me right now lol i'm so bored


Trying to selfie while listening to music is hard, you always end up dancing. Or at least I do anyway lol

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Hey, I'm really bored right now and I was wandering if you could give me some movie recs? Summer is a bummer lol

Hi, sweetie! Oh, how I wish I was bored in summer vacation right now (damn south hemisphere)! I don’t know which kind of movies you like, so I’ll just stick to my favorites hahah

  • In Your Eyes (romance with a touch of paranormal, I can’t really define it, anyway, this movie is awesome, I don’t know why it is so underrated)
  • Man from U.N.C.L.E. (funny and with lots of action, featuring gorgeous clothes, I love love love it)
  • Wildlike (drama! it is really good, but trigger for rape here)
  • Before Sunrise (it is basically about two strangers talking but omg it is so perfect, i don’t like the sequels that much tho)
  • The Pretty One (about a girl that takes her twin sister’s place, it is cute)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle (very different from the book, but not in a bad way, Calcifer is the light of my life and Howl is such a drama queen, you’ll love him)
  • Penelope (pig snouted girl falls for gambler, I don’t think I need to say anything else)

I tried not to include the ones everyone has seen haha, let me know if you like them!  💕

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Bored so I'm reading your fanfiction. Naruto and sasuke, very naughty.

Oh my god. *Hides in a corner* I like to pretend I NEVER wrote that. No, seriously. That was honestly the worst thing I have ever possibly done. My teeny tiny stint in anime was what led me to Drarry. Which is the ONLY thing I am grateful for. 

I am literally covering my face right now. I have been debating about getting rid of that one. I guess I am happy you are reading my stuff. Lol… but… uh… that one isn’t in good taste. *still covering my face*

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1,23,24! <3


1: Golden mornings or peachy sunsets?

Well, since I sleep too long and miss the golden mornings usually or am already at work, I love sunsets! They’re beautiful.

23: Would you fill your house with plants if you had a green thumb?

YES, I LOVE PLANTS! Actually, my room is filled with…8? 9 plants right now, and there’s baby plants too that I’ll eventually grow the cuttings of and add to my plant count!

24: All plants are great but do you have a favorite?

I love the philodendron, for a personal reason. I don’t have a green thumb, really. An old employer of mine gave me two cuttings of this plant, little tiny tiny babies right. Let them grow roots while sitting in water. This was 2 years ago? My plant is now draping down my wall almost to the floor with these beautiful heart-shaped leaves, and it’d be longer if I hadn’t cut off it to make more cuttings. Basically, it didn’t die on me, and has been the prettiest and happiest little plant I’ve had. My spider plant means a lot to me since that was technically my first, but I love how philodendrons look. So beautiful.

I hate it when boys are like “wow you’re so interesting and quirky, nothing like those other stupid annoying BITCHY girls with no personality, you are so incredible I should put you on a pedestal and treat you like you aren’t a human being,” like guess what, breaking news, girls are amazing and you’re boring and weird, get ur freaky manic pixie dream girl shit away from me lol

  • Naughty Boy: Louis u r ugly
  • Louis: K
  • Naughty Boy: Louis u can't sing
  • Louis: K
  • Naughty Boy: Louis u r the worst football player ever
  • Louis: ....K
  • Naughty Boy: Harry is ugly
  • Louis: Whatchu say to me bitch? *le punches* *le kicks* *le throws shade* *le curses at all his ancestors*
  • Zayn: Vas happenin'!!! OH SHIT MY SIDECHICKS ARE FIGHTIN!
  • Harry: *pulls Louis out* let's go back home he's worthless anyway.. btw I have a surprise for you when we get there ;)
  • Larry: *makes out while walking* *makes out while driving* *makes out for the 69th time for the day*
  • Liam: Ayyye what did I miss?
  • Zayn: LEEYUM! *makes out*
  • Niall: Guess that leaves us together then NB
  • Niall: You remind me of a chicken right now...a big fat chicken
  • Niall: I'm so hungry
  • Niall: Is that a chicken
  • Zayn: What de fook neil y u eat ma sidechick *le cries*
  • Niall: Well..he's your side ''chick'' mate, so there's no problem ryte
  • Liam: Shhh shhh it's ok babe dun cry *makes out*
  • Niall: *le sobs bc FOREVER ALONE*
  • I don't even know about this guys I'm just too bored maybe?? Idek
Nozomi games
  • Rin: I'm so bored, nyyaa..
  • Honoka: let play a game.
  • Nozomi: hm, what kind of game.
  • Honoka: let play tag your it.
  • Nozomi: you mean tag your gay.
  • Nico: nozomi stop.
  • Honoka: duck duck goose.
  • Nozomi: you mean Hetero Hetero homo.
  • Nico: omg...kill me now.
  • Rin: I Got It 7 mins in heaven!
  • Nozomi: you mea-
  • Nico: Whoa! Ok, I'm Gonna Stop You Right There!

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Story time since IM BORED LOL. So I'm African American but I've been studying different languages since birth lmao. So I know English , Spanish , French , Italian , Korean , Dutch , and now I'm in the process of improving my Korean since that's my weakest link. So because i literally finesse knowing 7 languages I have good confidence right. So I'm with my boyfriend , and we're at his dinner table and his family is Dutch. And when I tell you they were bashing me IN DUTCH A LANGUAGE IK (1/?)

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you a straight up legend.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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