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A Beautiful Lie

A new little something from Jared’s POV. I’m not sure how long it will be or where it’s going yet or if it’s even any good. Your comments, ideas and critiques are NEEDED! Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope you enjoy.

I escaped from the party for a little piece and quiet. The constant ass kissing I’d been receiving was getting on my last nerve and all I wanted was to disappear. I had silenced my cell as to not be interrupted with any frantic text messages from anyone searching for me. I sat, minding my own business enjoying the cool night air, the clear sky and finally felt my tense muscles start to unwind.

I heard a familiar voice shouting and knew it was Jake, long before I saw him. I sighed, and retreated further into the darkness, not wanting any part of his argument with whatever starlet he’d brought along tonight. Whoever she was, she clearly wasn’t happy with him.

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Dating Harley Quinn Would Include (GIRLXGIRL):

Being open about your relationship and killing anyone who disrespects your love.

Harley insisting you dye your hair two different colors (like hers) so you can be matching. She thinks it would be cute.

Stealing gifts for each other. You have money to buy the gifts but it’s more fun that way.

“You want this, puddin’?”

“Yes please”

Breaking Harley out of jail and her doing the same for you.

“Harley!? You came for me!”

“Did ya miss me, baby girl?”

Rough Kissing

Passionate Kissing

Just lots of kissing

Going completely insane when you aren’t around each other.

Harley proposing to you after she completes her mission with the Suicide Squad.

Being the Queens of Crime

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Vernon/OFC: Dance Lessons

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Word Count: 721

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Dedicated to all the lovely boys and girls who have had prom/formal. 

“Alright, so I got one weekend to learn this routine. Think I could do it?”

Honestly, she was talking to herself more than her boyfriend, who was currently warming up with some old predebut choreography. If Vernon wasn’t a rapper, he was definitely a performer. She was always impressed by his dancing, his moves were always so effortless and natural to his body. He moved like water, rushing and flowing to his own rhythm.

He threw another devilishly wicked smirk into the mirror (channeling his nonexistent bad boy) before the music faded into a lull. As the music dissolved, he planted himself back to reality. Her Vernon smiled sweetly at her, doing a little involuntary hair flip to flick the sweat from his brow. “Did you figure it out?” he asked.

“Kinda.” she replied vaguely, gesturing to her laptop screen. Pressing play on her video, she showed him a couple moves she had to learn.

“Oh, we got this.” he said confidently. “How long until the performance?”

“The day after tomorrow.” she muttered, drawing circles with the toe of her sneaker.

“And why did you agree to do this so late?”

“Because.” she sighed, plopping onto the ground. “I wasn’t supposed to originally. But my friends lost a female dancer and they were guilt tripping me that I hang out way too much with my boyfriend and I need a hobby.”

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gaptoothglo  asked:

Hi sza I have a serious dilemma! My boss is racist, u know that racist that's unaware that they're racist if that makes sense? But ya she's racist, she was like "idk why black girls smell" and this other time she was like "watch out for the black ladies with the bags" assuming that they were planning on stealing.. She actually likes me but I feel very uncomfortable around her cause she's so rude and racist. What should I do? Xoxo Gloria❤️

…touchy subject. What I will say is ignorance tends to be a smidge more prevalent than overt racism …She was probably conditioned to think and see people of color in that particular setting a certain way . I encounter similar instances ALL the time . But common ignorance however annoying is not a crime … Show her otherwise . Educate her .. You have the power to do that your were born with the power to wear that on your person . Show it in the way you treat your peers and the way you treat HER . Ignorance is comforting for most but I say use your favor to shake her up a little bit . I would calmly ask “I’m not completely sure what you meant by that, perhaps I’m taking it the wrong way ..please expound  ?” Be firm but kind in your approach . She’ll realize your uncomfortable and in that breeds compassion and that’s a human thing ..not a color thing . Take it from there .

Chapter 17

August’s POV

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going now?” Mariya asked for the hundredth time. 

“Just sit there and look pretty, Eli.”

“Ant, I’m perfectly capable of sitting here, looking pretty, and knowing where we’re going.” She huffed, eyeing me. 

“If I tell ya, ya gon’ be mad at me and put me on punishment again." 

"I won’t, baby.” She pouted. “I pwomise” She smiled, using her baby voice on me. I sighed and kept ma eyes on the road. She always knew how ta get me. “Aight, I’m takin’ ya to my Mama house.” In a matter of seconds, the smile she had on her face changed into a frown. “Baby, why ya stopped smilin’?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Let’s rewind, shall we?”

Here come the dramatics.

“Maybe it’s because you decided to kidnap me to your mother’s house and not tell me!” She frowned causing me to laugh. “I’m glad you think this is funny, August.” She said, giving me a side eye.

“It’s hella funny.” I chuckled. “But fa real tho, I want ya to meet ma Mama and ma munchkins.”

“Why?” She mumbled. “I feel like it’s too early. And besides, we’re not even in a relationship. I mean, we are, but we’re not and I’m with someone else and it’s just..” She rambled. “Really confusing.”

“I know, but best believe we gon’ talk bout that shit lata.”

Trey got me ta thinkin’ yesterday. What was the point of Yaya staying with Light Bright when she had feelings for me? I wanted to have Yaya all to myself. I didn’t understand the point of me having to share her with ol’ girl.  I hated sharing her and I refused to keep sharing Mariya. She was mine. The hickies on her neck were proof of that.

That’s the reason I was doin’ this. Mariya was right about it bein’ a lil premature, but this was the only way I could think of to get her to understand. I put up a cool front the otha’ day, but seein’ Adriana touch and kiss on Yaya like that had me a lil heated. I guess I had to thank ha lil clueless ass tho. If it wasn’t fa that Ion’ know how long I would of let this lil’ sharing shit go on fa.

As soon as we got out tha car, Yaya attached herself to my arm. Baby girl was really nervous about meetin’ ma family. I loved tha confidence she had, but seein’ ha shy was always a nice thing. “Baby, stop bein’ so scary.” I chuckled as I pulled out my key and unlocked the door. “They gon’ love ya.”

“I hope so.” She mumbled as we walked through the door. The grip she had on my arm tightened as we made our way to the living room. My mama was nowhere in sight, but knowin’ ha she was probably in the kitchen. “Ma!” I yelled out. 

“In the kitchen! I’ll be there in a moment!" 

I felt Mariya loosen the death grip she had on ma arm. I guess her nerves were beginning to ease up. My mama came waltzing in with that eva’ present smile on ha face. Before I could even musta’ a greetin’ she had me wrapped up in her arms. "It’s about time you got here, August." 

"Ma bad, mama.” I chuckled. “We would have got hea’ soona’, but someone kept askin’ questions.” I said, referring to Mariya. Took me a whole fifteen minutes to get ha’ ass in tha car. “Whatever, Aug. Now move out the way so I meet the girl you fell for.” She replied as she pushed me out the way. 

I watched with a smile on my my face as my mama inspected Mariya from head to toe. Yaya was still a lil’ bundle of nerves and as much as I loved to see her squirm, enough was enough. “Ma, stop befo’ ya make ha’ pass out.” My mama giggled and pulled Yaya into a big hug. “I’m sorry, baby. I couldn’t help myself.” She pulled away just enough to look at Mariya face to face. “I can see why my son is so keen on you. You’re gorgeous." 

"T-Thank you, ma'am.” She stuttered out with a blush. "You can just call me Sheila, love.“ She smiled. 

"I’m Mariya. It’s nice to meet you.” She smiled. She seemed a lot more calm now that the introductions were out of the way. “Ma, where ma babies at?" 

"Upstairs. I’ll go get them.” She said. She gave Mariya one more squeeze before heading upstairs. Yaya quickly regained her spot on my arm and looked up at me. “What, baby?” I questioned.

“It’s nothing.” She mumbled. “Your mom’s just really nice." 

"Told ya she loved ya.” I grinned and pressed my lips against hers. “Ya should listen ta me more.” I said smugly. Her beautiful face scrunched up at my comment. “Whatever, Auggie. Always ruining some shit.” She scoffed, turning her head away from me. In a matter of seconds she was back to bein’ ma lil’ firecracker. Her shy moments neva’ did last long.

The sound of small feet hitting the ground filled the room. I grinned when I saw my babies runnin’ at me full speed. “Uncle Aug!” I bent down and swooped all three of em in ma arms. “I missed y'all.” I smiled and kisses all ova’ their faces causing them to giggle. A collective chorus of “we missed you too” filled the air. “Aight, I need y'all to stop bein’ mushy fa a min. I wan’t y'all ta meet someone.” I turned and motioned for Mariya to come over.

It was funny. A grown ass woman nervous to meet three little girls. “This is Mariya. Mariya, this is Chay, Maya, and Kay." 

"Hi, girls. It’s nice to finally meet you three.” Yaya greeted shyly.

“Are you Uncle Aug’s girlfriend?” Kay asked. They never did miss a beat. Mariya gave me a look before turning back to the girls. “Um, something like that. Me and your uncle are pretty close.” She answered.

It was Chay’s turn to speak up now. She turned to me and smiled. “I like her. She’s really pretty.”

“You should make her your girlfriend!” Maya announced loudly causing Mariya to blush. I laughed when the girls started bombarded ma baby with questions. I took this opportunity to sneak back into kitchen where I knew ma mama was just. Just as I predicted, my mom was standing in the kitchen pulling out pots and pans. I took a seat on the counter as I watched her move around the kitchen. “So, whatcha think bout Mariya?”

“She’s gorgeous.” She stated, turning on the stove to preheat. “Polite, obviously a classy, educated young woman. There’s only one problem.”


“Her girlfriend.”

Yeah. My mama already knew bout me and Yaya’s situation. I didn’t plan on tellin’ ha, but the last time I brought a girl home to meet ha was way back in high school. And the fact I decided to just suddenly bring a girl home to meet her and my nieces, raised alarms in my mama’s head. So, I had no choice but to tell her. Mariya was goin’ ta kill me when I did tell ha about ma mama knowin’. My mom neva’ been one to judge so, she shouldn’t be too mad. 

“I know, ma. We gon’ talk bout that after we leave.”

“Good. I can tell you really like her.” She smiled, sending me a knowing look. “And you better take care of her. Don’t do none of the stupid stuff you used to do back in your younger days.” She warned.

“Ma, chill. I wasn’t that bad.” I mumbled. She shook her head and turned her attention back to whatever she was preparing. “Mhm. Whatever you say, boy.”

After botherin’ ma mama fa a little while longa’, I decided to check up on Yaya. I smiled at the sight before me. Maiya was sittin’ with Chay and Mya on either side of her and Kay in her lap. All four of were giggling at something Mariya was showin’ them on ha’ phone. All of them turned their heads to look up at me when I walked in. “Yaya, ya corruptin’ ma nieces?”

“Yaya?” Kay asked. “Who’s Yaya?” Both me and Mariya laughed at her question. “That’s your uncle’s special nickname for me, baby.”

A collective sound of “ohs” sounded from the girls. “Can we call you that too?” Chay questioned. Mariya gave them a small smile before turning her head to me. “I don’t mind, but you’ll have to ask your uncle if he’s okay with it.” She answered.

And of course, all three of their cute lil’ heads turned ta look at me. “Go head, munchkins.” I simply said. What type of uncle would I be to deny those faces? “You guys wanna hear my special nickname for August?” Mariya asked. I sent a glare her way which she returned with a smirk. 

“Yes! Uh huh! I wanna hear it!” They all agreed. 

“Auggie.” She smiled. “You girls should start calling him that now.”

“We will!” They replied in unison.

Look what I done started. 

Mariya’s POV

“Bye, babies.” I frowned looking at their solemn faces. I only spent a few hours with them, but those little girls had won my heart. They were just so cute and vibrant, kinda like their big headed uncle. “Auntie Yaya, are you going to come back and see us?” Kay asked. 

“Of course I am, babyface.” I replied with a smile. “I’ll come back with Auggie and we can all play some more. So, I want all of you to stop frowning and give me a big hug.” I held my arms out and was immediately engulfed in one big group hug. 

“Stop all that frownin’, girls.” Aug grumbled. “Imma bring Yaya back soon. Now come and gimme a hug.” The girls all made their way to August and wrapped him in a hug. Their groans of disappointment soon turned into fits of giggled as August kissed all over their faces. After the love fest was done, August and I said goodbye to his mother and left.

“Auggie, you have to take me to see them again soon.”

“I know, baby. I will. I can already tell they gon’ be askin’ bout ya all the time now.”

“They’re so cute.” I gushed. “I’m stealing them from you.”

“Tha hell ya are, Eli.” He frowned, looking at the road.

I giggled at his reaction. “I was kidding, Ant. And besides, no one could ever replace their Uncle Auggie.”

“Mhm. Had them callin’ me that ugly ass nickname.”

“It’s cute, babe. Sorta like you.” I teased.

“I’m more than cute.” He chuckled. “Ya wanna go to Coldstones?”

I was always in the mood for something sweet. “Yes, fatty.”


August had me feeling like I was a teenager again. Sitting on the trunk of his car, drinking milkshakes, and looking up at the sky. It was definitely different, but it was something I could get used to. 

“I can’t believe you like strawberry milkshakes.” I frowned, leaning against him.

“Ya like strawberries, but ya don’t like the shakes?” He questioned. “Ya weird as fuck, Yaya.” I pinched his side and gave him a glare I’m pretty sure he couldn’t see. “But ya love it.” I mocked. 

“Ya gon’ stop gettin’ slick with me one day.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I waved him off.  "Whatever you say, Auggie.“ I wrapped my arms back around his arm, a place I seemed to be attached to all day. I’ve never been a particularity clingy person in a relationship, but I often found myself wanting to touch August. I snuggled my face deeper into the fabric of his shirt, inhaling his scent. I lived for moments like these with him.

"Mariya, we needa talk." 

I ceased my snuggling at the sound of my full name. Part of me was scared what this talk was going to be about. August only called me by my full name when it was serious. "Yes?” I whispered, looking up at him.

“Tha reason I let ya meet ma mom and ma munchkins todayis cause i wanted ta show ya something.” I opened my mouth to speak, but he pinched my thigh to keep me silent. “I wanted ta show ya how serious I am about ya. Ya say and show me that ya care about me and that’s fine or whateva, but ya still with ol’ girl. I understand ya don’t wanna hurt her, but I’m tired of sharin’ ya with ha. I want ya all to myself.”

I guess part of me knew this was coming so I wasn’t surprised when he said it. I understood Aug and his feelings, but it was hard. I mean, how could I tell Adri that I’d been lying to her, cheating on her, and then break up with her all in the same day? That was just too much for me to handle. Hurting her like that. At the same time, I ’d be hurting her more the longer I put it off. And that wasn’t fair to any of us. Not to me, not to August, and certainly not Adriana. 

“I hear you, August.” I finally said after a while. “I just, I mean..” I stumbled over my words and let out a loud sigh. “I just don’t want to hurt her…" 

"I know ya don’t, baby.”

“I-I’ll cut if off with her soon. I promise." 

"Aight, baby.” He pulled his arm away from my grip to wrap his own arms around me. “I just want ya all to myself, Yaya.” He repeated in a husky tone. I tried to ignore the butterflies that were forming in the pit of my stomach.

“And you will, Auggie.” I mumbled quietly into his chest.

I only hoped I could keep that promise.

Steal My Girl//He gets jealous (Niall)


“Babeeeee…” Niall slurred, after taking a drink out of his pint again.

“Niall,” you said again, firmly. “You’ve drank way too much already.”

It was a Saturday afternoon, and you let Niall bring you to his favorite pub. You were visiting in Ireland, and he wouldn’t leave without coming here. But now, after greeting the owner, and a few rounds of drunken karaoke, (with imaginary microphones), you were ready to leave.

“Kay, ‘kay,” Niall huffed. Catching the eye of the barmaid, he waved her over. “Get me girl here a drink, will ya?”

That was it. Annoyed, you told Niall you were going to the bathroom, and walked off. Halfway there, you tried to dig through your purse to find your phone, then realized you left it with Niall. Cursing, you turned back, but before you could get to him, you ran into someone.

“Sorry,” a deep voice stuttered.

Looking up, you saw that you had run into a gorgeously tall man with dark brown hair, and green, green eyes. You smiled.

“It’s okay. I’m [y/n].”

“Nathan,” he smiled. “I don’t usually run into beautiful girls here, but I guess this is an exception.”

You laughed at his horrible pick up line. “Thank you, I think.”

He winked backed, and chuckled. “It’s never worked before.”

“I wonder why,” you laughed. “It’s horrible.”

He feigned hurt, and laughed.

Looking around, you saw that Niall wasn’t at the bar anymore. Wondering where he was, your thoughts were interrupted by Nathan asking to buy you a drink.

“I think I’ll pass,” you politely declined. “I, um, I probably have to get back to my boyfriend.”

“Damn right she does,” you suddenly heard a familiar said. Looking behind you, you saw Niall hooking his arm around you. A sharp look that you have never seen before glittered in his blue eyes.

“Oh, dude sorry,” Nathan said, putting his hands up. “See you around, [y/n], he smiled.

You noded back, as Niall was still squeezing the life out of you. As if to make a point, he closed the distance between you two, and kissed you fiercely, dominating the makeout session. Knowing you were in public, you pushed Niall away after a few seconds.

“What was that for?” you asked, grumpily.

“He was flirtin’ with you,” Niall pouted.

“That didn’t mean you could be so rude,” you defended, taking your purse from his hands. Niall looked away. Knowing something was wrong, you sighed, pecking Niall on the cheek, and led him out to the car. You both got in, with Niall still not talking.

“Ni, what’s wrong?” You finally questioned, placing a hand on his cheek, and making him look at you.

A breath caught in your throat, as you saw the pained expression on his face. His normally bright blue eyes were darker, and had a tears threatening to pour out.

“Oh Ni,” you softly replied. “Ni, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” Niall said, pushing his hair back from his face. “I..I thought I lost you. You’re so gorgeous, and I’m, I’m not good enough. When I saw him with you, I thought you would forget about me.” His baby blues met your eyes, and gripped the steering wheel.

“Niall, I love you so much. I could never leave you. He was just some random guy, and you know that you’re the only one that I could ever want.”


“Of course.” You pressed your lips against his soft pink ones, and your tongues moved in unison.

“God I love you so much,” Niall said, looking into your eyes. “Promise you’ll be mine forever?”


asdfghjkl; that has so many feels. The rest of the boys are coming soon as…soon as…. well… I’ll update this post. ;) Any ways I LOVES YOU 

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…And isn’t that confused/sad gif of niall the best

For sale for 1 million dollars: me, a human that will literally nap wherever you leave her and do nothing but tell you that you’re pretty 24/7.

Bonus: may also write poems about the constellations in your eyes and the way you exist so beautifully.

Warnings: may consume all the coffee and chocolate pudding in your household. Will throw tantrums if woken up from a deep sleep.