me peeta llark

To Hellen,

Hi :) How long has it been since we became friends? From total strangers to becoming practically best friends. I remembered the most special thing was when our friendship bloomed. You were going on an unfollowing spree and I was afraid you would unfollow me. But I found out you didn’t so you were like “If I didn’t unfollow you means you’re a quality blog”. That sentence made my fucking day. I mean to hear someone who make graphics then to reblog them? I mean come on! Over the time I found out you didn’t believe unless they were anonymous. Well I coming clean. 

You have flaws. Yes you do. You curse, you’re sarcastic and you don’t trust people enough. But who cares? Because out of all these flaws I can name you MUCH MORE.You’re beautiful. You’re an awesome graphic maker. Also I love your headcanons I didn’t even know what headcanons were until you told me. You supported me so much is so many ways regardless of losing your followers because of me. That proved that you friendship towards me was much greater then a bunch of people who can’t understand the support. I love you so much my friend. I hope and wish you well all through your life.