me playing golf

My Grandparents

I absolutely have to share this here, even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with MBTI. My grandparents are the most wonderful, adorable couple ever. My grandfather is a big German, and my grandmother is a little Italian. My grandfather is quiet, with a corny sense of humor. My grandmother is … Italian. They’ve been married for over fifty years.

The other day they were at my house, and my grandfather, who recently suffered from a stroke and is recovering, was wearing a T-shirt that said, “I love it when my wife lets me play golf.” I thought that was appropriate for him, since Papa, as we call him, loves to play golf and does it as often as he can.

I said, “Papa, doesn’t Gram always let you play golf?” Because it’s a well-known fact in my family that Gram never makes a fuss about Papa’s golfing habit, and she even buys him golfing equipment and stuff like that.

And Papa said, “Well,of course. I love her all the time.”

And then my heart burst. So, to all those sad cynics who think that marriage is silly, pointless, and doesn’t last, I present to you … my grandparents. 



The narrative so far:

  • Louis: Terrible father, fucks all the club girls, upsetting Briana while dating Danielle, has dandruff
  • Harry: Cheated on Kendall, who he was totally dating, while signing a solo deal with Jeff Azoff on a yacht on New Year’s Day, effectively severing all personal and professional ties with his band who had no idea this was happening
  • NIall: Will be a golf agent
  • Liam: Is a great songwriter

I want to hang out with Calum and play GTA with him. I’m complete shit at the game but I would love to piss him off by killing myself, and just fucking around. To hear him laugh at the fact I got a golf cart in the ocean. Making him frustrated when I walk into the middle of the street and get hit. His reactions to the drug plant that turns you into animals would be so precious. Him cursing you out when you do the missions wrong, him taking over and fucking up just as much as you did. Honestly I just want to play video games with Calum.

Me: has never played golf, watched golf or knows ANYTHING about golf

Me: has an entire article written about me in golfers digest because I told taylor to hit me with a golf club