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Happy Father’s Day

“There’s something ancient and inevitable about this desire to do whatever you can to protect your child.”

Step-Brother: Part 11 (Final)

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Jaebum Mini Series

A/N: This was my first work on Tumblr and I just wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments, notes, and reading the series. You all are the absolute best and I'm forever grateful for your support.

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

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Just you wait

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“I tried my best to be there for these guys during their training so they got the best possible results from their games, and I really think it’s paid off…so hopefully now people will stop moaning at me for playing too much golf…”

You roll your eyes as you catch Nialls eye, the cheeky grin on his face evident as he directs the last remark at you. You can’t help the small chuckle that slips from your mouth as he does a small double take, making sure you’ve taken his words in jest. His eyes twinkle as a light hearted laugh fills the room, heads swivelling to look at your blushing face.

Getting back down to business, Niall starts talking more in depth about each player & the details of their game. You couldn’t help but smile, watching lovingly as your boyfriend speaks passionately about the game that stole him from you so often. You had no real interest in golf, only really tagging along to events like these to support Niall and his company (the promise of endless glasses of champagne and the chance to get all dolled up may have also contributed slightly to your decision to attend) but seeing him so passionate, owning the room so effortlessly whilst looking so goddamn sexy always gave you such a buzz. A buzz that always continued well into the night, when the dinner had ended and you were able to show him the effect he had on you in the privacy of your hotel room.

He wraps up the speech to a round of applause, a wide smile adorning his face as he joins you back at your table. Your hand gives his thigh a soft squeeze, fingers creeping slightly higher than necessary giving an inclination of the way your mind was working. He turns to you, his eyes flickering over your face with a raised eyebrow;

“You alright there petal?” He murmurs, an arm slinging over the back of your chair as he leans into you, finger tips brushing over the skin of your shoulder as he plays with the strap of your dress.

“Mhmm” you nod, eyelids drooping slightly at the jolts of electricity shooting through your body “just love seeing you up there, acting like the big boss man..” you smirk, your hand trailing further up his thigh, stopping just mere millimetres from his crotch as his breath hitches slightly, eyes darting to check no one could see,

“Yeah well, just wait till we get back to the room…then I’ll really show you who’s boss” he growls, leaning right into you so his lips brush against your ear, causing a shiver to jolt through your spine.

Another applause erupts through the room, snatching the attention away from each other. You both clap, watching as another speech starts on stage. You turn your head slightly, catching Nialls eye as he quirks up one side of his mouth in a smirk, keeping his eyes focused on the front of the room but leaning down to mutter lowly in your ear;

“Yeah….just you wait”


I don’t really know where this came from, I just seen the GIF and was hit by a bolt of inspiration. I might write a part 2 filled with some smut once they get back to the hotel room if people are interested? Let me know :)

The Admiral 

Pic was submitted via a sweet lil anon and I wrote an imagine to go along with it. Over the course of the year,your relationship with Niall had gotten a lot more serious to the point where you were both ready for the next step.Marriage. There was only one small obstacle,your father was an old fashioned type who insisted on giving his blessing.

“Niall,”,you said from your spot at the dressing table in your bedroom where you were brushing your hair,“come on,you’ve talked to mum and dad before,they love you.”

“I know,I know…but your sister’s boyfriend asked and your dad said no,”,he said flopping back on the bed,running a hand through his hair anxiously.

You sighed and joined him on the bed,tucking your knees under you,taking his hand in yours and squeezing it softly as if trying to juice his tension out. “It’ll be alright,Ni,” 

“It’s not that I mind…it’s just your dad,y/n…you know he doesn’t think I have a real job.He thinks I’m some strung out star child with no real aspirations..thinks that of your brother-in-law too,“,Niall said turning over on his side away from me. 

 Your dad was a Navy Admiral who brought his air of discipline and strict rules with him wherever he went while your mum was a more relaxed retired preschool teacher who had a knack for baking.They met on your dad’s last deployment when your mum was working in the middle East teaching English.They complimented each other’s personality because they were polar opposites so it was no surprise to either of their families when they fell in love.

Growing up,your dad always encouraged you to do the right thing and the practical thing;a practical education,a practical house a practical job,it’s surprising that he didn’t ship you off to the Navy years ago.Niall,however, had an awesome job ,that wasn’t the career path for most, but it made him happy and paid the bills but your dad didn’t see that.He saw him as some rock-star with his head in the clouds. 

 "It’ll be fine,Ni..if he brings up your job just tell him about it and don’t feel shy.You’re proud of what you do and I’m proud of you,”,You say running a hand through his hair,your eyes holding nothing but compassion and truth.

You hear the doorbell ring and your mother’s voice downstairs.Niall groaned, shielding his face with his hands,“Tell them I’m not home,“ 

“No way,get your ass up.I didn’t clean this damn house and cook for you to hide.”

You almost drag Niall down the stair case and straightened out his button up at the bottom of the stairs.”You’ll do fine,Ni,I promise.” You smooth down your light wash jeans and adjust your top before Niall opens the door and you both greet your parents warmly.

“Oh honey!It’s so nice to see you again,”,mum says throwing her arms around you.You smile and bury your face in her neck,inhaling that special old lady smell of cookies and giggle when some stray grey hairs tickle your ears.When you pull away,dad’s standing behind her,arms folded behind his back and legs spread shoulder’s width apart a smile on his face.

“Admiral,”,you say with mock salute,”,permission to hug?”

“Permission granted,”,your dad replies his voice gruff with age but his eyes youthful and sweet.You barrel into your father’s chest and despite age he picks you up and twirls you around like you’re five again.

From the corner of your eye you see Niall and your mum chatting avidly probably about food because mum loves to cook and Niall loves to eat.

“Horan!”,dad says,his voice booming and bouncing off the walls and Niall jump slightly,”nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you too Admiral y/l/n”, you could practically feel Niall’s discomfort but you were calm about the situation.

Niall shakes hands with you dad and you can see the agony in Niall’s eyes because dad decides to squeeze extra hard.

You and mum go to the kitchen and talk about what hotel they’re staying at and how things are back home while taking the food out of the oven. Throughout dinner,Niall casts you worried looks and is clenching his hand trying to get his circulation going.By sunset,you’re on the backyard deck in the middle of small talk when something leads to dad talking about how he and mum met and mum gets all cozy.She reaches for dad’s hand like the sweethearts they are and while she’s doe-eyed for him he couldn’t look more proud to be with her.They’re all heart eyed and loved up and you look at Niall and he glances back at you and you both coo at how adorable they are.

When you make the move to get dessert,dad thanks you for the meal and you jump at the chance to brag about Niall.

“You know dad,Niall helped cook this too.”,you say confidently,pride dripping from your words.Niall smiled up at you a silent ‘thanks’.

“Oh yeah,”,dad started,”Horan struck me as more of an eater than a cooker,”and dad is chuckling in his seat.

Niall blushes and mumbles doing the ‘so so’ action with his hand,”A bit of both,”

Mum throws you an apologetic look and helps you in the kitchen,moments later you emerge with cake when dad and Niall are prattling off about golf.You thank the universe because you half expected Niall to have shrivelled up and died of embarrassment.

“Hey y/n/n,how come you never told me Horan here plays golf?’’,dad asks when you come into sight again and you shrug and act like you don’t know because you’d prayed they’d talk about it and form some type of common ground.

“If you’d like Admiral y/l/n,there’s this golf course I go to,if you’d like we could go tomorrow,”,Niall asked a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“I don’t see why not,”,dad says leaning back in his seat I can see Niall relax for the first time all day and I breathe a sigh of relief.

That night,after your parents had left,Niall could barely he can barely sleep because of the anxiety bubbling away like a pot in his tummy and you try not to show it but you know you’re nervous too but you’re keeping the faith for Niall.

The next morning came too quickly for your liking and before you know it,you’re on the golf greens under the soothing morning sun and playing teams-boys against girls.

When you’ve gotten a moment alone with mum you tell her that Niall wants to propose and she smiles knowingly.

“How?”,you ask puzzled.

“Niall hid the ring in the back of your cutlery drawer.I saw it when I went to get the forks for the cake.”

You’re beaming with excitement now because you know that’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home.

Niall and dad are sitting in the cart,under the shade of a tree.Your dad glances over at Niall at his smile and follows the direction of his eyes,seeing they’re focused on you,holding nothing but adoration and pride in them.He breathes out a chuckle and leans on the steering wheel of the cart.

“Is something wrong,Admiral y/l/n?”,Niall asks looking over at your dad.

“Why’d you fly me all the way out here Horan?’’,he asks in a voice coarse with age.

“Sir, I’ve knows y/n for a year and-”

“Cut the crap,Horan.”

“I want to marry y/n and I wanted your blessing,”

The air between them gets humid and thick and Niall feels his sweat turn cold as it drips down his spine.A second feels like a millennium of waiting.

“Okay,”,dad said and Niall double takes and gives himself whiplash at the rate he spun around to look at your dad.

“Okay?That’s it?”,Niall asks mouth agape thinking that this man is bullshitting him.

“Yes,here is my blessing,what you want it on a silver platter?”,your dad snaps.

“No Admiral,it’s just..y/n’s called him a day dreamer because he didn’t have a practical job..this past week I’ve been obsessing over your approval because I thought you’d say no for the same reason.”

“Niall, y/n’s brother in law is a deadbeat who’s 33 and still lives with his parents.“ Niall deadpanned because damn he didn’t know that. “Now listen,you may not be a doctor or a lawyer or something fancy that ends with ‘ologist’ but you got a job that you enjoy that pays well and you’re passionate about it.You treat my y/n right,she‘s happy ,she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her when she’s with you.Yeah,she’s my babygirl but if I had to pick from all the yahoos and jarheads out there,I’d pick you.Don’t make me regret saying that.”

You hear cheering from the cart and you turn around to see your dad is being squeezed to death by Niall.Your dad looks like he’s about to kill Niall and Niall looks like a ball of sunshine.

“Congrats,honey,”mum says,nudging the ball into the hole.

“Thanks mum,”,you say updating your score card.


“You just called me Niall,does this mean you’re a low key softie,sir?’’

“Stop talking,Horan.”

“Sir,when you said I was passionate,did it remind you of yourself when you were in the Navy?”

“I will shoot you.”

“Can I call you dad-”

“Honey!We’re leaving!”

OPM Databook Hero Likes/Dislikes

So there’s this thread on the OPM Wiki page I found where someone (bless their soul all of the credit goes to them) had translated some info on various characters from the databook and

honestly I’m dead because of some of them????

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