. Eventually they end up on the ground, laughing so hard they can’t move anymore.

You stare down at them, shaking your head. “You guys are idiots.”

Mitch scrambles to his feet, pushing his helmet back down on his head. A goofy grin is plastered across his face. “Why thank-you. I take pride in being an idiot.”

As Auston stands up, he reaches over and smacks Mitch on the back of the head. 

Mitch turns around to face him. “You wanna go again bro? You wanna fight? Huh? Come at me,” Mitch taunts Auston, throwing his gloves down to the ice. When Auston doesn’t respond, he shoves his chest. “You scared? Why’re you so scared of me, huh?”

“Mitchell Marner!”

You all turn your heads to look at the coach.

“Why are your gloves off? Stop fucking around and get back in line, or you’ll be doing laps after practice!” He glares at the three of you and mutters to himself before turning around.

“Yes sir!” Mitch grabs his gloves and salutes the coach’s back.

“Ooh, someone got in trouble,” Auston teases.

“You started it.”

“Your gloves started it, actually. If you washed them for once in your life, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“But washing your equipment is bad luck!”

“Guys, c’mon,” you beg, laughing. “I don’t really feel like doing any more laps today.”

“Yeah,” Auston agrees. He elbows Mitch in the ribs.


“Listen to the girl, she’s got a point.”

‘Listen to the girl, she’s got a point’” Mitch mocks Auston. “You’re just saying that because you li-”

Mitch is cut off as Auston clamps his glove over Mitch’s mouth, muffling his words.

“I swear to god Marner, if one more word comes out of that big mouth of yours I’ll-”

“Alright, that’s it!” the coach bellows. “You three - I want 10 laps, now! Everyone else is free to leave.”

You glare at the both of them. “Way to go guys.”

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Crooked Chapter 8

Summary:Big Bang Mafia AU-

Chapter 1   Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

When the members of Kwon Ji Yong’s men take up a deal with the Italian mob, they think kidnapping one young woman will be a piece of cake. But all isn’t as it seems, and soon Ji Yong is realizing that maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew…..

Disclaimer : Rated M for violence, and eventual smut.

A/N: Sorry again for the late update, my moving plans aren’t going….well as planned.

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The Prank

Originally posted by itsmagicbiatch

Requested By Anon.

Request: Could you please do number 6 and 7 with erik if your not busy 💖💖 have a good day xx

Let me know if you want me to make a deleted scenes thingy for this because my friend came up with this idea, and she wanted me to include some really funny parts, but I didn’t. I had a great time writing this!

I was getting ready for bed, when there was a knock at my door. Groaning, I walked over and swung it open. Standing before me was Uriah.

“Listen. I have a great idea.” He says.

“Uh oh.” I say.

I open the door wider so that he can come in. Making himself at home, he sits down on the couch. I sit next to him, waiting to here his so called ‘great idea’ that will most likely get us killed.

“Okay. I think that we should prank Eric.”

“What?!” I exclaim. “Are you trying to get us killed?!”

“No. Listen. Tomorrow, you should start a conversation with him. And then, I’ll come up behind him and pour a huge bucket of paint over his head.” He proudly states.

“No. I’m sorry. I can’t do this.” I panic.

“Why not? Oh wait. I know. It’s because you don’t want to prank him. Because you loooooove him.” Uriah says.

“Oh, shut up.”

“Please? Please? I’ll owe you one.” He begs.

“What makes you think Eric will even want to talk to me?”

“He like you too.”

“What? Does he really?”

“I’m pretty sure. Have you seen the way he looks at you?” He asks. But before I can respond, he adds, “Of course you haven’t. You’re always looking the other way.”

“This is the worst plan I’ve ever heard. Sign me up!”

“That’s my girl!” He encourages me. “Start the conversation after breakfast.”

And then he leaves.

The next morning after breakfast, I walk towards Eric. My hands are sweaty, I’m nervous. Really nervous.

“Hey, Eric.” I say, walking up to him.

“Hey, Y/N.” He replies. I look behind him and see Uriah pouring the paint into a huge bucket. Zeke stands right behind him, ready to record the whole thing.

“Um. Listen. I was wondering. About something.” I say.

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” I ask slowly, hoping Uriah would just hurry this up, and mainly because I’m scared I’ll get rejected, and then Eric will never look at me the same way.

Eric’s eyebrows scrunch up in confusion, “Um, nothing that I know of why?”

I take a deep breath. I’m doing everything I can to avoid saying what I have to say. What if he doesn’t like me back? What if he does, and then when he finds out that it was for a prank, he’ll be hurt? Here goes nothing.

“I was wondering if you wanted to do something together. You know. Like. Like a date?” I squeak out.

At that moment, Eric’s face has surprise written all over it. He opened his mouth to say something, but unfortunately, or fortunately, he never got the chance. White paint spilled over his head. He stiffened, and for a moment I thought that I was actually a goner, but Eric’s attention was then taken from me, and was now towards Uriah. Why? Because Uriah started laughing like an idiot.

Eric turned around, finding Uriah clutching his stomach, laughing. Uriah then proceeds to try to put a hand on Eric’s shoulder, but apparently forgot that there was paint on him, so his hand slipped, causing Uriah to fall to the ground. He was still laughing, but was now rolling in the paint on the ground. Zeke was still recording trying not to laugh, because Eric didn’t know that he was there yet, and I’m assuming that Zeke doesn’t want Eric to find out. I don’t blame him.

I just stand there, not doing anything. A smile is placed on my lips, and I want to laugh, but unlike somebody (cough cough Uriah cough cough), I knew better than to laugh.

Eric leans down and grabs Uriah by the collar of his shirt. And only then did he stop laughing.

“My. Office. Now.” Eric said through gritted teeth. Oh boy. We’re going to die.

Eric then drops Uriah, causing him to hit the ground with a thud, and then starts walking towards his office. Uriah tries to get up, but slips again, and starts laughing. I start to follow Eric, but then turn back around and grab Uriah by the back of his shirt and try to pull him up, while trying to drag him towards Eric’s office.

When we finally got there, Uriah was still laughing. When does he ever stop? Eric was leaning against his desk, wiping himself off with a towel. How he got the towel without me noticing, I don’t know. But I wasn’t think about that at the moment.

I close the door behind me, and then finally Uriah stops laughing. The three of us stand there in a long, awkward silence. Uriah looks at me, then back at Eric, then back at me, then back at Eric, and then can you guess what happened next? Come on let’s say it all together now: He starts laughing again.

I can tell that Eric has had enough of him laughing.

“Uriah, stop laughing.” I whisper to him. But he doesn’t hear me.

Eric picks up a rock that was on his desk for some reason, and then looks at me. I know what Eric wants to do, and I have a feeling that it will shut Uriah up. But the thing about it is, it’s like Eric is asking for my permission to do it. And I was right, because as soon as I nodded, Eric chucked the rock at Uriah. It hit him square in the shoulder.

Uriah stops laughing, but then decides to still be a complete and utter idiot.

He clutches his shoulder, and puts an over dramatic look on his face. “Oh. I’ve been shot. I’ve been shot.” Uriah falls to his knees, and then puts his other hand to his mouth like it was a walkie talkie, “Man down. I repeat man down. Needs assistance. Man down.” And then he falls to the floor with his tongue sticking out.

I roll my eyes, “Hang on Eric, I think I need to give him CPR.”

Uriah that opens his eyes, and put a finger in the air and says, “I would like that.” And then goes back to being dead again.

“Uriah, just get out.” Eric sighs.

“My pleasure.” And then he jumps off the ground, and left the room, leaving me, Eric, and a huge white stain from where he had just been on the floor.

As soon as the door shuts, Eric’s eyes avert to mine. I gulp. I wanted to tell him the truth. That I didn’t want to prank him. That Uriah begged me to do it. The silence was too intense.

“So, you were talking to me to distract me.” He asks.

I nod. “I didn’t want to prank you, but Uriah begged me to. He wouldn’t let it go.”

“Why didn’t you want to prank me?” He questions.

I don’t want to tell him the truth. He would proably start laughing.

“Because I like you.” I mumble.

“What was that?” He asks.

“Because I like you.” I say louder.

He nods, but doesn’t say anything. I’m still waiting for him to tell me what my punishment was.

“So what’s my punishment?” I ask.

He doesn’t respond for a while. He looked like he was making up his mind.

“You have to stick to our plans tomorrow.” He said.

I was shocked. Did he really mean that?

“You mean, go on that date with you?”


“Be ready by eight.” He said.

I nod, and then walk out the door.

A year later

I was laying down in my bed, waiting for Eric to get home. This is what I do every night. I wait for him to get home, so that way we can cuddle. It helps me go to sleep. Don’t tell anybody what I just told you. I don’t think Eric wants anybody to know that deep down he really is a softy.

Finally, I hear the door open up, and footsteps heading towards the bedroom. Eric walks in, and looks at me.

“Hey beautiful.” He smiles, as he starts to get undressed, and put on his lazy clothes. Yes, he has lazy clothes. I have lazy clothes, you have lazy clothes, admit it.

“Hey handsome.” I giggle.

He plops down on the bed next to me, and wraps his arms around me. “I have something for you.”


He reaches over to his nightstand and opens the drawer. Inside, was a rectangular jewelry box. Handing it to me, he watches as I open it. Inside was a beautiful necklace. (necklace picture).

“Eric.” I gasp. “It’s amazing. I love it.”

He take it out of the box, and puts it around my neck. I pull up my hair so it isn’t in the way.

“Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I’m really glad you like it.” He says, smiling.

“Why do you love me?” I suddenly asks. I don’t know where it came from. It just came out.

“I could go on for days, Y/N. You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re talented. You put up with my crap. You’re perfect.” He pick up my hand and kisses it.

“I love you Eric.”

“I love you too, Y/N.

Making Art

Request: Can you do a Robbie imagine where youre both art students and you have to trace eachother for a project and you guys do it at your house and when youre tracing eachother it turns into some smut, lots of fluff to please :)


Robbie and you had been friends for years, and when you received a particular assignment in your art class at UNI, you were quite excited.

Robbie was the type of friend where anything could happen. He was that best friend you have had forever and you’ve done everything together.

You were with each other through the best and the worst.

All the bad memories of high school and good ones.

Throughout your friendship there had always been a sexual tension.

So, when you were both old enough to realize it, you settled it.

You had basically become best friends with occasional benefits for the last three years.

Robbie and you could hang out one day and it would end in great sex, or it could simply end with you too eating burgers and watching a movie.

It was casual, and you enjoyed it that way. No strings attached, no rules.

“I’m here!” Robbie screamed, coming into your apartment.

You got up from the couch to greet him. He was carrying a large roll of white paper and a box of art supplies.

“Let me help you.” I laughed at his struggling arms.

“I got you.” I said, grabbing the paper from him.

“This is such a weird project.” He replied, putting down the box of supplies, out of breath.

“I don’t know why you brought all of your stuff? I have plenty here.” You joked, referring to the fact that you were too an art student, who had plenty of art supplies.

“Mine’s better.” He sneered, trying to dig. He loved making you annoyed with him, more than anything.

“Whatever you say Rob.” You rolled your eyes, laughing at him.

“You wanna go first?” I asked him, beginning to roll out the paper on the ground.

Your midterm assignment was to trace one of your classmates, and in the actual outline you must create a sketch that represented them on the inside, and reflected their personality, instead of their features.
Of course, Robbie and you choose each other, since you knew each other so well.

“Yeah sure.” He smiled, beginning to take off his shirt.

“What are you doing?” I questioned as he threw his shirt on my couch.

“This way you can get a much more precise outline.” He smirked deeply, lying on the paper, his bare abdomen in touching distance.

You placed a hand on his chest as you began to trace the outline of this head and shoulders, slowly making your way down, your eyes coming in contact with every inch of his body, making you distracted.

“Alright. All done.” You said, picking up your pencil and standing up.

“It’s my turn to trace!” He yelled, standing up, looking at your outline of him.

“Is my head really that big?” He asked like an idiot, crossing his arms.

“No, no. I messed up.” You replied.

“It’s much bigger.” You laughed, making fun of him back.

“Just lie down y/n and stop making fun of me.” He rolled him eyes, pushing you slightly.

You rolled down some more paper and laid down on the ground.

Robbie kneeled down beside you, picking up a freshly sharpened pencil.

He sat there, starring at you, pencil in his hand and his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Are you gonna trace me or not?” You said, sitting up slightly.

“No. It’s all wrong.” He sighed.

“And why is that?” You asked, rolling my eyes once again.

“Well you need to take your shirt off too.” He told me.

“You’re kidding? Right? I’m wearing a tank top.” You argued.

“No! I can’t get the exact shape right.” He said like a little kid.

“Have I ever told you that you’re really annoying?” You said, taking off your shirt.

“Many times. Thank you.” He gave you a cheesy smile and took your shirt from you, throwing it to the side.

“Okay, now lay back down.” He told you, pushing you backwards lightly, his hand lightly touching your chest.

“Okay! Okay.” You laughed, laying fully down.

To your surprise, Robbie straddled over you, leaning downwards with his right hand pressed next to your head. He started tracing you with his left.

His bare chest laid closely to your face, causing you to sweat and breathe heavily.

“Can you at least put your shirt back on.” I said, the temptations to strong.

“No. It’s a tad warm.” He joked back to you.

“I hate you.” You murmured.

“No you don’t.” He chuckled, sliding down your body, changing his position.

He slid his face right down between your breasts as he slid the pencil down your arm.

You moaned quietly, hoping Robbie didn’t hear.

“Oh y/n. You’re so obvious when you’re horny.” He laughed.

“I am not!” You defended.

“Prove it.” He whispered, throwing the pencil and laying his other hand beside your head to meet the other.

He stayed still, settling over your lips. He let the lower half of his body drop, his hard meeting your heat.

You closed your eyes tightly, trying to ignore the burning pleasure that you desired.


“Shhh!” He interrupted, grinding his hips slowly on yours now.

“You tease.” You told him.

“No I’m not. You’re just holding back. You don’t want to be wrong.” He laughed, grinding onto you harder this time.

“You honestly are the worst.” You said giving in, grabbing his head and pulling him down to kiss you.

Your lips engaged with delight, and the slow movement shortly sped up, becoming faster and sloppier. Your tongues intertwining, battling for dominance.

Robbie’s fingers traveled up your body, grabbing your bare waist.

He shifted you upwards, causing you to now be sitting up, straddling him.

Your lips grew apart as Robbie began to kiss down your neck, sucking on the first spot he made contact with.

He made his way down, kissing between your breasts before swiftly unclipping your bra.

His hands moved to your butt, which he tightly squeezed through your jeans.

“Off.” You whispered, and as if on demand Robbie unbuttoned them quickly, leaning you back down to pull off your pants.

He then took off his pants, revealing a very defined boner through his boxers, making you laugh.

“Don’t act like you haven’t seen it before.” He joked, pulling a condom out of his wallet and then exposed himself before putting it on.

Your underwear was off quicker than you could imagine, and Robbie’s hand cupped your heat, rubbing against you.

“Stop teasing!” You whined, growing eager and impatient.

“Fine princess.” He rolled his eyes for the hundredth time and pushed three of his fingers inside of you, causing you to yell.

“Robbie!” You screamed, causing him to a snicker.

“Not what I meant.” You replied, giving him a face.

“Oh! My bad love.” He joked, removing his fingers and switched positions so he laid on top of you again.

“Ready?” He asked, looking into your eyes genuinely for the first time.

You nodded your head and gave him a quick smile. He bent down, kissing your lips once more before placing his tip inside you, then filled you up completely.

“Ahh.” You moaned, earning a smirk from Robbie.

He continued his motions, moving faster with each thrust.

You both adjusted and found your pace, he quickly found your G spot.

“Right there.” You laughed as his face lit up, knowing he was pleasing you. He continued to focus on that one spot, going in and out.

After a few more in and out motions you were close to your finish.

“I’m- im about to-” you said.

“Me too. Just wait a few more minutes.” He moaned through gritted teeth, kissing your forehead quickly.

You came shortly after, him following.

You both laid on the floor, Robbie got up to throw away the condom, but shortly laid back next to you on the hard wood.

“Maybe next time we should go to my bed.” You laughed.

“Or the shower, or the kitchen table. Or round two here, it’s more kinky this way.” He smirked, making a funny face.

You couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness.

Robbie turned around and loosely wrapped an arm around you.

“You are truly a dork Robbie Kay.” You smiled at him.

“I can say the same to you y/n.”

“And by the way. I’m gonna have to retrace you.” He laughed, sitting up and looking at the torn paper beneath you.

“I guess so…” You replied.

“But maybe later.” You added, leaning in and kissing him again.

Personal Bully (Part 2)

The Maze Runner Imagine (Gally)

Part 1

Requested: yes!

Note: Oh my god guys I’m so sorry for being so unactive the last two weeks or so but I got some things to get done for school and I discovered the serie Once Upon A Time. I watched four seasons in two weeks but anyway… I’m back now and I’m back to writing imagines and I missed you and I’m so sorry. Blame it on Hook and Peter Pan

After some quick goodbyes and a kiss on the cheek from Fry I headed off to my room. I was accompanied by the protesting cries of Gally. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to see him again in a week. “Get ready,” I thought slightly grinning. “The tables are going to turn.”


“Get the shuck up! Duty calls!” Stomping, clapping, screaming and laughing I entered Gally’s room in the early morning hours. Being the keeper of the builders had its advantages. 

My never lying gut feeling told me it was about four o’clock in the morning. Perfect time to get out of bed and get some things done like making me breakfast. 

“Do I have to say it again?” I grabbed the thin fabric of his blanket which he clutched onto like his life depended on it. “No.” 

“Good,” one quick move and it hung over my shoulder. “Then raise your fat ass and follow me.” “No.” 

“No? Oh, that’s a shame because when I told you to shut up and leave, you didn’t fulfil my wish and now I’m not going to do that either.” “I know what you’re seeking after,” he grumbled. His voice sounded muffled because of his pillow. “I’m listening.” 

He shifted cumbersomely to be able to see my face. Our gazes locked. “Revenge.” “Don’t be ridiculous. Do I look like someone who is satisfied with something like revenge?” “You look like someone who would enjoy a short trip to the slammer,” he replied and brought himself into a straight position. “And now give me back my blanket before I carry you there on my own.” 

“Nothing but hot air,” smiling triumphantly I backed away from his bed. “See you later, Gal.”


Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day and another good opportunity to give Gally the payback he shucking deserved. What a waste of eggs and ham. 

“Wouldn’t it be better if you would eat your food instead of throwing it at him?” Newt suggested carefully while taking another strip of bacon from my hand. “It doesn’t seem like it bothers him very much.” “Surely it bothers him. Everything I do bothers him,” I hissed through gritted teeth and let go of my egg. It hit his forehead. My best toss yet. 

“That’s enough,” he pushed back his chair. “Oh, giving up already? You’re weak, Gally. I made it much longer.” “Shut up,” he snapped pushing his way past me. “I’m disappointed.” “Couldn’t care less.” “Payback’s a bitch!” I screamed after him making Newt and Zart chuckle. 

“If you’re still alive by the end of this week, he really must like you,” Newt let out his breath. “What?” Zart winked. “You’ll see soon enough.” Okay. Should I be afraid or concerned about my life?


Well, until now I gave Gally a tit-for-tat response for everything he did to me in the past week. Just one thing was missing. The scene he caused me at the bonfire. Unfortunately there wasn’t one this week or for the next two. But that didn’t matter. My clever little mind had another idea and it could be possible that Minho played an important role in it. But we got to that part later. 

At the moment I had to concentrate on braiding my hair. Of course I wanted to look good for Gally… uhm I meant Minho. I studied myself in the mirror. Something was missing, but what? Oh, got it. A flower. To be exact a whole crown. Yes, my life was quite boring some days. I also made one for Chuck but he refused to wear it. I rolled my eyes at the thought of him. Boys. Good keyword. 

A knock on my door caught my attention. Minho was here. I smoothed down my dress the creators sent up a few days ago. Like they knew I had something planed. 

“Ready for our dinner, lady?” Minho held out his arm. “You mean ready for the worst prank ever? Yes, I am ready,” smiling I linked our arms. “Then what are we waiting for?” “Nothing.” My stomach was prickling like I ate some caterpillars. The thought made me cringe. Gross. 

“Everything’s okay?” Minho eyed me suspicious. “I’m fine. Don’t stop moving.“ “Aye, aye captain.” I shook my head laughing. “Don’t call me that.” “Why not?” “Because, ugh you know.” 

A grin appeared on his lips. “Is it what I think it is? You’re blushing.” Automatically my hands shot to my cheeks. “Liar.” “For a moment you believed it.” “Never in your wildest dreams.” 

There wasn’t more time for him to shoot back a comment because we reached Frypan’s kitchen and thus our well-laid table. Fry really did his best. 

“How lovely,” I raved as I inspected the wonderful smelling candle. Its little flame lighted up the inner circle of the table. The gentleman he was, Minho moved the chair for me. “Thank you.” “We want it to look real, don’t we?” “Sure.” 

It may look real but it surely didn’t feel like it. Minho was like my older brother. To be honest, it felt really weird looking him in the eyes like I adored him. We were just playing, acting, to hopefully earn Gally’s attention so the main part of my prank would work. 

“Are you nervous?” “No it’s limited.” My short answer betrayed my lie. I was nervous as hell. Everything could go wrong. 

Minho grabbed my hand from across the table. “It’s going to be alright. You can do it.” As if on cue Fry hit his pot with his knife. Our secret signal. Gally was on his way. 

“Okay, stay cool,” I warned the dark haired boy. “Shouldn’t I be the one giving you this instruction?” He mocked me. The grip around his fingers tightened until his knuckles turned white but he kept a straight face. “Slinthead,” I muttered. 

“Wait,” Fry turned back into our direction. “False alarm.” “God, don’t do that again,” I let out the breath I was holding unconsciously for the last few seconds. 

“Did he look over?” Minho wanted to know. The cook nodded. “Yes and he didn’t look delightful.”


Time flew by. Hour after hour passed and before we knew it the stars started to shine one by one. 

“It’s time to go. Not much longer and the doors will close.” “That’s exactly what they should do,” an evilly grin divided my lips. “I don’t want to side with him but that’s probably the worst prank you could play on him.” 

I shrugged my shoulders “Too late. Chuck and Jeff invested a lot of time into making that bloody puppet. Now we’re also going to use it.” “You’re the boss. Just tell me what to do.” 

“I already told you a hundredth of times but alright, one last time. You’ll go and talk to Gally while I put the puppet in place.” “At the entrance of the maze?” “Yes and when the doors start to close you’ll call attention to it. Understood?” He nodded. “Gally won’t have enough time to ‘save me’ and that’s it. He’ll be crashed right in front of our eyes. Right in front of my eyes.” 

“You’re cruel. But if he starts crying don’t dare to pin the whole thing on me,” Minho rose his forefinger. “I just helped you.” “You’re in as deep as I am. And now let’s go.”


I sneaked into my room, grabbed my lookalike and ran, after ten gazes to every side of the Glade, to the maze doors. They already had begun to rumble. 

In the distance I could spot the two dark silhouettes of Gally and Minho. The rumble sounds gained volume. Wind blew through my hair. The time had come. Hidden behind a nearby tree I watched the metres disappear. 

Twenty. Eighteen. Fifteen. 

Calls echoed through the Glade. Boys sprinted towards the doors. 

Ten metres. 

Among them were Gally and Minho. The latter looked out for me but he couldn’t spot me in the crowed. Well, probably because I was currently lying on the ground in the maze waiting for my sure end to come. 

Gally pushed his way forward. “Move!” Everyone obeyed. 

Three metres. 

Even if he wanted to save me, he would never break one of the three golden rules. 

Two metres. 

“No! (Y/N)!” 

Two and a half. 

My eyes widened as he took a determining step forward. 


The doors closed in front of his face and crushed ‘my body’. Silence fell over the Gladers as they stared at the stone walls until Gally’s booming voice wrecked it. “No, no! (Y/N), shuck!” “Oh my god,” Newt whispered. He was, of course, initiated. Chuck and Jeff shared a glance. Both of them bit back a laugh. 

Suddenly there was a hand on my mouth dragging me back to the ground. “Hush, it’s just me.” “Minho! You idiot scared the clunk out of me,” I hissed more than relieved. “No,” Gally repeated for the fourth time already. “Seems like he can’t believe it,” the runner rolled his eyes. “Maybe I should send everybody to bed so you can tell him the truth.” “Just a few more minutes. I like to hear his desperate voice.” “(Y/N).” “All right, all right. I’m on my way.” 

“Boys. Bedtime,” Minho stepped into the middle of the crowd. “Leave this poor guy some time alone. I assume that he has quite some stuff to think about,” he patted Gally’s trembling shoulder. “Night man.” “Oh god, what have I done?” Gally rested his head in his hands. 

In thoughts I counted to ten till I decided to leave my hiding place and answer his question. “A lot. You did a lot.” Startled he jumped up. His face was pale like he just saw a ghost. Oh… 

“(Y/N), but…” Blankly he pointed at the closed doors first and then at me. “Why are you here? You should be…” “Crashed by gigantic stone walls?” “I wanted to say dead but you hit it pretty good.” 

It seemed like he had overcome the first shock. “Why the shuck did you do that?” “To score you off,” I admitted feeling slightly guilty. “I didn’t expect that it’ll affect you that deeply.” “Sure it would affect me that deeply!” He almost shouted. 

“And why is that? You really must hate me. I mean you pulled one prank and one tease after another the last few weeks.” “Does it matter? You’re with Minho anyway.” It had worked. “Minho and I aren’t a thing, it was just part of the plan and yes, it does matter.” 

“Well, guess I’m not good at expressing my feelings then,” he shrugged it off like Frypan had just told him the daily meal. “Your feelings? For me?” “No, for Newt you dumbass.” “Sorry if it’s hard to conceive,” I rolled my eyes. 

And then I took the deepest breath I’ve ever taken to arm myself for the worst preachment he’ll ever get in his life. “You are the biggest shucking shuck-face I’ve…” I didn’t make it far. His lips suddenly crashing on mine interrupted me. 

Not that I’d care that much. It was definitely the better way to get out of breath and yelling never helped on Gally anyway. The gross caterpillars in my stomach returned. They made me smile. 

“What?” Gally’s voice was barely more than a whisper as he leaned his forehead against mine, breathing heavily. “Just thinking about your stupidity. You could have told me earlier,” my smile turned into a grin. 

“Oh, are we getting cheeky now?” “Yes.” “Well, then I think I have to banish you.” “For getting cheeky?” My mouth dropped open indignantly. “For making me fall in love with you and for playing that nasty trick on me. You’re staying the night in the slammer.” “But, Gal…” 

He shook his head. “What goes around, comes around, love. Now it’s your turn.” “I shucking hate you.” “I hate you too.”

A/N: I have far too many headcanons about Killian and modern technology, particularly the cell phone. Happy Once Day, friends! Xx


It surprises her and amuses her to no end when she unlocks her phone one morning and finds a photo of Killian — brow arched high as he peers through the gap in his hook, smirk tugging up the corner of his mouth — set as her new wallpaper. 

Ever since she’s given him the phone — or ‘speaking device,’ as he so adorably refers to it — he’s spent an obscene amount of time learning its other uses (immediate telegrams (texting), dice-less pirate dice (games), and instant portraits (photos)? Bloody brilliant, love!)and it seems he’s just discovered the front-facing camera on his phone (as well as mastered the art of the selfie).

She snorts at the picture, ignoring the flip in her stomach and the little sigh that leaves her lips because he’s just too handsome (and too adorable and too perfect and too everything) for his own good. She quickly locates his contact information and presses the dial button.

“I wondered when you’d find that,” he says, without so much as a greeting when he answers promptly after the first ring. 

(She can’t stand his voice, can’t stand the deep timbre and the rough, rich tone he reserves just for her.)

“By the way,” he continues. “You should really consider making your passcode a bit more difficult. I mean, honestly love, ’4665?’ Far too obvious.”

She rolls her eyes because she can actually hear his toothy grin and no, her cheeks are absolutely not flaming hot with embarrassment over the fact that he cracked her (far too obvious)code of ‘HOOK’ (yeah, yeah,she’s an idiot — but, she knows without a shadow of doubt that his passcode is ‘7926’ which amounts to ‘SWAN’ so really they’re both idiots).

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anonymous asked:

Are you willing to write SuperCat? Prompt: shopping. (If supercat isn't to your liking, then clexa, please). Thanks and have a lovely day!

The shriek of her name, or the closest Cat Grant seemed to be able to get to her name, caused Kara’s eye to twitch as she rubbed at her temples and pushed out of her seat for the thousandth time that day, and all before noon. The annual Catco charity auction and dinner was just around the corner, and the closer it drew, the more there was to do and the more shrill her boss’s voice became.

Kara made her way quickly into Cat’s office, notepad at the ready. “Yes, Miss Grant?”

“Call for my car,” Cat said, not even bothering to look up from the document in front of her. She was holding a pair of square glasses up to the oval glasses already resting on her face, and her lips pursed every few seconds, a sign, Kara knew, that meant one of two things. Either she was pleased with someone’s work but didn’t want to admit it or she was utterly dissatisfied and five seconds away from firing someone.

“Yes, Miss Grant,” Kara said, shifting on her feet. “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Cat said, finally putting down her glasses, pulling the second set from her face, and looking up to meet Kara’s gaze. “Collect your things.”

Kara’s eyes widened. Her lips flapped wordlessly for a moment as she felt her heart sink into her stomach and burn. “Wha–what did I–why?”

“Close your mouth, Keira,” Cat said with a quick roll of her eyes. “Fish doesn’t look good on you. You and I are going shopping.”

Kara’s mouth snapped shut for only a moment before she stammered, “Sh-shopping? You and me, me, I mean, you and I are going shopping?” A small laugh shook its way through her lips as she cradled her notepad to her chest and grinned like an idiot, shaking her head. Why she could never keep her cool when not adorned in a red cape was entirely beyond her, but Kara felt torn between wanting to inquire further and wanting to sink into the ground and disappear. The look on her boss’s face made her lean more toward the latter.

“Should we start with a hearing aid, Keira?” Cat drawled. “I do hate to repeat myself.”

Another awkward laugh shook loose as Kara pushed her glasses up on her nose and said, “No. I just …” She cleared her throat, internally ordering herself to get it together, and tried again. “Why are we shopping?”

“Because I know what I pay you,” Cat said, “and it isn’t enough for the labels I’ll require you to wear tomorrow evening.”

“Tomorrow?” Kara asked, brows arching toward her hairline. “The charity event? I-I’m, um, I didn’t realize I was supposed to attend, Miss Grant.”

“You weren’t,” Cat told her, reaching up to rub at one of her temples, “but men are apparently unreliable, so now you are.”

“Oh, um … oh,” Kara said, another awkward laugh slipping through. “Okay then. I guess I can—”

“Clear your schedule?” Cat arched a brow. “Please, Kiera. It’s much too early for jokes.”

“I wasn’t …” Kara’s voice trailed off, ending in a quiet huff, before she mumbled, “It’s almost noon.”

Cat didn’t say anything but simply stared her down until Kara finally understand what it meant to be on the receiving end of laser eyes and quickly turned on her heels. “I’ll call for your car, Miss Grant.”

Cat’s sigh could have been heard from a mile away even without Kara’s enhanced hearing. The sound wheezed its way through the fitting room door and wrapped around Kara like a fist as she stood awkwardly in front of a full-sized mirror and stared at herself in the most expensive piece of clothing she had ever touched, let alone worn, and tried not to move or breathe for fear of busting a seam.

“Have you been sucked into an alternate dimension?” Cat’s voice droned from the sitting area just outside Kara’s thankfully private fitting room. “Don’t tell me you’ve found a wardrobe to Narnia in your fitting room, Kiera, or rather do. That would at least be an understandable explanation as to why you’ve kept me waiting so long.”

Kara rolled her eyes and let out a soft sigh before pulling open the fitting room door and taking a timid step out. She felt awkward and stiff, though she knew from her reflection that the dress suited her well enough. It just seemed stranger than fiction to be dressed in something more expensive than a year’s worth of rent on her apartment, and stranger, even, to be modeling such a thing for Cat Grant, of all people.

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If She Leaves || Lahey

“Don’t worry, Y/N, Scott likes you. He’s just preoccupied with Kira. He’ll come running to you once he realizes how much he likes you.” Lydia encouraged. She’s told me this so many times it should be implanted in my mind but, I knew it wasn’t true.

Kira wasn’t ‘just a distraction’ for Scott. The amount of adoration in his eyes when she’s around can’t be faked. I can’t blame Kira – she has no idea about my feelings towards the alpha. And, after Allison, I’m just glad Scott’s happy again.

“Who likes Y/N?” Isaac questioned, walking up beside me. I shook my head and sighed, looking at the ground. Lydia whispered to him about our previous conversation with me muting the murmurs.

“Regardless, he’s an idiot if he doesn’t see how much he means to you. Then again, if you’re available, I’m available. Just think about it.” Isaac winked before turning into his classroom. I laughed and rolled my eyes before turning to Lydia who had a grin on her face.

“I ship it.” She simply said before we went into our math class. I chuckled once more before something caught my eye. Scott and Kira were talking by the door, flirty smiles plastered on their faces. Sighing, I looked at the board and began copying down the notes.

“Seriously, Y/N. He’d be good for you!” Malia sided with Lydia. The strawberry blonde nodded at me with her 'I win’ face. Stiles trampled in with his best friend in tow, ready to discuss pack business.

“Who’d be good for Y/N?” Stiles asked curiously. Lydia and I exchanged glances, anxious to tell them. Isaac wasn’t invited to Stiles’ house for the meeting because, apparently, he and Scott had a falling out. Over what, I have no clue.

“Oh, hey Scott, Stiles. We’re just talking about Isaac’s major crush on Y/N.” Malia said casually. Scott spit out the water he was drinking, looking at me wide eyed.

“I don’t think you should date him.” Scott said, exasperated. I looked at him with a glare, mind churning with frustration.

“What? So you can be with Kira but I can’t be with anyone? That’s bullshit, Scott. You barely give me the time of day. You have no right to tell me who I can and can’t be with.” I spat out. Scott flinched noticeably while the others sat quietly.

“And, for your information, I happen to really like Isaac. He asked me to dinner,” I began, packing the things I brought. “And I said yes.” I admitted before turning on my heel and leaving.

“You really do deserve better.” Isaac stated that night. I had called him to make our dinner date earlier and he complied excitedly. After explaining what happened, his eyebrows furrowed and he played with the noodles on his plate.

“Like you?” I questioned quietly. Isaac looked up at me with wide eyes. Smiling slightly, he shrugged.

“Me? Well that’d be preferable but as long as you’re happy, I wouldn’t care who you were with.” He chuckled. I could finally see the adoration he had for me. A smile grew on my face just thinking about his twinkly blue eyes and breath-taking smile.

“Is that your way of asking me out?” I teased before scooping a forkful of noodles into my mouth. Hopefully Isaac wouldn’t see the slight reddening of my cheeks.

“Only if you say yes.” He said seriously. I looked up at him, eyes locking, and grinned. He honestly wanted to be with me. I was always a second choice for Scott. But, for Isaac, I was the only thought on his mind. And, my answer was undoubtedly –

“Yes. Isaac, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Preference #210 Bars
  • Liam: “Are you just going to ignore him all night?” Your friend asked you, poking your arm jokingly. You swatted her arm away, rolling your eyes. “Stop, he is not paying that much attention to me.” You said, taking a sip of your glass. There was a pulsing, living chemistry between you and the boy in tight black jeans and a leather jacket at the other end of the bar, you had noticed it when you walked in and his eyes fell to you almost instantly. “He is looking at you again now.” You whipped your head towards him and saw that his eyes were locked on yours, but he looked down quickly. You blushed, looking down as well. Your friend snickered, turning to head to the bathroom. “I really didn’t want to do the whole send you a drink thing.” A deep voice says behind you and you turn around, smiling at him. He is tall with deep brown eyes and you blush under his gaze. “No, it’s fine, those are not my favorite anyways.” You laugh and he nods, sticking out his hand. “Liam.” You shake it, grinning. “I know who you are. I’m ___.” You said as he grins back at you. “I hope all you’ve heard about are good things.” He says, asking with his hands if he can take the vacant seat next to you. You nod, smiling at him as he sits down. “Mostly.” You say, scrunching up your face. He laughs, nodding. He gets the attention of the bartender, waving him over. “I will pick up her tab, as well as her friends.” You open your mouth to stop him, but Liam shakes his head, waving you off. “I’ve got to make up for whatever bad stuff you’ve heard about me.” He says grinning at you as you chuckle.
  • Louis: “I blame you for all of this.” Louis gumbles, sliding over a beer to Liam, who was grinning stupidly at his bandmate. “Me?! You’re the one who though Niall could be beat in a beer contest!” You huffed, glaring at Harry who was humming the jeopardy song to himself. “I’ll spit in it, Styles. I’m warning you.” You glared at him. He frowned at you, rolling his eyes. “This would suck a lot less if we were allowed to drink it. For the love of god, my mother is more hammered than I am.” Louis whined. Louis last week had apparently decided that one of the boys as the bartender at their tour closing party would be hysterical for the other four, and sucky for whoever it was. He seemed to not take into account he would lose. But because you were a nice girlfriend who loved him very much, you agreed to help. “Niall wants a vodka soda as well.” Harry added after you slid him his drink. “Oh Niall wants a drink? I’ve got this.” Louis said, whipping out the tequila. “You saw nothing.” He directs at Harry, who holds his hands up. “You two can deal with him later then.” His says, grabbing Niall’s very strong drink and his own, weaving through the people. “Oh look at this thing!” Louis says, holding up the multiple soda dispenser. “Oh that’s fun!” You said, ignoring Zayn who just walked up. “Sprite me!” You say excitedly opening your mouth. He pressed the button to fill your mouth with the soda as you swallow. “See, you guys don’t need the booze to have fun!” Zayn says jokingly, tapping Louis arms. Louis says nothing, instead aiming the soda at Zayn who scurries away.
  • Zayn: You were shifting your weight between both feet, hopping around as Zayn shook his head at you, rolling his eyes even though a large grin was plastered on his face. “Don’t shake your head at me Malik, just be prepared to lose. Horribly.” You added, nodding your head. “I’ve got five on ___.” Harry said, slapping the money in front of you. “Same.” Added Niall, doing the same. Louis seemed to have faith in Zayn, slapping money in front of him. “I think it’s anyone's game, really.” Liam said, contemplating. “Lord, Liam just go with Zayn so it’s fair.” Louis grumbled. Liam obliged, tossing it in front of Zayn. “You guys can drag his drunk ass to the cab later, yeah?” You said, nodding your head towards your boyfriend, who who crossed his arms over his chest, his leather jacket rustling. “You and competition don’t mix well.” He muttered. You stuck your tongue out. “Alright, assume the position.” Harry said, waving his hands. You both did as you were told, hands locked behind your back. “Rules are simple. First to finish the three shots wins. Being the designated driver may I add I am looking forward to whatever happens after this. Ready? Three, two, one, Go!” Harry shouted, slamming the table. You and Zayn both went for it, sending Niall a quick smirk as you got your lips around the first glass. Your boyfriend across the table was wincing but you were taking the shots like a champ, finishing all three easily, just as Zayn finished his second. “___ wins! Niall announced. “Fuck tequila, my god.” Zayn said, downing the glass of coke he had. You reached over and grabbed the money you won, sticking it in your pocket. “Good thing Niall replaced mine with tea.” You said patting his back and scurrying away before he could respond.
  • Niall: You were laughing into your hands, Zayn laughing harder next to you. “Holy shit I love Ireland.” He said, shaking his head and taking a sip of his beer. “I love Niall.” You added, choking on your laughs. Currently, Harry and Liam were a bit tipsy and wanted to try their hand at a little karaoke, but Niall had decided it was dull and had rushed off his seat to them, shoving them both off the stage as he searched through the catalog of songs. “He said Dublin was going to ban us if we continued.” Liam said, dropping you next to him. “He is almost as smashed as his 21st in America.He remembers about an hour of that night.” Harry said, taking a sip of his beer. “He will remember this, no worries.” Louis said, shaking his phone which was recording. Whatever song Liam and Harry had been singing faded out. An upbeat song began that you didn’t recognize, but the entire pub seemed to shout in appreciation, many getting up to head to the small dance floor. “Ireland!” Was all Niall shouted into the microphone as you and the boys laughed loudly at him as he came rushing back over to you all. “Move all the glasses.” he said quickly, and as you glanced around, it seemed like everyone else was doing the same. Before you knew it, Niall and about 25 other people were up on the bar, dancing wildly. “I never want to leave this place!” You shouted happily, up at Niall who grinned down at you, he crouched down, quirking his head as you handed off your beer to one of the boys, and hopped up with him. “I don’t know the steps!” You cried out as he grabbed your hand. He laughed, shaking his head, “baby, there are no steps! I’m too drunk for steps, just move!” You grinned, nodding.
  • Harry: You laughed as Niall danced in front of you some more, the both of you clapping as the song ended. “Thank you, Mr. Ireland.” You said, curtseying. “Me pleasure.” He said, laughing. You saw Harrys tall frame weaving through the crowd, heading for the both of you. “Alright mate, shoo. Your mother says you owe her a dance.” Harry teases, pulling Niall into a side hug. He escapes easily, jogging off. “Hiiiii.” Harry draws out, standing back in front of you. You giggle, “Hello.” You say, resting your chin on his chest, looking up at him. “So you know how we’re in Ireland?” You nod at his question. “Okay so it reminded me of titanic. When they do that spinny thing. I say we do it. Impress the entire bar with how fucking cute we are.” He says, nodding to himself as he smirks, his dimples tacked onto the edge of his smile. “I think,” You say, patting his half bare chest lightly, “That you are a little too hammered for that, Haz.” He pffts at you, shaking his head. “Here is the thing. My coordination is just as good sober as it is when I’m pissed. So, we’ll be fine.” He says, waving his hand. “And I’m a little drunk too, what about me?” You ask, amused. “You’re like a little graceful ballerina. If I go down, you can improvise. I’ve got a plan, believe me.” He says, grinning at you. You spurt out a laugh, shaking your head. “I love you.” You say happily. He looks down at you, grinning like an idiot. “I like when you say that randomly.” he says, laughing. You roll your eyes at his romantic timing, holding out your hands as he grabs them. “This is probably a shit idea, but let’s go.” You say as he pulls back away from you, the pair of you starting to spin, neither one of you knowing how long you’re going before you both hit the ground, laughing.
  • notes: welp. two in one day. has that ever happened? and was this inspired by a bonus track i said i wasn't going to listen to? maybe.
Are You Mad?(Seb x Reader)

.Requested by @avengers-do-it-better: Bucky x reader cheesy rain scenario, I know it’s kinda over done but can it really be over done with Seb/Bucky? Haha.

A/N: Okay I decided to do this one first because rain is my favorite thing in the entire world. I will literally dance in the rain. And this’ll be a Seb x Reader. You found Day 4! Requests are open!

Title: Are You Mad?

Author: Ya boy Sam

Words:653 (I’m trying guys)

Song I’m Listening To: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson and Please Be Naked by the 1975 (songs off my rainy day playlist)

“Yeah, I heard about the storm moving in. Russo says we’ll have to postpone the action shot until it moves out. Few days off I guess,” you heard Anthony say to Sebastian. Your head whipped around.

“Are you serious?” you asked with a huge grin on your face. “How big is the storm?”

“Pretty big I guess, if we have to postpone filming,” he says amused. You were such a kid. “It’s supposed to hit this afternoon.”

You grinned even wider. You’ve always love the rain. Everything about it. You loved the electricity in the air right before a really rough storm. You loved jumping in puddles and feeling the rain on your skin. And you especially loved the thunder. The way it would shake the house when lightning was close thrilled you. 

You were inside on set when you heard the first clap of thunder. The lights were already flickering. This really was gonna be a rough one. Potentially losing power stopped production and you ran to your trailer to grab your rain boots. You heard a knock on the door and rushed to get it. 

“Seb, what’s up?” you asked, impatiently tugging on one of you boots. 

“Well, you left the set pretty quickly, I just wanted to make sure you were alright,” he said, brows furrowed. “And I was wondering if I could use your laptop. Mine’s acting up again.”

“Sure thing, Seb. Come find me when you’re done,” you rushed out before quickly opening the door. It had started to pour now and you weren’t about to miss a good storm. 

You walked further away from your trailer and leaned your head back. You could feel the rain drops hit you face with a pinch, but you didn’t care. You were going to enjoy every minute. You spread out your arms and twirled. It had been such a long time before you had been able to enjoy storm like this. You jumped a big puddle, soaking your pants even more, and giggled. 

“Are you mad? It’s like a hurricane out here! Get inside!” yelled Sebastian from your trailer. He was squinting and covering his head with newspaper. You put your hands on your hips and stared at him before grabbing his hand and yanking him into the downpour. You made him stand next to a puddle before jumping in, promptly getting him wet. 

“Y/N/N! Oh I’m so getting you back,” he smirked before running after you. You laughed when he slipped right into a puddle. You reached a hand out to help him up, but instead, he pulled you down into the puddle with him. You were so close to him, you felt your cheeks heating up. You just giggled and splashed him more. He couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. 

“Who knew you were such a kid when it came to rain,” he said still grinning as he tucked a dripped strand of hair behind your ear. You blushed as he cupped your jaw. He paused, searching you’re eyes for permission. You nodded and leaned forward. His lips met your softly and molded with yours. You kissed back with the same amount of enthusiasm. You two only broke a part when the thunder surprised you. You both laughed, and then you stood up. 

“Where are you going?” Sebastian asked with a whiny tone. You giggled. 

“I’m gonna dance in the rain,” you said proudly before moving your body to silent music. Sebastian just sat on the ground shaking he head at him. You laughed and reached out your hands for him. He reluctantly stood up. 

“Dance with me, Seb,” you laughed. He rolled his eyes before he started moving to the same silent beat as yours. He grabbed your hand a twirled you around, causing you to laugh. 

Anthony and Chris stood outside under covering, just watching you two. Anthony laughed and smirked. 

“Those two are idiots.”

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jimin is honestly going to be the end of me

honestly though he is so cute and angelic even without aegyo, but when he sticks out his tongue, bites his lip, and sweeps back his hair he’s so hot. either way whenever i see or hear jimin i cry my eyes out, fall on the ground, roll in my tears, and my heart explodes. the way he dances passionately and sings (esp. high notes rip) and the way he cares for everyone. i didn’t know such a perfect man could exist ;u; when he’s happy and smiles with his sparkly eyes and wide grin i can only see him ㅠㅠ and his laugh oh god…his laugh hits me deep in the soul and i always start smiling like an idiot ;u;

*embrace this perfection with me*

- kylie

Preference #4 - He surprises you by coming home early

Niall: He entered the dark flat with slow steps, aware you were sleeping. He had come home from tour week early and wanted to surprise you. He placed his bag on the floor and walked through the hallway. Small flicking light came from the living room. He peeked from the doorway and saw the television was open, random late night discussion show on. A smile formed to his lips when he gazed at you, how you were curled up to a blanket and snored silently. He crouched down next to you and moved the hair out of your face, admiring how cute you looked. Carefully removing the blanket off you, he slid his arm behind your back and lifted you to his arms. Surprisingly this didn’t wake you either. He carried you towards the bedroom when your eyes opened slowly from the deep sleep. “Where am I?” was the first question you asked. He lowered his head to look at your confused expression. “Didn’t mean to wake ye up princess,” he chuckled lightly. “It’s alright. But I had the sweetest dream ever,” you sleepily muttered, but loud enough so he could hear. “Oh?” he questioned curious. “Yeah, in my dream Niall came back home and I was so happy. I miss him.” You were obviously still half asleep. “I missed you too,” he replied and placed you down to your spot on the bed. That was when you realized and hopped up instantly back to his arms. “You’re home,” you sobbed and kissed every inch of his face.

Liam: It was your birthday but sadly Liam was on tour and it would take a month until he was back home. Your best friends had thrown a party to celebrate it. You had lot of fun, but still wished he was there too. The only present what you dearly wanted was him to come back from tour.
“Y/N, we have one more present for you!” Y/F/N exclaimed happily. “And you’ll like it for sure,” your other friend added. You put down the wine glass in your hand and crossed your arms. “Well, what is it?” you giggled. “Close your eyes first,” Y/F/N noted. You closed your eyes and heard them rushing towards the door. It was moment of silence before you felt somebody take your hand. “I’ll lead you,” Y/F/N said. You nodded, wondering what they were up to. You felt cold breeze of air and it gave you goose bumps as your friend brought you outside. “Stand still…there and don’t open your eyes yet.” Your friend stopped you and let go of your hand. You winced when arms snaked around your waist. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Y/N.” An angelic voice sang to you and it sent shivers down your spine. You opened your eyes and spun around, tears almost blurring your vision. You knew who that singing voice belonged to. “Liam…” You cried, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him to a long kiss. Round of applause came around you two as you smiled at him. “You’re home finally.”

Louis: You rubbed your hands together, trying to warm them while walking through a park. It was winter and annoyingly, you had forgot your gloves. It wasn’t your biggest problem thought. It was Valentine’s Day, and Louis was on tour. You wanted to have some air, but it turned out a bad decision when you saw many happy couples walking around hand in hand and that reminded you of him again. You sighed and continued walking down the snowy path. There were even people singing romantic songs out loud and it made you growl in frustration, like the whole word was laughing at you. You glanced over to see bunch of children throwing snow balls at each other. You hoped you could avoid getting hit by pacing past them. One still managed to hit you on the back, but you decided to shrug it off since they probably didn’t mean to hit strangers passing by. After it hit you the second time and on the head, you turned around cursing, looking for the thrower. “Get that frown off from your beautiful face!” somebody shouted and another snowball hit you on the back again. Your eyes widened when you noticed the familiar brown hair and wide grin plastered across his face. You straight away rushed over to him and tackled him on the snowy ground. “Louis, you’re an ass you know that?” you glanced down at him. “I’m an ass because I came home earlier?” he fake pouted and acted hurt. “No, because you threw snowballs at me like a child, idiot,” you laughed. “But I’m your idiot,” he smirked and pulled you down so he could kiss you. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love.”

Harry: “Y/N, I swear 5 Seconds of Summer is going to arrive here!” Y/F/N rejoiced and held tightly, maybe even too tightly your hand. You rolled your eyes at your fangirling friend. You slowed down while your friend tried dragging you, she eventually stopped and turned to look at you. “Y/F/N, I doubt the article you read was true. It could be fake, they might not even come here,” you spoke. “Besides, if they do, you should calm down. They wouldn’t like you to scream at their face,” you added and Y/F/N let go of your hand. “Way to go and blow up my dream.” She playfully smacked you on the arm. Suddenly, you heard screaming. It was so loud it almost made your ears ring. You looked over your shoulder to see group of girls surrounding somebody. “Well, you were right after all. Could be them,” you laughed and looked over at your friend, whose eyes were wide open. “Y/F/N?” you asked and touched her shoulder. She didn’t respond, instead pointed towards the crowd. You focused your attention back on the girls and saw familiar curly brown hair from the sea of fangirls. “Y/N!” Harry shouted, trying to get past them. “Harry?” you gasped and rushed at him. He managed to push away from the fans and let you run straight to his arms. “You’re home?” you cried, wondering if this was true. “Yes, I’m here, Y/N. I told Y/F/N to get you here, but without telling you about my arrival,” Harry told excited, giving a quick kiss on the cheek. You glanced over at your smirking friend and all the fans behind him were giggling and clapping their hands.

Zayn: You were in a local club with your friends, drinking and dancing. You weren’t much of a drinker, but enjoyed dancing. You laughed along with couple of friends when a guy appeared next to you and asked to dance with you. You nodded and it was fun, until he leaned in too close and you swore he tried kissing you few times. “One kiss won’t hurt anyone,” he joked and took a grip from your right arm. “I have a boyfriend, buzz off,” you sternly warned. “But he’s not here, isn’t he?” He grinned and leaned even closer again. You were dragged back awards and scooped to someone’s arms. “Mate, you get near my girlfriend like that again and I’ll punch you.” You heard the familiar voice and almost bursted into tears. The man snickered and left. You turned around and saw his brown eyes staring at you. “Zayn, what are you doing here?” you inquired and pressed your head against his chest. “The last shows of the tour got canceled, so I got earlier home,” he smiled and gave a kiss on top of your head. “I’m glad you’re here, I missed you,” you mumbled and then looked up to him. “Missed you too, babe.” He cupped your cheek and pressed his lips against yours.

AoKaga You've Got Mail Chapter 1

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kagami (AoKaga)
Word count: 4,137
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Aomine and Kagami are rival sports store owners looking for love. They both decide to try internet dating. What will come about that?
A/N: This is an AU based off of the film You’ve Got Mail, though it’s going to be a little bit different which is good I hope. Enjoy~

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